This story is a part of a series of stories following James a forty-something straight married man who has developed a love of cock sucking. Other stories are based on true events. The story is a continuation of the theme. He loves his wife. But he also loves anonymous cock sucking with similar men.

The story follows James as he meets and coaches a younger man to start his cocksucking career.

The other stories of James are either real, based on a true story, or a total fantasy. All characters are over 18.

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On a lazy Sunday morning, James logged in to the site where he went for adult chat and connections. In reality, it was a swingers site through he used it exclusively for chatting with other men, mostly married or with partners; profiles fitting his bi or curious type.

His wife Laura was still dozing in bed after their sex that exhausted them until 2 am.

James took a sip of hot coffee feeling somewhat sleepy and a little groggy from the wine until late blended with the physical demands his wife place on their sex.

He entered the chat room for bi married and browsed the participants noticing a few regulars and some he knew personally.

James had been having a shadow life as an orally bi cocksucker.

He was not entirely comfortable with that label, but it did fit his reality for the last 10 years. He kind of drifted into the scene as after idle curiosity followed by a more intent objective of seeking other men to meet with the specific and only aim of sucking cocks. James found that from the first, he was addicted. This need manifested most obviously as an urge to suck cocks and swallow cum. Semen, spunk, jizz, "loads" whatever you call it. But also the secretive persona of James the Cocksucker. It felt naughty, risky and thrilling.

And he loved Laura, his wife of 23 years since they met at University. And despite still having a full and sexy sex life with her and her similarly filthy mind.

James was invited with a Ping to a private chat by a new character going by "Marxcox."

A little cheesy? Direct?

Marxcox: Hi

James checked out the profile and found a short description of a male, married, 39 years old and "curious". There were a couple of unobscured body pictures and one or an erect cock slightly longer than average and a little thicker judging by the hand that was grasping it.

James: hello.

Marxcox: I like your profile. And yr cock pics.

James: Thanks. what do you like?

Marxcox: I like your cock.

James: What about it?

Marxcox: It looks juicy like it needs a good sucking... I'd like to try sucking another man.

James: why haven't you?

Marxcox: not brave enough. Yet.

James: So, you're curious but haven't. what's holding you back?

James checked out the location of MarkCox and discovered he was relatively close; only 45 miles away.

Marxcox: Lot's really. I'm worried.

James: Of course. It can be quite a leap to actually do it. But if you want to you can. Let me put it this way - do you think there might be any upsides to doing it?

Marxcox: Oh yes! I can't stop thinking about it.

James: How does it make you feel?

Marxcox: It makes me hard and my mouth dry. I'm sitting here and I've got a hardon and my heart is going just chatting to you.

James: I have that effect on people!

Marxcox: How did you get started?

James: A bit like you. Quite a long period being curious then after one superb blowjob from my wife decided to make it happen.

Marxcox: How did you do it? Was it easy?

James: I started chatting to another married guy. There were lots of misses and timewasters. But we then exchanged hot emails which turned us on before an opportunity arose for me on a business trip. We met in the city where he lived in a hotel room...

Marxcox: What did you do?

James: We got naked and sucked each other's cocks! You can read all about it in my profile stories - all the sticky detail is there for you if you want it...

Marxcox: That is so fucking hot!

James: Why don't you read it and let me know what you think? You can chat with me again in a couple of nights.

Marxcox: There would be great - I'll see you then.

The chat ended and James thought back on that first time. He was fortunate enough to meet a good guy and they both hit it off both in the chat and when they met in that hotel room. It was that night that James got his first taste of another cock and another man's cum. Of course, he had tasted his own from masturbation and from Laura snowballing him from time to time.

He drifted from the room to the other memorable occasions when he met to suck and be sucked. The other hotel rooms, the Gloryhole in Phoenix - surely a highlight - the blowbang he arranged from himself and the meetings in forest parks. He had a few regulars he'd message or they'd ask him.

James reckoned that he'd met around 40 men over 10 years only limited by the willingness of others to meet but who backed out.

James would gladly have blown a cock a day.

"If only..." he caught himself say out loud.

James returned to life's routines for a few days. The normal drumbeat for work, school, meals, chores.

