It has been a few months since Natasha's encounter with Stefan. All the bite wounds have healed, and she no longer has any weakness. She could no longer focus on anything anymore. She had never craved sex before so much that it interfered with work. It seems like she was longing for a long-lost lover yet, she doesn't remember much about him.

Natasha was one of the girls who prioritized her work and carrier as the first choice. Everything else came after. Since she visited the old house, things have changed. Sex seemed to be the only priority now. To relax her feelings, she tried meditation, then masturbation, and even dating. Things were getting worse, and sex therapists were of no help either.

Stefan had let her leave on purpose. He did not want to drink all her blood or make her a slave. Vampires have feelings like humans, and as they age, the sensations intensify. The only difference is vampires have a stronger will to control the emotions, almost shutting them off. He lived a neutral life and had no feelings of love, longing, happiness, or sorrow. If he had not controlled them, an immortal life could lead to an immortal depression.

His impact on Natasha had left permanent effects on her as well as himself. Stefan had managed to move on, but Natasha still needed him.

Natasha decided that she will look for her answers back in the same home. Taking a few weeks off from work on health grounds and started on her journey.

She had saved the home address in her GPS. It was about a 30 minutes drive. She was able to remember how the house looked and knew she was at the right address.

She opened the door carefully, making sure that it doesn't come off its hinges. The house was completely dark. There was no way sunlight could make it through. Each window had been sealed with several layers of wooden planks. The floor tiles were all damaged.

Her only light source being her mobile torch, she barely could see where she was going. Judging how things looked, it doesn't seem like anyone has made an effort to refurnish or renovate this house.

There was no one on the main floor, but she heard moaning from the basement as she approached the stairs. It sounded like a girl's voice.


A blonde girl was in bed with Stefan.

She should be feeling hurt or at least jealous about the fact that she was not in his arms right now. Strangely she was getting excited by witnessing the scene.

She couldn't stop watching. Natasha didn't realize when her hand moved to her pussy and when she had started fingering herself, almost moaning as loudly as the blonde.

Stefan finally climaxed, releasing his juice within her and drinking a few sips of her red life from her lips. He got up and cleaned up the blood and sweat from his body. He noticed Natasha in the room. Natasha, too, had climaxed. She straightened her dress as the Dracula approached her. She wanted more, but first, she had more pressing questions.

Natasha sat on one of the couches in the bedroom wearing a concise v-neck puff sleeve mini dress that tightly wrapped her body, defining her bosoms and butts well. The deep neck showed a deep cleavage while pushed her big boobs up, making them look even more prominent and rounder. She intended to seduce Stefan. The aroma of her blood and her hot young body was driving the lust within Stefan to its limits.

"You came back?" Stefan asked Natasha.

"Is she dead? Were you drinking her blood?" asked Natasha ignoring Stefan's question. She was more curious than was she scared or surprised.

"She is alive, just tired, and I was drinking her blood," Stefan responded with a calm voice.

"Did you drink mine as well?" Natasha inquired immediately.

Stefan responded with a nod.

"Will I turn into a vampire?"

"No, just drinking your blood is not enough. A ritual needs to be performed for that to happen. It is still not a guarantee that you will turn into a vampire."

"But movies show that girls become vampires in one bite?" Natasha clarified, sounding a little disappointed.

Stefan laughed at her innocence. "Horror movie directors make movies after reading superstitious blogs on the internet. It is all fake. The close only part is that you can kill some of the lower-ranked vampires by stabbing, chopping off the head, or by fire."

"Lower ranked vampires?"

"Yes, If an immortal vampire desires to have slaves, he or she can perform the ritual. If the ritual is successful, then the human they chose becomes their slave. The slave will not be immortal and can die easily."

"So you are an immortal. How do you become one? So No one can kill you?" Natasha now even more curious.

"Immortality is something that you get as a gift. It's rare. You cannot obtain it by following any steps or drinking out of a fountain. It is the will of a power beyond any human or vampiric control. If anyone were to destroy me, my soul would still exist, and slowly I will get my body back. It is a slow and painful process, but technically I cannot be wiped out permanently." Stefan answered.

Stefan read her mind to get answers to his questions.

