Marc and Clary Revealed: Part One

This is the story of Marc Bolt who gets a transformative job at the age of eighteen, a job that was embarrassing and humiliating at the time, but a job that changed the direction of his life. Getting nude turns out to be a confidence builder. And it can earn you the love of your life.

CFNM, CMNF, OON (only one naked), incest, humiliation

There are two parts to this story.

Marc Bolt was a handsome young man of eighteen years. Quiet and shy, he had no idea that his looks and body won the '#1 Desirable Senior Boy' in the closed competition that the senior girls held every year at their school. The results of this competition was a closely held secret because senior classes had unfortunate repercussions in previous years in that the boy so chosen let the award go to his head and he became a first-class jerk. No one doubted Marc would turn out that way but why take the chance? After all, one of his attributes was his near total cluelessness about matters such as this. Indeed, part of Marc's desirability was his mysteriousness - no one knew much about him. He came to school, did a bit of social interplay with students he saw in the hallway, went swimming after school with the team, and then went home. The primary reason the girls voted for him was his stunningly good looks - cute and oozing sexuality.

One person who did know him well (besides family) was Clary Dixon, who dated Marc when he was a junior and she a senior. Clary was quite brilliant and had skipped a grade a few years earlier. She and Marc were the same age but he turned eighteen during the summer before his senior year, and she turned eighteen a few months before her graduation. As an item, they never got beyond first base due to Marc's timidity, and as a result, although they remained good friends, their dating days ended at her graduation. Clary was disappointed. She felt Marc wanted to go further but was just not quite ready - he was a smart boy but rather immature, whereas she was rather over mature. Well, it didn't matter now. Marc would be in school come September and Clary would be in the local state university. Both would be living at home so they remained connected but drifting apart, primarily due to Clary's desire to have a relationship that involved more than 'just talking.'

But Marc was not a sexual dud - Clary thought he just needed time and, as she would find out, she was right. What no one knew except Marc was that he had remarkable control over his hormones and his penis. It took a lot to get Marc erect and it only happened when his brain told his penis that it was time to grow. They did not break up, as such - the two did remain friends and actually talked quite a bit with each other. But Clary would be meeting new people when her freshman year at college began in the fall and Marc wasn't giving much incentive for her to consider him her 'boyfriend.' No, he was her friend who happened to be a boy, but the relationship has devolved to nothing more than that. But during the summer before school started, something changed in Marc - maturity, perhaps?

For instance, Marc's hormones were raging these days as he prepared for the beginning of his senior school year. In fact, at this moment he was watching his older sister Elsie. On this hot last day of August, before she began her second year at the local community college, Elsie was cavorting and swimming in her very small bikini that barely covered the necessities. She was, in fact, taunting and teasing her younger brother (by almost eighteen months) by coming so close to nudity. Poor Marc - he watches and is hoping that Elsie's small bikini might simply fall off revealing her treasures to him. His brain reminds him that Elsie is his sister and thus, off limits. But she can be admired from afar, which was what he was doing. There is no growth apparent within his swim trunks, but only because his brain told him that Elsie was his sister and that somehow it was inappropriate to snap a flagpole while looking at her. Later he learned that it was not a wrong to admire his beautiful sister or even lust after her. Later he would learn that she lusted after him even more that he did after her. At this moment, in late August, Marc felt it just seemed wrong to do anything about it, so his brain kept his penis calm and flaccid and he felt safe.

It was good that Marc really liked to look at females because females surrounded him at home. Marc and Elsie lived with their mother Mary Bolt in a large house that her husband left her when he passed away when the children were very young. Money was adequate but not plentiful, so Mary did rent the upper wing of house to her own sister Abby, who never married, but who did have a child, Susan, who was nineteen and entering her first year at the same college Elsie attended. Marc was delighted that he was surrounded by four beautiful females and that he was the only male in the place. Both his shyness and feeling of appropriateness meant that he could only stare and admire the beauty of all the females in the house.

