Chapter 2

Story Tags: Cuckolding / Humiliation / Non-Consensual / Betrayal


I turned around to storm out of our bedroom. I couldn't stand the sight of Chelsea and Cameron for one more second, laying there on top of each other in a mix of sweat and cum while they lovingly consoled each other.

"Wait!" yelled Chelsea.

I stopped and looked back, half desperate for her to apologize, half furious with her as to how much she humiliated me. She slowly pulled Cameron's gigantic cock out of her gaping pussy but it took her forever — his cock was so huge and she had to pull out slowly due to how sensitive she probably was after cumming so many times...

As she slowly wedged his giant dick out of her pussy, we all awkwardly watched her, furthering my humiliation even more. When his dick finally plopped out of her stretched-out hole, a massive amount of Cameron's cum spilled out of her pussy and pooled in-between his legs.

I wanted to scream.

She let him cum inside her despite not being on birth control!? Despite demanding that I always wore a condom in the past!? I remember angry thinking to myself.

She climbed off of him and shamefully walked over to me, trying not to notice Cameron's semen dripping down her inner thighs.

"Babe.... I'm so, so incredibly sorry... I have absolutely no idea what came over me... I still love you, I just... I just got carried away... Please... can we talk about this??? Is there any way you can forgive me??? "

I was stunned. She didn't seriously think I could be okay with her basically cheating on me all night with this super hung dude!?

"Are you serious?! You've been fucking him for, like, the past 10 hours!!! Without even noticing I was gone!!! You don't actually expect me to forgive you?!"

I'll admit, through my rage and anger... she did look guilty as she begged me to consider her apology, her eyes giving me a sorrow, innocent look that she was good at giving whenever she wanted something to go her way... but I was too distracted with looking at the aftermath left on her face — her mascara was running down to her jaw and accumulated in black clumps with dried-up tears. I could see cum mixed in with her makeup and smears of her lipstick across the side of her cheeks. Cameron had clearly done a number on her...

I saw out of the corner of my eye that Cameron smirked when I exasperatingly questioned her. My blood boiled with rage and humiliation. The nerve of him! I thought to myself.

"Baby, please..." She looked back at Cameron and then back at me, "please... like I said, I just got lost in the moment. This won't happen ever again. I'll never invite Cameron over and you'll never have to see him again. I promise! ...I love you..." she said, apologetically as she reached out to hug me. She embraced me and I could smell the stench of Cameron's junk, his cum, and his sweat, being so potently strong on Chelsea's face.

It was in that moment that I realized I had a raging erection. It was pressed up against Chelsea's stomach and I had a feeling she could feel it too...

She pulled back a bit and glanced at my crotch...

She then looked back up at me with a slightly confused expression but then quickly grabbed my shoulders. She looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and kept begging me to forgive her.

It was so hard to be mad at her when she did that but what she did next certainly did not help ease my anger: she tried to kiss me.

I pulled back but she held my face in place and open-mouth kissed me passionately. The entire previous night, I was yearning for her affection which conflicted with me not wanting to kiss my girlfriend in that very moment, resulting in me hesitantly letting her make out with me for a brief moment. All I could taste was what I assumed was Cameron's cock and jizz.

She shoved her tongue as deep into my mouth as possible, almost as if she wanted me to taste what she had been tasting all night... I finally came to my senses as the taste of Cameron's cum became overwhelming and I forced my lips apart from hers.

"What the fuck Chelsea!" I yelled as I aggressively wiped my mouth on my shirt.

"What's wrong??? Don't you want to kiss me?" she asked in a sad and puzzled voice.

"Are you serious? You've been sucking his dick and swallowing his cum all night, so, no I don't want to kiss your mouth!"

Despite being furious with her, my boner ached with the amount of blood being pumped into it. I confusingly ignored it in light of the gravity of the situation I was still facing.

She sheepishly responded. "Oh... right... I'm sorry... well, if it helps, most of the times Cameron came, he came in my pussy and on my face... meaning he only came in my mouth a couple times..."

I stared at her in disbelief.

"How.... How does that help!?" I gasped, trying to ignore my dick that nearly exploded in an orgasm when she said that. I had to clutch the wall next to me to keep my balance.

