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For a while, Tarai had not a worry in the world. Blissful sleep kept her fears at bay, but it couldn't last forever.

The nearby light stung as her heavy eyelids opened carefully, and when the girl raised her head she couldn't help but whimper from the slightest ache between her legs. "What did I...?" she thought, shivering a little as she gingerly moved her legs. Sore as she was, the pain was all laced by a... satisfaction, almost like the feeling she got after an intense workout and yet... far more pleasing. "...Oh spirits - it wasn't a dream, was it?" the groggy orkhai realized, a pit forming in her stomach.

Memories of... however long ago it really was flooded back into the girl - the drow's commands, the ropes that'd bound her, the way she'd been paraded around, and that... that big dick taking her for so long, making her cum again and again. "...Like a slut," Tarai winced in shame, feeling awful about how far she'd let it go and how much a tiny part of her still loved the thought. However, even that part was overwhelmed by guilt-filled heartache when she thought of that beautiful catgirl's face.

"How will I ever tell her?" What could the orkhai even tell her - that she'd screwed up what should've just been a bit of talk as a distraction? That she'd betrayed Lanica's trust because she couldn't sway the drow otherwise? That she'd been taken like a whore?

Swallowing a painful choke of remorse, Tarai tried her hardest to fight back the tears in her eyes. "...She's waiting for me... I can't leave her like that either," the orkhai told herself as she attempted to push all of her dark thoughts away with mixed results, rubbing her face in her elbow with a little sniffle before looking around the - thankfully empty - room.

A few paces from her stood a bucket of clean water and two fresh towels, as well as what she recognized as her clothes folded in a neat little pile. Could this be a kindness from Amal? Really, the orkhai didn't know. It was only then that Tarai began to truly feel just how thirsty she was, or the stickiness between her legs that served as a clear reminder of what'd happened - if this truly was the drow's compassion, she wasn't too proud not to use it.

Wincing slightly as she stood up, the clear water smelled pure enough. "I needed this..." Tarai thought as the water washed the taste of her betrayal away with a few eager gulps before she put the bucket down again. That it was quite cold as she cleansed her skin with a dampened towel didn't bother the orkhai in the slightest, really - a nomad's life rarely involved the luxury of warm water when her clan didn't settle near a hot spring for a while... that said, she did love the times when they had done so.

It wasn't until she got to her well-used pussy that Tarai was confronted with the evidence of her tryst, with her hands freezing for a long moment, regret welling in her chest. "...I'm sorry..."

With a deep breath, the orkhai went back to the task at hand, hissing when she felt the icy water on her most intimate parts. Thankfully, it didn't take her much longer to clean every trace, leaving her slit looking as pristine as it had been earlier - nothing left of her despoilment but the soreness in her legs and the shame on her soul.

Drying herself off with the other towel, Tarai was finally able to hide her skin underneath her comfortable clothes, safe from the chill and... any more prying eyes. "There's nothing left here for me," the orkhai knew - Amal was gone and by now Lanica surely had to be waiting outside somewhere. "...If no one caught her." As much as that thought filled the amazonian girl with fear, she held fast onto her hope for now. Besides, if anything had happened the commotion would've hopefully woken her up, or so Tarai tried to reason. She would find Lanica, and then she... she would...

"Spirits guide me, I beg you... please don't let this be the end," the orkhai prayed in desperation. Even as her legs felt leaden as if her body didn't want to confront the consequences, Tarai knew she couldn't hide from what she did... and so she steeled herself, and left the room.

The warehouse was quieter than it had been before, with the sun's orange light telling her that the workers were most likely done for the day. "How long was I asleep for?" All that were left were a few men and women seemingly taking stock, but when she looked towards the exit eyes widened in dread - all of Amal's bodyguards were there, and one of them had seen her. The very same elf that'd seen her before when Amal was parading her around alerted the others with a wicked smile and a short sideways nod.

