This erotic story features anthropomorphic (furry) characters, intelligent humanoid beings with both animal and human characteristics.



On Christmas Eve, as the hour drew close, a sleeping human lay in bed. Eleven had just passed, and the minute hand of the old-fashioned analogue clock on the bedroom wall swirled its way towards midnight. Outside was completely dark. No street-lights nearby to ruin the shadow's peace. And the moon — shining, it's fullness shrouded by wisps of cloud — hung in the sky, undertaking the slow waxing journey from first quarter to new moon.

Kitt slept soundly that night. The rented condo — the first time he'd lived somewhere that wasn't a shoebox — was quiet. His neighbours, and other residents of the complex, had left for various family functions, leaving the place entirely his own. He wasn't the kind to irresponsibly party, however, and his tenure as sole resident had been a fair one. Now he slumbered, deep in that warm sleep that takes you when you've put all concerns aside and let your body collapse into true stillness.

His pleasant rest was soon stripped from him as a sound from outside roused the weary human.


One eye shot open, the other crept wide slowly.


Another noise. This time he knew he wasn't alone. The weather was too calm for it to be the cause.


Kitt rubbed his face. A sharp cough left his mouth as dry lips parted, and he shuffled out from underneath the bedsheets — groggy, his mind a haze.

He swore he heard someone 'hush' someone else. Now his heart began to beat.

And Christmas of all nights? Was he about to be robbed?

It was definitely people, he surmised as he threw some water on his face, rubbing it into his crusted eyes. The lights remained off — he didn't want to alert the intruders, if they were intruders.

The sounds came from the backyard. He approached the window. From the upper floor he could get a view of the entire garden. But before he could make it, he froze.

The voices were audible now.

"Great! Knock on the door why don't you? Wake the entire neighbourhood!"

"Fuck off Blitz! I didn't see it in the dark."

Kitt listened. The first voice was deep, very deep. It thundered with each syllable. Resonating with the very structure of the building, and the inner fibres of Kitt's being. Whoever this person was, they sounded tough.

When he heard the second voice, Kitt pictured someone lesser. Maybe not wimpy, or thin, or weak...but definitely not as strong as their compatriot.

The first one ('Blitz') spoke again, in hushed tones: "then maybe you should put that nose of yours to work so you can watch where you step."

His chastisement confused Kitt. Who the fuck are these people? he asked, with no-one but the stuffy air of the bedroom to answer him.

He needed to know. He stooped to a crawl and made it to the windowsill. As he raised his head to peek, he swore as the scene before him was empty. They're closer to the house, he thought, I need to go downstairs.

Resolved to travel down to observe the potential home invaders, Kitt grabbed his phone, lowered the brightness and switched it to silent. If he was going to be caught, he'd have some proof saved of who his assailants were. But he hoped it wouldn't come to that. He planned to stay at a distance, and merely watch...

The argument between the mysterious pair seemed to continue as he stepped carefully down the stairwell. Muffled by the noise of Kitt's travels, he missed a good chunk of what they were saying. When he got to the ground floor and positioned himself, ready to record, what he saw next shocked him...

What the—?

Silhouetted against the moonlight, enough to glimpse their form, were two humanoid figures. Their general shape and posture were where the similarities ended, as broad hoofed feet and deer-like heads that exploded into impressive pairs of antlers greeted the wary Kitt as his vision adjusted to the darkness.

Holy shit!

Not understanding what he was seeing, Kitt hugged the wall, out-of-sight. He watched the smaller of the two raise a finger to the other. Though, as he saw them now, calling one 'smaller' did a disservice to both of these creatures.

"You're always riding my ass about that!" one said. The other swiped the air in front of him and turned away.

"Pfft! If you're gonna harp on and on about your 'special gift' the least you could do is use it. I'm done here, you clean up the mess." And with that, the larger specimen walked out into the backyard. Kitt saw him find a clear space, hunch down with one hand placed firmly on the ground, and take off.

That's right: take off. As in fly. A surge of wind whooshed around the region he once stood, taking leaves and dragging them in a vortex around the launch site. Kitt watched with his jaw hanging agape. But his surprise could not last. The remaining creature walked over to where his partner had been.

