Jake woke up the next morning to an empty bed. He replayed the previous night in his head and was soon growing hard. He then looked over at the clock, assuming he had woken up early but then saw that it was almost 10AM. His mother was his alarm clock and she hadn't woken him up for school. He sprung out of bed and put on some shorts and went looking for her.

He found her in her bedroom bathroom. She was at the sink with just a towel wrapped around her and drying her hair. She had clearly just gotten out of the shower. She saw him in the mirror and turned around to greet him with a huge smile and walked towards him.

"Well good morning sleepy head! I was wondering when you were going to get up."

She put her arms around him and gave him a lingering kiss that turned into a brief makeout session, during which she reached down and grabbed a hold of his cock and gave it a playful squeeze. She smelled fantastic thanks to the body wash she used.

Jake broke the kiss but held onto her and said, "Mom, it's almost 10AM. I'm super late for school. Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Don't worry baby. Mommy called the school and said that you weren't feeling well and needed to stay home today. But that doesn't mean you get the day off. We are going to do some home schooling," she said as she reached down and squeezed his cock again.

"That sounds, uh...really awesome!"

"I think you are really going to enjoy this. Now go shower up and meet me in the living room for your session."

"My session?"

"Yes dear. You'll see. Run along now," she said as she shooed him away.

Jake took a shower and tried to think of just what exactly she had in store for him. The possibilities had him incredibly excited and hard. When he was done in the shower he put on some shorts but remained shirtless, and walked to the living room. And once again he was in for a surprise at how she looked.

Sherry was waiting for him which is what he expected. But what surprised him was that she was wearing her doctor's white coat from her hospital days when she worked as a psychologist. Only it appeared that the coat was all she was wearing. It looked like only the middle button was fastened, which made her breasts almost spill out of the coat. Her fantastic, tan legs were crossed and he wasn't able to tell if she had bottoms on, but it didn't look like it. On her pretty feet she was wearing open toed white slip ons with not outrageous, but still sexy three inch heels. She was staring down at a clipboard.

"Wow," Jake exclaimed, causing her to look up.

"Hello there Jacob. I was just going over your chart. Let's get started," she said without cracking a smile.

She had taken on her doctor's voice, which Jake recognized from whenever he visited her at work or when she used to talk to patients or colleagues on the phone. It was a very serious, very professional tone. Not the incredibly fun, outgoing person that she was outside of work.

"Jacob, during this session we are going to work on your stamina, and give you the tools you need to take more control of your body during intercourse. Do you understand?"

Jake nodded, feeling extremely excited. From his experience he knew that she was in her no nonsense mode. But he was also aware that there was an obvious roleplay element going on. The air in the room was full of sex. Not sexual tension but just sex. He was sure this 'session' was going to involve getting inside of her again.

Sherry continued, "This session will take approximately forty five minutes, and will involve several types of sexual activity between me, your psychologist, and you, my patient. This sexual activity will include full intercourse. Are you comfortable with that Jacob?"

Jake broke out in a wide smile, "Of course I'm comfortable with that mom."

"Please refer to me as Dr Richards, Jacob," Sherry replied with a stern look.

Jacob's smile dropped.

"Sorry, uh...Dr Richards."

Sherry kept her stern gaze fixed upon him and then said, "Now, your goal during this session is to hold off on your orgasm until the forty five minutes are up. Do you understand?"

Jake thought that she was asking the impossible. She looked so sexy in her white coat and heels, with her tits falling out and her incredible legs on display. But one look at her serious face and he knew he was going to have to try, so he said yes.

"Good. I will be deploying various techniques in order to help you last. Now let's get started."

She got up and his jaw dropped. She was indeed completely naked underneath the white doctor's coat. Her pretty, fat pussy was just barely peeking out from below the hem of the coat. She reached into the pocket of the coat and brought out her smartphone. She turned it on to the stopwatch feature and set it for forty five minutes.

"Jacob, please remove your shorts and lie down on the couch."

Jake did as he was told and Sherry stood beside him.

"We are going to begin by orally stimulating each other. The slang for this is to sixty nine. Now what I want you to do is focus all of your concentration on my pus....er, my vagina, and to not think about what I'm doing with my mouth to your cock."

