The cream for my arm doesn't really seem to do anything. At least with the first application. Maybe it takes awhile. But it doesn't burn or itch or anything, and whatever odd smell it has goes away in fairly short order, even to my nose. So I suppose it can't hurt to keep using it, to see if the bruise gets any better.

In the meantime, I find a spot on the underside of the couch where the fabric is torn, leaving a place for me to reach in. I hide the opaque little jar inside the interior of the couch, where no one is likely to find it, accidentally or otherwise. I do feel a little odd about the whole thing. I don't like keeping things from Scarlett and Flint, it doesn't feel right. But it is her own grandmother asking me to keep quiet about her visit. So in a way, it's an authority above Scarlett, in a sense. Still, I hope she doesn't ask me to keep anything else from Scarlett.

It isn't long before the two of them return with the rocks and complete the circle around the house. Scarlett seems confident that this helps us, but I really don't feel any safer with it in place. I don't know if it can do anything to repel whatever that thing was. Even if they have special properties, I'm not sure I trust if that'll make a difference.

I do feel safer with them home, however. It is hard to imagine any evil spirits that Flint couldn't protect me from. I guess that's not a very wolfish thing to say, but it's the truth. I feel protected, but also I feel better prepared to protect the home when my humans are near. Right now, I don't have much of an interest in the philosophy of how wolfish or doggish I am. I find I care less about that as time goes on.

I'm content to relax on the couch with the family, just watching the fire while they read or fidget with whatever on those phone devices. I drift off again and have the oddest dream about having a misshapen pillow. It's weirdly shaped and hard, but very warm. The more I shift around on it, trying to get it into a comfortable position, the more it gets stiff and difficult to arrange.

I wake up with my head in Flint's lap. Because of course. I am spared any embarrassment by the fact that Flint is completely asleep, having set his book down and passed out some time ago. If he was awake for any part of what was presumably me nocturnally rubbing my head against his groin, hopefully we can leave it unspoken.

Scarlett and Sophie are nowhere to be seen, though they were certainly present before I dozed for the... second? I think second time today. Naturally, being awake, I am not interested in some attention. I perk my ears and tilt my head side to side. The only bits of sound suggest they're probably upstairs in the master bedroom.

The door isn't quite closed when I get there, only open a crack. I probably shouldn't spy but... well, I do anyways. I crouch by the door and peer in. Scarlett is sitting on the bed with Sophie leaned back against her. They're both mostly nude, from what I can see. I'm glad I decided to peek in.

I can't hear what they're murmuring, but it doesn't seem to be anything that important. At least not as important as Scarlett's fingers between her cat girl's legs. Which I just keep watching. Again, probably shouldn't, but I'm not pretending I'm going to stop.

Sophie's aroused mewling is quite cute actually. Now that I'm no longer afraid of her or her claws, it's a lot easier to appreciate her nicer qualities. She's no Scarlett, of course, but she's certainly easy on the eyes and ears.

Scarlett leans forward and whispers something into her ear, to which both perk up. Sophie smiles back at her as she pulls her hands away and the cat crawls off the bed and darts out of view, energetically returning with some sort of apparatus that I don't recognize.

Scarlett gets up and Sophie beings assisting her with wrapping the straps of the apparatus around her waist and legs. She pauses and inserts a part into herself with a satisfied moan, then concludes with tightening and adjusting the device. Once it's on, it becomes very clear what it is. My cock becomes very stiff at the sight - not sure how I feel about that reaction - of Scarlett sporting a rather large artificial penis strapped to her.

If any guilt over spying didn't persuade me to stop before, it certainly won't now. It looks like Sophie is as excited as I am, though. She sits on her knees with Scarlett towering over her, looking like she's ready to pounce. Scarlett reaches down and touches a finger to the girl's nose, prompting her to take a hold of the phallus and immediately shovel it into her mouth.

I'm kind of impressed with the ability, really. I mean, this thing isn't quite 'Flint' big, but still, Sophie shoves that thing down her throat like it's made of candy. Scarlett just gives an amused smile and rubs her fingers through the girl's hair for a few moments, before pulling her back.

"Good kitty, now up on the bed," she gestures to Sophie, "All fours for me."

