Author's Note:

This is a sequel to my first ever published story, "Captivia." I highly recommend you read that story before this one.

All characters participating in sexual activities are over 18.


It's been two months since that fateful game of truth or dare. Marina, Nate and I have all "hung out" several times since. I've lost count of the times that the three of us have awoken in Nate's bed after a long night of debauchery.

Each time we explore each others' bodies it never gets old. Sometimes while Marina and I work we give each other a knowing smile from across the shop.

After our first night together, Nate said that the annual sea turtle party was coming up and promised that the three of us would hang together that night. He and Marina also promised that there would be plenty of sex involved. Which makes me very excited, because the sea turtle party is tonight. The last nest hatched a week ago, and to celebrate the town planned a huge beach barbecue.

And I mean huge. Despite the fact that Captivia, Florida only has about 600 residents, the party has to accommodate for all of them as well as the hundreds of tourists that come from all over the country to join in.

I stand in front of a full length mirror at Nate's house, eyeing my body. I'm in a swimsuit that is much too skimpy for my taste. I whirl around as Nate comes into the room, combing his sandy blond hair. He stops short upon seeing me.

"Holy hell, Allie." His mouth hands open as his eyes slowly trail up and down my body, his gaze meeting the excessive cleavage that the swimsuit reveals. Though I don't have much of it, he doesn't seem to mind. I'm sure he's imagining tearing it off of me later.

"Marina picked it out for me," I explain, turning back to the mirror. I frown at my reflection. "I think it's too revealing."

"I think it's lovely," he says, approaching me and lightly kissing my forehead.

"Lovely...?" I ask. "What century do you think we're in?"

"I dunno, I just..."

"Relax, I'm just yanking your chain," I tell him, mimicking what he told me on that first night.

"'The chain is plenty yanked, thank you,'" he quotes me.

"Anyways, I'm thinking of taking this suit off and wearing something else."

"Don't you dare," yells Marina, popping out of the bathroom where she'd been changing. She's wearing a skimpier suit than I am. Her turtle tattoo on her right breast is almost completely visible. "That thing was forty bucks!"

"Forty?" I ask incredulously. "There's hardly any fabric!"

"Hey, looking good is expensive. How else are you gonna show off your body?"

"I don't plan to. The only people I show my body to are you two." To prove a point, I take off my top and chuck it on Nate's bed. My nipples immediately harden in the cool air.

I take off my bottom, too, and walk towards the bathroom to grab the one piece suit that I brought with me. As I pass by Marina, I give her a quick kiss and "accidentally" let my boobs brush against hers. I go into the bathroom and shut the door, but don't turn on the fan so that I can still hear them.

"Damn, Nathan," says Marina. "You're really hard right now."

"Shut up," he tells her. I can hear her snicker.

"Allie and I will take care of it later," she says teasingly. Things go silent. I find out why as I walk out of the bathroom.

They're making out, hard. Nate is gripping Marina's breasts, playing with them as she sighs into his mouth. They pull away, looking into each other's eyes. They're clearly debating whether or not to just tear off each others' clothes and have a quickie now. I clear my throat.

"Oh, uh..." Nate says as he backs away from Marina. She just laughs.

"Wanna join in?" she jokes.

"Normally, I'd say hell yeah. However the event is gonna start in like three hours." I point to the clock on the wall which indicates that it's around 11:00 AM. "And we have to help set up."

After three hours, we've set up dozens of feet of buffet tables, a volleyball net, a temporary stage, and set up microphones and speakers all around it. We're all panting by the end.

"Nathan, your speech better be damn well worth all this effort," Marina groans.

"Speech?" I ask.

"Yeah, every year Nathan gives some speech about saving the turtles or whatever. He's basically the one that gets the party started," she informs me. "Also he introduces my dad to make his own speech."

"That sounds interesting!" I say enthusiastically.

"Yeah, my speech is really good this year," Nate tells her.

"I'll believe it when I hear it," she grunts. Then she sighs. "I guess now we have to wait for the crowd to arrive."

Nate steps onto the stage. He taps on the mic and everyone stops their chattering and turns their attention to him. He clears his throat.

"I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing turnout this year. Seeing so many smiling faces here really makes me happy that so many people care about sea turtles. Or maybe you just came for the food." That elicits a bunch of chuckles from the audience.