As much as Sherry was committing herself to the doctor roleplaying, she just couldn't bring herself to call Jake's wonderful pussy hammer a penis. It just seemed too ridiculous a word for something so magnificent.

Sherry lifted her leg over Jake's head and very slowly, lowered herself down onto his face. Jake stared at her beautiful box as it got closer and closer. It was already glistening with her juices.

She then said, "Let's begin," and hit start on the stopwatch just as she sat on his face.

As her pussy pressed into his face, Jacob felt her take hold of his throbbing dick in her hand, and then place her mouth on it and begin to suck up and down. It felt incredible and he felt his excitement starting to boil over. He remembered her words and he tried to focus all of his attention on the very wet pussy that was sitting on his face.

After a few minutes Sherry came on her son's face. The orgasm forced her to spit out his cock and rotate her hips, grinding her pussy into his face. Jake struggled to breath but loved the feeling of her dripping box rubbing all over his mouth. He knew it meant he was doing a really good job. Her inability to continue to suck his dick also helped him to keep from blowing his load.

As her orgasm faded, she put his dick back into her mouth and started to suck as much as the shaft as she could handle into her mouth. It felt incredible and soon Jake felt like he was going to be a goner. He began to stiffen up and then all of a sudden she grabbed hold of his balls and squeezed.

"Mmmmnnnphhhhh....," he moaned into her pussy, losing all focus on his orgasm.

Her grip wasn't enough to put him into too much pain. Just enough to refocus his attention away from his orgasm in order to hold it off so that he could continue. Once his hips settled back down into the couch, Sherry released his balls and continued to suck on his cock.

It went on like this for several minutes and twice more Sherry had to squeeze his balls to delay his orgasm. Finally, she got up off him and stood looking at the stop watching.

"Thirty seven minutes left. You're doing really well Jacob. Now go sit in the chair."

Jake got up and moved to the chair and his mother got on the floor between his knees.

"Jacob, I'm going to continue to perform oral sex on you. I'm going to try and make it as pleasurable as possible in order to challenge you. Your job is to focus on anything other than what my mouth is doing to your cock. That focus can be anything. An object in the room, wrestling statistics, your classes, anything. Do you understand?"

Jake weakly nodded his head, and Sherry plunged her mouth down onto his cock and proceeded to give him an incredibly sloppy blowjob. She worked up lots of saliva and made sure to keep her tongue firmly pressed against his dick as she slurped away on him.

"Oh Christ, this is gonna be so hard," said Jake as he tried to not look down at the bobbing head in his lap.

Soon the room filled with the wet sounds of her mouth sucking up and down on his prick. The combined sensation of her orally pleasuring him along with the sounds were too much and his hips started to buck. Sherry pulled off of his cock and once again squeezed his balls.

"Jacob, you must focus!"

"This is impossible mom, er...uh Dr Richards! You're too damn good at this!"

"You must try to focus Jacob," she said sternly, and then plunged back down on his dick.

Jake squeezed his eyes tight and tried to think of anything other than the wonderful, wet sucking mouth on his cock. He started to tense up and knew he was a goner. Sherry must have felt it too because she stopped her sucking and once again applied pressure to his balls, staving off his orgasm again. And then went right back to sucking.

Finally she stopped, stood up and looked at the stopwatch.

"Twenty seven minutes to go Jacob. You're doing really well. Now we are going to move to full intercourse."

Jake was excited and nervous at the same time. He couldn't wait to feel his cock inside of her amazing pussy once again, but at the same time he had no idea how he was going to hold out from this.

Sherry turned around and slowly sat down on his cock, with her back facing him. As she settled her pussy onto his massive dick a huge moan escaped her lips. She may have been playing therapist, but she forgot that her pussy had a mind of its own and had refused to get into character.


She grinded on his dick as an orgasm shot through her from the penetration. She breathlessly tried to explain her actions in professional terms.

"Jake...Jacob....I need to....ahhhhh.....I need to...oh...get used to...mmmmm...your size. AH! Mmmm.... We'll start regular intercourses in a moment."

