WARNING: This is a dark story featuring cheating, humiliation, and betrayal of people who may not deserve it.

And remember: this is just a fantasy. Treat the people in your life with love and respect.


I followed Christine into the grocery store, a few steps behind her. She was wearing her yoga pants, and even after 7 years of marriage, I still loved to admire her pert little butt as she strutted in front of me.

I figured I was lucky - Christine, my wife, took fitness seriously. She was up almost every morning at dawn to jog, she carefully counted her calories, and her days alternated between various exercise regimens. And it all showed - as we both neared 30, she had kept everything tight, with a slim waist, and like I said before - a pert little butt.

The New Year was approaching, though, and we were picking up a few hors d'oeuvres to lay out for New Years Eve. We grabbed what we wanted, but as we walked past the frozen aisle, I stopped her.

"Hey, honey - do you think we could grab a pizza?" I asked her, knowing what her response would be. "I miss pizza," I added, somewhat jokingly.

She rolled her eyes. "We've got a veggie platter. We don't need a pizza."

At this point, I got a little annoyed, and we started to argue - and I guess the argument went on a little longer than we realized, because I noticed someone was waiting to get to the frozen pizza that we were blocking.

"Sweetie," I begged, "it's just a pizza-"

I was cut off by the person waiting behind us. "Fuckin' skinny bitch. Just get the pizza so you can get out of my way," the Latina-accented woman's voice interrupted.

I saw Christine go red, and we both turned to face the woman who had barged in on our argument. We saw an overweight woman, with warm brown skin and curly black hair pulled into a bun. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, both of which looked painted on to her massively fat physique. She had an extreme muffin top, with her gut and love handles projecting outwards above her too-tight pants, which were squeezing her incredibly large thighs. Her t-shirt was low-cut, and showed off a lot of cleavage. I guessed she was at least 350 lbs, maybe more, but she was only around 5'4, so she looked pretty massive.

She had a few kids with her, buzzing around her carriage, bickering with one another - I noticed a few of the kids were fairly old, which surprised me. I looked to the woman's face, and noticed the lines and wrinkles that come with age. I would guess she was at least 40, though she looked more youthful at a glance. Honestly, the fat in her face may have just been smoothing out the creases.

"Ex-CUSE me!" my wife blurted. "Mind your own business... as if you need any more pizza!" she added, clearly eyeing the woman's fat physique.

"What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?" the woman replied, her body jiggling as she animatedly gestured.

Before my wife could respond, I grabbed her gently around the shoulders, and ushered her off. "Sorry, ma'am," I mumbled to the woman as we walked away.

My wife glared at me as we did, and looked back over her shoulder at the woman and her kids. "How did a whale like that get knocked up so many times? Who would have sex with THAT?"

The woman, bent over grabbing a few pizzas from the freezer, stood up and looked over at us, clearly having heard my wife's comment. "There's a reason your skinny ass ain't got no kids!" she loudly declared, as she tossed her pizzas in her carriage and turned in the other direction.

As she did, I watched her massive frame jiggle and sway with each step. As embarrassing as the situation was, my wife had a point. Who would want to knock up someone like that?


I tried to put the awkward encounter out of my mind - mostly because I was so embarrassed - but there was something that wouldn't let me be. I just... kept seeing that woman in my mind. I figured it was guilt - I hoped we hadn't hurt that woman's feelings.

Christine kept bringing it up, too, casually mentioning "that fat bitch who couldn't mind her own business," to her friends.

A few days later, though, I bumped into her again. Literally.

I was getting a quick coffee on my way home from work, and as I walked away from the counter, my phone buzzed at me. Looking down at the notification, I failed to notice the person in front of me - and I walked straight into them, nearly dropping my coffee.

"Come on, man," I heard a familiar voice say, and I raised my gaze to see who it was - and my stomach dropped when I realized it was the overweight woman from the grocery store. This time, she was wearing yoga pants, showing off every curve on her massive body, and a tight tank top showing off even more cleavage.

I saw the recognition in her face, and her eyes started to narrow. "God damn it," she cursed, "You again. I guess I was just too fuckin' huge for you to avoid, huh?"

