This is another Durga Puja story that I write whenever the festival comes around because it reminds of Puja Issues of Bengali magazines. But this time because of the pandemic and related problems, the novel has got terribly delayed. Here the sex is slow and more in the mind and in the dialogues that I have written in Bengali. If this makes you impatient, I humbly suggest that you pass this story over and look elsewhere.

It was eight o'clock on a Saturday evening, and Ritam and his aunt Rupa were on their way back from the Hatibagan market after one more round of Puja Shopping. Durga Puja, the annual autumnal carnival of Bengal was round the corner and the usual shopping spree was on. But in addition to the standard clothes and dresses that people buy, today, aunt and nephew had bought stuff that was a little different. That was because they had some interesting ideas for the Puja season.

Ritam lived with his parents, Rita and Uttam in a large house that they shared with his uncle Satyam and his wife Rupa. This house was located in a typical North Calcutta neighbourhood in the Sovabazar area. Ritam was tall and well built and had a baby-like face that made him appear far more innocent than what he really was. Rupa was a little petite but her sharply chiselled features and dusky complexion gave her a smouldering sex appeal. She had thick, long hair that any red-blooded man would have liked to run his fingers through even though they had started showing a few streaks of grey. The two families lived on two separate floors and were a joint family in the sense that they shared a common kitchen. But as in any other Bengali middle class family there were several undercurrents that would not have been easily evident to an outsider.

Uttam was a learned and erudite person but due to a number of body blows that fate had delivered to his career, he found himself as a school teacher in a government school. This gave him a decent salary and a little respect but was a reason of great disappointment for his wife Rita who came from a very rich family of lawyers and doctors of South Calcutta. She had never forgiven her father for marrying her off at the tender age of eighteen to what she referred to as the congested cesspool of North Calcutta. Actually her father did not have a choice after his daughter's licentious ways had got her pregnant at a one night stand and he had to hush it up. She might still have accepted her situation had Uttam been a corporate professional with, say, a membership in one of the exclusive British era clubs. But of course that was impossible for a teacher in a government school and Uttam's only memberships were restricted to that of public libraries because he was a voracious reader. So Rita was generally pissed off with her life in Sovabazar and spent most of her time at her father's palatial house in Alipore. As the darling daughter of a very rich man she always had a car and driver at her service that allowed her to live an active social life with friends, malls, movies and kitty parties. Rita's marriage to Uttam and her son Rita were just a figleaf of bare respectability that hid the wild lifestyle that she loved to live in.

Uttam's elder brother Satyam, who was nearly twenty years older to him, was a typical well-to-do businessman running a large trading house. This gave him ample cash but not any great social status. Rupa was his second wife, nearly fifteen years younger, whom he had married more as a cook, a housekeeper and a nanny for his two sons by his first wife who had died young. But both these sons had been sent away to a residential, public school in Darjeeling where they had grown up as spoilt brats. They were now spending more of their father's money in some worthless Australian college.

Which would have been fine for Rupa but for the fact that Satyam was noted philanderer who spent most of his evenings with his bevy of TV starlets in another house of his in Salt Lake. In fact he was obsessed with cinema and TV actresses and would often boast how he had actually fucked both Rupa Sen and Riya Ganguly, the two most high profile actresses in Bengal who were said to be available for a fee. Had it not been for his trading business that was run out of the ground floor of their Sovabazar residence, he may not have been at home at all. Which was good for our Rupa because while she had all the sexual urges of a normal woman of 45, Satyam treated her like a piece of shit when he had to be at home. Once drunk, he would get physical if not actually sadistic with Rupa, as Ritam had realised one day.

Despite losing both her parents at a young age, Rupa had been a happy-go-lucky girl who had been brought up by her maternal uncle in Fraserganj, near Bakkhali right on the Bay of Bengal. To save on the expenditure of sending her to college, her uncle had married her off at an early age to the old widower Satyam who was actually looking for a maid to mind his house while he could horse around with his partners. Rupa had tried her best to engage Satyam but had soon realised that this was impossible. But instead of resigning herself to her fate, she kept herself busy with books and magazines. She was very well read and had a sharp and lively intellect.

