I open the front door to a quite house, much to quite. There's no arguing or kids running around like their hair is on fire. Kathy is standing in the entry way. She's wearing a body stocking made of very open black knit fabric. Her body glistens with metallic flakes. Her hair and makeup are perfect and a large smile spreads across her face when I hungrily drink in her beauty. Her finger suddenly covers my mouth when I open it to speak. "Shh," she breathes, "go take a shower, dinner is almost ready." Her beauty is overwhelming and the internal struggle rages inside my psyche as I reach for her. "No, no," she giggles as she deftly dodges my hands. "All good, and bad things come to those who wait," she whispers as she turns and walks to the kitchen.

The vision of her knit covered ass disappears around the corner. I quickly start removing my clothes as I make my way to the bedroom and into the shower. My hard cock makes it easy to shave, but I take my time to get rid of all the stubble to please her. We've both been keeping our genitals hairless since first seeing our favorite porn stars that way. While I'm combing my hair I feel the towel wrapped around my waist being pulled free. I lay the brush down and turn to face my attacker. Smiling up at me she says, "don't bother dressing, it would be a waste of time." reaching out she caresses my semi hard cock, "Oh, this looks like it needs attention, to bad dinner is ready." Releasing me she walks toward the door. Her exaggerated hip swings have me in a trance. She stops in the doorway looking back she leans against the doorway and purrs, "you like what you see?"

She has me under her spell and all I can do is nod my head and stammer, "yes."

Reaching up she cups her large tits and rolls her nipples with her finger and thumbs and groans, "let's eat before I lose control and have to fuck you."

Somehow I get my legs to move as I walk towards her with the intention of forgetting dinner and making a meal of her. When I get to her she places her hands against my chest but allows me to kiss her. Her lips part inviting my tongue in as I wrap my arms around her, she responds to my kiss giving in to the heat of the moment letting her tongue dance with mine. When we break apart both of us are breathing hard. "You're too damn sexy for your own good," I whisper as I look into her eyes.

"Mmm, you too," she groans as she gently pushes me back. "Let's eat while it's still warm."

Taking my hand she leads me into the dining room. There are two place settings at opposite ends of the table. I escort her to her chair holding it for her. As she sits her scent wharves up to my nose, her arousal mixed with her perfume is almost more than I can take and I nuzzle her neck as my hands cup her tits.

"Oh god," she moans as she leans back, "that feels so good. I want you bad, but eat first, fuck later," she purrs pushing my hands away.

Taking my place at the other end of the table I look past the candles burning in the middle of the table to see the flickering light play across her face. She stabs a small cherry tomato out of her salad and seductively sucks it off her fork. Throughout the meal she teases me mercilessly, licking and sucking each mouthful before eating them. I'm transfixed by her show and my cock feels like it's going split open it's so hard.

Kathy slides her plate along with everything else to the side of the table and slowly climbs on the table and crawls toward me as she blows out the candles and moves them to the side. Pushing my plate out of the way she pauses and whispers, "I didn't make any desert so you'll have to make do with this." She lies back on the table placing her ass where my plate had been. Spreading her legs her smooth pussy is framed by the knit fabric of the crotch less body suit. Her outer lips are swollen and red and wet with her juices. I use my fingers to spread her open. I slowly lower my head until I feel her heat on my face. Now it's my turn to tease, I pull my hands back letting her pussy close as I massage my way down her thighs then slowly back up. Using just the tip of my tongue I lick her outer lips being careful not to touch her wet slit. She squirms under my touch as her moans become more urgent. I'm in no hurry, I intend on making her beg. Sucking, licking, and gently nipping her I travel up one side then down the other. Pushing he thighs up I continue down until my tongue is poised at her rosebud. I lick up over it using the flat of my tongue.

"Oh fuck babe that feels so good," she moans as she grabs the edges of the table.

I use the tip of my tongue to tickle the tight entrance causing her to moan even louder. Her asshole pulses open and close on my tongue as I push it into her. "Oh Russ no," she moans but makes no attempt at stopping me. She lifts her head and our eyes meet, "honey please," she begs as I probe her ass. "Please don't stop," she moans as she lowers her head and finds her clit with her fingers. I allow her to play for a few seconds before I push her hand away from her clit. Holding her hands at her side I start tugging them down forcing her ass against my face and fuck her as fast as I can with my tongue. "Fuck," she grunts in her frustration, "I'm so fucking hot, let me cum," she begs.