I nervously looked around at the other customers, not wanting another scene. "I'm- I'm really sorry. I didn't see you - I was looking at my phone," I explained, holding it up to show her.

"Sure," she scoffed, then looked over my shoulder. "Where's Mrs. Skinny-Ass?"

My face went red. "She's at home - I'm headed back from work. Listen... I'm sorry for what she said. She takes fitness really seriously, and she's just concerned about your health. She didn't mean it as an insult."

This time, she started outright laughing, and I watched as her belly - and tits - started shaking. "My HEALTH? Sweetie, she doesn't care about my health - how many people does she openly insult when she sees them doing something unhealthy?" She gestured out the window to a young woman smoking a cigarette, "Would she walk outside and loudly insult that chick?"

I shrugged - realizing she had a point. "I guess that's fair," I responded, then, trying to make her feel better, I added, "I'm sure you put on the weight after your pregnancies, anyways - I hear that happens a lot."

"Honey, I was always fat," she replied, gesturing to her body. "Pregnancy didn't do shit. This is what I look like."

Then, she looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you think fat women have a hard time getting fucked?" she directly asked.

I was completely mortified we were having this conversation in public, but I couldn't break her gaze. I didn't have an answer for her.

"We don't. Guys LOVE to fuck fat chicks, even if they're embarrassed to admit it. They're not even that embarrassed anymore, these days," she told me. "THAT is what bothers your wife. It's not that she's concerned about my health or has pity for my unfortunate existence - it's the idea gnawing at the back of her head that someone like me can exist and be as happy as I am. I'm guessing she spends every morning running - and exercising, and watching what she eats. And in her head, I guarantee she STILL hates her body. But here I am, being a fuckin' fat ass, living my life with my family and not apologizing for it. It kills her."

I had no idea what to say... but honestly, she had a point. Strangely, I cracked a small laugh. "I guess you have a point. She is really hard on her own body."

I had kind of hoped that was the end of the conversation, but the woman reached out and held my arm. "I can't blame her. I'd be pissed off if I was a little skinny bitch, too."

As she said that, I looked down again at her body. Her tits were bulging out of her little tank top, and her stomach was poking out a little between it and her yoga pants. The tight clothes showed off every curve in her body - and her body seemed to be made entirely of curves. I mean... I guess I could see how someone would be attracted to that sort of thing.

I felt the blood... rushing away from my face. "I guess I could see the appeal," I said, quietly.

"You guess, huh?" she replied, looking me up and down. She got a little closer to me, and led me over to one side of the coffee shop. "Tell me," she continued, "who do you think would be more fun to be with? Someone who's stressing every second of every day about doing the healthy, responsible thing? Or someone who does what she wants - and takes what she wants? Someone who actually knows how to have a good time? Someone who isn't afraid of a single fucking frozen pizza?"

That one hurt - if I had to be honest, I was more frustrated with Christine's refusal to let us have a single pizza than I was at her causing a scene the other day.

The fat woman continued, "Think of how fun I'd be to hang around with." Then, she started gently rubbing her hand over her curves, and added "Think of how much fun it would be to see all of this jiggle and bounce as you-"

"Woah," I blurted, cutting her off. "I'm married. I can't be having this conversation."

She grabbed my hand, and placed it at her hip. "Shush, baby. Just touch me for a minute, feel my curves."

Strangely, I obliged, and ran my hand over her hips, over her side and belly. She was so soft - it was such an extreme contrast to the tight compactness of my wife.

"I can tell you like it. Think of having all of this to grab, to watch it shake as I move. Then try to think of that skinny bitch, and how boring and tame and small everything is. I have everything your wife has... just more of it," she said to me, in a quiet, seductive voice.

I can't explain why, but I was mesmerized. I just stood there, staring at her body with my hand still on her stomach.

"That's it, baby. You see it now," she told me, and then looked me in my eyes. I looked at her face, with her warm brown skin, and noticed how truly pretty she was. Full, pink lips, a cute, fairly wide nose, and eyes that were angled slightly inwards, looking sultry with her thick black eyeliner. The lines on her face just gave her some character - some evidence that she had lived in this body for a while.

