Fun with photos CH 15

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Beth was horny when she got home from work. As a Realtor she got to meet many different types of people, and it was her job to match them up with the home they were looking for. Her last showing had been a stunning ranch on a hillside overlooking the city. It afforded great views and had plenty of amenities.

The clients were a couple around her own age, and both were very fit and attractive. The husband was moving up the corporate ladder and they had decided it was time for an upgrade.

The fact that they were both very good looking made it easy for a horny girl like Beth to picture them together, naked, having sex in various positions, in various locations in the house. She pictured them in the jacuzzi on the rear deck overlooking the city lights at night. On the dinner table, the kitchen counter, the marbled shower in the master bath, and yes, even the bedrooms.

It was the way they smiled at each other, and touched each other. Beth had picked up on a very playful vibe from the couple, and she had also caught them both checking her out. There had been several double entendres and innuendos, and Beth thought there was a good chance that she would be invited over to help the sexy couple celebrate their new home.

The wife was rather demure, almost mousey in her demeanor, but her eyes gave away an inner fire. The way she blushed and glanced at Beth's body when her stud of a husband made a comment about the potential for the guest bedroom being the perfect place for a playroom, got Beth wet. Beth could tell by the girls reaction and the way he had said it, that they weren't talking about children.

When the tour was over and they were discussing plans for the next meeting after the financing was done, Mary, the wife, had said that Beth would have to come over to have a drink with them when they were settled in. The glint in her eyes, and her husband's knowing smile, made Beth wetter than she already was, and sure that she was reading this couple correctly. She told them she would be honored to come back and help them celebrate.

When Beth got home she couldn't get out of her smart but sexy business suit fast enough. She left a trail of clothing in her wake as she went to her bed. She was so horny she didn't even need to get her toys out, she had herself cumming on her fingers in no time at all, thinking about the future fun she was bound to have with her sexy new clients.

She envisioned Mary as a submissive, allowing Matt, the husband, and herself, to use her petite body for their own pleasure.

Beth worked her fingers in her pussy as she imagined sitting on Mary's face while she sucked Matt off. Then they switched positions and Matt took her from behind while Beth rimmed Mary's cute little ass and fingered her tight snatch.

Beth had a series of small orgasms, culminating in a huge climax when she imagined Mary eating her husband's cum from her well fucked pussy and sharing it with her in a hot, messy kiss.

After her lust was sated, at least temporarily, she took a long hot shower. Still feeling sexy, she languished in the hot water and ample soap suds, taking her time to tantalize her slim, tight body. She then forced herself to eat some dinner.

Masturbating always left Beth to feel a lingering desire. She knew she would need some reality to be totally satisfied. She thought briefly of some of her lover's that she could contact for fun. She briefly considered going over to visit Meagan and Todd. She hadn't had any opportunity to continue the new found sexual aspect of their relationship, as they had their schedule with Jr. every evening.

She had been in contact with Meagan, and they had made plans to get together over the upcoming weekend. That in itself was enough to keep Beth in a heightened state of arousal. She couldn't wait to see her best friend again and continue to explore the new sexual aspect of their friendship. Not to mention Todd and his great cock.

The amatuer file sharing website Beth had discovered on Meagan's laptop, the site that led to her fun with Meagan and Todd, was also a source of constant excitement. Meagan had helped her set up her own account and she had done a couple of posts, just pics of her body that she had taken that day at Meagan's, and a few photos Meagan had taken of her thrown in for good measure. She had made some friends and engaged in several sexy chat sessions that were very titillating. And she just loved all the comments she received on her posts. She was even learning to appreciate the "tributes" she received. She had to admit it was pretty hot to know she'd turned a guy on enough to make him masturbate and shoot off all over one of her photos.

She pulled up the site on her laptop as she sat down to eat, and the first thing she saw when she logged in was a couple engaged in anal sex.