Tarai froze as they all looked at her, most of them smirking and ogling all the while. Painfully aware of every step that she took with her gaze bolted to the ground, the towering girl felt so utterly tiny in front of the drow, as if she were nothing but scurrying prey before a pack of vicious huntresses. "It seems you were right about her," one of them said with amused disdain. "She really is just a halfbreed whore."

The words stung the girl's mortified heart, her feet trembling between each step. "You should've seen her prancing about, all tied-up like a proper pony but clumsy like a mermaid on land!" her tormentor from before taunted, some of the others laughing cruelly. "Don't be fooled by her coyness, girls... this slut loved it."

Struggling to hold back tears of utter embarrassment, Tarai stumbled a bit as she quickened her pace, wanting nothing more than to be gone from this place. "Amal was far too kind for you, mutt - maybe next time we'll show you your place..." a third, eager drow suggested, before a hand smacked the orkhai's alluring ass through her clothes. Choking back a yelp, the orkhai only quickened her pace.

"Don't be such a bitch, Livia," yet another elf reprimanded as Tarai passed the doorway, annoyance plain in her voice. "Whore or not, there is no reason to treat her that way - or do I need to remind you how you spent your time in the barracks? The amount of slits you've serviced..." Each pace made it harder and harder to follow the conversation, catching nothing of the other elf's response beyond some flustered protesting. However their conversation might have gone, though, the orkhai didn't want to go back to listen - not when she could feel a cool breeze against her skin again.

She was free - no more drow to serve to keep up a ruse. Instead, it was time to... to find...


Her heart skipped a beat when she heard that familiar voice - that voice that at once filled her with great relief and dread like no other she'd ever felt before. It took every fiber of her being not to tear up in the middle of the crowd, instead looking in the direction of where the voice came from. There she was; sitting on the same crates where their scheme had been formed and kicking her legs back and forth happily.

Even if what might come terrified Tarai, she thanked the spirits that her girlfriend was seemingly fine - and even if the orkhai stood frozen for a long moment, she eventually found the courage to move towards Lanica, towards the inevitable consequences of her betrayal.

"...Please don't let this be it..."

"Finally!" Lanica thought with no small amount of impatience, watching the orkhai's eyes widen as they locked on to hers. Her face was paler than the neko had ever seen it, and together with her moist hair or the way her expression tensed up, Tarai certainly seemed rather disheveled. "Not hard to imagine why, after that show I got earlier..."

Smirking widely, the catgirl dropped off the crate she'd been perched on. "Didn't think you would keep me waiting this long," she noted with a little huff. With both hands on her hips, the neko looked up to her 'girlfriend', deciding to tease the girl just a bit more. "What took you so long, anyway? The sun's setting soon!"

"L-Lanica, I- we... we need to ta-," the blatantly-conflicted orkhai stammered weakly, but Lanica didn't let her finish.

"Whatever you have to say, it has to wait," the busty beastkin interrupted, nodding in the direction of the docks. "Our ship is leaving soon, and I'd rather our adventure wasn't for nothing... Surely you feel the same way, hmm?"

Tarai's lips parted as if to speak, but it was like the girl couldn't find the strength to speak at first. That pretty face tensed up in what appeared to be remorse before she just closed her eyes and nodded softly. "...O-okay..." she relented for now.

"You can say what you want when we get there, alright?" Lanica offered, reaching out to Tarai with her hands - and only just barely managing to hide a gasp when she felt the orkhai's arm jerk back slightly. "...She really is upset," the surprised neko noted, realizing that this wasn't something to ignore. "Just follow me. We'll be there in no time at all, and then we'll talk."

The girl didn't respond with words, her hands tensing as her eyes were fixed on the floor - but she did follow Lanica when the catgirl began to move. "What's wrong?" the neko wondered, trying to recall everything that had happened in the warehouse. Had Amal pushed her too far? Sure, the orkhai had clearly been out of her comfort zone for basically all of it, but there was an eagerness that'd crept into Tarai that couldn't have been faked... could it?

"No, that pleasure was genuine," Lanica considered as she shuffled past a crowded part of the street, her hand instinctively seeking out her coin pouch. Even so, she hadn't expected the unwitting whore to seem so... hurt. Was she embarrassed precisely because she enjoyed it so much, or was it because...

