Uttam, Rupa and Ritam were sitting down for lunch when Rupa broached the topic.

মহালয়া আসছে। বাড়ি ঘরদোর একটু পরিষ্কার করা দরকার, ঠাকুরপো। Mahalaya is coming, we need to clean up the house, ThakurPo.

Mahalaya heralds the start of the Autumn Durga Puja Carnival in Bengal and it is when people eat, drink, buy new clothes and gifts for themselves and for each other. Then of course there are the rituals around the Goddess who is worshipped both at home and in the community. It is big fun and big money for everyone around.

এসব তুমি ব্যবস্থা কর বৌদি। আমি আর এ ব্যাপারে কি বলব? You do what you think best sister(-in-law) I have nothing to say in this matter.

চিন্তা কোরনা ঠাকুরপো, রিট কে নিয়ে আমি সব ঠিকঠাক করে ফেলব। তবে তোমার ঘরটা একটু ছেড়ে দিতে হবে। আমরা একটু ফার্নিচার রিঅরগ্যানিস করে নেব। বহুদিন এক ঘেঁয়ে হয়ে গেছে। Don't worry, Rit will help me get everything ship-shape. But you will have to leave your room to us for some time. We need to reorganise the furniture. It's been the same for ages.

আজ দুপুরে আমার স্কুলের কিছু কাজ আছে, ফিরতে সন্ধ্যে হয়ে যাবে । I have some work at the school today. Will be back only in the evening.

তাহলে তোমার ঘরটা আজ‌ই ঠিক করে ফেলব। বাকিটা কাল হবে। Then we will fix up your room today and the rest we will do tomorrow.

That evening, when Uttam returned home he could barely recognise the bedroom that he had been sleeping in for the past two decades. Gone was the old dowdy appearance. Rupa had got her husband's business staff to rearrange all the furniture inside. Lots of junk had been thrown out and the room was now both spacious and modern. The ancient four poster bed had been exchanged with a sleek, modern box bed that had been lying in the guest room and this had been arranged right next to the windows on the western wall. Also the multicoloured glass panes that decorated the semicircular arcs over the doors and windows had been cleaned and the room had a magical and colourful look.

আমাদের ছোটবেলায় এই রঙ্গিন কাঁচের ভেতর দিয়ে আলো এসে খুব ভাল দেখাতো। When we were kids, the light coming through the coloured glass would look beautiful.

দেখ আবার এই ঘর দিয়ে তুমি তোমার রঙ্গিন ছোটবেলায় ফিরে যেতে পার কি না Perhaps this room will take you back to your colourful youth. Rupa gave a know-it-all wink to Ritam who was smiling.

আরে পেছনের এই দরজাটার কথা ভুলেই গেছিলাম। Oh! I had forgotten about this door at the back.

এটা দিয়ে তোমার বাবা তাঁর প্রাইভেট ওফিস ঘরে যেতেন আর তার সঙ্গে একটা এটাচড বাথরুম আছে। Your father used this door to reach his private office and that has an attached bathroom.

তাহলে তো ভালোই হল। বড় বাথরুমটা আমি এই দিক দিয়েই যেতে পারি, ঘুরে বাইরে দিয়ে আর যেতে হবে না। Good. Now I can go to the big bathroom straight from here. I need not go around the house to reach it.

For the cleanup job that they had been engaged in all afternoon, Rupa had shed her traditional demure Bengali housewife look. Instead of the usual saree and blouse, she was wearing a tight butt-hugging capri and a loose shirt that just about covered the butts that the capri was hugging! In fact, the shirt had been an after-thought, put on for the staff of her husband's business who had been helping the two of them with the heavy lifting. Now that they had gone, Rupa had thrown off the shirt to reveal a white, sleeveless vest that clearly showed off her stunning figure to its full effect. Had it not been for the bra that was clearly visible, Rupa's nipples would have surely poked through the sheer material of her vest -- a fact that had not escaped Uttam! And the fact that it had not escaped his dad was a fact that had not escaped Ritam either. In an earlier innocent era, Ritam would have never imagined that his dad was eyeing a woman but in the changed circumstances and in view of what he had heard about his father's sex life, he could see very clearly that his dad was not just eyeing her but actually lusting after his Bowdi or sister-in-law. Time to stir the pot!