Kitt heard a muttered grunt of 'asshole', and a long groan as the creature turned and doubled-back to the side of the yard. Once more a clatter confronted the human's ears, the sounds of broken clay pots being shuffled around. 'Clean up this mess' obviously referred to the damage cause by a less-than-stellar landing, if these things can fly like he saw. He listened to the heavy clomp of hooves on the patio stones, and then the soft earth, as the strange deer-person dragged the debris of poor smashed potted plants and ruined garden ornaments to the flowerbed, and — making quick glances to his left and right — kicked the shards and muck under a large bush deeper in the flowerbed. With a careless hum, it slapped its hands together and left the evidence there.

Passing by the screen door to the condo, Kitt saw the creature more clearly. The earlier sights of antlers confirmed their inhuman nature — and its body witnessed in full proved without a doubt that this was

An anthropomorphic reindeer stood near the entrance to Kitt's home. Seven and a half feet tall (if you include the span of its antlers), covered in a rich brown fur — thick and insulated, to deal with severe cold. Large, split-toed hooves spread across the patio stone, with muscled legs perched atop them. A solid chest of bunched muscle and hearty helpings of shapely fat rose across its front, and when seen from the other side its broad shoulders and noticeable stubby tail took centre stage. A thick neck, and cervine skull sat comfortably on said shoulders, supporting a heavy snout whose wisps of darker and lighter fur patterned the beast-man like snow on a coal pile.

Though his vision in low light was poor, Kitt absorbed every detail, trapped in shock and surprise. He saw the creature extend an arm and lean on the door-frame, as it stamped its feet in a huff; extra effort being made to keep quiet. He could see from the pose, the grimace that occasionally revealed itself when the moonlight struck in just the right way, that whoever this was...they were pissed.

In amazement, Kitt raised his phone in front of him. Questioning his sanity all the while.

I'm dreaming. I'm still in bed. Or this is some kinda trip? Or a fever...yeah...a fever dream...

It was cleaning the dirt from its hooves by stamping them on the solid stone when Kitt dared to edge closer. The more he sneaked, the less he felt worried about being discovered. Probably a mistake, but he was too wrapped up in the seasonally-appropriate apparition to care.

When closer, he noticed it was wearing clothes. If you can call them 'clothes'. Clad around the taut chest and prominent pecs of the reindeer was a series of straps, forming a harness. Their ran from waist to over-the-shoulder, and were made of a kind of red velvet material. Kitt didn't know much about textiles, but he recognised the style. Very festive, if a little...revealing!

Following the lines of the harness he spied a large thong, whose straps rode high above the creature's hips. An intimidating bulge hid being the scarlet sling, threatening to unleash itself given the right incentive. Kitt felt small compared to the hulking mass of buff reindeer a handful of metres away. And this was apparently the smaller of the two who'd landed in his backyard. Heaven forbid the other was still around, loitering; adding its bulk to the mixture.

He. Kitt felt a strange thought tickled the back of his mind. It's a he. He probably should stop seeing it as...well...'it'. No matter how bizarre the situation was, he could at least stamp some semblance of understanding on things. Starting with recognising that this creature was functionally equivalent to a human. Give or take some extra physical accoutrements.

The human glanced at his phone. Damn, he realised, can't see shit properly all cooped up in a corner.

Yet another dash of daring filled him as he stood up, stepping around his hiding place to get a better view. Constantly checking the picture on his phone, and having his heart falter as all he got was pixelated garbage. The zoom on this piece of crap...

His thumb hovered a hair's breadth from the big red 'record' button. But he had to find a better vantage point. He had to get a better, clearer picture. It was all or nothing for him now.

Then, just as he had moved away from his safe spot, the reindeer finished cleaning himself. With a rub-down of this thigh-fur and another miserable groan he straightened up. Kitt stopped, hoping the darkness could conceal him enough to get by. Just ignore me, he commanded, attempting to spread his thoughts through the air. Ignore the guy trying to film you.

At first, he was getting away with it. The anthro reindeer turned the opposite way to check the sky. Yes, stay like that, and walk away. That's it!