She quickly scanned the other posts on the homepage, a wife posing outside for her husband, just like Meagan does, only not as attractive. A man masturbating a small semi erect cock drew no interest from her. She saw a woman on her knees with a mouthful of dick as her watering eyes looked up at the man she was blowing. There was a tempting post of a threesome that she almost clicked on, and a large man tied to a bed.

But Beth was drawn back to the anal post. It had been quite a while since she had experienced the delicious fullness of a good ass fucking. She wondered if her new clients were into anal, she smiled to herself as she imagined they were.

Her and Meagan had discussed it during their first romp together, as Meagan admitted that she had never experienced it. That conversation, and the naughty idea of taking Todd in her ass as she taught them how it was done, had made Beth think about it more often recently.

She clicked on the anal post and watched a short clip of a man plowing his wife's ass with an average sized cock. She could be heard whining in time with his thrusting. It only ran for 15 seconds before the man pulled out and shot off on the woman's gaping hole.

Beth was disappointed by the video. She quickly typed in the comment space, "Hopefully you only posted the very end of the session and she got more than 15 seconds of your cock in her ass."

She paused before submitting the comment. She decided she sounded kind of snippy, and edited it to read, "Please post the whole fuck? That was just a tease!" She felt slightly better about the new comment and submitted it. She also clicked the Like tab, even though she didn't really. She wanted to encourage them. She was serious when she said she wanted to see the whole thing. And the cumshot at the end, she knew was for visual effect. But Beth preferred to take the load deep inside.

Looking up at the top of the page, Beth saw she had several notifications, and 3 private messages. As well as a friend request. She clicked on the friend request first, and saw that it was from someone who she had never heard of, and they had no profile pic. That was a bit annoying, she thought. After clicking on the name, she saw that he had no posts and no information about himself. She quickly rejected the request and went to the Notifications.

Most of the notifications told her that people had liked or commented on her posts.

She pulled up the first of her posts and read the new comments. There was an assortment of them, everything from guys who were barely literate who wanted to make her their slut, to men who described in great detail how they would worship her body. There were others who just told her how sexy she was, and a man who reported that he just covered himself with cum from looking at her pics.

She always got a thrill from hearing what effect she had on her fans, and reading the comments always made her hornier.

She decided to check out her messages. The first one she saw was from a man named TulsaTom. Beth had been exchanging messages with him off and on for a few weeks. They were never online at the same time, so they couldn't get into a good chat session together, they just sent titillating messages back and forth randomly.

This particular message read, "Seriously, if you want to come to Tulsa, I will gladly rim and ream that sweet ass for you baby. I would definitely make it worth the price of plane ticket."

Beth smiled and squirmed a little as she read the message. It seemed like fate that she would be offered anal after just seeing that video. Now she was even more interested in the idea. She clicked on Tom's profile and looked again at his posts. As she scanned the page, knowing full well which post she would pick, she opened the robe she had donned when she got out of the shower. Her fingers traveled down her body and she lifted a foot off the floor and placed it on her chair. She leaned back and began to lightly tickle her own rosebud.

She had to watch the video he had posted that showed him taking a woman up the ass. Beth loved the video because it showed Tom's toned body, and the woman was a slender blonde with a great ass. Beth smiled at the idea of being Tom's 'type'. By the time the 4 minute and 53 seconds of video was up, she had her middle finger half way up her own ass.

Tom had a nice long cock, she thought. Perfectly straight, with a big knob of a head. She knew that would feel great plunging in her ass. She was also enjoying the idea of a good rimming. Not all men would do that for a girl, and that made it all the more special.

She tapped the Reply tab and typed, "If I came all the way to Tulsa, I would have to sit on your face for my rimming. I think I'd have to suck your awesome cock too, to make sure you were hard enough for my ass. Tell me Tom, would you pull out and shoot on my ass, or would you fill my ass up with your hot cum?" Beth was pretty sure she knew the answer, but wanted to read his response.

She thought of her friend Frank, who was the last man to enjoy her ass, but she knew he was out of town on business. So her thoughts turned automatically to Willy. He was almost always available for a good time, and loved stuffing his big cock in her ass.