Sophie swiftly complies, clamoring up and getting on her hands and knees, feet just over the edge of the bed. I've never seen her so obedient. She leans her head down and pushes her rear up, presenting her round ass and strikingly wet pussy to Scarlett for use.

To think Flint is sleeping through this. I, myself, am now actively stroking myself to the whole display. I can't help it.

Scarlett places her hands on Sophie's ass cheeks and gives them a hard squeeze, then rakes her nails down the soft skin. She then takes a hold of the phallus and starts rubbing it against Sophie's clearly very eager little pussy, before slowly pushing it inside of the girl. Sophie arches her back and gasps as she's filled, crying out something that isn't quite clear except for the word "Mistress".

Moving her feet to a more stable stance, Scarlett reaches forward and grabs a handful of Sophie's hair, conveniently arranged in a ponytail for her. She slowly pulls at it and launches her hips forward, forcing a sharp squeal out of the girl as she begins to roughly fuck her.

I briefly imagine myself in Sophie's place and can't help but think that would be quite painful for Scarlett to push that thing into me. I then briefly question why I imagined myself in Sophie's place and not in Scarlett's, but the thought doesn't quite go anywhere as I find myself needing to pull my hands away from my cock and carefully control my breathing, lest I accidentally go over the edge.

My cock twitches in the air in frustration, but I regain control and keep from cumming. It feels strange to find satisfaction in my total lack of satisfaction, but knowing that Scarlett would be pleased with my self-control is actually very comforting.

When I regain myself and look again, it's actually rather hard to get a good view, because of the rapid movement. It isn't helped by my narrow frame of view. Sophie's lightweight means that she bounces around quite a lot, and doesn't stay in the same position for very long. Scarlett isn't going easy on her, either, pounding her like Flint would.

But then, there's a brief moment when Sophie is pushed down to the mattress in just the right angle for me to see her face. And somehow, she peers straight back at me, looking me straight in the eye. I think it's just my imagination at first. I'm sure there's no way she saw me.

But no. That sort of mischievous smile that only a cat can give, it creeps across her face. I freeze in place. Should I run for it? What if she tells Scarlett anyways? Will leaving then denying it just make things worse?

However, Sophie doesn't actually appear to be telling her anything. She just sort of continues what she's doing - I'd say as usual, but she actually seems to become more enthusiastic. She bounces harder back on Scarlett's fake penis and grinds her ass back against her each time. She moans louder and thrashes around. I can't tell if she's trying to tease me, but if so, the jokes on her because this is really hot.

I kind of lose myself in the moment, nearly forgetting that I'd been caught at all, nearly convincing myself that I'd imagined it. At what seems like the height of their passion, Scarlett suddenly just stops. She pulls out, leaving poor Sophie still trying to push back against her, humping the air.

Sophie lets out a frustrated whine, "Mistress! I was about to cum!"

Scarlett just giggles and raises her hand, giving a sharp smack against her ass cheek, "No you weren't. I'll decide when you're ready to cum."

Sophie just pouts and rests her chin in her crossed arms. She still leaves her ass sticking out, exposed for Scarlett's further use at a moment's notice. I get nervous for the moment as Scarlett disappears from my narrow view and I can't tell what's happening.

But just as I decide that I'm pressing my luck and that this would be a good time to leave, the door suddenly swings open. I'm left there, kneeling on the floor, cock in my hands, staring up at a nude Scarlett looking down at me. That phallus, now soaked from Sophie's pussy, just kind of hovers between us.

"Hi there, puppy," she says. She doesn't sound angry, at least.

I swallow, "Hi Mistress. I was just-"

Before I can answer, she firmly, but calmly takes a hold of my collar and turns to walk back into the room. My neck and therefore the rest of me, obviously follows.

"I thought Sophie was being a little extra eager," Scarlett explains as I struggle to follow on my knees.

"She has a thing for being watched, and can't resist teasing, so I figured something was up," she finally releases my collar as she sits on the bed.

Sophie looks back at me without really changing position, and shrugs. She looks mildly apologetic.

"Now what do we do with our naughty little peeping puppy?" Scarlett smiles down at me, legs spread apart with the large phallus between them.

Sophie turns on her side to face us, having apparently accepted that Scarlett is not going to continue anytime soon, "I think you should let me punish him, Mistress."

She gets a curious look from us both, "I thought we had a truce!"

