WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Impact Wrestling or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Rosemary (Impact Wrestling)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes -- Chapter 14

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

"Well, this seems to be the place..." I commented out loud as I held the camera. Filming the dark, creeping abandoned graveyard as the sounds of crumpling ground was heard under my feet. The light from the camera barely lighting the way, but the torch in my free hand not faring too much better in the pitch black of approaching midnight. "Last time I take advice from a legally blind clown... And that's not an insult. The guy is legally bling." I remarked as I continued on past some broken and half-ripped from the ground tombstones.

The sound of what seemed like sinister laughter made her jolt and turn around behind me, but seeing nothing but darkness. A shiver escaping me as I hissed and turned back, only to find now that there was a sinister looking, otherworldly mist now rolling along the ground around my feet. "Well, at least it's not rain." I grumbled as I went to move on. Only to hear a snapping of a branch from another direction as I whipped around again.

This time, I couldn't reach in time as I was pounced on and taken down with a thud, grunting as I laid on my back on shallow grass. Staring up through the camera as I'd found exactly who I was looking for, or more accurately she'd found me. The Impact Wrestling Knockout, the Demon Assassin herself known as Rosemary. The thickly curved, sinister beauty clad in a tight ring attire of a sleeveless black with red top that was corset-like in design, showing off her impressively sized and rounded bust. With black shorts down below with fishnet tights and boots. Not forgetting the devilish warpaint on her lower face to resemble the jaw and mouth of a skull, with her short dark hair dyed red at the ends.

"Well well well... Not often a victim willingly walks into the spider's web..." Rosemary commented with a sinister grin as she stayed mounted on top of me.

"Did I walk in, or did you set me up?" I replied, keeping my camera aimed up at her for a great view of that body of hers.

"A Demon keeps her secrets..." She vaguely replied as she reared back a bit. "But trespassing you still are!" Her eyes narrowed as she raised and hand. "And for that? We..." She began to say, but paused. Her eyes looking to the side as if she heard something. Or rather, a voice unheard to normal mortals was speaking to her. "...It seems that The Shadow has decided you shall be spared, human..." She said with a slight change of tone as she looked back at me.

"Well, lucky me then..." I stated the obvious, breathing a sigh of relief. "Might I ask the Demon why?"

"Watch your silver tongue, flesh bag!" She snapped, running her hands over my chest. "The Shadow has decreed that I must... Engage in satisfying one of my shards of my Demon Soul..." Rosemary mysteriously claimed.

"Shards... Oh right, the sins." I said, remembering my research that led me to this location and its 'shadow realm' connections. "And from how you're staying on top of me... Am I lucky enough to get given Lust to satisfy?" I said, smiling myself at my good fortune.

"Luck?" She let out a wicked laugh, tossing her hair back. "Your luck will be surviving this... Count yourself lucky I can sense you're not a virgin, otherwise I'd be taking your blood..." She threatened as she began to ease herself back in a very demonic crawl like something from a horror film.

"Oh, I think I can handle this..." I sat up a little on my elbows on the ground. Keeping the camera aimed down at her to record and using the light of the torch to make sure there was a clear shot as she disposed of my belt before roughly pulling down my pants. Giving her a good look at my thick, hardening cock as it was freed.

"This... This reeks of sin, mortal..." Rosemary's eyes narrowed, locking onto my prick with clear approval as she licked her lips. Grasping me and starting to stroke before she stared at me directly. "You will satisfy me, pervert... Or else you will not leave this place with this or any of your limbs in tact..." She threatened as she pumped me.

"Understood, loud and clear, Death Dealer..." I said, knowing that while she wasn't bluffing with the claim, I could handle her like I've done plenty other female wrestlers in the past. Just never one into dimension hopping and demonic rituals.

"I will be dealing your death is you disappoint me, sinner..." She growled before she shifted position to give a nice show with her thick ass raised up and a glimpse of her tits from the down view of her top. Her mouth parting as she took my cock inside in commanding fashion. Making me moan already as her coated in black lips wrapped around my thickness but tellingly, she let out an approving groan herself at the taste of a sinful cock. "Mmmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." He held my prick at the base for twists back and forth as her tongue wickedly lashed around me inside her wet and warm oral hole. Her eyes giving me a piercing gaze which was sexy as I filmed her starting to work at me without even shifting her head yet. Almost like she was testing me as well with this first action.