Jake grinned to himself. He wasn't the most sexually experienced guy but he was getting very good at reading his mother, and he knew that she was trying to maintain composure through an orgasm that he had given her. In other words, she was full of shit. He loved it, and it had the added benefit of taking his mind off of the wonderful pussy that his dick was inside of.

Sherry finally managed to compose herself and began to use her legs to rise her pussy up and down on Jake's massive tool. She put one hand on his knee for balance and with the other routinely checked the stopwatch.

Jake took advantage of the position she was in and was running his hands underneath the doctor's coat, all over her fantastic body, ass, tits, and thighs.

"Twenty minutes left Jacob! You're doing great," she said as she pistoned up and down on his yogurt slinger. His strong hands caressing her only increased her own excitement.

Everything not only felt great to Jake but Sherry was close to losing control as well. She almost had to laugh at how badly she miscalculated this fantasy roleplaying. She had completely forgotten that more than one person was getting fucked, and she just kept having orgasms.

Eventually, her thighs started to burn from the constant squat thrusts on Jake's cock and she had to stand up. She turned around and addressed Jake, struggling to catch her breath.

"Ok, Jacob. It's time to change positions. Please stand up."

Jake got up and Sherry took his place in the chair. She scooted down so that her ass was almost hanging off the chair seat, and spread her legs and threw them over the arms of the chair. She looked incredibly sexy like that, with her tits popping out of the coat, her shapely legs draped over the arm rests with her open toed high heels on her pretty feet. And best of all, her extremely wet, dripping, fat pussy on full display.

Jake just roamed his eyes over the sight of her and she noticed his look. It made her feel incredibly sexy so she gave him a few seconds to take it all in. Finally she spoke up.

"Jacob, kneel down and re-insert yourself into my vagina and we'll continue with intercourse."

Jake did as he was told and started to thrust in and out of her. She reached out and took hold of his chin and lifted it so that he was looking straight at her.

"Jacob, I want you to continue to thrust into me but focus on what I'm saying. We are going to try an exercise. This will involve two different sensations for you. Now, when you start to feel your orgasm approaching I want you to take yourself out of me and wait a few seconds. Then I want you to stand up, lean forward and fuck, er....um....place yourself into my mouth and then continue thrusting. And then when you feel yourself approaching orgasm again, I want you to remove yourself from my mouth, wait a few seconds and then place yourself back into my vagina. And then keep repeating the whole process each time you get close to cumming. Do you understand?"

Jacob nodded his head yes with a look of disbelief on his face.

"The two different sensations of rotating between my vagina and my mouth should help you last longer. Now let's begin."

Jake sped up his thrusts and soon enough he was ready to blast off. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and quickly got up and was about to shove it into her mouth, but she placed her hands on his hips and stopped him.

"Wait Jacob! Allow a few seconds to calm down. Take deep breaths!"

Jacob steadied his breathing and she said, "Ok, now."

She opened her mouth and met him halfway, swallowing his cock. She loved the taste of herself on him and let out a soft moan onto his dick. He placed his hands on either side of her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth.

Soon he was about to cum again and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She followed him with her tongue outstretched, wanting to suck him more, but pulled back and stayed in character.

"Give it a moment Jacob, and then go back into my vagina."

Jake knelt down in front of the chair and resumed fucking her pussy. Sherry was soon orgasming once again and struggled mightily to keep up the roleplaying, and started to cry out.

"AHHH!!! OH! MPPHHHH........mmmmmm...."

Jake smiled knowing what he was doing to her. He also came close again and rotated back into her mouth, and then back again into her pussy. He reached up and undid the one remaining button on her Doctor's coat and flung both sides open, releasing her tits and exposing her sexy middle. He ran his hands all along her tits and her torso.

"This is amazing mom....uh, Dr Richards! Two different sensations. Oh god this is so hot."

It went on and on like that with Jake making several switches from her pussy to her mouth and back again. Each time managing to hold off his orgasm. He had brought himself to the edge so many times that he thought he was going to explode. And he also knew that when he did finally cum it was going to be incredible.

When he was back in her pussy for the umpteenth round she checked the time.

"Three minutes Jake! You're doing great!"

"I can't hold out! Ah shit! This feels too good! Too good! I'm gonna explode Dr Richards!"