No, Marc's sights must lie elsewhere. But even though he was eighteen, admiring was all he did. The only girlfriend he ever had was Clary and although he wanted to get closer to her, he never found the courage to do anything about it. One reason he and Clary remained friends was that her mother was Marc's English teacher for the previous two years and would be again in his senior year. Mrs. Joan Dixon was a free spirit, as was her daughter. And Mrs. Dixon was not shy about showing her fondness for her favorite students. And the exceptionally handsome Marc Bolt, the boy with the perfect body (due to all the swimming he did), was her favorite and had been since she first had him in class during his sophomore year. Now, Mrs. Dixon never did anything inappropriate. She accepted and encouraged hugs from her students and especially liked Marc's hugs. She was rather hands-on, touching students' arms or shoulders, or giving a student a quick shoulder massage when they were writing at the desk. But now, before the start of the school year, Marc would become a legal adult so new possibilities were opening up.

Mrs Dixon was disappointed when Clary's relationship with Marc leveled out because that meant that during the summer she wouldn't see the boy as much. She had looked forward to seeing him at her house with her daughter, swimming in their pool wearing only his bathing suit. Fuck, he was sexy. A bit dormant, according to Clary, but for Mrs. Dixon, Marc's exceptionally cute face, with his snub nose, sparkling eyes, wonderful smile, and luscious lips, with his perfect male body, more than made up for his timidness. If nothing else, she could just look at him and get wet. Some day, somehow, she wanted to see this particular boy as naked as he could be. Clary wanted the same thing. Did his sex organ and ass meet the high standards that the rest of him had? Fortunately, Mrs. Dixon had the means to make this all happen, and now that the boy was the legal age of eighteen, she would make this happen.

Looking out the window in her classroom that first day of school, Joan noticed Marc walking into the building. She hadn't seen him very often since June and was surprised at how he seemed to have grown. His step had a purpose, a strength, a pose that spoke of confidence. His whole demeanor was that of a young legal adult who had become much more sure of himself. Later, when he entered the room, Marc received her hug with a strong hug of his own. She loved his smell, as if he had used a flower scented soap and shampoo when he had washed his body in the morning. Oh, how she wanted to explore that body, to touch his silk-like skin all over, to lick every crevice and curve, to gently pull on his body hair, to fondle his sex organ, to. . . well, you get the idea. And today she would find out if that would be possible. She asked him to drop in after school - she had something to talk to him about.

Ten minutes after the closing bell rang, young Marc was seated waiting for Mrs. Dixon to begin. Joan drew a deep breath and just stared at the boy's features, marveling at the beauty of him. Oh, she thought, I hope he and Clary can work things out - she is so beautiful, he is so pretty - god, imagine what the children would look like.

"So, Marc," she began, "I hear from Clary that you need a job."

"Indeed," he replied. "I could use the money for college next year and a part-time weekend job, coupled with my swimming, would fill my time. I do not like to be idle and I am bored at parties and stuff.

"Well, it turns out we may have a part-time job if you are interested. My husband and I own a private club and need a busboy and waiter for weekends, basically Friday nights, 6:00-10:00, and Saturdays 1:00-4:00 and 6:00-10:00. Before you answer, I realize that you do have swim meets on Saturdays and we would accommodate those dates - we really want you to continue with your swimming."

"Yes, I am interested," Marc said trying to hide his excitement.

"Great," Joan said as she got up to shut the door. "However, I need you to listen very carefully because this is not an ordinary job and you have to be comfortable with all the peculiar requirements this job entails. My husband and I own the club, but two young ladies, Angel and Pym, actually run it, and they make all the hiring and firing decisions and we never, ever interfere with them. The both are in their late twenties and have the energy to be in charge of running the club, which is a fulltime job. My husband and I don't have that energy and besides, we both do have our regular jobs."

"I understand, Mrs. Dixon," said Marc, "that the job won't be just handed to me - I will have to have an interview and you will not be able to help me actually get the job.."