On a Wednesday night, he logged on to the chat room. He noticed the guy from the weekend; Marxcox.

"Mmm. Maybe he is keen..?"

This time James pinged him and after a few seconds got a response

Marxcox: Hey! I loved your stories; very inspiring... not to mention RED HOT!

James: Thanks. Which one did you like best?

Marxcox: Your first meeting was amazing. Hope my first time is like that. I'm not into a quick blow by the bike

James: It's important you feel comfortable and safe the first time, You can get into it properly...

Marxcox: Thanks for the tip, Coach! How many have you met?

James: I was thinking about that after our last chat. Somewhere over 40 individuals but a few many times.

Marxcox: WOW! That IS a hot idea...

James: What else? What other storylines got ya?

Marxcox: Just loved the Gloryhole one. And the one when you sucked off six guys at the party.

James: Well if you can make friends it can happen to you! lol

Marxcox: Do you always take their loads? I mean did you ever have a problem swallowing cum?

James: From my POV, it's all part of the act of sucking. The climax is a sign of pure pleasure. Put it this way, what was it like when your previous girlfriends spat it out?

Marxcox: Yeah, OK. That's so hot - I mean being hungry for spunk.

James: I get worked up when I'm sucking a cock. Taking in the tastes, the hardness on my lips, the yielding cockhead. The smell. I sort of can't wait for the load to cum as well as wanting it to go on...

Marxcox: There's a lot think about...

James: Not really. It's essentially finding the cock, suck the cock, make the cock cum. Enjoy. But chat around with the others and make some connections. See you at the weekend back here.

James broke off the connection when he noticed John was in the main room. He connected.

James: Hey John. Still OK for our meeting on Thursday?

James waited.

John: Hi buddy - OH YEAH! Looking forward to it. I'll book the room and see you just after 2 pm?

James: That's good news. I need to suck that beautiful cock of yours. You'll make it ready for me?

John: Yes - you cumslut you! I'll not jerk off until we meet and will edge myself in the morning. I know how you like a big load of my spunk. Greedy boy.

It was true. James had become cock slutty, cum slutty and greedy. He loved being filled with semen and he had got to love John's spunk especially; it was almost like nectar to him and if John did what he said he would he could look forward to a load that would at least fill his mouth and some.

James let out a small groan and felt his cock pulse at the prospect.

The night before a meet James always had broken sleep. It was the anticipation. Looking over at the clock he noticed it was 3 am. Laura was gently snoring next to him.

He decided to get up and go down to the basement den office.

Flicking on the PC he browsed over to his favoured porn site and entered Gloryhole in the search bar and over 20 minutes in the filters. Picking up one of his most liked girls and watched her spending an hour alternating between two gloryholes sucking every cock that came through to completion. He preferred the so-called amateurs; the wife or girlfriend who wanted to try sucking many cocks for her pleasure or that of a boyfriend or husband watching the playback.

Enjoying the scene James wanked his cock to orgasm; John made no such stipulation to refrain before the meeting.

James always enjoyed the drive over to meet a cock date with a mix of anticipation, the forbidden but never hesitation.

Marxcox popped up in his thoughts and he wondered if the guy was for real. After all, there were so many who said they wanted to suck cock but bailed out when confronted with an offer to meet for real.

James entered the hotel; a very familiar place. It was a low-cost budget hotel at a service station but was bright and clean and he must have been here 30 times in the last couple of years to meet John. He entered to take the staircase to the second level and the room John gave by text. Room 47 had a Do Not Disturb sign and was set on the latch.

James entered and allowed the door to click and immediately started to undress in the vestibule. Standing naked he looked at himself in the mirror and mouthed the word "Cocksucker" to himself with a little smile. He entered the room properly to see John's 6' 2" frame naked and lying on the oversized bed.

"I see you got started without me?!" James noticed that John was sporting a hard-on and was wanking it slowly. James was also almost fully hard by now.

"Well, what kept you?" John replied.

"You know, Stuff." James offered.

James moved next to the bed looking down at John and watching his slick cock head slowly appear and disappear in his grasp.