Befriended and encouraged by Uttam, her ThakurPo, or "son-of-my-father-in-law" in colloquial Bengali, she had completed a bachelors' degree from an Open University and had then immersed herself in online and offline media, magazines, novels, movies and TV shows. She was clued in to all the salacious rumours in social circles that she lapped up from every racy magazine that she could lay her hands on. In fact, she had tried to share and discuss these scandalous news with her brother-in-law who was junior to her by five years, but unfortunately, the ThakurPo was a bit of a puritan in such matters. Either he was scared of his haughty and beautiful wife, even though she did not care about him at all, or he did not know how to handle even the mild flirts that Rupa threw at him. All that left Rupa with a void in her heart, if not at her crotch as well, that she kept hoping that Satyam would fill some day, even if it meant enduring some of his brutality.

But what really kept her going was the kid Ritam who trotted along with her all the time. With his mother always away and his father meeting him only to help him with his studies, Ritam looked up to Rupa as his de-facto mother and then something more. Rupa, whom he called Jet, short for Jethima or aunt, was his friend, philosopher and guide in more ways than one. In fact, even though he had his own room on the same floor as his parents, he would more often than not be found with his Jet in the kitchen, the dining room or in her rooms on the floor above theirs. When he was really small, Jet would bathe his little nephew in her own bathroom and he would prance around in the nude trying to evade her until she caught up with him and put him under the shower. In the process, Rupa too would get wet and more than once she had to take off some or most of her own clothes as well. On Sundays and other holidays, Rupa would take Ritam to her bed during her afternoon siesta. Then she would kiss and pat him to sleep before taking out her raunchy magazines and fingering herself to her personal release. Once in a while Ritam would find a long fat radish, or a big orange carrot in her bedroom that Rupa would explain away by saying that eating such stuff was good for health. But later on Ritam had figured out what they were for.

When Ritam was really small he would slide his tiny hands under her blouse and fondle Rupa's breasts. Rupa would of course allow him because it made her feel like a mother that she knew she would never be with Satyam. But then again it was not pure motherly affections because as Ritam grew older and bigger there was a perceptible change on both sides. Ritam would have been exposed to the language and literature that was common in high school and his ministrations were no more as innocent as they once were and for Rupa, it was always a pleasure to have someone feel her body over, even if innocently. With the passage of time and the erosion of innocence, Ritam would let his hands roam not just over her breasts but would also tweak her nipples -- Rupa would rarely be wearing a bra at home -- and then feel her tummy, her navel and then even lower. Rupa would wait until Ritam's hand was almost on her cunt and then, much to his dismay, she would either turn or gently push his hands away. Then of course there were these kisses that had begun as a game when Ritam was very small and was learning how to count. Before falling asleep, Ritam would hug Rupa tightly and kiss her once on her lips and then she would kiss him back twice and then he thrice and so on until they would reach twenty.

Years had passed and Ritam was doing quite well in school. But still on Sunday afternoons, they would have this kissing game and now of course the kisses were quite different and Rupa would end up both flustered and breathing heavily. Ritam would kiss her very passionately and mess up her hair and on more than one occasion, Rupa had felt his hands fondling her breasts and his erection prodding her at her crotch. Once in a while, Ritam would be really aggressive with his thrusts and Rupa would quietly indulge him. Neither Ritam and certainly not Rupa would admit to it but there was a strong current of passion -- erotic and sexual -- that had started to flow, waiting for a spark to ignite it. That spark happened a few days after Ritam's eighteenth birthday!

It was one of the few Saturday afternoons when Satyam was at home and there was this unwritten law that Ritam should not go to his aunt's floor when his uncle was there.

Many years ago, when he was much younger, he had wandered upstairs and had come back after hearing Rupa being fucked very noisily by Satyam behind the closed doors of their bedroom. Later on, he had innocently asked his aunt ..

ঘরের ভেতর তুমি আর জ্যাঠা অতো চেঁচাচ্ছিলে কেন? Why were you and uncle shouting in the room?

