Riding Over

"This will be a test" he thought to himself as he pulled out of his driveway on the Honda. Riding farther than he'd been before, on expressways, back roads, twisting rural by-ways and common Sydney suburbia. And at the end of it? He put both thoughts out of his head as he pulled up to the stop sign at the end of his street.

Left or right? He turned down the hill, committing to the twisting section and the rural roads. He liked the corners, but experienced riders on better machines still passed him, even if few cars sat on his exhaust pipe now.

Throttle on, set up, front brake on, lean, front brake off, rear brake on, straighten, a questing mouth on his cock. Shit! Where had that come from.

Concentrate or you'll die.

Throttle off, letting the engine braking slow him, set up with a trailing throttle through the bend, black tar on his left elbow, sky on his right. Straighten, throttle on.

Damn -- that Yamaha went straight past him as he opened up his 250, left hand raised off the bars in a brief greeting before disappearing around the slow right-hander.

The head of his cock slid along the roof of someone's mouth, her tongue cradling him.

Damn! Concentrate!

A twinkling eye before him that disappeared as he brushed aside temptation. She was a friend -- he had no right to expect anything like that, tease and flirt though she might. Last sweeping right-hander and the straight coming up -- open up the throttle and crouch behind the fairing. 120km/h indicated -- enough silliness. A lime green Gemini appeared in his mirrors. Fuck them. 130km/h indicated. Still there.

OK, mister. You're being stupid, I'm not. 80km/h zone coming. Wider road. Slow -- let him pass you. His licence. Hands gesticulated out the passenger's window.

Slender hands stroked his cock with feather touches that were more erotic than 40 years of self-pleasure ever did. Damn the woman! Was she connected to him??

Smart-arse in the Gemini being flagged down by a prowl car with BM stencilling pulled up before the bridge. Suck shit, turkey.


Bellbirds, tinkling with their strident "DONG!" through the full face helmet. No wonder people used to stop to find out what had fallen off their car!

Shallow right hander, tighter left hander coming next. Leaning over, feeling the suspension working. Sitting up into the windstream as he braked, air getting into his jacket. Nice! This is why people did it! Lean....lean a bit more.....bugger -- 90km/h indicated! Where's that copper? Still chewing out the Gemini, he hoped. Stay off the throttle as he straightened

The first time he kissed her. The first time she kissed him back. The Churchie camps on both sides...what would they think? He was a pagan and a Wiccan anyway -- what ever would they make of that? Probably try to convince him to be good and monogamous and drive lime-green Geminis far too fast or something.

Not on a clear autumn morning like this, they wouldn't!

Straight bit. Feet on the steps at the front of the fairing. "Highway pegs" would be here on a bike. Relax, let the seat and the suspension work. Long conversations about friends with a twinkle in their eye and past lovers who'd stayed in close and affectionate contact came back.

Low speed section -- we're reaching that low bridge. The river's up -- so's the anabranch. Canoeists making the most of the bright autumn sun. Don't pull out, you bugger! Sit up, set up, brakes on -- the driver spotted the red Honda and paused. Shake head.


Rising left, then sharp right hander. Falcon wandering over the double yellow. Give that clown space. Nice straight now.

Questing mouth on his cock. Relax a little, let the sensations grow. Tee intersection. "Go away for now, let me concentrate"

Turn to Richmond. What was the Driftway like now?

Corner coming up. Yeah, why not!

She'd never done that, she'd said. Never had a man climax in her mouth. Just recently she'd told him she'd been thinking about it. Fantasising about how it would feel. It had been a long time since he'd had his cock in anyone's mouth, and he'd blushed at the thought, making her laugh out loud.

Remnants of the great Cumberland Plains Forest around him. Silky oaks and she-oaks and shy flowering shrubs with small birds in them.

Bastards -- what would this have been like if they'd left it alone! If it had had a value on it? Can't be helped now -- small farms on the right. They're OK -- just trying to make a living and bring their kids up right.

Relax. Feet forward, lean back. 100km/h and dead straight. It's OK. "God, I want to fuck you!" He grinned. That was a startling night. They'd got stinking, and she'd kissed him. Hard. Then they both got busy with their lives and he'd let it lie.

Stop sign.