"I'm just saying!" she exasperatingly said, seemingly realizing, almost naively, how bad that sounded, "It's not like he was cumming in my mouth all night... he was cumming in my pussy all night... ummm.... you know what, never mind babe... you're right, that doesn't help... I don't know I'm trying to say... I'm a mess... but please, believe me...I'm so sorry... I still... I still love you? And I still love having sex with you...?" she said feebly. "We can work this out, right?" She looked up at me for a response with hopeful eyes.

I wanted to cry.

My emotions were confusingly overwhelming me. I was so angry. So full of hurt. Yet my dick was hard as rock...

To add to my helpless confusion, Chelsea's angelic voice, her affectionate gestures, her loving embrace, was all incredibly effective at calming me down. Her influence on me, almost intoxicating, numbing my rational faculties, was in full swing as I admired her beauty — even with her makeup completely ruined, she looked absolutely gorgeous as she stood there in front of me, reminding me of the three long, amazing years of relationship we had. Reminding me of all the times my friends said they couldn't believe I scored such a hot, beautiful girlfriend. I remember eventually caving in to her begging — maybe she really did mean that this was a one-time thing? Maybe we really could work past this and grow stronger, more closer together as a couple. I mean, hell, if we could somehow get passed this, we could certainly get passed anything the world threw at us, I thought. And then there was the confusingly curious case as to why my dick was hard through all of this...

She started to give a weak, encouraging smile as she saw I was actually contemplating forgiving her.

"I ... I need to think about all this... this is a lot to process... I need to take a cold shower so I can think...", I finally exclaimed.

I hurriedly left for the bathroom — honestly, I couldn't look at her face being covered in post-sex muck for another second while I figured out if I wanted to try forgiving her or not. I got in the shower, let the water run all over me and got lost in my thoughts about everything that had elapsed in the last twelve hours. I noticed again my raging boner, still twitching after Chelsea kissed me. I have no idea what came over me... but I decided to slowly stroke my cock...

That's when I heard the sound of the shower being interrupted by something familiar... Something I heard pretty much all night while trying to sleep...

What. the. hell. was. that. I thought to myself.

I darted out of the bathroom to my bedroom and I nearly doubled over from the sight that greeted me.

Chelsea was face-down-ass-up getting pounded by Cameron's huge cock, yet AGAIN.

He was grabbing her by the back of her neck and pinning her face into the pillow. She weakly looked up at at me and I'll never forget the words she said:

"I'm ... so... sorry babe ...OH FUCK... I .. just can't resist his huge cock...UGH...HARDER!.... There's no way I could ever stop fucking Cameron after last night.... YES!... YES!.... HARDER!.... His dick is SO much bigger than yours!....UGH...YES, JUST LIKE THAT!.... he fucks me SO much better than you ever did.... YES, OH GOD YES!... My pussy belongs to him now... I'm his slut... His personal whore... You'll never measure up to him... UGH... FUCKKK... We can break up ...or... we can stay together... just know that, if you stay.... UGH, FUCK, YES, FUCK!.... you better be okay with opening up this relationship because I'm never going to stop fucking Cameron!"

And with that, she put her face down and started screaming into the pillow as Cameron smirked, pounding her into oblivion.

I remember angrily storming out of my apartment and yelling that we are over. Before I slammed the door shut, I yelled that she had better be moved out by the time I get back. However, I ended up staying at my mom's place and had to come up with a ton of excuses as to why I suddenly needed to stay there as I just wasn't ready to potentially face Chelsea back at my apartment...

My little stay at my mom's place ended up lasting an entire week as I mustered up the courage to go back to my apartment. Chelsea had humiliated me to such an extreme extent that I dreaded going back. I also hadn't talked to Chelsea since the incident and didn't know whether she had found her own place by now or was crashing at a friend's. Part of me hoped she was still there at my apartment so we could talk although I was pretty hurt at the fact that she never tried to reach out to me this past week. I was so nervous about the prospect of facing her as I didn't know what I would say... Would we sit down and talk? Would we yell at each other? Would we somehow make up and get back together? I was secretly fantasizing that she would profusely apologize to me after she says she's been missing me for the past week. I hoped that she would admit she made a huge mistake and that she had no idea what she was thinking...