"Great," Joan said, secretly relieved. "You will report to the club at 9:00 am this Saturday morning - I checked and you don't have a swim meet then. Now, be sure you shower - don't blush, Marc. I know you keep yourself very clean. But the job involves handling food and drinks and all our hired help must look fresh and clean. Remember, you need to impress Angel and Pym, since they are the managers and do the hiring. If it was up to me, you would be hired right now, but it isn't up to me - it is up to them."

"What kind of club is this?" the boy asked.

"Club Reborn for Women" and is located in Tampa about ten miles from here - easy drive. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are requirements that you must fulfill or agree to or there isn't much reason to interview. One, all members are women, mainly middle aged like myself who want to be 'reborn' - to live it up like we did when we were your age and in our twenties and thirties. Our behavior and activities would be highly inappropriate at home, for instance, but not at our club.

We women just want to relax and have some fun without husbands or anyone else judging us. And you probably know some of them. Mrs. Bach and Mrs. Larson, whom you have as teachers again this year, are members, as are your Aunt Abby and your cousin Susan, whom I believe is twenty-two. Clary, by the way, is not a member since she just turned eighteen last spring. However, she does work at the club as a receptionist and will often work with you as a waitress."

"While - I guess I do know some of the members. I am surprised, however, that Aunt Abby and Susan are members because they have never mentioned it."

"The reason for that," Joan said, "is that a member cannot talk about the club to any nonmember. If they do, their membership is revoked and there are legal ramifications since everyone, including workers like yourself, sign legal documents to that effect. I am empowered to say to you that above all else, you must be discreet. You cannot talk to anyone about the workings of the club, including this discussion we are having."

"Even my mom?" asked Marc.

"Well, you have to tell her that you are interviewing at a club that I own and what the hours would be. You are of legal age so you don't need her permission, as such, but I am not a fan of teenagers keeping secrets like this from their parents. But you say nothing beyond that you are interviewing for a busboy and waiter at the club. And don't ask Abby or Susan - that would put them in an awkward position as they cannot legally say anything."

"Could I ask what the pay is?"

"Twelve hours per weekend" Joan said, "and you get paid $200.00 plus tips for each weekend for forty weekends."

"Wow!" said Marc. "That is like $8,000 or so for the year."

"Almost," Jane cautioned. "Don't forget social security and withholding - the government gets its share. But anyway you cut it, $8,000 plus tips is a lot of money for twelve hours a week for forty weeks. Okay, that takes care of the first two conditions, discretion being the most important."

"Actually," Marc said, "you have only mentioned one."

"Oh, yes," his teacher laughed. "The second requirement is that the hired help must be cute and beautiful, and Marc, you certainly fulfill those two terms. Look at you. You are blushing!! You are a funny boy."

"Sorry," Marc said, looking down at the floor.

"Well, Marc," she said, "we middle aged women want to look at youth and beauty, not old and ugly."

"You aren't old and ugly," Marc protested. "All us boys think you are very pretty. Oops, probably shouldn't be talking like that."

"You can talk like that anytime," Joan said laughing. "But going on, the third condition is the most difficult and the toughest. During the interview, and once hired and trained, you will be required to exhibit absolute and total obedience to any orders Angel, Pym, or any members, including myself, other teachers, your aunt and your cousin should give. You will be required to ask no questions and have no hesitations to follow any orders."

"All the time, even at home?" the boy asked.

"No," Joan laughed. "Just when working at the club. You can continue to whisper in my class when I ask you not to whisper. But at the club, questioning and hesitating will incur consequences, in extreme situations, will lead to your termination, and as I said before, there is nothing I can or would do to overrule Angel. You need to look and smell clean, and Angel and Pym will test you on obedience during the interview. I won't be at the actual interview but I, along with Mrs. Bache and Mrs. Larson, will be in the building. But we cannot interfere with the interview process or let Angel think I am trying to interfere with her job. Ms Bache, Mrs Larsen, and I will see you afterwards."

Of course, that is not what happened. The teachers would be there but Marc would not see them. They, however, would see him - all of him.

