This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

Ahnik stared, the lizard striving not to appear as if he was thinking of the illicit things that were actually on his mind as he stared at his college professor. His green tail swished lazily behind his desk as he shook his head slowly, though Edgar (or the professor, to everyone else in the lecture hall) did not seem to notice him. Of course, the anthro crow had to focus on his job, his chest large and betraying the muscle held under cloth and feathers, shifting his weight as his tail-feathers flicked up just for a heartbeat of a moment.

Of course, Ahnik could stare at him anytime in private, the two of them together but in a secret relationship, due to his teaching status at the college. Everyone there was an adult but that was not the matter when the college had rules against that sort of thing. December 1st marked the five-month point of their relationship and, indeed, the end of something that had had the crow grunting and groaning, restraining himself, for a month beforehand...

The thing was that Ahnik knew that the crow had engaged in a little something named "No Nut November". He could still see the challenge lingering in the set of Edgar's hips, how he shifted his weight, lust rising through, his feathers a little more ruffled around the back of his head and neck than he would have liked. It was the little things like that that gave him away and the lizard stifled a groan, too keen on imagining just how much cum lay behind those balls when he was finally willing to cum.

Ahnik only hoped it would be with him and not wasted in the shower...

"That will be all for today, class. If you have assignments to turn in, please leave them in the box by the door on the way out and have a good evening."

Ahnik smiled. Oh, he was so formal but there was a glint in the crow's eyes as they landed on the lizard. Edgar surveyed him, rocking back on his heels to push his chest out a little more, eyes rising, roaming the lizard's body almost as if he was interested in him merely as a student. Perhaps Ahnik was not his best student in that he could not have repeated, immediately, just what Edgar had taught in that lecture but he was sure to remember later on with the crow's lengthy meat down his throat or even pushed up under that thick tail of his.

Edgar smiled, beak parting, as the lizard shyly crept up before all of the other students had left.

"Hey, professor," he said, eyes sliding away as his tail pushed around the desk, teasing the throbbing erection that the crow had been hiding the whole time. "So, about this assignment... Did you mean the weekly one or the extra credit one?"

The only extra credit that Ahnik completed, of course, was on his knees, but that was a very special kind of extra credit that no one would feel bad for, not those involved in the lust of it. The crow juddered, beak clicking, fumbling his response even as he swiftly regained his composure, tail flipping up briefly from a mere bodily reaction that could not be held back in such a moment.

"The weekly one, Ahnik," he said smoothly, or as smoothly as one could with something probing their erection, stroking their hard length to even stronger lust. "Did you need some help with it? How can you?"

Ahnik was wicked, oh, he was, but there was nothing that Edgar could do right then without alerting the other students, filing out terribly slowly, that something was going on. He wanted to, of course, grunting deep in the back of his throat and trying to swallow down the sound as much as possible, but he couldn't. If others found out just what was going on there, he'd lose his job for sure, even if there was nothing truly wrong going on. But he wanted the tease, his shaft throbbing, pulsing, drooling thickly, soaking his underwear.

He was barely thinking, barely aware of what he was saying, peppering in field-specific lexicon from his subject where he could, only to make it all seem the more real. It would have to do as his breath caught in his throat, the muscled crow quivering with restraint, imagining even then just how good Ahnik would look bent over his desk, his tail pushed up over his back, tail hole plundered. It had been so long, over a month, since he had had that hole, but Ahnik had teased him and said that he'd never be able to do the challenge, like the young ones like him.

That had riled him up and pushed him to the edge, though there was nothing more alluring than the lizard tipping over his desk as the last student left, no one any the wiser as to what was going on in there behind their backs. But it was time to take his due, his heavy balls churning and weighing down heavily in his underwear, though it was doubtful that his undergarments would restrain his pulsating length for much longer at all.

All it took was the door to click into the latch for Edgar to stand, rising sharply, his hand closing over Ahnik's shoulder. The lizard squawked but the crow was already on him, so easily taking charge and dominating him, shoving him down to his knees where his kneecaps smacked heavily into the wooden floor of the lecturer's platform.