এসব বড়দের ব্যাপার বাবা, তুই বুঝবি না সোনা This is an adult matter that you will not understand sweetheart.

বল না, কি করছিলে তোমরা? Please tell me what were you doing? he had insisted.

তোর জ্যাঠা আমায় আদর করছিল Your uncle was making love to me.

যেমন আমি তোমায় করি? কিন্তু তখন তো তুমি এত জোরে চিতকার করো না। The way I love you? But then you do not scream!

আর একটু বড় হলে সব বুঝতে পারবি বাবা । You will understand this once you grow up, sweetheart.

আর শোন, and listen, she had smiled. তোর জ্যাঠা থাকলে তুই ওপরে আসিস না, আমি না ডাকলে। Do not come up to my floor when your uncle is here, unless I call you.

Today,Ritam was watching the TV in their living room when there was a hushed whisper, calling him.

এই রিট এক বার ওপরে আসবি? Hey Rit, that was she called him, can you please come upstairs once.

Rupa was standing at the doorway and Ritam realised with a start that she was wearing nothing but a thin slip, what they call a nightie in Calcutta, through which her naked body was clearly visible against the afternoon light. What was more shocking, or rather interesting, was that the nightie only went down to her thighs and the upper part was wet enough for her nipples to be clearly visible.

কি হয়েছে জেট, কি হয়েছে? What happened Jet, what happened?

একটা কান্ড হয়েছে, তোকে খুব দরকার। There has been a calamity, I need your help.

Ritam followed Rupa to her bedroom and what he saw was staggering indeed. The floor of Rupa's bedroom was awash in puke and vomit and Satyam was lying unconscious among that mess. He was stark naked. Ritam's eyes locked on to his uncle's crotch, with its thick bush of grey pubic hair and a shrivelled penis that nestled on his big testicles.

জ্যাঠার কি হয়েছে জেট্? Jet, what has happened to uncle?

তেমন কিছু নয়, একটু বেশি চড়িয়ে ফেলেছে। কিন্তু একে আমি একা তুলতে পারছিনা, তোকে লাগবে। Nothing much, he has had too much to drink, but now I cannot move him anymore. I need your help.

সে ওনাকে তোলা যাবে, কিন্তু এতদুর গড়ালো কি করে? I can lift him but how did it come to such a pass?

বড় হয়েছিস সব‌ই তো বুঝতে পারছিস You are old enough to understand. Rupa smiled weakly.

It was evidently that it was some kind of an orgy gone wrong. Suddenly Ritam was not only feeling excited about it but also feeling somewhat naughty. Seeing his aunt's tits through that wet lingerie had also created a distinct hardness at his crotch.

আজ কি জ্যাঠার একটু বেশি বাই উঠেছিল? Was Uncle a bit more horny today?

কি আর বলবো? তুই ছাড়া তো আর বলার‌ও তো কেউ নেই! What to say? And I have no one else to talk about these matters.

আমি তো আছি জেট, আমায় বল। I am here Jet, tell me.

And then all of a sudden, the dam of her inhibitions broke.

সব‌ই আমার কপাল। তুই তো জানিস,আমি ছাড়া তোর জ্যাঠা সবাইকেই চুদে বেড়ায়ে আর মাঝে মাঝে ওর গার্লফ্রেন্ডদের পিরিয়াড হলে আমার কাছে আসে। আমি ভাবি তাই ভালো, তবু তো আমার শরীরের জ্বালাটা একটু মেটে। তাই তখন তোকে ওপরে আসতে বারণ করি । একটু শান্তিতে চোদের আশায়। It's all in my fate. Your uncle goes around fucking so many women but remembers to come to be only when his current GF is having her periods. But at least this helps to satisfy my own sexual hunger. Which is why I ask you to stay away when he is here. At least I can get fucked in peace.

কিন্তু এবার গন্ডগোলটা হল কোথায়? So how did it go wrong this time?