Well, without question, Marc was very nervous come Saturday morning. Everyone at home was excited about the interview but for different reasons. Mom and sister Elsie was glad that Marc was getting a job. Aunt Abby and cousin Susan were excited that they would soon see Marc as naked as he could be. Of course, Aunt Abby and Susan could not say anything about the club beyond what was publicly known. Abby did tell Mary that she and Elsie should join the club and that she, Abby, would help pay the expensive fees if they did. She mentioned that there were about fifty members and most were middle aged. But there were five senior members and one in her twenties, Susan. Having Elsie join would mean that Susan would have someone her own age in the club.

After Marc had an extensively long shower and conducted a thorough cleaning of his young body, he presented himself at the reception desk at Club Reborn for Women promptly at 9:00 am. There he ran into Clary.

"I'm the receptionist during the week but work the tables on weekends, so normally I wouldn't be here on Saturday morning. But I wanted to be here for you so you knew you had a friend near-by. I am not a member yet, but mom said I would be soon."

While talking, Pym stuck her head in the door and admonished Clary for making Marc late for the interview. She and Clary took the boy up to the office where he met Angel who gave him a warm hug and a kiss that made Marc blush. Angel and Pym both were hoping this interview worked out because it was going to be fun to see this boy naked.

"Clary and her mom have told us a lot about you, Marc," began Angel, "so we feel like we already know you. Clary, thank you - back downstairs you go."

Clary gave Marc a hug and then whispered "I know you will do well - remember, obedience." As she left, she thought - 'Marc, next time I see you, I won't see any clothes on you.'

Angel and Pym seemed generally interested in him, asking about his interests and hobbies and his hope for the future. Pym asked him if he felt awkward about working for a club exclusively for women - he, in fact, would be the first and only man in the building if he got the job and all his bosses would be women. Marc explained his home situation and how he was the only male in the house. All his major teachers were females and between home and school, he was well used to taking orders from females.

"Okay, Marc," said Angel, "time to get to the details of the job. First, you must sign a disclosure form. This usually includes a background check but since your aunt Abby and our boss Joan Dixon vouch for you, that won't be necessary. However, the document covers the discretion clause and the stiff penalties for disobeying those rules. Once you sign, it does not mean you have the job - the obedience test will determine that. But it does mean that we like what we see and would like to hire you." Marc read and signed the form.

"Now, if we hire you, it will be because you passed the final step. Everything now depends on that, and no, you may not ask about that step" said Pym laughing. "If you pass this test, the Club will pay you $400 a weekend, not $200. That will give you $16,000 for the year which should cover your college tuition and more."

"Wow," said the flabbergasted young man. "This test must be hard - what do I do - see how many tables I clear in five minutes?"

"No," laughed Pym, smiling at the cute eager beaver. "And the salary is not just for clearing tables and being a waiter, but for your discretion and your absolute obedience whenever Angel or Pym for Joan Dixon or any member of the club order you to do something."

"You don't have to pay for my discretion - you have my word on that which is all you need."

"Yes', said Angel, "we have sensed that about you, so obedience is the question. For today only, in this room, you may question us when we ask you to do something. There will be a small consequence if you do question, but you won't be dismissed from the job. Do you understand, Marc?"

"Yes, I do. I accept your conditions."

Angel got up and walked to Marc, placed her hands on his cheeks, looked him in the eye, and said in a stern voice, "Marc, you are to slowly take off all your clothes and stand naked before us, with your hands on your head, so that we can see all of you in the nude."

Dear reader, you can understand the shock to Marc's constitution as he heard this command. A less shy and sheltered person would have seen this order coming much earlier, but not this boy. Just the money offer should have suggested something unique was required of him. He just stood there trying to process the order in his mind.

"Is there a problem?" Pym asked, hiding her smile.

"I don't understand - you want me to be naked in front of you two?"

"Three," Angel said. "You questioned our order and there is a consequence." She picked up her phone and said, "Clary, please come right up to my office."

Marc was stunned at the words and when Clary appeared at the door, he mumbled 'in front of her too?'

Angel said "Clary, we like Marc very much - he is, as you and your mom told us, the cutest boy we have seen, but he seems reluctant to obey and is in danger of losing this job."