"Should have thought of that...unff...before you riled me up, hm?"

Edgar groaned thickly, finally able to let the words out as Ahnik scooted in closer, heart hammering, as eager for that cock as the crow was to give it to him. With the podium and stand to his back, concealing him from the seating tiers, he groaned and parted his lips, the stud of a crow sitting back down far more comfortably with his legs spread, smart trousers and underwear shoved down to free the spring of his turgid cock.

It was as glorious as ever, though he had done other things with his professor in the time since the challenge had begun, including getting his arse fucked with some particularly big toys in Edgar's collection. That had been one of the best parts of the time, all the personal attention he had gotten even as he submitted to his boyfriend, the crow who so easily dominated his every waking thought and his dreams through the night.

"Get in there..."

Edgar rolled coarse, rasping in a tone that was quite unlike him even as he ordered Ahnik to worship him, to get his tongue around his cock and balls, to make him cum. It was so hard for him to hold back at all after not getting off in a month, the crow grunting and humping, hips rolling up to meet the lizard's face without any thought. It was not his fault that he was so needy, that he needed it so badly, dragging Ahnik's muzzle down over his cock as the lizard did his job with as much relish as ever.

Ahnik moaned around that fat length, the length of meat that filled his maw so very nicely, driving neatly up into the back of his throat and demanding more as he guzzled it down. Already, Edgar's cock pulsed and twitched deliciously within his maw, his tongue dragging around, feeling in intimate detail just how ready to blow he was from the beginning. It would have taken nothing at all to make him ejaculate right then and there, groaning and whimpering, submitting as Edgar's strong hand closed on the back of his head, shoving and forcing him down. Was it really force when Ahnik wanted it so much? The lizard groaned lewdly, letting pre-cum roll down his throat, the crow huffing above him. Probably not...

Edgar, however, still wanted to hold off, amazingly so. He could hardly believe that he had it in him to not cum immediately, as much as his balls ached, wanting him to thrust and grind, to shove his dick all the way into his boyfriend's throat and spill every drop. It would be so easy but he had never been a bird to go for what was easy, muscles bunching and tensing as he let Ahnik do his best work, leaning back and brushing a hand through his head-feathers.

"Mmmph... Yeah, that's right... Just like that..."

Ahnik grunted. Were the crow's cock and balls larger than normal? That was strange, though not unheard of. Was that just what happened to the crow when he'd been held back for so long? Oh, that was good, that was very good to know, though he doubted that he'd ever get the crow to ever hold back such a large load ever again as he tenderly rubbed and cradled the crow's nuts, knowing that too much sensation, even then, would send the crow tumbling past the point of no return.

Yes... The lizard's eyes half closed. Yes, just a little longer, all to give him as much pleasure as possible. The thick length drooled and drooled in his mouth, every gulp that he gave taking more down his throat where it belonged. His lover was literally swollen after a month of no release and he adored it so deeply, massaging the base of the crow's length even as he drew back. For there was more pleasure still to take and give as he lapped and nuzzled headily into Edgar's balls, giving him a range of sensations and ecstasy that had Edgar grunting all over again. It would have been funny for him to see his professor with so little composure if not for the knife-edge that he tread, wanting to keep Edgar in the arms of pleasure for as long as he could, even if it was not something that, in the end, would be done to him.

The crow groaned deeply as the lizard's tongue dragged sensually around his balls, dampening them lightly, even if it would quickly evaporate, cooling his nuts. The heat of his body was enough to keep him warm through, overly warm in his lecture clothes, though nothing could be done about that. Not until he was done with Ahnik for the time being, grabbing the lizard by one of his head-spikes and dragging him back up his cock, that tongue trailing the whole time. It ran around and around his cock, even the sensitive glands at the tip, the head slick and drooling.