Dinner over, they decided to watch a movie on the VCR. Rupa had specifically asked Ritam to get the Guide, where Dev Anand seduces the already married Waheeda Rahman to the haunting tunes of SD Burman. While Ritam was setting up, Rupa went to her room to change into something comfortable. When she came back, she was wearing a pair of shorts and had discarded her bra and Ritam noted with a smirk how his dad was eyeing Rupa's breasts that were now bouncing freely inside her sleeveless vest. She had also loosened her long curly hair that was now hanging freely on her back. In front of the TV, Uttam sat down on a single sofa while Rupa and Ritam made themselves comfortable, side by side, on a long couch.

সারাদিন দাঁড়িয়ে দাঁড়িয়ে পায়ে বেশ ব্যাথা হয়ে গেছে রে। একটু টিপে দে না সোনা। My legs are aching after all that toil. Will you please massage them, kid.

Rupa stretched her legs over Ritam's lap and Ritam was only too happy to press his aunt's thighs, calves and foot. The touch of her skin sent a wave of pleasure through his body, right down to his crotch but of course his erection was hidden by her knees.

আঃ আঃ ওউঃ Ah! Aaah! Ooh! Rupa moaned in genuine pleasure as Ritam's hard hands slid up and down her legs, right from the ankle till her upper thigh. Once in a while, when his father was not looking, Ritam's fingers went right inside her shorts as well, but Rupa glared at him and pushed his hands out. Whatever be the case, it gently eased the tension out of her tired legs. But Ritam's eyes were fixed on his dad. Was he watching Dev Anand flirting with Waheeda Rahman or was he watching Rupa's bare legs? And was that an erection that his dad was trying to cover in the folds of his pajamas?

কাল তো মহালয়া, কাল আমাদের কোথায় খাওয়াতে নিয়ে যাবে বাবা? Tomorrow is Mahalaya, where will you take us out for lunch?

বল। কোথায় খাবি বল। Tell me where you want to go out.

এই শোন না ঠাকুরপো, কাল তুমি গোলবাড়ির কষা মাংশ নিয়ে এস না। দুপুরের খাওয়াটা পুরো জমে জাবে । Listen ThakurPo, why don't you get the famous mutton curry from the Golbari restaurant. That will be just fantastic for lunch.

এটা ভাল বলেছো বৌদি, অনেক দিন খাইনি। That's a good idea boudi. Haven't had that for ages.

অনেক কিছুই অনেক দিন চেখে দেখনি ঠাকুরপো, কালকে তোমার সব ব্যবস্থা করবো। চিন্তা করো না। You haven't tasted many things for ages, Thakurpo. I will arrange for everything tomorrow. Don't worry. Would he understand the double entendre? Would he pick up a clue?

কিসের কথা বলছো বৌদি? আর কি খাওয়াবে? What are you talking about Boudi? What else will you feed me? Was he catching on by any means?

বিয়ার খাবো।চিল্ড বিয়ার। দুপুরে মাংসর সঙ্গে দারু‌উ‌উন জোমে যাবে। Beer. Chilled beer. It will go ve-ey-ry well with the mutton-curry.

রিট বিয়ার খাবে? আমাদের সঙ্গে? Rit will have beer? With us? Uttam was a bit apprehensive.

তুমি হয়তো যান না ঠাকুরপো, রিট বড় হয়ে গেছে। বিয়ার কেন আর কত কি খায় You may not be aware Thakurpo, but Rit is now an adult. Why just beer, he has tasted many more things.

Rupa smiled. She could not elaborate any further, at least now.

ঠিক আছে। কাল সকালে একটু লাইব্রেরির কাজ আছে। তারপর স্ট্রেট শ্যামবাজার গিয়ে গোলবাড়ির মাংস নিয়ে আসব। আর ওখানেই বিয়ার পেয়ে যাব। Fine. I have some work in the library but after that I will go to Shyambazar for the Golbari mutton curry. I will also pick up some beer there.

গাঁড় মারো তোমার লাইব্রেরি। Fuck your library, muttered Rupa but then only Ritam would have heard it.

They watched the movie for a few minutes but obviously there was something else on everyone's mind. Especially about what had been planned for tomorrow.

এই রিট্, তুই এবার ঘরে গিয়ে শুয়ে পড়। কাল ভোরে উঠে রেডিওতে মহালয়া প্রোগ্রাম শুনতে হবে। Hey Rit, you should go to bed now. You have to wake up for the Mahalaya radio program early in the morning.