Would you like something to eat? Stefan asked Natasha.

They ate some leftover chicken. Natasha helped clean up, and they went upstairs, which too was dark.

"Why is the whole house dark. I thought you couldn't die?" Natasha wondered.

"I can't, but the UV rays hurt my eyes and skin. It is more of an annoyance to get damaged skin and re-heal."

Natasha suddenly stopped mid-flight and kissed Stefan on his lips. Her chest was heaving as her breathing quickened.

The sudden kiss took Stefan by surprise too.

Natasha was excited as she spread out her arms, inviting her lover. Her mind and body were totally under Stefan's control. He ensured to keep it that way to avoid interruptions.

He walked towards Natasha, slowly teasing her by taking his time. He slowly kissed her navel over her dress through to her breasts. He sucked her protruding nipples over her dress, at time burying his face between her tits.

The warmth of her body was giving life to his phallus. She could feel his member grow and push against her snatch. She moaned as his dick pushed her wet clitoris through her panties and was driving her crazy with excitement.

Suddenly Stefan buried his fangs into her neck and slowly sipped the oozing warm blood. He was carefully licking the stream that trickled past his lips.

He slowly kneaded her tits and rubbed his dick along her pussy. Natasha's entire body quivered as the excitement reached its peak. She let out a small whine as her body climaxed.

Stefan moved towards her legs and slowly undid her undies. He was kissing her thighs slowly and carefully, moving closer to her hole. Natasha arched her back and screamed into climax again as his fangs buried deep into her privates, sipping on her tender juices. He was still massaging her breasts to keep the blood flowing. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pushed his face closer to her pussy.

He ensured to sip till the blood trickled through his bite wounds. Natasha's body trembled with the massive amounts of pleasures hitting her. Stefan further buried his face in her tits, kissing, biting, and sucking. He kept at it for a while.

"Please, baby, fuck me now... I want you in me," Natasha begged him to fuck her.

With one more rip, Stefan completely ripped the dress. Stefan lifted Natasha, rested her back against the wall, and thrust his member into her aching pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and grabbed onto his shoulders. Natasha loved the pleasure of his member pushing deep into her and the searing pain left by his bite.

She pulled his face down to her breasts and offered her nipples as he fucked her. Stefan sucked her erect nipples, carefully pressing the necessary points to get her milk to start flowing. He slowly drank the cocktail of her blood and milk as the couple made love for the next few hours.

Stefan could not resist and returned to her neck and kept drinking her blood hungrily. His cock was still inside her. He pumped his dick hard and climaxed. Natasha whimpered in pain and pleasure as she fainted.

Stefan loved the attention he was getting. He finished up with Natasha and headed downstairs. Both beauties had been fucked their brains out and will wake up in the next few days as their bodies rebuild the amount of blood Stefan had sipped during sex.

He preferred to drink from their boobs since the amount of blood lost was minimum and posed no risk to their life. Drinking from the neck too much could prove dangerous.

He didn't tell Natasha that the movies show that Vampires drink all the girls' blood in a few bites. That was not true. It takes hours for a vampire to drink a girl dry in one sitting, and that too if the vampire was only surviving on blood.

It's rare for vampires to feed only on blood, though. It would be like eating the same recipe for the rest of your life.

Stefan decided to leave his job and house and move to a new area. He took Natasha and Samantha on the trip along with him. They moved out of the cities and back into the country area with a lesser population.

Stefan hired a driver to drive his car while Stefan had fun with his ladies in the back seat.

There were beautiful landscapes to visit, hot women, and on the plus side, Law enforcement was on the lower side; The police force's size being a maximum of 3 members. He did not intend to go on a killing spree, but there was always a risk of getting caught. The closest police backup was three hours giving Stefan enough time to escape.

Almost every city or town always has a haunted house that people tend to avoid. The Priestley House, a historic Mississippi mansion, one of the nation's spookiest Haunted Houses for sale, was the perfect spot to move into.

Stefan's neighbor was a hot woman in her early thirties. She lived alone as her husband was always traveling for work and returned home once every few months, sometimes a few years. She had a few friends that would meet her once in a while. Nancy's friends were too busy hooking up with young guys in town. They only visited her if they broke up with their boyfriend or needed help with something. Nancy was now used to staying alone. She had found ways to keep herself occupied and preferred it this way.

