Jess was now on the phone, telling her Mother the good news. I just hope that I can deliver what I have promised.

What I had told her, had got me out of trouble. For now. But without some skilful manoeuvring, my story would unravel, and I would be in an even bigger mess than before.

It was her saying Goldie, that had given me an idea. That was the name of Harry's dog. Thankfully, within seconds, I had a full explanation.

And this is what it was...

"It's not me, it's Harry from work. He's chronically shy with women. One day, he asked me for a favour. A big one. He wanted me to go with him to May's Massage Parlour. He was too nervous to go on his own."

Jess looked sceptical, but she was still listening, so I continued.

"He didn't have enough cash with him, and he couldn't find his credit card. Harry was mortified. While I paid with my card, he frantically searched his pockets again. When he eventually found it, he insisted that they cancel my payment. They did. Now, for some reason, they have used my card details again. But don't worry, I'll sort it out tomorrow."

I was now smiling, to give her the impression that I wasn't worried, but really, I was shitting myself.

"Who is Goldie?"

"What did they say?"

I held my breath, because her answer would make or break my lie. She was thinking about it, trying to remember the exact words.

It was, "It's now always Dexter and Goldie."

I was now breathing again. What she had been told, was vague, so I could put my own interpretation on it.

In a casual tone, I said, "That's the name of his dog. It's a Golden Retriever. It's in the room with him while he is having his massage."

Everything I had said, was plausible. But would she believe it? I wasn't sure, but I had something else up my sleeve, and it should tip the balance.

"I was going to surprise you with this next week, but I might as well tell you it now. Because I helped him out, Harry says that we can have a week at his apartment in Palm Court Resort."

That made her eyes light up. It was somewhere that she has always wanted to go to.

"And there is no charge."

She was now happy, excited about the holiday we would be having. And I had gone from cheating Husband, to Good Samaritan.

The next day, while I drove to work, my mind was on what I needed to do, to consolidate my lie. Harry did exist, and he did have a dog called Goldie. However, he wasn't shy with women. He was good looking and a charmer. He was never short of female attention. But he did have an apartment that he rented out, and it was at that luxury resort.

By the time I got to work, I had made a mental list of all the things that I needed to do.

  1. Speak to Harry. I needed to book his apartment. Jess had given me some dates that were suitable.

  2. Speak to my Boss. I needed time off work to go to the apartment.

  3. Call May's Massage Parlour. If Jess was to contact them again, then they needed to lie for me.

  4. Call Charlotte. To keep her in the loop, in case Jess said anything about it to her.

By midday, I had done it all. Harry was straight forward. He was happy to rent out his apartment, and we had our pick of the dates. I didn't say anything about using him as my cover story. If there was ever a chance that he and Jess might meet, then I would have to. But that was a problem for another day.

Also, I had no difficulty booking time off. I had plenty of days owing, and the week that I wanted was more than two months away.

However, speaking to May was difficult. It took me a while to get her to understand my story, and when she did, she thought it was very funny, and she wouldn't take it seriously. I found that irritating, but eventually she did agree to cover for me.

Charlotte was surprisingly calm. I thought that it might freak her out, and she might even refuse to see me again. But after explaining it to her, her main concern was getting assurance from me, that I wouldn't stop going to May's Massage Parlour.

While I ate my lunch, I reflected on how lucky I was. Without that sudden brainwave, I would have been in a mess. Paying at the Massage Parlour with my credit card, had been stupid. From now on, I needed to be extra careful. No more mistakes.

As soon as I was home, Jess was hugging me, and so tightly, that I could hardly breathe.

"I'm so excited about our holiday."

She was even more so, when I told her that we had got the week that was our first choice.

"And the best part, is that we don't have to pay anything for it. Do you know how much it should have cost us?"

I shrugged my shoulders, and then I said, "I thought that it would be rude to ask."

She nodded in agreement. But I did know, and it wasn't cheap!

The meal that she had cooked, was special. I enjoyed it, but it made me feel guilty. It was my reward for being such a nice person, somebody who has helped a friend. But that wasn't me. I was a cheating Husband, who had managed to get away with it.