"We do! Hear me out," she turns to Scarlett, "I think you should make him go down on me. Because it's, um, because he's a dog, and it'd be humiliating for him to have to service a cat and have her cum all over his face. Or something."

Sophie turns back to me, "See, if we weren't on good terms, I would never let you touch me like that."

That angle she's going for is a little odd and transparently self-serving. And I still resent being called a dog. But I'll be honest, if a face full of her little pussy is my 'punishment', I'll go along with it.

"Mhm. Thank you for your input, Sophie," Scarlett says, "But I think we'll go in another direction. Puppy, on your feet. Lose the clothes."

I do as I'm told, while both women watch me. I get this feeling like me peeping and getting caught has nothing to do with whatever Scarlett wants to do and that she's just having some fun with the situation.

Sophie sits up, eagerly, "Ooh, are you gonna fuck him with the strap on?"

What. 'Fuck me'... what?!

"Don't get ahead of me, Sophie," Scarlett tells her, "I didn't say I'd do anything specific, we're just doing things as they feel right. Isn't that right, puppy?"

That wasn't a no, "Um, I don't know..."

Scarlett stands as I shed the rest of my clothes, and pulls me in, burying my face in her bare breasts. It's actually very pleasant except for the large, wet strap on poking against my stomach.

"Don't worry, puppy, we aren't doing anything you aren't ready for," she coos and strokes my hair.

She gently takes me by the collar and turns me to the bed, urging me forward and onto it. Being on my hands and knees with my rear exposed to the edge, I become very aware that I'm in the same position that Sophie was before I was caught.

I jump a little as I feel a wet fingertip press between my cheeks. This is followed by a soft hand resting on my lower back.

"Shh, it's okay, puppy," she whispers, "This is nothing new."

The finger presses against my little hole and slides inside of me, just a little bit. Then a little bit more. She starts pumping it back and forth, going a little deeper each time, until she has most of her finger in me. She's right, it isn't something new or that I can't handle. Not that I'm in love with it. What is new, is when she starts squeezing the finger beside it into me.

I let out a whimper. I didn't really mean to, and I certainly didn't mean for it to sound so pathetic, but there it is. This does not deter her, however, or even slow her down. She does the same thing with the two digits in me, slowly working them back and forth, pushing them further into me each time.

"Just relax, puppy," she reassures me, "Just relax and let it happen."

Her other hand grasps my balls in her palm and gently rubs and massages them. It's pleasant, but an odd fit with the... other things happening. I grip the sheets as her fingers spread inside me and scissor back and forth. Any attention from Scarlett is good, but this is not what I was expecting.

My eyes open to notice Sophie staring at me. Quite intently, actually. She doesn't seem to focus on any part, just sort of taking in the whole scene. She bites her lip as her eyes dart around over my form, and she's breathing almost as heavily as I am.

She sits up and reaches over running a hand along my side. She crawls over to peer at Scarlett penetrating me, her fingernails digging into my rear a little.

"I still like my idea," she remarks, "But I like this, too."

Scarlett just giggles at her enthusiasm.

"Are you going to put another finger in, Mistress?" Sophie asks, in a very unnecessarily hopeful tone.

"Don't rush him, sweetie," Scarlett tells her, now pushing the full length of the two digits in and out, "It was new to you, once."

"I think he can take it," Sophie takes this moment to espouse her faith in my constitution, "He's a tough little wolf."

Scarlett playfully shoves her away, and she sinks down to look beneath me, "Does it feel good yet, Acorn?"

"I... I don't... really know," I say, and what I actually don't know is why I didn't say 'no'.

"This is nothing, Mistress is great with her strap on, you'll love it," she says with a little whimper of her own, "And just wait till you're ready for Master..."

"Sophie!" Scarlett scolds her, "Be nice. Stop scaring him."

I tense up, which is not helpful right now, at her words. But that line of thought is derailed by Scarlett choosing this moment to try to introduce another digit into my already quite occupied anus. Who would have thought her slender, feminine little fingers could feel so large.

I stiffen up and wince. Scarlett slows in response to my reaction, but very much does not stop. I can feel her soft lips on one of my butt cheeks. She does seem to want this to feel good, I think. Her kisses are comforting, as always.

Less comforting, is when Sophie reaches under me and just grabs my cock, like it's some random object swinging around. Which I guess it kind of is, right now.