"...She's worried about what I will think, isn't she?" It would answer a lot of questions - if Lanica was right, of course. She'd seen jealousy ruin more than a few relationships herself, between marks, her own former crew and, indeed, ordinary people too. That it so often became so dramatic wasn't something the neko felt like she could ever truly understand, but she didn't doubt Tarai was terrified that her own reaction would be particularly harsh. "Hmm. This might be an opportunity. No sense being rash with it, though..." Lanica considered, glancing over her shoulder at the anxious girl. "First we need to get out of this little port town."

The payment for the trip had been secured, of course. While Tarai had her post-sex nap Lanica hadn't been sitting idly at all, and a little smile curved her lips as she lifted her weightier bag. She wasn't stubborn enough to ignore Amal's advice, with the new toys that she'd bought serving as ample evidence of that. "Gotta wonder if this is too ambitious," she wondered, still not entirely sure of the wisdom behind her purchases at the sexshop.

As far as collections of toys went, theirs had been one of the most impressive ones Lanica had seen - although that wasn't saying much, admittedly- but when it came to fake cocks around Amal's well-endowed size, the closest she got was one hardly an inch longer and a bit thicker. "I'd assume she can handle this - Fel's Taint, the next size up was just absurd!" the catgirl thought with a shudder of disbelief - a foot looked like far too much, as far as she was concerned. "Still, it'll be fun to see what she can do with this monster..."

It hadn't even been that incredibly expensive, even with some silk-spun ropes and ben-wa balls thrown in, and between the toys and the passage Lanica still ended up with a nice profit from the day! "Not that I did most of the work, granted," the beastkin smirked, her hand brushing over a patch of fabric just below her left breast that was the tiniest bit thicker than it had been mere hours ago. Her surplus coin had been traded for easily concealed gemstones, which were now hidden away there with a few subtle stitches of her needle.

One thing she'd learned long ago was that wealth attracted a type of attention that she really couldn't use right now, and as far as Lanica was concerned, this approach was perfect. "Besides, it's not like people will notice... not given the view just above." To say that the well-endowed catgirl was proud of her tits wouldn't be a lie, even if their size presented their own issues at times - a minor gripe when they also proved so very capable at drawing some hapless fool's attention. "...Mhmm. That girl was very good with her hands before. Maybe a little indulgence later wouldn't hurt..."

Daydreaming was fun, of course, but Lanica had more pressing matters at hand. Soon, the two of them had found their way to the docks where the neko didn't need to search long to find their ship - there were scarcely half a dozen docked, with the one she'd arranged passage on coincidentally also being the only vessel that looked even remotely close to being ready to depart.

As it just so happened, though, Lanica noticed there were more people near it than she'd expected. "More passengers...? Surely it can't hold that many people," she thought as she looked over the small crowd, but then the girl noticed that more than a few were in the uniform of the town's guard - with four of them being marginally better-dressed and seemingly bodyguarding a somewhat short, middle aged man wearing the sorts of cloth reserved for the rather affluent. "...Ah, some sort of inspection by what, the mayor? A ceremony or something?" Lanica speculated, having expected that a man like that would have something more important to do. "Maybe he's just trying to seem important, I guess."

Really, Lanica couldn't care less about the man - especially when there was a far more enticing pretty blonde girl at his side. The way she shifted her weight from one leg to the other as her hand gripped the hem of her expensive dress tightly didn't escape Lanica's notice, but at first she didn't think too much of it. When she caught the debutante's eyes trailing away from what looked to be the man's business or how those perky, modestly covered tits rose with each heated breath, however, her eyebrows raised slightly in realization: Was this the mayor's daughter that Amal wrapped around her finger?

"...That's a nice catch," Lanica had to admit, her pace slowing as she imagined the girl worshipping that big drow dick, running about in some nice tack or even those clothes stained with dirt as Amal pinned her against the floor... "I bet her daddy doesn't even suspect a thing..." Her lips curved into a knowing smirk, subtly inspecting the girl's body - or at least she thought she was being subtle until she found the daughter staring back at her wide-eyed.