I think she could see what I was thinking. "Why don't you follow me back to my car, baby?" she asked in a low voice, and then, without waiting for a response, turned and sauntered back to the parking lot.

Entranced, I instinctively followed a few steps behind her, and watched her gigantic ass move as she walked. And it was amazing - it really blew my mind. She had everything I was attracted to in my wife's little, athletic ass, just amplified by a hundred - and spread out over her entire body. I thanked god for yoga pants.

She eventually arrived at a classic mom SUV, unlocked it and got in. Without even thinking, I opened the passenger door and climbed in after her. She looked over at me and winked, "I'm about to blow your mind, baby."

In that moment, I realized I was turned on more than I ever had been in my life - and just then, I had an incredibly awkward realization. "Uh, what's your name?" I asked her.

She laughed, a soft, ringing kind of laugh - like a bell chiming. "Call me Alba. And you?"

"Tom," I replied.


We arrived back at her house - a nice home in an okay neighborhood - and I again watched as her massive frame sauntered towards the house. When we got inside, I saw the walls lined with pictures of her kids, and a middle aged man. I suddenly remembered this woman was a mother and, it seems, married. The fact that I, myself, was married, didn't even cross my mind.

Alba caught me looking, and smiled. "Don't worry about them, they're visiting their grandmother for the night. We got the place all to ourselves."

With that, she led me upstairs into her bedroom. Immediately, she grabbed the waist of her yoga pants, bent forward, and peeled them off. In front of me was a massive, brown, wobbling ass, unlike anything I'd ever seen. It was round, but covered in dimples and cellulite - and it formed a sort of shelf as it connected to her lower back. It was nothing like the tiny ass of my scrawny wife - it barely even looked like the same body part.

So entranced was I that I didn't even notice she had stood up and was looking over her shoulder at me. "I know that look," she smiled, "You've just seen the first real ass of your life."

She turned towards me, and took off her tank top, her entire body jiggling as she did so. I finally saw her bare torso, and I was in love. Her stomach - a body part I'd never considered attractive - was round, and protruded out further than her tits, which rested on top of it. Speaking of which, her tits were likely four times the size of my wife's, but they were not cute and perky - they were large, wobbling and, now that they were free from a bra, laid almost flat across the top of her stomach.

Something in my head told me I should be repulsed by the body in front of me, but I wasn't. At all. In fact, I wondered why I had never found this kind of figure attractive before. It really was just more of what I liked - more of everything. If I liked seeing my wife's little butt jiggle, I enjoyed watching Alba's everything jiggle.

And jiggle it did, as she kneeled down in front of me, and peeled off my pants. My dick sprang free, and almost whacked her in the face. "Mmmm," she purred, "looks like we got a big boy on our hands, hm?"

For a brief moment, she gently cupped my balls and ran her fingers along the shaft - and then she looked up at me, and stood back up. "You might have a tasty lookin' cock," she told me, as she backed up towards the bed, and laid back, "but this is about me. Come, get your first taste of a real woman."

With that, she grabbed her ankles and pulled them up towards her shoulders, displaying her soaking wet pussy to me. I looked her over, looking at how giant her thighs looked, smushed against her torso, and how her fupa made a new curve, and how her round, fat stomach nearly blocked my view of her face, and how her giant, pendulous tits draped on either side of her belly.

I fell to my knees in front of her, inched closer, and as my head neared her fat cunt, I inhaled deeply. Her thick, sexy perfume mixed with the smell of obvious arousal. And then - I dove in. And I feasted. With long, slow licks, I tasted her juices - somewhat thicker than my wife's. I lapped from the bottom of her pussy up towards her clit, and finding it, I darted my tongue lightly across it. Alba moaned in response, and as she did, I looked up to see her giant gut wobbling in front of me.

I started really working her clit, and gradually started easing a couple fingers inside of her, motioning up with the "come-hither" sort of motion that my wife always liked. Alba seemed to like it, too, as she was moaning like a porn star. By this point, she had let go of her legs, and they were now resting on my shoulders. I was completely surrounded by her brown flesh, and I was in heaven. Just the weight of her legs alone was more than I had ever experienced from Christine.