This radio production by the legendary Birendra Krishna Bhadra, that is played only on that one day of the year, is an icon of Bengali culture that everyone relates to.

ঠিক আছে! আমি যাই। সি য়ু টুমোরো। হাভ ফান। Ok I am going. See you tomorrow. Have fun. Ritam winked at his aunt as he removed her legs from his lap.

ভালো করে ঘুমোবি। দুষ্টুমি করবি না। Sleep well, don't be naughty, sweetheart!

Next morning, Ritam woke up well after the morning radio program was over and his father had already left for the library. Rupa was pottering around in the kitchen when Ritam showed up in the dining room.

কি হলো? কাল তোমাদের খেলা কিছু গড়ালো? What happened? Did you do anything last night?

তোর বাবাটা একেবারে হোপলেস। কিছুতেই এগিয়ে আসার সাহস নেই। সাধে কি আর তোর মা পালিয়েছে! Your dad is hopeless. Does not have the guts to come forward. No wonder your mother has run away.

বাবার হয়ে আমি‌ই না হয় কাজটা করে দিলাম। Perhaps I could stand in for my father. Ritam smiled.

না। আমার এবার জেদ চেপে গেছে। তোর বাবাকে পালাতে দেব না। ঠাকুরপোকে দিয়েই আমি চোদাবো। দরকার হলে আমি তোর বাবাকে রেপ করবো। No. I am determined not to let your father escape. I will have Thakurpo fuck me and if required I will rape your father. Rupa was fuming.

চিন্তা কোর না জেট, তুমি যা ফাঁদ পেতেছো তার থেকে বাবার পালানো খুব মুস্কিল! Don't worry, Jet, Dad will not be able to escape the trap that you have set for him.

But by lunch time all that sound and fury had melted away. Uttam arrived just before lunch with three large parcels from the Golbari restaurant and a crate of chilled Kalyani Beer from the neighbourhood store.

The three of them were sitting around the living room with the chilled beer and today, Rupa was dressed to kill. In keeping with the Durga Puja spirit she was wearing an ultra fine Dhakai cotton saree with a most intricate red border through which the swell of her breasts was clearly visible. But what would have really caught the eye of any red-blooded male was the sheer white blouse that left little to the imagination. Not only did it not have any sleeves, it was just a narrow band across her back and was just about an elegant substitute for the bra that she was obviously not wearing. Moreover, she had tied her Dhakai cotton saree well below her navel so as to leave a vast amount of smooth, dusky skin for the father and son duo to ogle at. Her thick curly hair, still wet from her recent shower fell over her back, almost reaching down to the top of her firm buttocks. She had created a freshly washed virginal look by avoiding any makeup but had applied a gash of electric-blue on her lips that would have surely given an electric shock to anyone who kissed them. Rupa was the epitome of an eye candy and the two men were licking her with their eyes.

The beer was strong, cold and bitter. All three of them had downed almost a full bottle each and that too rather quickly so there was a strong buzz in the air. Rupa had literally been dancing round the table, trying to set things up for lunch and most of it was done. But it was just about one o'clock and nobody was hungry as yet. Rupa picked up one more mug of beer and sat down right next to Uttam.

রিট, তোর ক্যামেরায় ফিল্ম লোড করা আছে? Do you have film loaded in your camera?

হ্যাঁ বোধহয় আছে, কেন? Possibly yes, but why?

তাহলে আমার ঠাকুরপোর সঙ্গে একটা ভালো করে ছবি তুলে দে। Then please take a nice picture of me with my Thakurpo.

Ritam went looking for his camera -- this was way before the age of smartphones and digital pictures -- and Rupa took this opportunity to throw her hand over Uttam's shoulders and pull his face towards her own.

ঠাকুরপো আজ কিন্তু বেশ নেশা চড়েছে। Thakurpo I am feeling really high.

There was a slight slur in her voice.

ও তাই বুঝি। খাবার টা কি আমি বেড়ে দেব । Really, you want me to serve the food?

নিকুচি করেছে তোমার খাবার। নেশা চড়িয়েছি কি শুধু মাংস খাবার জন্যে? Fuck your food, do you think that I have got drunk to eat only mutton?

তবে কেন চড়িয়েছ? Then why have you got high?

কেন চড়িয়েছি? পাঁঠা খাব, তার পর তোমায় খাব আর তার আগে কি খাব? Why? Because I will have mutton, then I will have you but what will have before that?

Rupa eyes were glistening with pure lust.