"That looks good, John. That look really good... Do you mind if I suck it?" James asked out of politeness though he had no intention of stopping.

"That's what you're here for right?" John said, but James had already bent down and had the tip of the 8-inch cock engulfed savouring the taste, smell and spongey texture on his tongue licking the underside.

John let go his hand to give James more access to the length watching him lick the length from his ball sack to the tip.

James rubbed the wetness of this beautiful cock on his lips and cheeks. His lips encompassed the girth of the prick; it was a stretch but not too much.

He sucked the length a few inches before going more deeply. James was not able to deep throat John but he had come close and now he held the cock deep as he could take it and savoured the experience before sucking at a rhythm taking inches at a time.

John let James do his thing which he came to know as exquisite. James's technique combined variety with moves he knew worked. Lots of wetness provided by his tongue, lips and copious saliva. And firmness when needed.

James asked John to sit on the edge of the bed so he could kneel between his open legs. This gave him great access and control and John liked that.

John watched James's head bobbing, setting up a rhythm he adored. He held the back of his head more to feel the pulse than force James deeper.

After 5 more minutes, James came up for air but continued a glorious wet wanking action on John's cock.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, OK. I want you gorgeous cock to erupt right here." James pointed to the flat of his tongue. "Tell me when you're ready; I want all of it and don't want to waste a drop, OK?"

"Whatever you want, James. Sounds fucking hot to me."

James went back to sucking the hard, red with glistening wetness of James's saliva and John's precum. James was lost in the moment. He was a cocksucking cocksucker. A cumslut. A cock whore. And he needed spunk.

John felt the tightening at the base of his staff, his balls twinged. He was getting his ejaculation ready.

"James, I'm going to cum soon, buddy."

James audibly moaned trying to keep sucking, as much of the cock in his mouth as John stood up. He noticed the difference in taste in his mouth and knew it would be soon.

Kneeling back and opened his mouth wide jutting the flat of his tongue. John jerked his cock in his fist, rapidly, trying to keep some control.

He leaned forward placing his cock head on James's tongue as requested as best he could.

John was panting. But now he started a groan as his climax came trying to keep his cock in position, his first spurt came and strafed James' tongue.

James held his throat shut with the back of his tongue. The second and third jets came more powerfully and more just kept cumming. The few days abstention and the edging meant a beautifully large load of semen filled his mouth.

The spurting kept on; 8, 9, 10 jets but now reducing in force.

John started to regain some composure and looked down at James to find a mouth full of creamy white pearlescence and cum-coated lips

Too much to contain, some of the cum rolled down each corner of his mouth and cheeks.

James locked eyes with John and tried a small swallow. And another to send the load downwards.

He used his fingers to scoop the semen from his cheeks and sucked them clean.

And when that was done, he found Johns cum coated cock and slowly licked it clean.

"That was magnificent," John said, "up there with your very best."

James squatted in silence regaining himself and bathed in contentment.

"Now how about I return the favour?" John said as James stood for John to engulf his wet cock...

On Friday night, James logged back on to the adult chat site to check out new profiles and catch up. He noticed a few regulars and entered into the conversation flow.

There were a lot of grumbles about the latest travel restrictions and the consequences of meeting up.

At 8:05 PM James's chatbox pinged and Marxcox connected.

Marxcox: Hey! How's it going?

James: Good. I got some action yesterday - I needed it!

Marxcox: Really?! tell me more...

James: Without going into detail. Met up with a regular friend for some nice afternoon action.

Marxcox: You mean met cock. Sucked cock. Swallowed cum?

James: lol - yes, that's about it! Tell me, how is your thinking coming along? Are you ready?

Marxcoc: I've been thinking a lot about it and I want it.

James: What is it you want? Tell me. And be specific.

Marxcox: I want to suck my first cock. And I want to taste his semen in my mouth. And I think I want to try and swallow it...

James: And do you have a plan to make it happen, Marc?

Marxcox: Yes I have a plan. And

Long pause.

James: Are you there Marc?


Marxcox: James. Can you help me?

James: How do you mean?

Marxcox: Will you be my... Coach?

James: What do you mean Coach?