He thought he'd upset her -- stepped over a fence he was sure was had had a gate with a big sign on it. She'd told him she hated being seen naked. In the morning, after she'd slept it off.

Careful now. Watch that galoot. Shit -- green Gemini again. Where'd that sucker come from. He's turning. Straight ahead. Open the throttle right up. Gods, what will the 650 take off like when he gets it? Who'd bother with a car?

And it did. It's just that no-one had used the gate for many years, and the track was supposedly overgrown.

And he'd had to learn how to kiss.


That made him chuckle. Ghost fingers on his cock again.

Corner. Wait. Wait. Talking it over, about affection and sex with friends. And being told how to kiss.

Go. Throttle open, up to speed. This is why they do it! Sun....lovely!

Traffic. Not too bad. Old Windsor Road. Follow this to the expressway.

The kisses were great, but if they had stopped, he wouldn't have minded. Hugs, now.

"I was thinking of lifting my skirts up, tearing your pants off while snogging you and letting your cock slide between my thighs so it was rubbing against my pussy without entering me. That would feel nice, I think" Damn the woman! Now he had an erection. Where had that thought come from?

Red light.

Traffic. Bugger. Concentrate.

What the hell was that? "Fucking idiot pulling in front of that truck." He swore inside his full-face helmet. Where no-one could hear it, of course. "My lane! Keep your wits about you, boy."

And here he was. Riding over. Put it out of your mind, boy. You're seeing a friend. You want her to hug you and make you a cup of coffee. The rule is you don't plan to see someone for sex, you see them for their company.

"Shit -- I'm here already" He noticed the expressway coming up. $5 note in the jacket pocket. Change. Gloves back on -- clumsy.

And a kiss would be nice. A peck on the cheek would do, as long as there was some warmth on the hug.

Lane merging, watch that.

Ahh.....110km/h zone. Traffic thinning and spreading out. 120km/h indicated. Let the suspension work. Niiiiice

It seems this girl liked to be KISSED. In capitals.

Bunch of Ulysses bikers in leather and twin-sets roared past. Growing old disgracefully, indeed. What was he doing, himself? They waved. He'd fit right in.

This girl liked to be hold-him-by-the-ears-hands-in-her-pants-fondling-her-bum snogged!

She didn't remember taking his cock out one drunken night and kissing the head of it, and then putting it back in his shorts and doing the button back up. But she didn't mind thinking she'd done it, either.

Ghost fingers. He shivered at the thought of it. He'd wanted to tear her nightie off and let himself ejaculate over her breasts when she'd done that. He'd wanted her to take his member in her mouth and suckle him until he'd erupted.

She said she loved it that he'd be happy to accept a warm hug and a cup of coffee, a long, long talk about something that had troubled her deeply or some good solid sex and a shower. She made him feel like a teenager again. The sensations of someone's mouth on his cock returned. He let it grow, feeling the touch of her lips on the head of his penis, and then her tongue sliding along his shaft. He could feel his cock hardening.

Something went 'blatt' on his visor. RAIN? Chance of a late shower, indeed. What's this muck??

Buggerbuggerbuggerdamnfuckitall it's raining. Slow down. A typical sharp Sydney shower. Find the dry line. None. Slow to 90km/h. Cars whizzing past. Idiots. Don't they know it's slippery. There are the Ulysses people. Match their speed. The fairing forced the worst of the weather over him, but his gloves were still getting wet.


Warm feeling on his cock from his tormentor. Concentrate or you'll die.

As the traffic bunched up, and the rain increased, he slowed even more. His leather jacket would protect him from gravel rash, but now it was wet through. His gloves were soaked.

There's the turn-off.

Red light.

Think about the time he'd kissed her in the kitchen. He'd trawled her skirts up with his fingers until he'd been able to slip his hand into her undies and fondle her arse. As they kissed, she'd pressed her belly against his hardening cock.

Lovely, voluptuous arse folding around his cock as he'd walked up behind her and hugged her in the garden. Careful here. Everything is slippery.

Green light. Trickle around the corner, gently, gently.

Becoming bolder, he'd slid his hand around until he was feeling her pussy. Her sex was wet and as he slipped a finger into her, she pulled him against her, her kiss deepening more than he'd remembered anyone had for ages.

Green light. Careful here.