Smiling wider still, the neko brazenly trailed her gaze down to where the girl's lissom thighs were squirming - and all that more frequently now that she knew she was being watched - where the catgirl realized she could just see the outline of what definitely wasn't ordinary underwear. "Poor thing, all pent up and needy... I need to get a chastity belt at some point!" she decided.

When she looked at the human's face again, the girl was blushing fiercely. "...Almost impressively so if I hadn't seen Tarai before." Passing by the little crowd towards the ship's brow, the scent of arousal was unmistakable to Lanica's sharp senses. With a teasing wink as a farewell, the beastkin left the embarrassed little slut to board the ship together with the quiet orkhai, and thankfully the first mate that'd seen her secure passage didn't bar their entry. "Saves us some headache."

It was a lively deck with at least two dozen passengers and crew mates mixed about and going about their business, but Lanica didn't care much for mingling - for that matter, she doubted Tarai was all that interested either. One of the ship's workers was so kind as to show them their room... although as they soon found out, calling it such was very generous. "...I paid that much for this?!" The way two basic cots that looked too small for the impressive orkhai, a crate with a lantern and a bucket half-filled with water were all crammed into a shockingly small room made the neko's tail stiffen with outrage, but she composed herself with a hiss. "'S not like I can stay here any longer - even if those bastards fleece me for it..."

Sitting down on one of the cots tentatively, Lanica looked up to Tarai. Their difference in height was only more apparent now, and yet... the way the orkhai carried herself with her paler, worried face made her seem so small. "...So, you wanted to talk?" the catgirl asked, feigning the ignorance but not her curiosity in her voice. "Just close that door, and I'll be all ears."

The way the tense orkhai looked at the door almost made the neko think she was about to run, but she thankfully proved those suspicions wrong and, with a white-knuckled grip on the knob, shut the door to give the two a measure of privacy. Her legs trembled as she walked over to one of the beds to sit down, biting her lips and her fingers nervously dancing around each other. "What's wrong, Tarai?" the beastkin's warm voice broke the tense silence as she leaned forward a bit. Now was not the time to spook the girl off, she knew.

"I... I... you n-need to know wh... Please don't h-hate me..." Tarai stammered, her voice weaker than Lanica had ever heard it, sounding closer to the verge of being in tears with each word. "I di-didn't mean to..."

"Didn't mean to what?" Lanica urged the conflicted orkhai on, at this point certain of what was about to come. "What happened, pretty thing? You can tell me anything, you know - I won't bite..."

"I-I..." the amazonian girl tried to answer, hesitating each time until her already-shaky control collapsed entirely with a hurt sob. "...I betr.. betrayed you!"

There it was - Lanica didn't expect anything else, and she swiftly put on a mask of confused concern for her crying 'girlfriend'. "Betrayed...? Tarai, in what way could you possibly have-"

"We fucked! W-while you were... you were looking for the p-paper, I could o-only keep that elf busy with... with my..." Tarai wailed, her tear-filled eyes fixed on the floor. "...My body..."

A mask of shocked disbelief came to Lanica's face with hardly any effort. It was so easy to pretend, when she'd seen this happen as often as she had in the past. "What do you...?" Lanica muttered, her brow furrowed as she acted as if she was processing the words. "You were just going to talk!"

In a moment of bravery Tarai's eyes drifted up to Lanica's as she spoke, but the catgirl's pain filled dismay made her break down in tears. "This wa-wasn't..." the emotional orkhai cried, burying her face in her hands while crystalline droplets fell to the ground. "I didn't... didn't mean to..."

Lanica just sat there for a moment, looking at the utterly vulnerable girl who was crying her heart out. Even if she was planning to train the girl up to sell... seeing her in such genuine anguish wasn't something the catgirl enjoyed at all - nor did letting this continue serve any purpose in the slightest. Sighing quietly, the neko reached out and embraced Tarai, a hand gently pressing the upset girl's head against her bosom.