"Regardless, I'm still honored that this year's turnout is so great. Before I hand the mic over to our special guest speaker," he gestures to an older man sitting behind him. "I wanted to share a personal story about turtles.

"Every year towards the end of sea turtle season I'll go out to check on the nests almost every night. I want to make sure the babies make it to safety so that they may return here when they're grown and lay new eggs for new generations of turtles to hatch.

"About a week ago, the last nest was crawling with turtles. They'd just hatched and were heading to the sea.

"Unfortunately, there were some seagulls eyeing the hatchlings. This of course, though sad, is normal. Statistically, only about ten percent of all turtles hatched make it." He looks downtrodden.

"But," he says, perking up. "I'm happy to report that my friends and I were able to step in and make sure that each and every turtle from that nest made it safely to the water." He gestures to me and Marina.

"Thank you to Allie Carpenter and Marina Green for combating seagulls and shielding turtles with your bodies alongside me. You've made a huge difference in the lives of about a hundred sea turtles." He begins to clap, urging the audience to do the same.

I blush profusely as I feel hundreds of pairs of eyes turn towards me, their owners applauding. Nate's speech was just the right amount of cheesy and the right amount of cute. His naturally easygoing nature makes him a perfect public speaker.

"And now, if we'll please turn our attention to Marina's father, Captivia's own marine biologist, Dr. Robert Green!" He hands the mic to Marina's dad and hops off the stage. I hand him a bottle of water as he approaches. He accepts it and immediately downs its contents.

"You did great," I whisper. I give him a peck on the cheek as I tune into Dr. Green's speech.

He's talking about sea turtles, naturally. He thanks the residents for keeping their outdoor lights off at night in an effort to not confuse the turtles and urges them to continue doing so for years to come.

He talks about other ways we can be environmentally conscious towards turtles, such as using reusable grocery bags. If you use regular plastic ones, they can end up in the ocean. And as they float on the water, a sea turtle will come up thinking it's a jellyfish to eat and they'll end up suffocating on the bag. I'm practically ready to take notes on his lecture while Marina looks like she'd rather be anywhere else.

"He doesn't shut up about this shit at home," she mutters in my ear. "I've heard this speech so many times I've practically memorized it." To prove a point, she mouths the next few sentences that her dad says in perfect time.

Nate climbs back up on stage as Dr. Green wraps up his speech. He grabs the mic.

"Thank you, Dr. Green! Can we all give him a hand?" He pauses so that everyone can applaud Dr. Green. Marina is the only one who doesn't clap.

"All right. Before we kick off our activities, I just wanted to say that I am the lifeguard here. I'll be sitting in that chair over there-" He gestures towards a temporary lifeguard chair that has been installed.

"-so if there's any concerns about a life that needs guarding you come to me. That's about it, so everyone go have fun!" Pop music with a loud, booming bass comes blasting through the speakers as he turns off his mic and sets it aside. He hops off the stage again and runs towards me and Marina.

"Good job, Nathan. You did a lot better job than the other crackpot on stage." Marina tells him.

"Do you really hate your father that much?" I ask her. I've been wondering this for a while.

"Nah, I love my dad. We're both into the kind of humor that deprecates the other. He's probably off calling me a 'miserable excuse for a daughter' somewhere in the crowd." She smiles.

"I gotta get to my chair," says Nathan. "It was great seeing y'all, but now I have a job to do."

"Meet back at your place when this is all over?" I ask him.

"You bet." He smiles.

"Remember our promise," I say with a sly grin.

"How can I forget?" he calls as Marina grabs my hand and pulls me towards the ocean.

"Let's go swimming!" she says excitedly.

"Jeez, you're as excited as a little kid," I laugh. She stops and turns towards me.

"Every year during this event I feel like a little kid. Its probably due to the fact that I've never missed it. Even when I had a cold when I was, like, nine I came to the party." She smiles at the memory.

"That's great," I tell her. "I wish I had childhood memories associated with this place."

"In a few years, it'll seem like you've lived here an entire lifetime," she assures me. "Now come on, let's swim." I follow her to the water, smiling.

We swim farther out than anyone else. It feels like we're alone. I turn to her.

"Hey, what are we?" I've had this question on my mind for a while now.

"What?" she asks. "What do you mean, 'what are we'?"

"Are we dating? Or am I dating Nate? Or are you dating Nate? Or are the three of us dating? Or are we just friends with benefits?"