It wasn't long before she started moving that half-painted face of hers as she began to bob up and down on my length. Loudly slurping in the darkness as she rocked up and down, feeding my inches into her seemingly eager mouth. Already her hair swaying a bit back and forth as she worked her mouth along my thick size. Her free hand clutching my shirt, keeping me from moving -- as if I had any plans on getting away from this red hot blowjob from the demonic beauty. Her tits starting to jiggle ever so slightly while her mouth did the work. Taking in plenty of my inches as her palm went from stroking to just holding me. Her look still intense but it felt like she was accepting that I wasn't going to be any sort of early finisher with her as she steadily blew me.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmmphhh!!" Her skull-painted face continued to gradually lower closer and closer towards my crotch as she sucked away. The saliva easing down my pole as her hand changed to just hold my with fingers as she got further down. Her tongue skilfully swatting around at my shaft as it passed in and out of her pleasurable lips as they stayed firmly pressed around me. "Mmmmmm... Mmmmmhhhh... Mmmmmmphhh..." Her repeated bobbing starting to leave naughty black rings around my cock from her thick lipstick of the warpaint around the points she focused her sucks at. Like a height measurement as she continued to work further down me. Letting me feel her groans vibrating off my size as she showed off lusty ability of her own.

"Mmmmmm... Chalk up getting blown in a graveyard as a bucket list item I never know I had..." I said as I moaned, easily enjoying this oral sex from the former Knockouts Champion as she smoothly and steadily worked me over with that vicious mouth of hers. Noting that she wasn't fazed in the slightest by being filmed while sucking of a mortal she'd only just met. My camera aimed right down capturing that gorgeous face, barely hidden by all her paint and make-up, which I noticed was beginning to smudge a bit as the saliva oozed down from her lips from the repeated sucking off she was doing. That the least of her concerns as as the paint further was rubbed when her chin began to touch my balls as she got real deep onto me.

"MMMMMM! MMMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmm..." Her muffled moans around me got louder as she slipped my thickness into her tight throat and impressively, like a good sinful Demon should, she wasn't even gagging for a moment as she took me in to the hilt. That sinister throat of hers suckling at my length like she was more a pornstar than a pro wrestler and her eyes not even watering for a moment. Keeping her black-painted nose pressed into my crotch while her similarly coloured lips were wrapped around my base. "MMMMMM... Hmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm! MMMMMPHH!!" She even managed to let out a wicked laugh around my prick as she deep throated me before she lifted up. Resuming blowing me with a stiff rhythm that sent her hair swinging back and forth again from the effort. I was spoiled for choice of whether to film her raised up butt, down to catch glimpses of her nicely deep cleavage, or of course the main event of my fat cock vanishing into her wet mouth as the saliva coated my inches. Matching the loud, sloppy slurps she was making with the motion that looked and felt far from inexperienced.

After a round of bobs, she lifted her head away to let me see how covered with multiple black rings from her lipstick my still rock hard dick was. "It seems I have underestimated you, flesh bag... Slightly..." Rosemary admitted as she licked those smudged lips again and sat up.

"That might be as close to a compliment as I get from you!" I dared to joke, smiling behind the camera as I watched her raise up as she lowered her shorts down her thick, tights-covered legs.

"Silence, mortal! I'm far from done testing how sinful you really are!" She snapped as I got a first look at her tight looking pussy as she took of the shorts, lifting one knee then another to remove them.

"You know, if you want evidence of my sin? I've got quite the entries into my Big Book in my pocket..." I said, but stayed on my back as she moved to mount my crotch.

"As you mortals say, actions speak louder than words..." She teased with a wicked smirk as she reached down. Making a sharp tearing sound ring out into the night as she tore a hole effortlessly in her fishnet tights before she lowered down onto my saliva-coated prick. Not even bothering to get me to put protection on first, as expected of a Demon like her as she made us both moan out. Her getting to feel my fat length stretching her, while I enjoyed her tunnel sinfully clamping around my size. A match perhaps not made in Heaven, but somewhere closer to Hell (or the Shadow Realm in this case). She didn't even waste time to let herself adjust to me being inside of her as her hands grabbed my shirt again. Starting to raise her hips up and down and already letting out approving moans from the feel of me within her.