"Not yet," I mumble from her ass.

"Oh lover, I need to cum," she moans.

I pull my face away and wait for her to look at me, "how many times have you cum today," I ask knowing she's been playing with herself or she wouldn't be this horny.

A smile plays across her lips, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"How many," I persist.

Her smile broadens, "just once," she breathes.

"Yeah right," I chuckle as I dive back into her crotch, licking and nipping her outer lips on my way back to her asshole.

"Okay, okay," she moans as my tongue finds her asshole again. "Three times, I've cum three times, but I want more, I need your cock inside me," she begs.

"All in good time," I mumble with my tongue licking at her now open ass. I plan on making her cum several more times before I'm done.

She groans as I start slowly tongue fucking her ass again. Her hips start thrusting against my face as she reaches with her hands and spreads her cheeks apart so I can get to her easier. I let go of her wrist and reach up to her large tits. Finding her nipples sticking out between the large weave of her body suit I begin rolling them between my thumb and fingers. "Harder," she grunts as her hips speed up. "Yes," she grunts through clenched teeth, "like that. Oh fuck, I'm so fucking horny. Yes, that's it eat my ass," she grunts. "Oh fuck Russ, I think I'm going to cum, yes, yes, yes, oh FUCK YES," she screams as a powerful orgasm flood her senses. Her body thrashes about and it's all I can do to keep up. "Fuck I've never cum like that before," she breathes as her orgasm subsides.

I stand and pull her up to me, our lips meet and our tongues dance as she pulls my cock to her pussy. Our lips are still locked together as she leans back guiding me into her. As my cock slides into her she moans as her lips break away from mine and she leans back on her elbows. I straighten and pull her ass to the edge of the table and bury myself in her hot pussy. "Man you're pussy is so fucking hot," I moan as I feel the velvet tunnel envelope me.

"Mmm," she moans loudly as I set a slow rhythm with my hips. "And you're so big and hard," she moans as her head rolls back. Her heat has me on the edge of orgasm in mere seconds, but her pussy feels too good so I hold back enjoying the feel of her wrapped around me.

Her head slowly lifts until our eyes lock again. "This is so good lover," she moans as she hooks her heels behind my ass and starts meeting my thrusts with her own. Soon our bodies are slapping against each other's. "Oh yes," she grunts, "that's it, you're gonna make me cum again. Harder baby," she urges as her heels dig into my ass. "Fuck yes, harder, harder," she grunts as her elbows slide down and her back hits the table. I let go of her legs and grab her waist and with new vigor I thrust into her as hard and as fast as I can. Her pussy squeezes me as her orgasm hits. "FUCK ME, YES THAT'S IT, FUCK ME" she screams as I continue my assault. My orgasm is right there all I have to do is give myself permission and I'll fill her tight little pussy full. "CUM BABY, FILL MY PUSSY WITH CUM," she orders. I thrust as hard as I can into her and my cock jumps inside her as it spews a hot load deep inside her. I pull back and thrust into her again and again as my cock empties.

She pulls herself up and hugs me, "oh baby that was so good," she moans between ragged breathes.

We hold each other as we enjoy the afterglow of our orgasms. I gently push her back down and sit back in my chair. "Now this is desert," I laugh as I bend down and start to trace my tongue around her clit and gently flick it with the tip of my tongue. She jumps with a grunt the first couple of times, but spread her legs wider and grabs my head holding me there against her pussy.

Within seconds she's humping my face. The grunts and growls that come from deep inside her sound more animal than human as she climbs the stairs to heaven. I love eating her pussy, but this is more of her fucking my face than me eating her. Suddenly she freezes and grunts, "FUCK," as her body spasms. She freezes just long enough for me to suck her clit into my mouth. I suck hard pulling her little nub into my mouth where I use my tongue flicking it as fast as I can. "FUCK, OH FUCK, YES, OH FUCK YES," she screams as again her body freezes for a few seconds before it starts to buck and thrash about in the grip of another orgasm. She's multi orgasmic so I don't let up and within seconds she's pulling my face into her with hands full of my hair. Her body again freezes for a few seconds then bucks harder than any wild horse could. The sounds she's making are nothing but animalistic grunts. Her body and her orgasm don't stop but are now continuous. She starts pushing on my forehead trying to get away from me. "STOP, OH PLEASE STOP," she pleads.