I could have feasted forever, but I knew it was time to experience something else. I stood up, grabbing her legs and leaning them against my shoulders. I pushed forward, angling my rock-hard dick towards her sloppy pussy, and entered her.

And it felt better than I ever could have imagined. Somehow, despite having at least four kids, her pussy was tighter than anything I'd ever experienced. It wasn't just tightness, though - it felt softer, too, like there was more cushioning.

I started picking up the pace, really pistoning in and out of her, and looked down at her massive, fat body jiggling with each thrust. It was almost hypnotizing. Her face, leaned back in ecstasy as she moaned, was almost overtaken by her double chin. I needed to kiss her.

I leaned forward, really hammering her now, and for the first time, our lips met. Even her kisses felt softer, and her giant stomach beneath me felt so warm and soft as I plowed into her cunt.

I felt her body quake beneath me in orgasm, and I knew mine was approaching. I slammed balls-deep into her a few more times, and then pulled out. I grabbed my dick, and standing over her, roared as I came as hard as I ever had. Shot after shot sprayed across Alba, coating her round, wobbly belly with my thick sperm.

After what felt like an eternity, but was likely only a couple seconds, I came down from my mind-blowing orgasm. Breathing heavily, I looked down at my handiwork. Alba was also breathing heavily, lying back, her fat torso covered in cum. She looked up at me, her face flush, and our eyes met. She looked almost... proud. Like she had won.

"Baby," she purred after a few seconds, "You did so good. I told you I'd blow your mind."

She definitely had, but in my post-nut state, the reality of what had just happened was hitting me.

"Uh..." I mumbled, "I should - I should clean myself up."

"Bathroom is down the hall, sweetie," she told me, gesturing to the right.

In the bathroom, I wiped myself down, and splashed cold water on my face. I looked in the mirror, and saw my face - the face of someone I had always considered loyal and honest. And normal. What had come over me? Was I so horny that I would fuck some sloppy, fat slut when I had a beautiful wife at home? I needed to get out of here, hopefully without making a scene.

As I got back to the bedroom, I saw Alba sitting on the edge of the bed. She was still covered in cum - and was playing with some of it, rubbing it into her wide, brown belly. She had a knowing look on her face, but didn't say anything.

"I need to get home," I told her, softly, as I put my pants back on. "I was supposed to be home - holy shit," I exclaimed, seeing the time on my phone. "I was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago. I'm- I'm sorry, I don't think we should do this again."

Alba didn't respond, she just scooped up some of my cum from off her stomach, and popped it into her mouth. I didn't know what to say, so I just mumbled a good-bye, and went to go downstairs and leave the house.

Alba followed me, and as I left, she stood at the front door, still naked and covered in my sperm, and blew a kiss to me. "Bye, sweetie," was all she said.

Of course, as I left I realized we had come in her car. Trying to save face, I went around the corner, and called an Uber, which I took back to the coffee shop.

I texted my wife that I had gotten delayed at work - something that happened fairly often - and that I'd be home soon.

When I got home, Christine didn't seem to think anything out of the ordinary had happened, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I did my best to pretend everything was normal, and tried to brush off what had happened as a crazy one-off situation.

But I couldn't deny that somehow I didn't find my wife nearly as attractive as I did that morning.


The next day was New Year's Eve, and I was desperate for things to get back to normal. Christine and I had a nice morning together, before she left for work. She was supposed to get out of work in the late afternoon, and I had the day off, so all I had to do was get everything set up for a relaxing evening watching the ball drop on TV.

Towards mid-morning, I was feeling pretty good. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen, and I was going to prep some food for the night. As I did, I felt my phone rumble in my pocket. I pulled it out, assuming it was from Christine.

Instead, the name on the screen was "Alba

My heart was racing, but I took a deep breath and tried to center myself. I didn't want this fat woman causing complications for my marriage - I was never a cheater before and the last thing I wanted was to hurt Christine just because I made a mistake. I would have to politely brush off Alba, and either get her to never text me again, or just do my best to make her understand and block her number.

I took another deep breath, and opened the text - and immediately lost my resolve. All she had sent was a picture - just a normal mirror selfie. No sexy pose, no skimpy lingerie, no seductive text, just her, naked, in front of the mirror in her bathroom.