"Um..." She doesn't really know how to respond to that. "Tell you what: we'll work it out tonight. When the three of us are together."

"Okay," I say. I'm not exactly reassured, but I don't want to say anything.

"Hey," she says, seeing my expression. "We'll work this out." She swims over to me and plants and kiss on my cheek.

"Oh, come on. Just the cheek?" I tease. She gives a wicked smile and presses her lips to mine.

As we tread water, our lips are connected in a salty kiss. Our tongues explore each other's mouths. Soon we're both treading water with only one hand and using our other to explore each other's bodies.

My hand caresses her boob, causing her to gasp. I lightly squeeze it and she moans into my mouth.

In retaliation, her hand snakes down towards my groin. Her fingers slide against my clothed pussy. I let out a sort of surprised yelp but almost immediately it evolves into a gasp of pleasure.

Soon enough, we're exploring each other underneath our suits. Her nimble fingers brush against my clit as mine pinch her nipple. We have to pull away from each other, gasping for air.

"We should stop," I tell her. "We'll continue this later." I try to wink, but just end up exaggeratedly blinking. She laughs.

"Okay. Hey, is there anything we haven't done that we can try?" she asks curiously.

I have to think. Minus all the kinky stuff, we've done what we want to do, really. Except for one thing.

"I've been too shy before, but I want to give Nate a blowjob." I try to say it nonchalantly but in actuality I'm terrified.

"Oh, it'll be fun. I promise. I'll teach you how," she tells me with a smile.

We tread water in silence, enjoying the moment just as we did on that first night. Neither of us want to break it. Marina finally does so after a good minute or two.

"Hey, Allie. I know you're pretty vanilla and all, but do you have any secret kinks or something?"


"Yeah. Like, bondage or some shit."

"Uh... no. Not that I'm aware of." I really have to think. Is there something that I secretly might enjoy? "What about you?"

"I've been blindfolded once or twice, that was fun. I haven't been tied up or anything but one guy pinned my hands above my head as he fucked me, and by god was it hot."

"Wow," I say, for lack of a better response. "That doesn't surprise me, now that I think about it."

"I know, right? I wonder if Nathan would do something like that to either of us?" She looks intrigued.

"He'd probably be open to trying it, that's for sure." I laugh at the thought of Nate trying stuff like that. But at the same time, I can totally see it.

"Maybe I'll ask him tonight. Doesn't necessarily mean we'll do anything, just wanna ask." She laughs. "Just imagine, Nathan doing BDSM shit..." I laugh as well.

"Hey, why do you always call Nate Nathan?" I change the subject.

"Because that's his name?" She looks confused.

"Yeah, but I don't think I've ever once heard you call him Nate."

"Well, why does he call me Marinara?" she points out. "I dunno, it just fits."

"At least you don't call me Allison." I say with a laugh.

"I would never, because that's not your name. Didn't you say your first name is actually just Allie?"

"Yeah, I did. Even if my real name was Allison I'd still refuse to let you call me that."

"Noted," she tells me. We swim together in silence once more.

"Hey, do you wanna go get some hot dogs?" I suddenly ask. All of a sudden I'm really hungry.

"Is that even a question? Let's fucking go," she says excitedly.

"Hey, watch your language. There are kids around!"

"No there fucking aren't." She gestures to the empty waters around us. "We're fucking alone, motherfucker."

"I fucking get it," I say. "Let's go."

It takes a minute to get to shore, but when we finally do we see the celebration in full swing: kids are playing beanbag toss, adults are drinking beer and talking loudly about where they're from. A group of smoking teenagers is hiding behind the restrooms where they think they won't be caught.

And of course, there's the buffet. People of all ages are lined up with various things on their plates. Marina and I wait impatiently, commiserating about how hungry we are.

When we finally get to the buffet, I grab a hot dog and a bag of chips. Marina does the same and we decide to head over to the lifeguard chair.

A middle aged woman is talking to Nate upon our arrival. She appears to be flirting with him. Marina and I decide to watch from afar, stifling our laughter at how obviously uncomfortable Nate is. Eventually after we finish our food we decide to save him.

"Hey, babe!" Marina says exaggeratedly, walking up to Nate's chair. She reaches up and puts a hand on his thigh. "So, I was thinking about tonight's date..."

Clearly, the lady has had enough. She walks away, looking disappointed. When she's out of range, we simultaneously breath a sigh of relief.