Kitt's levity, however, was short-lived. Another surprise took him off-guard as the reindeer faced perpendicular to him, with only a couple of thin screen-door-frames to shield him from prying eyes. The cervine was still unaware he was being watched, and from around his snout a warm glow emerged. Kitt stood there, stunned, as the creature's nose shone with a deep red hue. Memories of childhood songs flooded his mind, overwhelming his sense of unease at the alien goings-on in front of him. All he could do was mutter admiration for the miracle he was witnessing right now.

He tried to phrase it all cool, but something in his brain fucked with the appropriate words, leaving him with this:

So the legends are true.

Kitt winced as the words echoed in his head. The image of the eponymous Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer as in actuality a hunky furry exuding some serious 'daddy' energy shattered any illusion that he was awake. Because c'mon, how was this not an insane wet dream?

That was it. That one moment of carelessness was what was needed for fate to fuck with him.

Kitt went white as the reindeer's head turned, the red shine lighting up the room (and him with it). His eyes bored right through him — ripping away any semblance of stealth. Kitt's shock was met with an irate scowl on the beast's snout. His hand reached for the screen door, leaving Kitt with questions running through his head like 'did I lock that?' or 'how strong is he really?'.

Very strong. As Kitt saw when after checking if it was locked, the buff reindeer wrenched the door ajar with one heave. The human took a step back, remembering he had limbs too. But 'twas too late; with a wide-legged stride the human/animal hybrid covered the distance from the doorway to Kitt's dumb ass.

After storming up to him, the strange being sized up this 'spy', and the phone in his left hand, still raised, frozen in place as Kitt's lower lip quivered — desperate to form words.

In no real hurry, the reindeer snatched to phone from Kitt's hand. Holding it tightly, he snarled at the puny human. "You were trying to record me," it said, voice dripping with scorn. His nose had since gone dark — back to how an animal's should look (i.e. not glowing like some mutant headlight).

It's talking to me. Say something...say something!

He said nothing. A tense pause ensued. Kitt's gaze flitted from place-to-place across the reindeer's body, never resting for too long before the unreality of it all forced him to change focus. He looked at his face — an expectant expression clear as day, as if waiting for him to humbly apologise.

Say something!

Something witty? No, something cool? Yeah! But just like last time what he blurted out was lame as hell:

"Are those...tiny round bells?" he said, spotting the small objects attached to the velvety harness, and antlers. "Why aren't you jingling?"

Internally Kitt screamed at himself. The reindeer no doubt had a comparable reaction. His expression switched from bemused impatience to annoyance. Still bemused — but angrier!

The reindeer took one strap, replete with small gold orbs containing a stamped rim and teardrop-shaped hole on each, and gave it a tug; they shook but made no sound.

"They're for show only," he said, "now, about this—"

With a smile, he waved Kitt's phone in front of the hapless human. The creature chuckled and said: "naughty naughty."

"Give that back!" Kitt sputtered, sounding like spoiled child having his favourite toy taken away. Try as he might, he couldn't make himself sound tough — or even resilient in the face of all that furred muscle.

"Not until I make sure you can't blow the lid on our whole operation."

"Give it!"

"NO!" His booming voice startled Kitt, who flinched and then stepped back when he slammed his hoof against the floor. Kitt tried to close the distance again, but was pushed away effortlessly by the reindeer's free hand. He felt the thick digits slam into him with force, stealing his breath; and wheezed as the tough, horn-like substance of the deer's fingertips retreated across his upper chest soon after.

A vicious, cruel grin formed on the creature's snout. Lips curling back to reveal enormous, broad teeth. Kitt heard a rumble from the back of the throat, followed by a quite loud exhale through the nose, blasting him with deer-breath.

With ease, the reindeer held aloft his phone, and squeezed. Kitt stood unresponsive as his phone disintegrated into a clump of shattered circuitry and plastic. Crushed by sheer strength, bits of it fell to the floor, slipping between chunky fingers in a vain attempt to escape the mounting pressure of the reindeer's death-grip. He loosened his hold, allowing the rest of the remains to plummet to the floor in front of him. One swift stomp obliterated the last recognisable semblance of Kitt's phone.

The human's anger rose. "I hope you're paying for that!"

"Consider it payment enough that I don't wallop you unconscious, punk," came the deer-man's stern reply. "Now, good luck getting any recordings from that." He pointed to the smashed-up phone, and chuckled.