I release my grip and sit up watching her quivering body as she moans and squeezes her tits. "Oh baby you're so good," she moans as she sits up.

My cock is as hard as ever. I lean back and start stroking it lazily waiting for her to come down from her high. She sits on the edge of the table watching my hand slide up and down. "I love watching you play with yourself," she breathes as she slips off the table pushing my chair back so she can kneel between my spread legs, "but I like sucking it even more," she breathes as she pushes my hand away replacing it with her own. She rises to her knees and licks at the tip while her hand milks it. A large drop of precum oozes out and she catches it with the tip of her tongue the sits back letting it string between her tongue and my cock. When the string breaks she licks her lips spreading the precum over them then repeats this several more times until she has a trail of precum running down her chin.

"You're such a little slut," I say with a smile.

She smiles back as she uses her finger to gather the drip and bring it back to her lips. She rises on her knees and leans in and kisses me smearing the precum over my lips. The salty tastes is something I've always loved so I gladly accept it. We break apart as we both lick our lips, then her head dips down and I feel the warmth of her mouth, "oh yes, that's what I've been wanting," I moan as she starts moving. She pulls up until only the head is in her mouth and swirls her tongue around it then she slowly lowers her head taking more into her mouth with each stroke. I feel the head press against the back of her throat then squeeze past her tonsils into her throat and I'm in heaven. She knows that deepthroating me is something that will make me lose control and cum when she wants me to. I lean my head back relishing the feeling of her nose rubbing against my pubic bone before pulling back to the tip to start the journey over again.

She snares my balls with a thumb and finger and gently tugs them down making me moan. I'm completely at her mercy. I feel the cum being milked out of my balls as it gathers ready to explode into her mouth. I know from experience that I can't hold back so I just relax and let her control me. As she sucks me down her throat I feel the tightness in the pit of my core and warn her, "I'm gonna cum." She doesn't change her speed or movements at all and my cock jerks just as it slips out of her throat and continues to jerk filling her mouth until her lips are clinging to the ridge of the head. She sits back and opens her mouth showing me her mouth is full and overflowing with cum. A small trickle runs down her chin before she closes her mouth and swallows. As soon as she swallows she gobbles up my cock again sucking the last few drops out causing me to groan from the intense pleasure.

She climbs up and sits on my lap and leans in to kiss me, letting my tongue wrestle with hers as we share the passion and lust that still fills us, "did you like your surprise?"

"Loved it," I answer as she snuggles against me.

"That's good, because I'm just getting started." She stands and strips off the body suit, "even this is to much between us," she sighs then settles back down facing me with a leg on each side of mine. Grabbing my still semi hard cock she guides me into her. "Mmm," she moans, as she settles in my lap. "God your cock feels so good in me," she moans as she hugs me tight as she can. She slowly starts grinding her hips against me smashing her clit into my pubic bone. She leans back smiling as she steadily increases the speed of her pelvic thrust. I know after just having cum twice in less than an hour it'll take quite a bit before I'm ready again and the small amount of actual stimulation from her movements, although very pleasurable, just isn't going to get me there, but my cock has regained full erection again. I wrap my arms around her waist and watch her face. After about five minutes I sense her impending climax. "You like watching me cum," she says biting her lower lip, "well watch this," she breaths as I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. "Cumming," she whispers, her eyes closing momentarily. Her pussy is pulsing as her orgasm intensifies. Her eyes open and lock on mine as she chews her bottom lip and grunts with each spasm of her pussy. Her hips slow as the spasms subside, but never stop. She laughs, "whew, that was fun, let's do that again."

She smiles as I slide my hands down to her ass and aide her movements. "I'll take that as a yes," she giggles then leans in and kisses me tickling my tonsils with her tongue. Breaking the kiss she leans back kicking her feet like she would if she was dangling them in a swimming pool and groans, "God I love riding your big hard cock." Then she gets serious about doing just that and speeds her pelvic thrusts up. Again we lock eyes as sweat begins running down her face. A slight smile briefly touches her eyes. It only takes maybe three minutes before she pants, "gonna cum." I feel her cunt squeeze my cock her eyes close and she throws her head back, "CUMMING," she yells as her body spasms. If I hadn't been holding her ass I think she would have slipped right off my now cum and sweat covered lap. Her movements become very erratic as her orgasm courses through her. After a couple minutes she regains control of her movements and we lock eyes again. "Like that one," she moans as she begins her pelvic thrusts again. About every two or three thrusts an after shock shoots through her causing her to jerk back. "Because I sure did," she grunts just as a shock wave passes through her.