Nancy noticed someone moved into the haunted house across the street. Initially, she thought she saw ghosts, but she saw Stefan eat and watch TV, sometimes even have sex with Natasha and Samantha. His activities didn't seem paranormal.

She felt a desire building up within her as she saw Stefan passionately make out with Natasha. It's been a while since she had sex, and was craving a massive dick in her. She was surprised with her urge for sex as she never felt so slutty before. She had always been a well-cultured girl staying within her limits. She ignored the feelings and calmed herself down. She should be loyal to her husband.

Stefan had noticed Nancy as well. They would smile back at each other whenever they saw each other. Stefan was slowly trying to control her mind, but Nancy seemed to have to sway her feelings.

Stefan had invited her for dinner on several occasions, only to face disappointment. Nancy made an excuse each time. It was not the right thing to go to a man's house alone at night, especially when her husband is not with her.

Nancy's refusal was making Stefan impatient. He could smell the aroma of her warm blood all the way from her house. He could not control it anymore.

Stefan could travel short distances and enter through tight spots by transforming into a cloud of mist. This ability was ineffective for multiple entries or long distances. It demanded high stamina.

After a tiring day, Nancy finished up her routine and got ready for bed. She wore her see-through lacy nightgown displaying her pink pussy lips and nipples. It kept her cool and comfortable at night.

Stefan waited for her to sleep, entered through her bedroom windows, and slowly changed back to his standard form.

Nancy was sleeping calmly in her bed. Stefan accidentally dropped the photo frame of her husband and her waking up.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my bedroom? Nancy asked, covering herself in a blanket.

She inched backward as Stefan approached her. He ensured that she has a constant gaze in his eyes.

"Speak up. What do you want? Asked Nancy this time, she didn't have the same authority in her voice this time. There was something about his eyes that was distracting her.

"Look in my eyes, Nancy. I have so much love for you. Why have you been ignoring me?"

"Please leave me alone! I don't want to see anything." Yelled Nancy closing her eyes and looking away.

Stefan grabbed her face and forced her to look at him.

"Please, I am married. I can't be with another man." pleaded Nancy with tears in her eyes.

"Hmm, I see. Are you sure your husband is loyal to you?" Stefan asked as he retreated.

"Not another word about my husband, you weirdo!"

"I trust him, and this is not a discussion that I want to have with a stranger in the middle of the night! I know you want to manipulate my mind."

Stefan was quiet as she kept telling him to leave. He looked like he was thinking about something.

He picked up the broken photo frame. "Yeah, I found him," claimed Stefan sounding as calm as ever.

"I can prove it to you that he is with another woman as we speak."

"Lies, you don't even know him. Plus, he is overseas in Europe selling his art."Nancy was furious. She didn't understand why he started the debate about her husband rather than raping her.

"I know he is in Wales, Ireland, staying in Hilton hotel room 242 and is in bed with one of his customers."

Nancy looked at him in shock. Did he hear their conversations? Her husband mentioned that room only once, and that was months ago before Stefan even moved into the neighborhood.

"How do you know this? Are you a spy?"

"Nancy, why would a spy be in your room at night. I am no spy." Stefan responded laughingly.

"Anyhow, dawn is approaching. I can't stay here much longer."

He converted to mist right in front of her and vanished, leaving Nancy confused. "Was that a dream?"

She couldn't sleep all night. The thought of her husbands' betrayal was too much for her to digest.

"Even if my husband is not loyal, why should I be with him? He is hot, though. Why did he leave before dawn? Could it be he is a vampire or something? Must be, that is why his gaze had magic." She kept thinking all day that day.

Nancy needed more answers. Her friends were always too drunk to give her any logical suggestion. They would have told her to fuck him anyway.

Nancy waited for nightfall and walked to Stefan's house. Samantha opened the door to allow her in. Nancy observed Samantha closely, almost comparing bust size.

"Are you his wife?" Nancy asked Samantha.

"I am one of his lovers. Stefan doesn't have wives but many girlfriends. He wants you to be one as well." Samantha replied, giving her some cookies and a cup of red wine.