When it was bedtime, I was eager for sex. If Jess hadn't scrutinised the credit card statement yesterday, then today, as usual, I would have gone to the Massage Parlour after work. I had thought about going, but it didn't feel right, so I had given it a miss. It still felt like the right decision, but I was now craving for the sex that I should have had there, with my Mother-in-law.

But was she in the mood? I hoped so. I needed to empty my balls, so even a quick fuck would do.

When I kissed her, she responded, and with passion, but shortly after, she suddenly stopped. It looked as if this was going to be another day without sex. Yesterday, I should have gone to May's place.

"Would you like a massage?"

I did, but her asking me was a worry. If I said yes, then would she tell me to go to May's Massage Parlour? Had she just pretended to believe my cover story, and now I was going to be in trouble? But she would be expecting me to say yes. I would have to agree to it, and hope for the best.

Calmly, I said, "Yes, I would like that."

When she gave me a nice smile, I was relieved. It hadn't been a trap.

I was now face down on the bed, trying to remember the last time that we had done this. Two years ago, or possibly even longer? But what I could remember, was how good she was at it. I was going to enjoy this.

It wasn't long before she confirmed that she hadn't lost any of her skill. By the time she got to my legs, I was so relaxed, that I was falling asleep. However, when her hands went up my thighs, it revived me, and my cock. It was now impressively hard.

"Is this what they do to Harry?"

Her hand was under me, and it was holding my throbbing member. I didn't give her an answer, and she didn't press me for one.

"It's sad that he has to visit such a place. When I saw the name on the statement, I just knew what sort of Massage Parlour it would be."

She was right, but I wished that she would stop talking about it. It was killing the mood for me. Any longer, and I would struggle to keep my erection.

"Turn over."

When I did, she giggled.

"Is that for me?"

"Yes, all eight inches."

"It's a nice cock."

That surprised me. She never complemented me on it, the favourite part of my anatomy.

Then, in a seductive voice, she said, "And where would you like to put it?"

There were three options, but one was definitely out of bounds. It was output only. So it was just her pussy or her mouth. I was happy with either, but because she was in such a good mood, I decided to be bold. As they say, Fortune favours the brave.

I took a deep breath, and then I said, "Your mouth."

Surprisingly, without any hesitation, and with a smile, she replied with, "OK, but what do I get in return?"

I should tell her, that she could have my cock in her pussy. That was the safe option. However, I was going to say something else, even if it annoyed her. But if it was still a no, then I would never ask again.

"My tongue on your big clit."

The silence was deafening, and then she spoke.

"Yes, but only if you make me come."

I got my head between her legs so quickly, that it made her laugh. I was worried that if there was any delay in doing it, then she might change her mind. Her laughing became a moan, when my mouth was on her.

I didn't understand why she was letting me do this, but that was something to contemplate at a later time. Now, all I was concerned about, was making the most of it. And I knew that giving her an epic climax, would greatly increase my chances of being allowed to do it again. I might fail, but I was going to try my hardest, to make it special for her.

I had told her that she would get my tongue on her big clit, and she would, but not yet. I had now been between her legs for at least five minutes, and I still hadn't done that. Sucking on her lips, and pushing my tongue into her pussy, had got us both excited, especially her, and it would go up a level, when her clit was involved.

And that's what had happened, when my tongue was on it. It was minimal contact, but she reacted as if I had suddenly thrust my big cock deep into her pussy. She had uttered such a loud gasp, that I thought she was going to climax, but fortunately, she hadn't.

I was now servicing her bean, and she was in ecstasy. This couldn't be a one-off. It was too good for that. And I was determined to make it even better.

When I pushed a finger deep into her pussy, she gave a low moan. I got another one, but much louder, when I made it two. This was going well, so I decided to ignore her limit. It was risky, but I felt that the odds were in my favour.

It was a good call, because as that third digit went in, she gave an almighty gasp, and I could tell that it was an expression of pleasure, rather than of pain.

"Fuck me with them, and don't stop until I reach it."

That made me smile. She had said it in the same way that Crystal, or her Mother, would have done. It was a command. And one that I was happy to obey!