"Thanks, Marinara." He grins cheekily. Marina frowns and removes her hand from his thigh.

"Watch it, pool boy. Or I won't save your ass next time."

"Thank you for saving my ass," he tells her sincerely. "I suppose I'll have to reward you for it later?"

"Hell yeah, you will. I have a couple things in mind..."

"Yeah, yeah. We'll discuss this later. Now go have fun." He waves us off.

"What about you?" I ask.

"Saving lives is fun enough for me." He winks.

"You're doing a whole lot of life saving right now, sitting in a chair." Marina rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, well-" Nate doesn't have a good retort. "Get outta here. Go enjoy the party."

"Want us to grab you a beer?" I ask.

"Nah, I'm not one to drink on the job."

"Liar," Marina snorts. She sees my questioning look and mutters "I'll tell ya later" under her breath. We walk away, wondering what to do.

"Wanna build a sandcastle?" I ask.

"What are you, five?" She asks.

"Well, I'm gonna build one. I'm gonna make it the world's raddest sand castle, too. It's gonna have a moat, a working drawbridge, a plasma TV..." I tell her.

"Yeah? Well, I'll build a better one. It'll be ten stories tall, have live crocodiles in the moat and a theatrical production of Cats playing in the banquet hall 24/7."

"Bet," I tease.

We spend the rest of the afternoon trying to build the best sand castle. They both look like shit and keep collapsing because we're making them too big. But we don't care.

As the evening rolls around, we stop being master architects and end up sitting in the sand, watching the sun set over the ocean. We're both sunburnt and tired and probably have sand in our hair. But we don't care. We're too busy having the time of our lives.

This has got to be the best day I've ever had. Even better than my previous best day ever, which was the first time Nate, Marina and I played truth or dare. I thought nothing could top that day, but I was clearly wrong.

"Marina?" I say, looking at her.

"What's up?" She turns to look at me. Her deep brown eyes meet mine.

"I... I love you," I manage to get out. Before I can really think, I press my lips against hers. She lets out a surprised noise, but eagerly kisses back.

I have to pull away before we end up getting too eager. "To be continued," I whisper.

As the evening transitions into night, Marina and I are gorging ourselves on desserts and standing next to Nate's chair, talking. He doesn't look at us as he continues to scan the beach, looking for any lives that might need guarding.

"Don't wear yourself out, Nate," Marina jokes. "We want you to be awake for tonight's fun."

"I know. God, you're so impatient," he laughs.

"Takes one to know one."

"That doesn't even make sense."

I just roll my eyes and tune out their banter. I look towards the sea.

The tide is receding and the sky above it is dotted with stars. Kids are being plucked out of the water by their parents, announcing that it's time for them to go home.

"Do you miss them?" I suddenly hear Marina ask me.

"Miss who?"

"Your parents. You seem to be looking at all the other parents."

"Yeah, I guess. They still live back in Detroit. I'll probably visit them next summer."

"Make sure you stay in contact. I'd do anything to talk to my mom again," Marina says wistfully.

Her mom died of cancer when Marina was 15. She was well loved by everyone in town, I hear. Nobody could ever say a single bad word about her.

"Yeah, I miss my grandma," Nate says.

Nate's parents died in a car crash when he was a baby. His grandmother took over custody and eventually moved him here when he was ten. She died about five years back, apparently, and she was almost as loved as Marina's mom was.

My parents aren't anything special. They aren't the best parents, nor are they the worst. But I still do love them and would be pretty devastated if something were to happen to either one of them.

"Great, now we're all nice and depressed," Marina says with a smile.

"Thanks to you," Nate remarks. Soon though we all go silent. We just look upon the waves, not breathing a word. After a while, beach is left barren. Eventually, footsteps approach. We turn to see Dr. Green walking toward us.

"Hello," I greet him with a smile. "I'm Allie Carpenter." I reach out to shake his hand, which he eagerly grasps.

"I've heard a lot about you, Allie. Marina never stops talking about you and Nathan. All good things, of course." He flashes a crooked smile at me.

"Thank you, sir. Your speech was amazing."

"Robert, please," he tells me. I nod. Robert turns towards Marina.

"Coming home? Or are you spending the night at Nate's again?"

"Go ahead. Poor Nathan didn't get a chance to let loose and get drunk today. We're going to remedy that."