Marxcox: I want you to show me. To be my first.

James: I see...

Marxcox: I think I can trust you and I love the pics of your cock. I want it to be you.

James: And do you know when you want to do this?

Marxcox: I'd like to try soon. Can we meet next week? I can get off work Wednesday.

James: I have some demands of you.

Marxcox: OK - Go on.

James: You need to come to me. There's a local hotel I use.

Marxcox: That's OK. I can do that.

James: You need to send me a detailed email with what you are going to do. And send me pictures of you.

Marxcox: OK. deal.

James: Hang on. I need you to commit to meet. Commit to sucking my cock and commit to me cumming in your mouth. And commit to swallowing my load.

Marxcox: OK... I can do that I think.

James: Good. If I am to be your coach I will read your email and give you feedback. I will also require you to shave your balls and cock completely. When we meet, I will give you some instruction - by sucking you first, but I won't make you cum; at least not until I have. I'll then require you to meet others in the coming months. Deal?

Marxcox: Deal. I'm excited.

James: Good. Now make the hotel booking for next Wednesday afternoon and get on with writing your story and send me your pictures.

Marxcox: I will. Thank you, James.

James: I look forward to it. But I should warn you: I'm quite a heavy cummer...

James logged out first and pondered the proposal just made to him. This could be a very rewarding experience if the two hit it off.

The next morning, Laura was dosing in bed after giving James a fantastic blowjob. There were no frills, just superbly horny cocksucking by his wife. He felt incredibly lucky.

He rose and went to the office den to check emails.

Marc had been productive if seemed.

He clicked to read a long and detailed narrative of what Marc wanted to do at their meeting. There were 5 attachments as jpegs. James scanned them; two were before and after erect cocks, the latter shaved. I plastic ruler indicated 6.5 inches and a glistening cock head slightly mushroom-like.

The third picture was of ejaculation in progress with significant ropes of semen arcing from the cock head some 12-18 inches. Another with a substantial pool of semen on a tabletop to indicate the size of the load. The last picture was of a rather handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes. Shaved and sensible-looking; could have been a teacher or an office worker.

Writing the story was a way for Marc to first commit to himself that he would do it. By making it real and him visualising he will want it more and be less likely to back out. Basic Coach stuff, James thought.

James re-read the story and wrote, first some words of encouragement and then some pointers particularly about how James liked his cock treated.

"Marc. Nice story. I can see your commitment growing and it's an important part of making the next step for you. Congratulations. Many men say they want to suck cock, but never make it happen and end up regretting it. You, on the other hand, are taking action. When we meet on Wednesday I want you to read this email again the night before and message me that you have done so. I want you to think of yourself as a successful cocksucker - I don't mean this disparagingly - and that it is the start of many wonderful encounters in the years ahead of you. Make sure you use plenty of tongue action and saliva, keep some variety when you suck my cock. James.

James sent the email and almost at once reply came with an attachment.

"James, another photo I made for you. And yes, it is my spunk coating my lips. Marx"

"Mmm. That's hot. This might just happen." thought James.

On Tuesday at 11:30 pm, James's email pinged off. It was the email Marc promised to send with his commitment to James to reading his email and confirm he was coming to their meeting.

On Wednesday afternoon, James drove the 7 miles to the hotel. As he parked up, he sent Marc a text message to say he had arrived and was going into the bar.

He grabbed a high-backed cubicle and order a glass of Merlot to wait.

Marc called and said he has just stepped into the bar area; James spotted a man as in the photos and waved him over.

They greeted each other as two friends would meet and they sat ordering a drink for Marc.

James looked him over and found Marc to be a rather attractive man in his late 30s, toned and well-groomed. James was not at all attracted to men; he was a class of cocksucker that was ALL about the cock. James was orally bi and that's as far as his attraction to other men went.

"Drive OK?" James opened up.

"Yeah, yeah. I checked in so we can go up whenever you like."

"Let's just talk for a bit and finish these drinks," replied James.

The booth was discrete and they could talk quite freely.

James learned that Marc was married to Suzanne for 11 years. That they had a good sex life and had two small children. He also found out that Marc worked at a hospital as an administrator.