I eventually headed to my apartment and arrived at my front door. Right as I was about to use my key, my next-door neighbour, Alex, came out of his apartment and saw me.

"Oh, hey man..." he shyly said, "I've been wanting to talk to you... listen, from one guy to another, congrats on your sudden sexual awakening you and your girlfriend have been having... but... honestly... I've been barely getting any sleep this past week because of your girlfriend constantly moaning and screaming... if you guys could keep it down, I'd appreciate it." He weakly smiled at me and, with a deep yawn, walked off to the elevator.

I was stunned.


My lungs seemingly forgot how to breathe.

No, I thought to myself, there was no way he meant Chelsea. He had to be confused with another girl in the apartment. He HAD to be.

I opened the door to my apartment, convincing myself he was mistaken...

But the first thing I see is Cameron sitting on the sofa...

His pants down to his ankles...

And in-between them... was Chelsea...

On her knees, furiously sucking his cock...

"Mhmmmm," Chelsea purred, "let's see if we can beat our record of how many orgasms we have in one day," Chelsea suggested to Cameron, giggling as she slurped and licked all over his glistening dick.

He was leaned back in ecstasy as Chelsea worked her talents all over his enormous dick, deepthroating him, running her lips up and down his shaft, and massaging his balls with her hands. She was worshipping his cock with the same amount of enthusiasm as I saw her have a week ago.

I was in complete disbelief as to what I was witnessing. I froze and didn't know what the hell I should've done in that moment.

Why the hell were they both still in my apartment?!

Eventually, I mustered up the courage to close the door, a bit louder than needed to get their attention.

Startled at my sudden appearance, she stopped and they both looked at me.

"...Oh shit! ...What ..... What are you doing here???" yelped Chelsea in a guilty voice, not expecting to be suddenly interrupted by her ex-boyfriend, even though it was my apartment.

"... What do you mean 'what am I doing here?' This is my apartment!" I gaspingly said. I was in disbelief that, of all the moments I chose to come back to the apartment this week, Chelsea was here, sucking Cameron's dick on my sofa!

Unless... Have they really been fucking every single day since the day I left?!

She looked at Cameron and then back at me. "Oh... right..." she said, embarrassingly...

I asked in disbelief, "You guys.... you guys are still at it?!"

She sheepishly looked at the floor as if she was ashamed of answering that question. She looked back at Cameron and hesitated.

"......yes......" she said.

I didn't know what to do or say.

I was crushed.

We awkwardly stared at each other as I started to feel blood pumping to my dick, my boner rising in my pants as the humiliation built up to critical levels.

This past week, I was wondering each day if Chelsea would reach out to me about reconciliating, when, apparently, she was just pre-occupied with Cameron's dick the whole time...

She continued. "I mean, technically, we had to take a break from all the fucking and go to work... but I ended up spending all my time under Cameron's desk, sucking on his huge balls until we got to go back home... I guess I wasn't really joking about that earlier..." she trailed off.

My brain couldn't process what I was hearing. The way she so nonchalantly said that... I felt like this was all a really, really bad dream.

"I...uh... you... you, wait, what!?" I stuttered, barely getting the words out.

"At work... everyday I was at work, I was under Cameron's desk sucking on his balls... smelling them, kissing them, worshipping them... I don't know what it is, but I just absolutely love his balls." she said, as she grabbed his big balls and massaged them.

Cameron simply sat there and chuckled.

"But yes, after work, I dragged Cameron back here with me and he's been fucking my brains out every single day since the day you left... I must've had like a hundred orgasms this past week..."

My throat was completely dry as I tried to form a response. "... You... you didn't think to try and call me... or contact me at all? To see how I was doing?" I croaked.

She looked back at Cameron's huge cock, dripping with spit. She admired it, from top to bottom, as it towered over her face, until she finally answered,

"Honestly, I haven't thought about you at all..." — a slight smirk formed over her face.

I let out a gasp as my boner twitched and writhed in my boxers.