My fingers were now going in and out of her, at an alarming speed. And my tongue was furiously licking her clit. As expected, seconds later, she boiled over. I quickly raised my head, because I was worried that she might clamp her legs together and crush me, but I kept my fingers inside her, though they were now still.

It was a good job that I had removed my head, because she did close her legs, and with such a force, that it made me shudder. After a lot of noise and writhing about, her climax was over.

I was now eagerly waiting my turn.

"That was wonderful, you should do that to me more often."

Was she joking? The only reason that we hadn't been doing it, was because she had put a stop to it. In fact, the last time that I had suggested it, she had bitten my head off. However, I wasn't stupid enough to point that out to her.

I had gone to bed with a Kitten, but it had turned into a Tiger!

When she took my cock into her mouth, there was a gleam in her eye. Surprisingly, she wasn't just doing it for me, she was doing it because she wanted to. Was she really Jess? Perhaps I had fallen into a parallel universe. It was as if I was with another woman, and it was one that I wanted to be with.

She was now bobbing her head. Feasting on my cock. And she was maintaining eye contact. This was fucking hot.

It wasn't long before I started to spurt. As I did, I grunted, and she lowered her head. This time, there was no need for me to plead with her, she was swallowing it without me having to ask. And she didn't spill a drop. Cock sucking doesn't get any better than this.

That night, I slept like a baby, but I woke early, an hour before the alarm was due to go off. That gave me time to think about Jess, before I needed to get up.

Last night had been special. It was everything that I wanted sex to be. It was on a par with my Mother-in-law, or with Crystal. But what had made her act like that? When it was time for me to get out of bed, I still hadn't figured it out.

While I was at work, I kept thinking about it. Eventually, I came to a conclusion. The only way that I was going to find out the answer, was to ask her. And I would do it tonight. Now I could fully concentrate on the work that my boss had given me.

When I got home, I was eager to speak to Jess. I got my opportunity after we had finished eating. I wanted to ask her why she had been such a dirty bitch in bed last night, but not using those words. I needed to be more subtle than that.

"About last night."

For some reason, that got a big smile from her.

"I thought you were never going to ask."

I still hadn't, but she knew what it was that I was going to say.

"After you told me about Harry, I started thinking about our relationship. I realized that if I wasn't more adventurous in the bedroom, then you might start going to May's Massage Parlour. And I didn't want that to happen."

It was too late, but I wasn't going to tell her that. But what I was going to tell her, was how good it had been.

"It was wonderful, and you were amazing. Sex doesn't get any better than that."

That got me a big hug, that was so tight, it took my breath away. If she was to continue being uninhibited in the bedroom, then life would be perfect.

On Thursday, when I returned from work, Charlotte's car was on the drive. It was going to be nice having her eat with us again.

But she was here for more than just a meal.

As soon as I was in the house, Jess greeted me with, "Mother is staying with us for a couple of weeks."

That was good news. If it was up to me, she could live with us permanently. Charlotte then explained why. There was a problem with the electrics in her bedroom, and rather than patch it up, she had decided to rewire the whole house. She was going to be with us until it was completed.

The meal was up to the usual high standard, and I ate too much. Jess was in a talkative mood, and she did a lot of laughing. And for me, it was perfect. Good food, and good conversation, with the two most important women in my life. The two women that I was fucking!

On Saturday, there was a heatwave. Both Jess and her Mother are sun worshipers, so they made the most of it. While they sunbathed, they wore matching bikinis, that showed off their curvy bodies to perfection. As I watched them, I struggled to keep my cock under control. It was driving me crazy, but I was reluctant to go inside. Eventually, when it got too much for me, I did.

That night, we made love. She was as eager as I was. It didn't last long, but it was satisfying. And this time, while we were fucking, I hadn't thought about my Mother-in-law. Jess was enough for me.

However, on Tuesday morning, as we all ate breakfast together, Charlotte was the only thing on my mind. After work, I would be seeing her at the Massage Parlour. Our last time together was two weeks ago, and that was way too long.

"Do any of the men that you massage, try it on?"

I glanced at Charlotte. Even though Jess had just come straight out with it, it hadn't fazed her.