আমায় খাবে? আমার তো মাথা খেয়েই ফেলছো দেখছি। You want to eat me? Or you want to chew my head off.

Uttam was still not getting it or was at least pretending to not to.

তোমায় মাথা তো পরে খাব, কিন্তু সবার আগে তোমায় একটা চুমু খাব। ঠিক এইরকম করে। I will chew off your head later, but first I will kiss you, like this.

With that she pulled Uttam's face to hers and locked her lips on his. Uttam was taken off guard and tried to turn his face away and as a result, Rupa's blue lipstick left a big mark on his smoothly shaven cheek. In the process, Rupa's beer mug tipped over and dumped what was left of her beer on Uttam's crotch! But who cares? Rupa was lost to the world and perhaps so was Uttam.

Suddenly, there was the distinctive click of a shutter, followed by two more. Rupa didn't care but Uttam pushed her away and saw that Ritam was standing nearby shooting pictures. He was too taken aback to say anything, but Rupa took control of the situation and smiled.

এই আমাদের সামনে থেকে কয়েকটা ভাল করে ছবি তুলে দে। Please take some pictures of us from the front.

She got up and pulled Uttam up from the sofa. She pulled his arm around her neck and placed her own around his waist. Then she struck a pose with her lips on his ear and her hand on his crotch!

কি ঠাকুরপো, এবার খাড়া হয়েছে মনে হচ্ছে! Looks like we are getting an erection here.

Ritam caught the couple in that intensely erotic pose and took a few more pictures but the one that he liked best was the one where Rupa's lipstick was clearly visible on Uttam's cheek.It would be fun to print these pictures and share them with the couple later on.

Lunch was an uneventful affair. The Golbari mutton was good but Uttam's mind seemed to be elsewhere and Rupa and Ritam were anxiously waiting for the next part of their plan.

আমি একটু রেস্ট নিতে যাব। I will take a little rest.

Lunch was over and Uttam was a little fidgety. He was surely in a little hurry to go back to his room but Rupa had one more small detail that had been planned for.

এই ঠাকুরপো, তোমার জন্যে পান সেজে রেখেছি। নিয়ে যাও। Wait. I have folded a nice betel leaf for you, take it with you.

Putting a betel leaf into someone's mouth is the traditional Bengali symbolism that signals sex and Rupa lovingly placed one in Uttams mouth. Uttam would have surely not missed the message but all that he did was to smile and rush back to his room.

তোর বাবা তো পালিয়ে গেলো তো রিট! Your dad just ran away.

তাতে কি হোল? আমাকে খাওয়াও না। So what? Give it to me.

তোকে তো দেব‌ই কুট্টু। তুই‌ই তো আমার সোনার কাঠি! Of course, I will give it to you kiddo. You are the keys to my kingdom.

Uttam disappeared into his newly furnished bed room and banged the door shut, perhaps a bit too loudly. Rupa sat down on the sofa in the living room and lit a cigarette. Ritam perched himself on the wide, soft handle of the sofa and ruffled her hair.

কি মনে হচ্ছে? কিছু হবে? You think that there will be some action soon?

তোর ছবি তোলার সময় তো বেশ শক্ত শক্ত লাগছিল। যদি না এখন আবার নরম না হয়ে গিয়ে থাকে। He was feeling quite hard when you were taking the picture. If only it does not go soft by now.

আমি একটু দেখে আসবো না কি? Should I go and check out what is happening?

হ্যাঁ তুই ওদিকে চোখ রাখ। মিস্স না হয়ে যায়। Yes, you keep an eye on that side. We should not miss the action.

ঠিক আছে। Ok

আর দেখ যদি বিয়ার থাকে তবে আমায় একটা দিয়ে যা । And see if there is any beer left bring one for me please.

Ritam disappeared around the hall and Rupa stretched herself out on the sofa. She took one more sip of the by-now-warm beer and sucked at the cigarette dangling at her lips. With her other free hand, she pulled up her saree and started fingering her cunt. Ethyl, nicotine and a finger on the G-Spot. Who could ask for anything more? But this bliss would not be for too long.

She was just about feeling good when Ritam came rushing back to where she was enjoying herself and gesticulated to her to come quickly.