Her pussy finally stops pulsing and she starts speeding up again, "one more," she pants, then I want you to pound me with that big hard cock until I beg you to stop."

"That I can do," I answer.

Rivulets of sweat run off her making puddles wherever they land. I marvel at her endurance as she gasps for air. Droplets of sweat dangle from the tips of her hair before dropping. It only takes a couple minutes before her movements start to falter again and her pussy shrinks five sizes. "OH FUCK, SHIT, FUCK," she grunts as her eyes glaze over, "CUMMING," she screams in my face. If I hadn't already emptied my balls twice the way her cunt muscles were massaging my cock would have sucked me dry. I have to keep grabbing her ass over and over as her body jerks free from my grasp again and again. Her orgasm goes on for several moments in wave after wave of what looks like extreme pleasure. Her erratic movements start to ease as her eyes come back into focus. She doesn't speak as she pants as if she'd just finished a marathon. I hold her hips tightly to me, my cock buried deep in her. Every few seconds her body and her pussy spasm as the after shocks keep coming. It takes a full five minutes for her body to completely still and her breathing to slow.

"Ready," I ask.

She's still breathing pretty hard so she just smiles shaking her head yes. I stand causing her to let out a squeal that turns into and grunt of "Fuck," as I take my first step. Her pussy clamps down on my cock as if it to is trying to hang on. I rock my hips with each step causing my cock to slide out before being driven back in by the momentum of my next step. "Oh fuck Russ you're going to make me cum," Kathy groans as she buries her head in my neck. Just as I get to our bedroom door her body stiffens and with the next step she explodes. "FUCK," she screams as her body thrashes so violently I have no choice but to fall on the bed to keep from dropping her. For some unknown reason my eyes go to the bedside clock as we fall, 11:05. We land hard her body absorbing all my weight as I fall on her. This doesn't even seem to register in her as her arms pull and hold me to her as her body tries it's best to buck me off.

I quickly support my weight on my elbows and start slowly sawing my cock in and out of her trying to prolong her pleasure. Her mouth is moving as if trying to speak but mostly unintelligible sounds are all that come out. Her nails dig into my back as her head rocks from side to side. I've never seem her cum this hard or this long. Her body starts to calm so I extend my arms lifting my upper body off her only to feel her nails dig in deeper as she pulls me back down into a tight hug. She grunts "still cumming, don't stop." I glance at the clock, 11:10, her orgasm has already lasted five minutes and shows no signs of stopping. It is another full five minutes before she relaxes her death grip and I am able to remove my weight from her. "Don't stop," she pleads as I extend my arms. Her pussy is doing things to my cock that I had never felt before, squeezing, and pulsing, and it actually feels like it's sucking my cock. It takes another five minutes before her pussy finally stops and another couple minutes before she speaks. "Best cum ever," she moans, "now pound me and fill me with your spunk."

"Fuck Kathy you sure you can take it?"

"Only one way to find out," she says as she grabs my ass and pulls me hard into her upwards thrust.

"Okay you ask for it," I grunt as I pull back and drive my cock balls deep into her.

"Yes just like that," she groans.

I don't hesitate, I start pile driving my cock into her as if I'm trying to get it to come out her mouth. She has her nails dug into my ass now as she meets each of my thrusts with ones of her own. "Fuck Russ you're going to make me cum again," she grunts out one word at a time between slaps of our bodies meeting. "Cum with me, fill my cunt with your white hot spunk. I'M CUMMING, FUCK ME, FILL ME, FUCK I NEED YOUR CUM, she screams as her body goes completely nuts.

I had been holding back for the last few thrusts now I drive in and freeze as my cock jerks sending rope after rope of my seed deep into her. "I'M FUCKING CUMMING," I scream as I paint her walls. "FUCK," Kathy groans, SO FUCKING GOOD." She pulls me down into a passion filled kiss that we can only hold for a few seconds because of our need for air. She hugs me to her like before so I start my slow in and out movements. This time there is no mistaking it, I can feel her pussy sucking the last few drops out of me.