"It's so much smaller than Flint's, isn't it?" she says tugging on it and examining it.

"Sophie!" Scarlet chastises her.

"What? It's true," she reiterates.

I mean, she's not wrong. But I can help but feel that's not a fair comparison. Giant human man versus me. Of course, he's bigger. That probably goes for most men that are even his size. I'm perfectly adequate for my body size. I think.

"It's kinda cute, though," Sophie remarks, then roughly squeezes me.

Between that and her crude manhandling of my penis, it actually starts to swell a little. Despite the discomfort of being used like a sock puppet at the moment.

"I mean, I don't want it inside me or anything. Obviously. But it's kind of charming and fun to play with," she's very blunt for a cat.

I wish I could say my body had the self-respect to stop getting hard when she belittles my cock and dismisses me as a potential as a sex partner. As if I'd want Sophie anyways! But no, my cock continues to swell in her grip. Maybe even more so.

On the plus side, my ass is hurting less. I don't know if it's just my body getting used to the penetration, or if I'm distracted by Sophie trying to milk me like a cow. Whatever it is, Scarlett pushing the length of three of her fingers is less objectionable than it was a few minutes ago. Still, not crazy about it.

"Okay..." Scarlett says with a sort of finality that is clearly not final, and withdraws her fingers from me, "You took that very well, puppy."

She rubs her hands over my ass cheeks a gives one of them a soft little love bite. I jump a little at that, but I still enjoy it.

Sophie drops my cock, leaving it to swing idly between my legs. She sits up and bounces in place on the bed, excitedly.

"Oh, oh, you're ready to fuck him, aren't you?!" she declares.

This earns her a playful bonk on the head from Scarlett, "We're doing what Acorn is ready for. I don't know why -you're- so excited."

"I just, you know, wanna be part of that," she bites her lip, "He'd looks so cute taking a big fat-"

Scarlett interrupts her by ruffling her and shoving her back, "Be nice."

"You can turn over, puppy," Scarlett informs me.

I do, and find myself face to face - or rather cock to cock, with her strap on. There's something jarring about seeing that big artificial one of hers standing tall and hard over my very real, but quite flaccid, and if we're being honest, much smaller real penis. If Scarlett weren't such a beautiful, charming, delightful goddess of a woman, this might be weird.

"Like I told Sophie, I'm not going to do anything that you can't handle or aren't ready for, puppy," she tells me, leaning down and caressing her fingertips over my thighs, "But I'd really, -really- like it if you'd try for me."

I swallow, "Try... you mean take that thing in..." I trail off, wondering how I'm going to do it if I can't even say it.

"Mmhmm..." she smiles hungrily at me, a finger tracing up the length of the hard shaft of her 'cock'.

"I... um... okay," my voice cracks quite noticeably on that last word. Sophie laughs at that, because of course.

"Tell you what," Scarlett sits on the bed beside me, "I'm gonna lay down here, and we're just going to let you ease down and take whatever you can. You don't have to do any more than you can take."

"And Sophie is not going to interfere or try to force or coerce you into doing more than that," she continues, pointedly to Sophie.

"What? You can't prove that I would," Sophie hmphs a little.

Scarlett lays back on the bed, propping her head up on the pillows, and beckons me over. I'm not quite sure exactly how to approach this, but I crawl over to her and she gently directs me to straddle over her. The big phallus pokes against my balls as I work my way into position.

"Just like that," she says, stroking my thigh, "From there you can control how deep you go. Nothing to be afraid of."

I'm startled a little as I feel my ass cheeks peeled apart by petite hands. Sophie continues to seem eager to 'help' as she spreads my ass and angles the strap on between, pressing the tip against my anus.

"Thank you, Sophie, now let him do the rest," Scarlett puts out her hand for the cat girl, and pulls her to her own side.

The two just sort of look at me expectantly. I feel awkward to be put on the spot like this. I also feel awkward because I'm expected to put something up my ass. I take a deep breath. Then a few more. And then another. Finally, figuring I can't put it off, I lean back a little and let my weight push the tip in.

You think you have an idea of the size of something until it's in your ass. Feeling it stretch my open forces a sharp gasp out of my throat. Even after the air pushes from my, my throat stays mid-gasp, feeling like there's a hard knot wedged in there.