She knew that it was the day Willy always went to Flannigans to shoot pool, and since the pool league hadn't started yet, it would be an open table, where anyone could walk in and put money on the table to play. She got a naughty idea of wearing a little nothing of a skirt and bending over the pool table to take a shot. It would be fun putting on a show for all the guys, and so easy to entice Willy back to her place for a good ass fucking.

So with a naughty smile on her face, she decided that online fantasy would not suffice, she wanted the real deal. She logged off and went to find a skirt short enough to advertise her ass.

Actually, all of the skirts she owned would advertise her ass, they were either short or snug. But Flannigans was not a fancy place. It was a corner bar in a working class neighborhood. In fact it was the neighborhood that Willy and Todd had grown up in. So Beth picked out a short denim skirt. She could wear it with a snug Bruce Springsteen tank top, sans bra of course, and sneakers. She threw on her Flannigans softball hat and a cute pair of sneakers and was ready to go. She left her panties in her drawer.

When she walked into the bar she saw Amy, the cute little red haired 3rd generation owner, drawing a Guinness from the tap. "Hey Amy!" she hailed the woman. "Hey yourself stranger!" Amy replied, happy to see Beth. "You want one of these?" Amy asked, nodding her head to the tap. "Yes please!" Beth answered.

Beth leaned in to the bar between two men who had been patronized Flannigans since before Amy was born. Joe and Ralph were as much a part of the establishment as the tap system they tried to empty every day. The two men lit up when Beth squeezed in between them, both happy to see her and turning on the charm.

"Beth!" exclaimed Joe. "Finally come to accept my marriage proposal?" Ralph scoffed, "Beth ain't the marrying type, that's why we're going to run away together and live in sin, ain't we Beth?!"

Beth laughed and said, "I told you guys before, I love you both! That's why I couldn't possibly choose one of you over the other to hook up with!" Amy laughed and rolled her eyes at Beth as she set the pint draught in front of her. Beth just smiled back at her.

"Are the boys in the back behaving?" Beth asked as she peered over Joe's shoulder to the other end of the long narrow room. "So far, the whiskey hasn't started flowing yet." Amy answered with a chuckle.

"Well, we'll have to fix that." Beth told her. "Give me 2 shots of Dew. And get each of these two charmers another beer." She said. Amy raised her eyebrows and dutifully went to the shelf with the Irish whiskey and grabbed the bottle of Tulamore Dew. Setting up two shots in front of Beth she poured them full. "Okay, but if he gets in trouble, it's on you."

"Don't worry Amy, if he starts getting crazy, I'll throw him out myself." Beth told her with a confident smile. She knew she would be dragging Willy back to her place before too long. She just wanted to get him buzzed up first.

She had partied, and fucked, with Willy enough times to know that with just the right amount of alcohol in him, he could be a rock hard fucking machine! Willy was always a good fuck, but when he had a case of whiskey dick, as she called it, he could go on and on without achieving his orgasm. And that was the level that she wanted him at.

Amy gave Beth a knowing grin, she suspected she knew exactly what Beth was up to. And she didn't blame her, Amy had a few good memories of Willy and his cock from her younger days as she had grown up with him and Todd too.

With a promise to Joe and Ralph that she would miss them, she gathered up her draught and the two shots of whiskey and ambled to the back of the room to the group around the pool table, where she was greeted with catcalls and whistles from the guys. She laughed as she sat down the drinks and gave the men a curtsey. In her little skirt, it showed off her long legs. Had she lifted her skirt a little higher, they would have seen her bald pussy.

She looked at Willy and he smiled and shook his head at her. "How ya doing babe?" He asked. "Doing good, how about you?" She said with a smile as she slid one shot in front of him and leaned in to give him a kiss.

The kiss was a brief one, but Willy felt a hint of her tongue, and that along with the whiskey and the gleam in her eyes told him that Beth didn't just come to shoot pool. She dug some quarters out of her purse and put them on the rail of the pool table behind another set, indicating she was in line to play.