"No, Goldcrest Spa is very respectable. If they want that sort of thing, then they go to other places."

"May's Massage Parlour is one of them. Have you heard of it?"

"Before I started working at the Spa, I went there to see if they had any vacancies. They did, but when they explained that the job was more than just a massage, I wasn't interested in it."

Now I was feeling uncomfortable. Charlotte might be as well, but you would never know it from the serene expression on her face, and the way that she had calmly answered Jess's question.

Then, to my horror, Jess told her Mother all about Harry, and in great detail. She had already heard it from me, but she listened attentively, as if it was new to her.

Jess telling the story, had made me nervous. I had expected her to suddenly realize that it was all a crock of shit. And, when she had finished, I could have done without Charlotte over praising me, for helping out a friend.

When I got to work, by some strange coincidence, Harry was the first person that I saw.

"Don't forget to send me that deposit for the apartment."

"It'll be in your bank today."

I had forgotten. As soon as I got to my desk, I transferred the money. If, for any reason, our week at the Palm Court Resort didn't happen, then Jess would not be happy.

I finished work at five, and then I went to May's place.

She greeted me with, "Harry, my favourite customer."

That made me wince.

Then, after looking down at the floor, she said, "You have forgotten something. Your dog."

As she laughed, I kept a straight face. I wasn't finding it funny. And the ribbing continued, even when I was in the massage room. When the door opened, May entered, followed by Charlotte, on all fours. This time I did laugh. May was pretending to hold a lead, and Charlotte was acting like a dog!

Thankfully, the hilarity was now over. I was face down on the table, and my Mother-in-law was doing wonderful things to my back. Then she moved onto my legs.

I was expecting a long slow tease, ending with her hand on my balls, or on my cock. However, after only briefly massaging my calves, she asked me to turn over. When I did, and she saw that my cock was still limp, she laughed. She hadn't given me enough time to get it hard.

I watched her, as she slowly unbuttoned her uniform. When I saw what she was wearing underneath, it was my turn to laugh. It was the red bikini that she had worn at the weekend.

"I thought that you would like me to wear this. On Saturday, you couldn't take your eyes off it."

That was true. She then stepped back, so that I could admire the view. Then, as I did, my cock started to quickly rise, and it made her giggle. She waited until it was fully erect, before moving closer.

When she bent over, placing her large breasts on my chest, it was so that I could unfasten her top. I did, and with an eagerness that made her laugh. Then, when she stood up, it fell to the floor, revealing her two prized assets.

After jiggling them near to my face, she said, in a seductive voice, "Do you like them?"

I just nodded. They were a schoolboy's wet dream. When I reached up for them, she surprised me, by stepping back again. Then she put her hands under them, pushing them up.

"Slowly stroke your cock."

When I did, her fingers went to her thick nipples. She was now pinching and pulling on them. And I was stroking my cock faster.

This was new for us, and it was good. However, it was only foreplay, and not the main event, so after a few minutes, I beckoned her to come closer. That got a nice smile from her, but also, a shake of her head. And to tease me even more, she now had a hand between her legs, rubbing on her covered pussy.

As she played with herself, I couldn't take my eyes off her. What she was doing, was what I wanted to do, but I would have to wait. She was in control. But when her fingers went inside her bikini bottom, it was too much for me. I didn't ask her to move closer, I got up from the massage table.

I was now passionately kissing her, while playing with one of her nipples. And my other hand was trying to squeeze into her bikini, so that I could finger her. But it was too tight. As soon as I had pulled it down to her ankles, she stepped out of it.

"Get onto the table."

She did, because I was now in charge.

Her pussy was exposed, but I was ignoring it. I had decided to make this last longer, by first feasting on her magnificent nipples. I was now sucking hard on one of them, and stretching the other to its limit. It wasn't long before it became frenzied. However, the more roughly I treated her, the more she was enjoying it. When I couldn't hold back any longer, I went for her pussy. And I did something, that I hadn't done to a woman before. I gave her four fingers straight away, and up to the knuckles. From the noise that she made, and from the expression on her face, I could tell that it was almost too much for her. But she didn't complain.