"MMMMMM... Oh yes, flesh bag! MMMMM... I can feel your sin already..." She hissed in delight as she bounced on my cock. Working her tight, already dampening snatch along my pole as she already took an impressive amount of me deep into her twat which felt far from saintly where I was laying. Able to aim my camera right down my body to capture a new smoking hot sight as another of her holes made my dick vanish inside of her as she smoothly and swiftly moved on me. "MMMMM... What a curious mortal you are... AHHHHHH... Chasing after the Death Dealer not for a fight, but out of desire..." The beauty who has competed for promotions like SHIMMER and RISE remarked as she stared down with another scary but sexy glare as she rocked up and down. Making it look all too easy as she slid her twat along my rod to keep us both groaning in desire as she further showed that despite being one of the most unique characters in wrestling she certainly knew how to fuck.

"MMMMM... And you're telling me this isn't a sort of fight right now?" I commented as I watched that thick, gorgeous clothed body move on me. Her tits still just contained her in top as they jiggled from her steady up and down motion on me. Adding to the sexy show I was getting, let alone how fantastic her pussy was clutching my dick as she bounced away. "AHHHHH... Kind of feels to me... MMMMM... You're still testing me, Demon Assassin..." I noted as I kept my camera steady on my chest for another great right down the line shot of her taking my cock deeply in and out of her box. My free hand using the torch for bonus light as I switched from focusing on that twat to getting looks at her bouncing chest and up at that moaning, half-painted face of hers. All of those shots stunning in their own right and would give me plenty of evidence to complete my entry about her.

"MMMMM!! FUCK... And this battle is far from done, mortal..." She warned with a groan, licking her lips as her crotch began to slap down against mine as she took me up to the hilt into her wet, snug box. If I still didn't have the fear of her making goof on her threats at me, I'd say she was warming up to me from how her hands went from gripping my clothing to roaming across me as she kept riding away. "AHHHHH... My shard of Lust will require... MMMMMM!! FUCK... Far more entertainment that just this... MMMMM!! Before it is satisfied..." She said with a sinister purr as she kept working away on me. Sweat starting to form on her exposed skin, including her legs clad in those fishnet tights that were further tearing a bit from the repeated, skilful bouncing she was performing.

"AHHHHH... Oh if you want more, Death Dealer? I can give you that..." I could smile myself, even as I only looked at her through the viewfinder of my camcorder as I recorded every moment of this midnight, graveyard fuck with the beauty who calls herself, amongst other things, the Heir Apparent to the Undead Realm. But if anyone saw her riding away, making her tits jiggle away as her short hair swung back and forth she might pick up a couple of new sinful nicknames as she expertly handled my fat dick completely into her snugness. Juices coating my length as she enjoyed me being deep within her as her constant moaning already proved.

"MMMMM... Promises, promises, meat bag..." Rosemary let out another sinister, but also sexy laugh as she dismounted my cock. "Let's see you deliver..." She said, before making me gasp as she hauled me up to my feet along with her.

"O-Of course! As you demand..." I said, composing myself as I knew better than to refuse the wish of a living Demon.

"Good mortal..." She teased as she bent over forward and her hands held onto the top of the nearest tombstone for support. However, when I lined my cock up that wet pussy she shifted forward, smirking as she gazed back. "No no no... My Lust shard requires sweet, sinful sodomy to be satisfied..." She said, licking her lips.

"Well, in that case..." I put my still recording camera onto another tombstone at the side, aiming it so I'd get plenty of footage of the action to come as I tucked my torch under my arm. Reaching into an inside pocket for an always handy bottle of lubricant. Pouring some out down onto that thickly rounded ass of the Impact Wrestling Knockout as she groaned approvingly, even with the liquid catching onto the ripped fishnet tights she still had on. Moving a hand down and I scooped up lube and then pushed a finger into her asshole. Feeling how tight she was as I pushed past the resistance and slipped my digit in, starting to work in and out of her backside as she moaned.