The other guys who were standing around all made comments. Pete, who also grew up in the neighborhood said, "Hey we don't let pool sharks play here!" But Sam, who was the "new" guy, having only moved in to the area 10 years ago told him, "Any pool sharks that look that good in a skirt can take my money anytime!"

Beth gave Sam a smile and he returned it with a wink. Beth made her way back to the side table where Willy was standing and he asked her, "So what's the occasion? What brings you down to Flannigans to drink whiskey tonight?" He was pretty sure he already knew the answer. The tongue in her kiss, the shots, and the gleam in her eyes were all the indicators he needed.

"I have big sale coming up. A place I've been trying to sell for a while now, and I felt like celebrating." She explained innocently. Their eyes met and they both knew how she wanted to celebrate. Willy knew it had nothing to do with shooting pool.

He picked up his shot and said, "Well then, here's to the big sale!" Beth picked up her shot and they clinked glasses, all the while maintaining eye contact. They both took a sip of their the strong Irish whiskey and savored the flavor before swallowing. The heat of the drink warmed Beth as it went down.

Sam called out to Willy to come and take his shot, "C'mon Willy, you're up! Show the pretty lady what you can do with your stick!" Beth smiled and said "Oh I know what he can do with it!"

They all laughed as Willy chalked up his stick. Beth had scanned the lay of the balls on the table when she put her quarters down. She knew that whoever had the high balls could run the table if they were any good and end the game quickly. When Willy bent to line up his shot on the 13 ball, she knew it was as good as over.

Sam continued to razz Willy, trying his best to upset his concentration, but Willy calmly sank the 13 in the corner, bringing the cue ball back with just enough English to leave him a shot on the 15 in the side. He sank that shot with a lot of power and the cue bounced off the table, came back to knock the 3 ball out of the way and leave an easy shot on the 8 ball in the other corner.

Beth smiled as Willy told Sam, "You told me to show her what I could do with it!" He made the shot on the 8 easily and told Pete, "Rack 'em buddy!"

Pete put the next set of quarters in and racked up the next game as Beth and Willy finished off their shots of Dew. "When is he going to learn he can't rattle you?" Beth asked, referring to Sam. "Probably never." Willy chuckled.

"Hey we have 4 now, let's play partners?" Sam called from the end of the bar, where he was buying Willy the beer he owed him for winning the game. He bought Beth one too, because he had always wanted in her pants.

Willy looked at Beth and asked, "Want to play partners? Me and you babe?" "Hell yeah, we'll kick their ass!" Beth proclaimed. "You know you are going to put on a show with that skirt on right?" Willy asked, "I mean I know you knew that when you put your quarters up."

Beth gathered up the shot glasses to take them to be refilled and told him with her naughtiest smile, "Of course I know that. Men don't shoot as well when they're thinking with their smaller head! Now give us a good break, let's win this."

While Amy was refilling the shots, the crack of the balls announced the start of the next game. Willy didn't make any balls on the break, so it was Sam's shot next. He decided to take a shot at a ball that put him facing the table where Willy was sitting. But as he was taking aim, Beth came into his peripheral vision. She purposely put a little extra swing into her hips. When she got to the side table she bent over to set the two shots down, and made sure to arch her back, pointing her barely covered ass towards Sam. He tried to focus, but it was no use, he missed the shot and scratched the cue ball. Beth and Willy smiled knowingly at each other.

Beth was up next, and she had an open table. Nobody had made anything yet so she had her choice of high or low balls. Beth was a pretty good shot. Willy had taught her the game on this very table, and she had caught on quickly. She had a good mind for the angles, and a very good understanding of playing for position. So Willy didn't need to coach her, he trusted her instincts.

The low balls had the best position, so she decided to go for the 3 in the side that was away from Willy. Shooting from the end of the table, where she had to place the cue after a scratch, she was giving Willy a good profile view of her legs and ass. Sam and Pete couldn't see her ass from where they stood, but they had a great view of her tits trying to point out of her thin tee shirt, her thick nipples were obvious, and both men were glad she rarely wore a bra.