The attention it begged could not be denied as Ahnik slurped it all down again, bobbing his head fervently, swallowing obviously as he took more and more pre-cum down his throat. His tongue played into the slit at the tip but the crow dragged him down, his heavy sack swinging into the lizard's chin, forcing him to deep-throat every inch like it was the last time they would get to fuck. Of course, that was not true, but it was the lust of it that was important, snarling through the lustful passion of it all, Ahnik hacking and gulping happily as his head was cradled, the crow's thumbs stroking his cheeks gently. For even through his need, there was a softness and a tenderness that remained, the closeness between them that could not be denied.

Lust was one thing... Love, or budding love, another entirely.

His balls churned, need rising, Ahnik nuzzling at his cock, lapping at the length, playing his tongue around the tip and suckling down, though working it down his throat on his own, well...that was more of a challenge without a dominant hand to force it there. He gulped and swallowed, eyes watering faintly, easing it in while the crow sat back and put his hands behind his head, a smirk parting his beak.

"Mmm... You always do have trouble with this thick thing."

Ahnik shuddered. Oh, but it was a pleasure to adore him, his cock fat and heady, desperate for such passion time after time again. It didn't matter to him that it was difficult to take him deep, his nose pressed into the feathers at the crow's crotch.

The door swung open as the other fur knocked, talking already as Edgar shoved Ahnik's head down, his cock driving into his throat fully. The lizard had no option but to take him as another student sauntered back in -- it sounded like Ted the fox, it had to be that pest to fuss around so late -- already reeling off a question that Ahnik was sure that the crow would not hear.

Edgar's heart pounded, forgetting to breathe for a moment, though he was close enough to the small podium from which he taught his classes for everything to be hidden, though he hoped against hope that Ahnik's tail did not flop out, probably squashed up around his backside. It couldn't be comfortable for him but it would have to do as he clamped his thick, muscular thighs around the lizard's head.

He had to keep him there, even as he spoke to the student over Ahnik's head.

"Ah, yes, Ted," he coughed into his hand, catching up with himself, the muffled sounds of the lizard gagging on his cock rising, as much as he wanted them to be quiet. "What can I do for you?"

The fox blinked and spread his paws.

"Well, teach, I just asked ya but I'll ask ya again..."

Ahnik groaned, that cock shoved straight back down his throat far more swiftly than he had been expecting, though he was still right where he wanted to be, even if he didn't want to be that quiet. The conversation batted back and forth over his head, hot and bothered in his secrecy with his cock trying to strain through his trousers, head spinning with lust.

They could be caught at any moment...and he loved the idea of the risk. It got him all hot and bothered as he got into it, his throat relaxing a bit, moving enough to breathe through his nostrils, rubbing the crow's thighs. He bobbed his head, stifling a moan around that fat length, his fingers sliding down and around the crow's nuts, although there was still too little room under there to move.

He was on show there, but not really, using all the limited space he could, the crow's hand latching onto the back of his head. For a moment, Ahnik worried that he was going to shove him down all the way, but all he did was guide him, raw need coursing through the crow.

He tried to focus on Ted the fox's questions but it was hard, guiding Ahnik along his shaft, needing it, needing it all so badly.

"Yes, so, if you think about it this way..."

He barely knew what he was saying but, somehow, to his great luck, the fox nodded and stepped back, paws shoved in his pockets.

"Yes, but I'm really not sure about this other thing..."

Edgar tried his best not to groan but, still, a strange sort of grunt burst from his beak, wracking his brain for the answer to whatever it was that Ted had asked. He barely remembered even that with such a hot maw gulping down his cock, sweating anxiously, need rising, though to a point that he hardly cared about getting caught anymore.

The fox eyed him strangely and he made a flustered down of clearing his throat, Ahnik pushing his snout down all the way again, more easily the second time on his own. Damn, that lizard got good quick... But the fox was nodded to whatever it was that Edgar had blurted, something like the light of knowing illuminating his eyes.

"Cool, yeah... I get that, I get it! Thanks!"

Edgar started, flinging his arm out.

"Excellent, excellent! Oh, and can you lock the door on your way out? Thank you!"