As he'd manipulated her clitoris, she'd gasped silently and pressed the side of her head against his shoulder. Once. Twice. Three times. She looked at him with such an expression of delight, the memory of it still gave him a thrill.

Here's the parking space. Damn. Wet seat to go home with. He hoped she had the kettle on.

He was proud of what he could do with his hands.

His gloves were soaked through. He shivered, with cold this time. His cock seemed to be the only part of him that was warm. Open the seat, take out his backpack, hope it was still dry. Put the lock on. "Please, let my cigarettes be dry" he silently prayed to the gods.

It's cold.

Press the button. Say something cheeky and irreverent. Here's the buzzer. Go up. Knees sore -- hate these stairs. She opened the door when he knocked.

"I'm dripping wet" he said. She smirked at him. The double entendre hung there, like the fabric of the worn-soft green interlock-cotton frock she had been using as a nightie.

"Can I come in?" he said.

"I hope so" she replied. It was so incongruous that he broke up, then they both laughed on the doorstep. She kissed him, sisterly, then

"You really are dripping" she said. "You'd better get out of those wet clothes."

He peeled off the soaked gloves and the leather jacket, and let her hang them on the back of a chair near her heater. Her little flat was always too warm in summer, but now it was welcome.

She turned back to him, and peeled the wet t-shirt over his head. Dropping it on the seat of the chair, she put her arms around his neck. "You're not going to get away from me this time" she said, kissing him. His cock ached inside his jeans as she pressed her lips and belly against his. He put his hands on her bottom, cradling it and pressing her harder against him. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and her bare buttocks and the small of her back were warm in his grasp. She pulled back from him enough to undo his belt, and hurriedly, he helped her finish undoing his pants, letting them fall to his boots.

She stopped to pull his shorts off, kissing his cock as her face came level with it. He gasped at the sensation as she slid him into her mouth.

She stood, grabbing him by the shoulders and pushing him backwards. Ungainly, with his pants around his ankles, he stumbled backwards onto her couch. She hiked up the hem of her dress to straddle him, not giving him time to complain or to move to a different position. "I've been dreaming about this" she said, leaning forward to kiss him solidly, then impaling herself on his shaft.

She buried her face in the angle of his neck almost immediately and softly moaned something inarticulate as she climaxed. Her pussy was so hot and wet he slid all the way into her easily. She was so tight around him that before he could get control of himself he climaxed, ejaculating deep inside her body. She ground her clitoris against his pubis, barely stroking herself on his cock at all, yet he shuddered as he came, his body arching against the couch.

He glimpsed the look of joy and triumph on her face through his own ecstasy as his eyes slowly came back into focus. She kissed him again, deeply yet gently, savouring the sensations in her mouth and her belly. He let his cock continue to spasm inside her, softer and slower now, the heights of his orgasm fading. He slid a hand under her frock, feeling her womanly belly and her good, full breast with its tiny, pale nipple. It was rock hard against the palm of his hand. He wanted to pull the frock off her and gaze at her body, but he remembered she hated to be seen naked.

"Have you any idea how long it's been since someone made me feel like that?" she said softly, staring into his eyes and stroking his forehead. She felt his limbs. "You are FREEZING!" she exclaimed. No wonder your hands are cold. Get into the shower immediately and get warm." He reluctantly let go of her breast and helped her off him, liking the feel of his member slipping out of her.

She playfully grabbed his now flaccid cock and rubbed her hand up and down his shaft, watching the effect as she stimulated his still sensitive glans. "Off you go. No nonsense"

"Yes, Mistress" he replied. "Gonna dry my boots, too?" He was still wearing them.

She helped him out of the rest of his clothes, and bustled off to hang things up on heaters. "You filled me!" she exclaimed over her shoulder. "Now I'm REALLY dripping wet" She grinned, eyes sparkling. He enjoyed her bottom waggling under the thin, clingy fabric.

The shower was very, very welcome, and he let the hot water cascade over his back and shoulders, easing the chill of the rain out of his body. He turned the water off and stepped out of the bathtub and reached for the towel she'd left him.

Drying his hair and beard, he felt ghost lips on his cock. Ahh.....let the sensations grow this time. The mouth fluttered around his semi-erection, kissing and teasing, before sliding over him. Suction pressed a tongue on the sensitive skin under his glans, and the head slid against the roof of the ghost mouth. His penis began responding, and then real hands grasped the root of his cock and his balls. He dropped the towel and there she was, in front of him. She sucked him into her mouth, her breath coming onto his belly as she did so.