তোর জ্যাঠার তো বয়েস হয়েছে, তাই সাধারনত উনি শুয়ে থাকেন আর আমি ওনার উপরে উঠি । কাউগার্ল স্টাইল, ওয়ামান ওন টপ। তাতে ওনার আরাম হয় আর আমার খোলা চুল দেখে আর এই বড় বড় মাইগুলো টিপে সহজেই ইজ্যাকিউলেশন হয়ে যায়। Your uncle is getting old, so he prefers to lie back and asks me to get over him. Cowgirl style with the woman on top. That way he is comfortable and the sight of my loose hair and tits, that he can squeeze very easily, excites him and he ejaculates quite easily.

এবার কি অন্য কিছু ট্রাই করেছিলে? Were you trying something else this time? Ritam was getting a little bolder with his questions.

এবার বাবু বেশ কিছুটা বাকার্ডি আর কোক টেনেছিলেন আর তার ওপোর তিন টান গাঁজা ...তাতে নাকি চোদের চরম আনন্দ হয়। This time he had some Bacardi with coke and then some weed. Apparently this gives a bigger ecstasy.

তাতে কিছু লাভ হল? Did it help?

আরে দাঁড়া, দাঁড়া ব্যাটার এতেও সখ মেটেনি। বিপদ তার পরে। Wait, wait. He had other plans and that led to the disaster.

আর কি? What else?

বুড়োকে কেউ শিখিয়েছে যে গাঁজা খেয়ে বৌ এর গাঁড় মারতে খুব ভালো লাগে। তাই বলে আজ আমি তোমায় পেছন থেকে পোঁদ মারব। Someone has told him that after smoking weed it is great fun to fuck your wife at the back. So he wanted to fuck me in the arse.

তা তোমার গাঁড় মারল? So did he fuck you in the arse?

আমার পোঁদে কখন ঢোকায়নি। খুব টাইট তাই কিছুতেই ওনার বাঁড়া ঢুকছিলো না | I have never been penetrated at the back. Its is very tight and his prick would not go in.

তোমার তাহলে খুব লেগেছে নিশ্চয়? That would have hurt,

তাতো লেগেছে, কিন্তু তাও তো ঢোকাতে পারলো না। তাইতেই মাথা গরম হয়ে গেল আর পাগলামি শুরু করে দিল Of course it hurt, but even then he could not penetrate and thats when he went wild.

তো কি হোলো? So what happened?

বার বার মাল টানছে আর বাঁড়া দিয়ে আমার পোঁদে ঢোকাবার চেষ্টা করছে, কিন্তু অত মাল খেলে কি আর বাঁড়া খাড়া রাখা যায়? ঢুকবে কি করে? শেষে এত জোরে ধাক্কাধাক্কি করতে করতে গা ঘুলিয়ে বমি করতে শুরু করল, আর তার পরেই এই চিতপটাং He kept swigging rum and trying to push his prick into yy arse. But how can you hold an erection after so much alcohol? How can you penetrate? FInally he got into a frenzy of excitement and then started puking before toppling over and falling unconscious.

লাগে নি তো? ডাক্তার ডাকতে হবে না কি? Is he hurt? Should we call a doctor?

না রে নেশা নাবলেই সব ঠিক হয়ে যাবে। এই লাশটাকে একটু বাথরুমে টেনে নিয়ে গিয়ে সাফা কর। আমি একটু ঘরটা পরিষ্কার করে নি‌ই। He will be all right once the liquor wears off. Can you please drag him to the bathroom and clean him up. Meanwhile I can clean up the mess in the room.

Ritam dragged his uncle across the floor to the bathroom and cleaned up the puke from his body. Then he dragged him back to the bedroom and with Rupa's help put him on the bed. The fellow was so far knocked out that he did not realise anything at all.

Meanwhile, Rupa mopped the floor and sprayed some perfume to remove the stink of rum and puke that had pervaded the room.

তোমার নাইটিটা খুলে ফেল জেট। অতেওতো বমি লেগে আছে। Change your nighty. There is puke on it as well.

খুলছি, কিন্তু তোকে একটা কাজ করতে হবে। I will, but there is something else that you need to do.