"MMMMM... You came prepared for this ritual..." She groaned, still looking back with an intense stare. Shifting her hips back a bit against my finger as I moved in and out. Soon applying a second with an added dose of lube for good measure as I fingered her again. Noting that despite how vice-like her backdoor felt she was taking me rather smoothly. Fitting for a sinful demon to be a fan of anal sex. I gave her another healthy round of my fingers before I pulled out. Taking a few moments to give my own fat, lengthy cock a quick lubing up before I popped the bottle back into the pocket and got back into position behind her. Now lining up with where she wanted filled up, which meant that already I was going to be completing the full tour of her pleasurable holes.

"MMMMMM!! AHHHHH" Yessssssssss mortal! MMMMMM..." Pushing into her asshole, I was already making the Death Dealer moan out and rock back against my dick just from the first few inches and the fat crown being inside of her thick rump. One of my hands aiming my torch down at her cheeks so I (and my camera) could see my cock pumping in and out of her backside from behind. My free hand holding her thick cheek but keeping her spread so once again there was a clear side-on shot of me fucking this stunning, dangerous beauty from the back. "MMMMM!! More, mortal! AHHHHHH!! Deeper! Your Demon demands it! MMMMM..." She sinfully begged as her head tilted back, feeling my shaft sliding in and out of her as I was all too happy to do just that. Easing my prick out of her back passage until just the head was inside her, before I firmly pushed in with a groan of my own to fuck her shapely ass.

"MMMMMM!! Yesssssssss... AHHHHH!! Filthy flesh bag! FUCK!! MMMMM!! Dirty, sinful mortal..." She moaned out her dirty talk and red hot insults, despite her own moans showing she was being far from innocent in this sex. Being the one taking it up the ass from behind out in such and open, late night setting with a man she's only just met. My thrusts making her body jolt as she stayed bent over forwards. Her juicy tits threatening to spill out from her wrestling top at any moment as they jiggled in time with her body's movement. The former Knockouts Champion groaning out as she still stared back with intense desire with more than a hint of darkness to the look as I fucked her booty. "AHHHHH!! Give me all... FUCK! All of that sinning cock! MMMMM!! Deep in the Demon's ass! MMMMMM..." She equally ordered me as she was just begging as she pushed against my thrusts. Helping to ensure I'd be getting nice and deep between her fleshy cheeks as those fishnet tights continued to tear a little more once in a while from us going at it in such a shameless way.

"MMMMM... I've heard of Hail Satan, but I think serving the Death Dealer sounds way more fun... AHHHHH FUCK...." I grunted as I ploughed away stiffly and deeply into that jiggling backside. The slap of my crotch hitting off those more than ample butt cheeks ringing out into the night sky as I continued to take her from behind. Sweating myself as we were both half-dressed with my pants removed and her wrestling bottoms off as nailed her bent over against a tombstone. Smiling as I glanced at the camera, seeing how it was still filming this kinky action as I fucked her thick ass over and over. Able to grip her cheek and keep it spread so the footage, as well as myself as I stared down, could see the wonderful image of my fat dick pushing deep into her asshole before swiftly reappearing to repeat the action.

"MMMMMM... Don't think you've escaped my clutches yet, flesh bag! AHHHHH SHIT!! Just because... MMMMM!! You're getting to sodomise the Death Dealer!" She warned, but even with how intimidating she usual is her words weren't quite as effective with my cock shoved straight up her ass as I kept pumping away. Her warpaint now clearly smeared and running as the sweat drips down her face, getting further messy with loose strands of her hair sticking to that pretty face. The main focus of course being that round, thick backside that was on fill display with the hole torn in her tights now so big her whole rump was sticking out. Sexily jiggling with each smack against my waist that happened as I drove in balls deep. Making her looking like a dressed up character from a Halloween porno than the feared, demonic pro wrestler she's supposed to be.

"MMMMM... After going to all the trouble to find you? AHHHH FUCK... I wouldn't dream of running away now..." I said as I groaned. Knowing better anyway than to cross the horny Demon Assassin that I was balls deep inside of. Loving how her back passage was tightly clutching my inches as I pumped in and out of her from behind. Keeping her moaning out as well, without her even touching her snatch as I fucked her ass stiffly and deeply. My reward not just how good my dick felt stuffed between those fat, stunning butt cheeks but that creepy look of desire she was giving me as she still kept staring back at me over her shoulder as I banged her. If her Lust was this intense then I'd hate to be on the wrong any of any of her other 'shards'.