Nancy was shocked at her direct replies.

"And you don't mind if he is with other girls?" Nancy further asked.

"I don't mind as long as he is happy," Sam replied.

Stefan woke up from his sleep and sensed he has a visitor. He climbed the stairs to see Nancy waiting.

He grabbed Samantha and kissed her deeply.

"Uff, don't you have any manners? Can you please wear some clothes and do your stuff later?" Yelled Nancy closing her eyes in shame.

"You are in my house, darling. My house, my rules."

"Don't call me a darling!" "You didn't finish. How do you know where my husband is?

"I read your mind and his too. It took a bit to connect tho. His mind was too busy in sex at the time." "Long-distance telepathy gets challenging."

"How can I trust you?" Nancy inquired. She avoided looking at him in case she looks at the wrong body parts.

"Well, the best way is we can go to Wales," Stefan suggested.

His confidence silenced Nancy. Why would he lie to her?

"I am attracted towards you, and I think you must have figured out what I am with my stunt from last night. "

"Despite that, I won't trick you into false faith. It is not my style. I love to care for anyone associated with me. If you are not interested, I won't force you." Stefan added.

He further added, "I love it when women are passionately involved with me. Mind control has gotten boring. Feels like being with a machine."

Nancy was partly hurt that her husband might be cheating on him, and if this vampire was telling the truth, where would she go?

"You are just trying to separate me from my husband so that I can be yours,"

"I can get you without separating the two of you. It's a child play for me. I sensed sadness within your heart. All I want to do is help you move on." Stefan added in an attempt to convince her.

Nancy sat quietly for an hour drinking the wine Samantha gave her. She suddenly got up and left.

Stefan patiently waited for a few days for her to make up her mind. The decision was tough, but she was never happy with her marriage in the first place. She was a good cook and possibly could open up a bakery or something and live with Stefan. The other girls seemed to be happy with him. Maybe she would be satisfied for once too.

"I need proof my husband is cheating on me to give him divorce first," Nancy demanded of Stefan.

"Hmm, well, unfortunately, courts don't accept telepathy as proof. Let us see how to hack CCTV cameras? Do you have a laptop or something?"

Samantha was a hacker. It didn't take her long to get her husband's footage with different girls. Stefan was proud of himself for picking the right girls to feed on.

"Thank you so much. Why did you do so much for me? Wait! I remember you wanted passionate sex with me. Such a weird vampire, I would have just drunk blood and moved on if I were you." Nancy laughed.

"Arent you satisfied with two?" Nancy further asked him.

"That is the problem. I can never be satisfied. I want more."

Stefan was amazed at how casually she said it.

Nancy finally completed the divorce process and managed to keep 90% of her husbands property. He was also to take care of her expenses for the next ten years.

It wasn't easy to get over her relationship. She was so emotionally involved even though her husband never gave her the needed attention.

Stefen took Nancy out for a date to a local bar. It was where the locals went for country music and beer. Sometimes on holidays, they would have DJ party nights.

Nancy wore a low cut mini dress with no bra allowing her boobs to hang. All evening the attention was on the duo.

The couple had a great time chatting about random things, pizza for dinner, and drank the local wine.

They left the bar relatively sober to ensure that they don't grab too much attention. Nancy was feeling a lot better with the outing.

"We can do that occasionally. I really liked it," Nancy said as they pulled into Stefan's driveway.

"So since when does a Vampire need to drive?" She asked jokingly.

"Times change, I like to blend in as much as I can and be more human. The human touch helps to get girls in bed. Plus, I have way too much free time on my hands and no real goals. It is tricky to keep my mind occupied. It was hard to find a driving instructor to teach me at night, though. "

They both burst into laughter. Stefan parked the car in the garage so that neighbors don't hear them.

Nancy slowly guided Stefan's hands to her breasts. She moaned as he squeezed her tits, slowly varying his pace.

She unzipped his pants, raised her dress above her waist, and sat on his dick, slowly pushing it inside. She started to rock back and forth and up and down in various combinations. She rode his dick with increasing intensity. The car squeaked as it swayed from side to side.