He gasped. She had taken her dress off and she was sitting on the closed toilet seat naked.

She stopped fellating him, and looked up with that expression of triumph she had found recently and wore sometimes for him. "Am I doing it right?" she asked impishly. The growing handful of cock seemed to answer of its own accord, but he nodded and clasped his hands behind his neck to stop himself grasping her head -- he'd been yelled at by other women over that!

"Oh dear -- something has come up" she said, returning her attention to his member. She sucked harder on him now, stroking his cock into her mouth like a second pussy. As his member engorged, she changed how hard she suckled him, experimenting with the sensations, just as her fantasies - and her phantasms - had projected.

When his cock was fully erect, and his knees started to buckle in time to her actions, she stopped, standing up to place one hand behind his neck. She kissed him, keeping her other hand on his cock. He reached for her bottom, pulling her close to him, feeling his cock against her soft flesh. He kissed greedily back, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as his cock had done earlier.

His cock throbbed against her belly, and he could feel her pubic hair brushing against his body. He bent his knees and moved his feet apart until his cock was level with her crotch, and pressed the head of his shaft against her pussy. She was still so wet from their earlier lovemaking that he slid right between her legs, enfolded on three sides but differing sorts of girl-flesh. She gasped as he did so, stopping the kiss to gaze in astonishment at him. A soft "oh, yes!" hissed out of her as she buried her face against his neck, letting the feelings flow through her body. "You remembered" she said gently against him.

He started stroking quicker, clutching her buttocks, separating them. She quivered against him, her arms squeezing him tightly, her legs pressing against his member. Suddenly, she pulled away from him. "Oh, no" she said "I've got other plans for your sweet cock!"

She took him by the hand and led him out of her bathroom into the bedroom, switching the lights off as she did so. She'd placed a blanket and counter-pain on the floor with a couple of pillows. Outside, the storm had risen in fury -- the curtains were drawn and the room was lit with candles against the storm-dark.

They laughed with each other as their creaking joints protested at getting onto the floor, but he was gentle as he lay her down and rested himself on top of her, taking his weight on his elbows. He lay between her legs, her knees resting against his hips, his cock not quite touching her pussy. She looked at him with delight, eyes shining with joy. "God, I want to fuck you" she whispered. They smiled again at the memory of the first time she'd said that, and he moved his weight forward to penetrate her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow as she felt him enter her. She was wet, but oh, so very tight, her pussy wrapping around his cock as hungrily as her mouth had earlier.

He stroked the head of his cock into her, slowly, gently, wanting to prolong the sensations for them both. At each stroke, he pressed his aching cock further into her body. She grasped his shoulders, smiling now, eyes still closed, until she could feel his pubis press against hers and she knew he was fully entering her.

He moved his legs so he was cradling her hips with his knees. He knew in this position she could pull him down onto her if she wanted to feel more weight, and he could really hammer his cock into her pussy when she wanted him to. And, oh, but she wanted him to! Never very vocal during their preliminary fondlings and explorations, even now she bit her lip to keep from crying out, but her legs squeezing him spasmodically, the quivering inside her pussy and the way her hands clutched at his shoulders told him all he needed to know of the depth of her orgasms.

He could feel himself climbing to his own climax as he pumped into her, thrusting so deeply he could grind the base of his cock against the folds of her pussy. Finally, he held her shoulders with his hands as he tried to press harder into her and let his seed spurt deep into her belly. "Oh yes, I can definitely feel you climax in me" she said huskily, watching his face as his body tensed in orgasm. The absurdity of the phrase and the look of pleasure on her face warmed his brain as her pussy was warming his cock.

He collapsed onto her, letting his weight rest on her body as her pussy quivered against his cock caused him to spasm, and the corresponding spasms of his cock caused her pussy to squirm.

Finally spent, he rolled off her and lay next to her, gazing at her clear white skin and her beautiful, full breasts with their small, pale nipples. "What now?" he asked.

"Now we have to dry your wet clothes before you catch your death" she said, mock-serious.

"And what will we do in the meantime" he replied.

"We have showers, get dressed, and make coffee, of course!"

The sun was coming out.