With one swift movement she pulled off the lingerie and threw it in the corner. Now she was standing stark naked in front of her nephew.

দেখছিস কি? What are you staring at? She smiled. ন্যাংটো মেয়ে দেখতে বড় ভালো লাগে তাই না? NIce to see a woman in the nude, isn't it.

দেখবো না? কতোদিনের সখ! বল কি করতে হবে? Dreaming about this for ages! Tell me what do you want me to do?

তোর জ্যাঠা আমার পোঁদ মেরে খাল করে দিয়েছে। এতক্ষণ চেপে আছি কিন্তু বড্ড জ্বালা করছে। Your uncle has fucked me raw at the back. Have been suffering silently all this while, but it hurts. একটু বিটাডিন লাগিয়ে দে তো Can you apply some Betadine ointment there.

Rupa, still as naked as ever, got down on her fours on the floor and spread her ass-cheeks. Ritam took out a tube of ointment and started applying it on her anus that was red, raw and throbbing.

পোঁদের ভেতর তোর আঙ্গুলটা ঢুকিয়ে দে Push your finger into my ass. আহ আহ আআহ! Ah Ah Aaah Rupa screamed as Ritam's fingers pushed in. Initially it hurt, but then the Betadine took over and then it was bliss.

Rupa was on the floor, with her ass stuck upwards. Ritam gently, gingerly rimmed her anus with the ointment and then beneath the anus, there was her naked pussy, staring at him in the face. He could not help himself from touching it.

এই এই গুদে আঙ্গুল নয়। আমি তোর মায়ের মতন। মায়ের গুদে হাত দিতে নেই। Hey, don't finger my cunt! I am like your mother and you should not finger your mother's cunt.

Ritam hurriedly withdrew his finger and Rupa got off the floor. Then without bothering to put on any clothes, she pulled out a cigarette from Satyam's pack and lit up. She took a big drag and puffed out a cloud of smoke. Then she sat down on a big sofa in one corner of the bedroom and motioned Ritam to sit down on another chair in front of her.

কি রে? কি বুঝছিস? আজ থেকে তো তুই এডাল্ট হয়ে গেলি রে । ন্যাঙটো জ্যেঠিমার

গাঁড়ে গুদেহাত বুলিয়ে নিলি! ভালো লাগছে? So now you have become an adult. How does it feel to finger your aunt's arse and cunt? Good?

But Ritam was speechless. He really did not know what to say. What he felt instead was the pressure in his pants as his erection pushed against it. He tried to cover it with his palm.

এই তো! ছেলের এবার খাড়া হয়ে গেছে দেখছি! Hey you are getting an erection.

তা আর হবে না জেট্! তুমি আমার সামনে ন্যাংটো হয়ে বসে সিগারেট ফুঁকবে আর আমি কি শুধুই বাল ছিঁড়ব? What do you expect, Jet? Ritam had atlast found his voice. You will sit in the nude in front of me and smoke a cigarette and you expect me to scratch my balls?

আহা রে! ছেলেটার বড় কষ্ট হছে। বাঁড়া বেড়ে কলাগাছ! আয় তোর একটু শান্তি করে দি! Oh dear, this kid is in pain. You have a big erection there. Let me give you some relief.

With that Rupa walked over to where Ritam was sitting, pulled down his pants and started stroking his penis. Ritam was already on the edge of an orgasm and within minutes he ejaculated copiously into Rupa's fist. Rupa licked his jism off her fingers and went back to her sofa.

তোর তো বেশ চটপট মাল বেরিয়ে গেল! তোর জ্যাঠার এরম হলে আজ আর এত কেচ্ছা হত না! That was a quick ejaculation. If your Uncle was as quick we would not have had this mess today.

কিন্তু তাহলে তো আর আমার ভাগ্যে এই দৃশ্য় জুটতনা! But then I would have not had this glorious sight! Ritam was at last finding the right words.

তা ঠিক। আর তোর সঙ্গে আমার রিলেশানটা একরকম ধোঁয়ায় ধোঁয়ায় থেকে যেত Right, and our relationship would have continued to remain ambiguous.