Rupa smoothed down her clothes and followed his nephew down the corridor until they were right behind Uttam's refurbished bedroom. The room had many large windows of which one opened out, not outside, but into the corridor where Rupa and RItam were. Being the window of a bedroom, it had panes made of translucent glass that would normally ensure privacy. But Rupa and Ritam had, during the renovation process, loosened and removed the pane and had then put it back with just some sellotape that Ritam had quickly and quietly removed! Now aunt and nephew had a clear view into the Uttam Opera and they were on the Voyeurs' Grandstand.

Inside, the duo had so arranged the bed that it was now right in front of the external window and so, well illuminated by the sunlight outside. His head was towards the window with the detached pane and so he had no idea that the two voyeurs were watching him stroking his penis.

Or rather he seemed to be coaxing his rather reluctant member that prefered to sleep in peace despite the violent shaking that Uttam was subjecting the poor fellow to.

আহারে, তোর বাবার তো খাড়াই হচ্ছে না রে। Oh dear, your poor father cannot get it up.

হুঁ তাই তো। Hmm, that's right

Uttam was getting a little desperate. He was twisting and turning on the bed fondling his balls and pulling at his tool but it was steadfastly refusing to respond to his frantic ministrations.

ওতে হবেনা ঠাকুরপো, নতুন কিছু করো নয়তো আমাদের দুপুরটাই বরবাদ হয়ে যাচ্ছে। That won't work Thakurpo, do something new or our afternoon will be wasted. Rupa hissed under her breath.

কি করা উচিত? What should he do now?

ছবি টবি বার করতে হবে। ন্যাংটো মেয়ের পর্নোগ্রাফিক ছবি চাই। He should get pictures. Pornograhpic pictures of naked women.

কোথায় পাবে এখন? But where will he get it?

এইরে, উঠে পড়্লো যে! হাল ছেড়ে দিল নাকি? He is getting up! Is he giving up?

Uttam sat up on the bed and the two voyeurs could see the sheen of sweat shining on his body. Then he went to a cupboard and pulled out a family album.

এই তো বুদ্ধি খুলছে। কিছু একটা ছবি বার করার চেষ্টা করছে। He is getting ideas. He is looking for pictures.

ওটা আমার বাবার বিয়ের এলবাম মনে হচ্ছে। That looks like my father's marriage photo album

ও মানে তোর মায়ের ছবি খুঁজছে। That means he is looking for your mother's picture.

The two voyeurs watched as Uttam pulled out a picture from the album and returned to his bed. Then oblivious to the two who were watching him, he started fondling his balls and pulling at his cock with renewed vigour.

দেখ। এবার কাজ হচ্ছে। বাঁড়াটা এবার বড় হচ্ছে। Look it is working, his tool is getting bigger.

কিন্তু মায়ের তো ওটা আর ন্যাংটো ছবি নয়। But that cannot a nude picture of my mother

তবুও মেয়েছেলের ছবি তো । At least it is a woman.

Uttam had now built up quite a frenzy and was thrashing around on his bed with a picture in his hand and groaning loudly.

এইতো, যখন চেঁচাতে শুরু করেছে, এবার ফ্যাদা ছিটকবে। এইবার্, এইবার Now that he is screaming, he will soon ejaculate.

ছবি তোলার চেষ্টা করবো? Should I try to take a picture?

ধ্যাত। ছবির নিকুচি করেচে। বাবার ইজ্যাকিউলেশন দেখ। বাবার বিয়ে দেখার চেয়েও ভালো! Fuck the picture. See your father ejaculate. It is better than seeing your father getting married.

Ah! Aah! Aaaah! Aaaum! Ooooh! Ouwh! Uttam's groans had become louder and more complex. Was he trying to say something?

কি বলছে বল তো তোর বাবা? What is your father saying?

কি জানি? মনে হচ্ছে ব ব বৌ কি সব বলচ্ছে? Not sure, something like Baw or Bou or something?

বৌএর নাম করছে? নাকি বৌদির নাম? Is he calling out to his bou-wife or boudi-sister-in-law?

But whether it was his wife or sister-in-law that Uttam was fantasizing about, his right hand was moving in a blur as at last his erection became bigger and bigger. In fact, he was arching his back and lifting his butt right out of the bed while screaming at the top of his voice.

বাবার হার্ট এট্যাক হয়ে যাবে মনে হচ্ছে! Looks like Dad will be having a heart attack soon.

তার আগে বিচি খুলে পড়বে, বাঁড়া ছিঁড়ে যাবে! এই ভাবে। Before that he will lose his balls and tear off his prick. If he continues like this.