"Try to hold off Jake! You must try!"

Jake made it through a couple more rotations when Sherry announced, "Thirty seconds left Jake! Think about your reward Jake! If you make it you get to decide where to cum."


"Yes Jake. This is the reward system. AH! OH! Mmmmm.....By holding off on your pleasure you get to choose where to cum. You can do it anywhere you want on me or in me. Choose Jake. Oooohhh! Ten seconds Jake! Choose!"

"Ahhhh....aw fuck......so good."

"Where do you want to cum Jake!"

"Your face!"


Jake pulled out of her pussy and stood up, jacking on his cock. Sherry dropped the smartphone and leaned forward and replaced his hand with both of hers and stroked him. He put his hands down at his sides. She placed her face just inches from his dick and opened her mouth, tongue out.

Jake's orgasm was enormous, with the first rope hitting her upper lip and blasting everywhere. The next went into her mouth which she eagerly closed in order to swallow, causing the third to hit her closed mouth and the fourth hit just under the bridge of her nose. Her face was covered in his goo and he wasn't even done yet. Sherry exclaimed with 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' every time a blast hit her face.

"Your tits," he managed to gasp. "Your tits too!"

Sherry aimed the spurting cock down and a rope hit her right in the neck, and then the rest shot onto her tits. She moved her breasts back and forth so that each would get hit with spurts of his jizz, moaning 'mmmhhhmmm' every time another rope hit her tits.

Finally his cumming subsided, and she placed his spent prick in her mouth and proceeded to give long, slow sucks on it. She then took it out of her mouth and placed her tongue at the bottom of his shaft where it met his balls, leaving his cock laying across her face, and dragged her tongue from his nuts, along the underside of his shaft, all the way to his head which she circled and then popped into her mouth, all while looking up at him the whole time. She had a look she was giving him that said there was nowhere else she would rather be right now, than right underneath him, loving on him. Finally she spoke to him.

"Jacob, you did such a good job during your session today. Such a good job. You're my best patient Jacob."

And then she went right back to sucking on his still hard dong.

"And you're my best Doctor, Dr Richards. The best. That was amazing! It was torture but amazing none the less. Oh that feels good."

She acknowledged his compliment while sucking.


Sherry then lifted his cock and licked and suckled his ballsack for a moment, and then went back to nursing on his shaft. With his dick still in her mouth, Sherry removed her hands from his prick and used them to massage the cum on her chest into her breasts, moaning onto his dick the whole time.

Still sucking his dick, she removed the white doctor's coat. Then she took her mouth off of him and leaned back and used the coat to wipe off all of the cum on her face, neck and chest. She then tossed it aside and told him to lay down. Jake lowered himself down and Sherry guided him back so that he was laying on the floor and climbed on top of him.

"Dr Richards?"

"Your session with Dr Richards is over sweetie. Mommy's back. And mommy needs to fuck some more. We're going to have lots and lots of sex today, ok?"

Jake broke into a wide smile and nodded.

"You did so good baby. So, so good. And I know that took a lot out of you so just lay back and enjoy. Mommy's going to drive ok," she said as she took his still hard dick in hand and slowly sat her pussy down on it.

Sherry maintained a slow and steady pace as she rode his prick.

"Did you enjoy your session with Dr Richards sweetie?"

"That was incredible! I mean, it was torture but the pay off made it all worth it," he said as he massaged and squeezed her tits.

"You lasted for forty five minutes baby. You should feel really proud of yourself," she said as she leaned down and proceeded to make out with him as she speeded up her pace.

Soon Sherry was orgasming and writhing on top of Jake, with her lips still pressed against his, moaning into his mouth. Jake had bent his knees to put his feet flat on the floor, and was moving his hips in order to meet her thrusts.

They continued like this for several minutes with Sherry having orgasm after orgasm, until she finally collapsed on top of him. He continued to thrust up into her until she finally rolled off of him.

Jake rolled over to her and propped her up on all fours and got behind her.

"Oh shit. You're gonna give me the hammer aren't you," she asked.

"Yep," he said as he guided his cock back into her pussy and proceeded to fuck her with deep, fast strokes. Soon she was orgasming again and crying out.