She continued as she started to slowly stroke Cameron's cock in front of me,

"I'm sorry... Its just that you never made me cum during our three year relationship... and this beautiful 10" alpha cock has been life changing. Its the cock I fully deserve." She lovingly kissed Cameron's dick and continued stroking it with both hands. She continued as she looked into Cameron's eyes. "I cum so much on his thick cock and he hits spots you couldn't even dream of hitting with your average-sized dick... your dick is just too small for me." she said as she stroked Cameron's huge member, shiny with her spit. "I guess I'm a size-queen that can only orgasm with alpha cocks... but, then again, I asked my girlfriends if they're the same, and they all said they were — they have the best, most powerful orgasms with huge alpha dick... and they all wondered why I was even with you in the first place." she giggled, while Cameron smirked.

"Anyway," she continued, "you and I are done, so, I guess, just pack up your stuff and... don't bother us..."

I was floored.

I could barely keep up with what she was saying but the last part was especially jarring —

"But... this is my apartment! You have to leave!" I croaked, barely getting the words out as I painfully processed what she had just said to me — my dick basically popping out of my pants.

"I mean... you know what?" replied Chelsea, "I feel like you should just get a new apartment while you keep paying for this one so I can have a place to fuck Cameron as much as I want."

My dick nearly exploded in cum hearing her say that, which left me dazed and confused trying to process her completely absurd request.

"Wha... what? What do you mean by... keep paying for this apartment?" I stuttered.

She stroked Cameron's cock faster and slyly elaborated, "You should move out and keep paying for this apartment so I can live here and use it to fuck Cameron. It'll be my little orgasm-filled, alpha-cock paradise" she said, kissing Cameron's cock while stroking it and smiling at him.

"Why the fuck would I do that?!" I desperately asked, my boner nearly ripping a hole through my pants with extreme force.

"...Because — you owe me for depriving me of orgasms for our entire three-year relationship. And don't think I haven't noticed how this whole situation is turning you on like crazy, you fucking weirdo." she said, stealing a quick glance at the bugle in my pants. "Any other normal guy would've done something meaningful to put a stop to all of this... but you... you've just been in denial this whole time that you fucking love this."

And with that, she opened her mouth and went right back to sucking his dick, slurping and stroking energetically like it was the first time she sucked his dick. I stood there for a couple of minutes, dumbfounded, as she bobbed her head up and down the whole length of his cock, gagging and drooling everywhere.

Literally just one week ago, Chelsea was my loving girlfriend. Now, she was a complete whore for this random guy while giving no fucks about me.

All because his dick was bigger than mine...

I slowly receded to my room and gathered my things to the sound of Chelsea deepthroating Cameron. I fought back tears as I heard her moan and purr all over his cock. I folded my clothes while she dirty talked to him, saying stuff like, "Fuck, I just can't get enough of these huge balls!" and, "Mhmmm, time for you to facefuck me again!" The one that hurt to hear the most was "God, your dick is so much better than my ex-boyfriend's. I can't believe he thought I'd take him back after fucking you!" Finally, I heard her say, "Yes! Cum all over my face, daddy! Drench me in your huge load!!!!" and a massive groan from Cameron bellowed through the apartment. I picked up all my stuff and, assuming they were finally done, angrily left my bedroom towards the front-door. I took one last look at them before walking through the front-door, hoping this was all a really bad dream, hoping that I would wake up and Chelsea would tell me not to go. Instead, I turned around to see that Chelsea was now sitting on his cock, bouncing up and down — except his dick wasn't in her pussy...

It was up her ass.

Are you fucking kidding me! I thought to myself.

She never wanted to try anal with me! And here she was, slamming her tight little asshole down onto a huge 10" cock like it was nothing! Her perfectly round, toned ass was getting red from being slammed so hard onto Cameron's lap, cum still dripping from her face from the previous facial. She was whimpering and shrieking in what could only be described as agonizing pleasure. She didn't even notice that I was about to leave...

"Fuck, yes Cameron!!! Destroy my tight little asshole with that huge dick!!! Oh my god, you feel so fucking amazing in my ass!!! Fuck me like my ex-boyfriend never could!!!" she screamed. It was that moment that I was finally pushed over the edge.