Hardly able to believe his luck, heart pounding, blood roaring in his ears, Edgar grunted and made a show of shuffling papers on his desk, the chair rocking, the legs suddenly uneven on the stage. He was close, so very close, all of a sudden not able to hold back for a single moment longer, panting and heaving, his muscle-gut rolling forward as he eyed up the door. He just had to wait, one moment, for the double click, the lust of the coming rush looming in such a way that he doubted that he would be able to control it for himself.

All Ahnik knew of the student leaving was the crow hauling him up roughly with a deep groan that Ahnik had never heard before, the chair toppling to the side with a clatter and a bang. He grabbed the lizard's head lewdly with both hands, clinging to him, hammering into his maw and throat with raw need, his grunts emerging with each and every one of his thrusts.


He couldn't hold back, would not hold back, the lizard beneath him, gurgling in lust as his throat was savagely taken. He wanted it, craved it, moaning for it, eyes rolling back into his head as saliva and an overdose of pre-cum spilt down his chin, drooling thickly from the corners of his mouth. He was not in control, just a hole for Edgar to fuck and loving every last sordid second of it.

The crow's balls bounced and slapped lewdly off his chin, echoing through the empty room strangely, a dream-like quality taking over. Yet the crow simply could not hold back, the tension within him drawing tighter and tighter, to the breaking point, throwing his head up with a long, lewd groan that rolled over Ahnik, letting him know of the impending storm.

Edgar sank himself deep, as far into Ahnik's throat as he could possibly go, roaring out his climax as if he was a far larger beast than even he was. Cum poured forth in spurts, though they all came so close together that the flow was unstoppable, spurting and drooling out of the lizard's muzzle, even though there was still more than enough sliding down his throat to billow out his stomach. Ahnik sucked and sucked, hollowing his cheeks, yet he would not stop, drinking down every last drop that he could get into his needy body even as it slickly pushed out his belly out more and more, heavier and heavier.

It was all he wanted, panting through his nostrils, his belly so full, so heavy, that he could not help but put his paws on it. He had to hold it even as it rested on his thighs, the weight of so much cum dragging it down, head spinning with lust as his hard-on raged. Edgar grunted, drawing the lizard's head off his cock at the last possible moment, for even such a rampant orgasm had to come to an end, spending the last gushes of cum over Ahnik's face, once more marking him as his, seed drooling onto the lizard's tongue.

The lizard panted heavily, head hanging, though it barely seemed like any time at all had passed for him to recover before he was hefted up, a decided wickedly grin on the crow's face. The first round was done but that did not mean that Edgar was done with him.

"My balls aren't anywhere near empty yet... We're not done until they are!"

He cleared his desk with a dramatic sweep of his hand, pens and papers flying, though neither of them cared. The lizard had barely a say in the matter as he was laid down on it on his back, whimpering and whining, his jeans ripped down, forced over his buttocks and tail to allow a hard length of still-needy bird-dick to press up to his arsehole.

His clothes tangled but neither of them cared as Edgar lifted his ankles, exposing that bud of his tail-star and pressing in, demanding that Ahnik open up around him. The thick length of the lizard's cock throbbed and ached, desperate for release, yet there was only one that could give him that as Edgar slammed in, driving, heaving, putting the full power and force of his body into his thrusts. It was what they both needed, moans rising together, winding into one another in the cry of a lover's symphony that belonged right where they were.

"Yes... Mmmph!"

Edgar grunted, clacking his beak, fucking Ahnik as roughly as he ever did, practically bending the lucky lizard in half. He bore down and down on the lizard's raised ankles, pressing them back to his head, that hot, tight hole wrapped around his cock as exquisite as it ever was. He needed it, lusted for it, his partner but a passive player in the heat of the moment, his cock forcing every moan from Ahnik's mouth, lips strained and parted.

The lizard's head pounded, barely able to cling onto the moment, though it was a wonder that his ankles could go back that far with his stomach so full, cum sloshing about his bloated stomach. It was not a smooth round as gravity tried to tug it down on either side of his body, squashing as his thighs pressed back into it, jiggling with every rough thrust that his lover delivered to him. He needed it, practically howling for it, staring at the room upside-down as his head hung back over the edge of the desk, prey to Edgar, the dominant party -- and happily so.;u=10604