Kitt hissed. A sharp intake of breath preceded his trump card: "yeah," he stammered, trying to maintain eye contact with the alien intruder, " do you know you stopped me?"

"Your phone's busted, and I don't see any CCTV cameras operating around this place. That's how I know."

The corner of Kitt's mouth curled upwards.

"...and did you make sure I wasn't streaming this?"

In a single sentence the smug grin on the reindeer's face was wiped away. Consternation, then more low-key anger followed.

"No..." the creature said, wincing, "I didn't..." Holding back a tirade of coarse language, he took a step forward. His heavy frame eerily close to punching distance. "Were you?"

Kitt raised his finger and waggled it. "Ah-ah-ah! That would be giving away my only advantage, Mister Rudolph."

"I prefer Rudy."

So it is him! Kitt hid his surprise from 'Rudy'. Well fuck me!

"Okay. Now that we got off on the wrong foot — wanna start over?" The human extended his arm in an offer of détente.

Rudolph swiped his open hand away; nothing more than a grunt escaped him as he stared down Kitt.

"Ouch," Kitt smirked, "playing tough guy. Okay...have it your way." He turned to leave, but Rudy's insistence stopped him.


He turned back around, and saw the reindeer grimace. Kitt knew he had the creature wrapped around his pinkie finger — all he had to do was keep his cool, and not freak the fuck out that he was talking to a bipedal Christmas critter.

A tense second passed before Rudolph spoke: "you didn't livestream it, did you?"

Under Rudolph's death-glare, Kitt faltered. "Uh, what? No!" Shit! Don't ruin it! "I's backed-up, for sure...automatically!"

He noticed the reindeer's stance eased up.

"Good," he said, "I'd hate to think what might've happened if you said yes. Now we can talk like civilised folk."

Kitt hardened his expression once more. Another second of silence passed. This time Rudy guessed he wasn't going to get anything useful out of Kitt unless he tried to soften his position. The time for vague threats was fast approaching the end of its utility.

His next question came out dry, expressionless. "What is it gonna take...?"


He sighed. "What's it gonna take for you to delete any copies of the recording?"

Kitt thought for a moment. Options...he had plenty of options. Judging by the way the other one of his kind treated him, he supposed beneath that muscled exterior was a potential pushover. If he played his cards right, he could really rub in the power imbalance. Dare he risk it?

Duh! Of course. Kitt's monkey-brain saw an opportunity to assert itself, so he was powerless to steer far from its present course — consequences be damned!


"I haven't got all day, punk."

"Well..." Kitt said in a soft, teasing voice, "judging by that costume I think you're begging to be shown off to someone..."

He saw the reindeer's arms move to cover himself, and instantly knew he had him down to rights.

A weak counter coughed its way out of Rudy. "It's regulation...not that you'd know..."

"Boo-hoo! I've worked jobs with shitty uniforms — you're not special. are special in other ways. Seems like you want your existence to remain a secret. Well, considering I have all the leverage here, you'll need to make it worth my while."

"Fine," the large biped groaned, "just tell me — what's the price for buying your silence?"


The word sprang to mind suddenly. Kitt mulled it over the instant it arrived, no time passing at all before he'd settled on a course of action. His smile broadened, pissing off the reindeer (a fact he relished even more).

"You show me what you can do, and I'll make it rain." Kitt rubbed his fingers together, suggesting profit from their arrangement. Rudy knew he was talking out of his ass, but he couldn't exactly say no.

"Heh, rein..."

"You finish that sentence with the word I think you're gonna and I will break your nose!" Rudy snarled, pointing menacingly at Kitt's smug little face. "Besides -- money's no use to me."

"Ease there big fellah. Keep your temper out of our little exchange, and we both get what we want."

"You'll definitely delete all the evidence? No tricks?"

"Cross my heart," Kitt said, his smile finally shifting into a demure look of curiosity.

"Ugh. Fine!"

The busted remains of Kitt's phone were swept aside by a hoof as Rudy stood in front of him. Reaching over his head, he gripped the straps of his harness and brusquely lifted the entire velvet ensemble up and off of his body, leaving only the thong — its festive colours contrasting against the brown fur of its wearer. "Like this?" the reindeer asked, rotating his hips and giving Kitt a view of his plentiful rear.