Alex checked on me to make sure I was still asleep. Then she pulled her shorts back up, fixed her shirt, and lay staring at the ceiling, catching her breath and trying to calm her pounding heart. It was the craziest thing she could imagine. She'd masturbated in front of a total stranger, and he watched her! Not only that, but she knew that he wouldn't say a word about this to me. A shared secret between the two. And as she looked at the window and saw the snow tumbling down so hard, the sky appeared to be falling, she smiled to herself, wondering just what other secrets they might share. It was going to be a long snowy week...

I awoke from my nap about an hour later to find that the snow was coming down even harder. One glance out the window told me that we were going to be stuck here for the duration. There were at least two feet of snow piled on the cars. It was growing dark, and I figured it best to start dinner.

"How was your nap?" Brett was lounging in the living room.

"Started drinking too early," I grumbled. "I'm getting a hangover already."

"The surefire cure for that is to just keep drinking," he grinned.

I knew it was a bad idea, but I went for it. We made a quick dinner— I didn't want to go too extravagant, in case the storm let up in a day or so and our third wheel could finally leave after we wasted all the exciting dinners on him.

We found ourselves drinking in the living room a short while later. "Christ, it's cold," Alex remarked as she stepped into the room, shivering. She still hadn't put a bra on, and her nipples pressed deliciously through her t-shirt. It was more brazen of her than usual, given the company we were in.

"Maybe if you actually wore clothes that you didn't get from the children's department," Brett commented as he built a fire, taking a moment to drink in the sight of her— the only indication of what happened while I was asleep.

"Whatever, Mr. Big and Tall," she rebuffed, and found one of his dress shirts draped over the back of a chair. She put it on and buttoned it up, the sleeves comically longer than her arms, and it hung down to her mid thighs, looking more like a short dress, even on my wife who was a tall woman.

I sipped my whiskey, trying not to let the simple gesture bother me. Alex was one of those girls who didn't shy away from such things, and helped herself, regardless of what others thought.

As Brett managed to get the fire roaring, Alex kept her pleasant alcohol buzz going. But eventually she grew restless and eyed some of Brett's duffle bags. "So do you have any party games in there?"

"A few," he grinned a big grin that showed off flawless teeth and big dimples to match Alex's. "But mostly it's dildos and porn."

"Probably not the kind of games we'd want to play," I laughed.

Alex began to rummage, and came up several times sputtering laughter, revealing odd assortments of sex toys, holding them out between two fingers as she feigned disgust. "Wow, you guys certain partied. Sorry I missed it."

"We can have our own, if you feel like playing the part of the stripper," Brett suggested, perfectly comfortable making those jokes in front of me. That should have been a clue.

"This is an ambitious bag of dicks for one stripper," Alex commented. "I feel like you guys just got drunk and ran around slapping each other with big rubber cocks." She began to line up the dildos on the coffee table like soldiers at attention. Several of them were unimpressive or average. A few were short and thick. One in particular towered above the others like a super skyscraper.

"We didn't use them on her," Brett admitted, then added with a little smirk. "We made them."

"Come again?" I asked, my brow pinched together. "Like an arts and crafts project?"

"No no," Brett said. The fire was crackling and the room grew warmer— or maybe that was the heat from the sudden awkward discussion. He plopped himself down on a nearby chair and resumed his bourbon. "One of the guys works at a factory that makes silicon and polyurethane— stuff to make movie props and masks and stuff. He brought this mold-making kit for us to goof around with. We came up with the idea to make a bunch of sex toys for the bride-to-be."

Alex almost spit out her drink as she started to laugh.

"So all the dudes in the bridal party literally made casts of their junk?" I asked, looking horrified at the assortment of sex toys lined up on the table. My own concerns became apparent. I was comparable to most of them... with one huge exception.

Brett smirked and nodded his head. "Poured the resin, let it cure, and now the bride gets to enjoy all of the groomsmen if she wants."

"A big party where you guys were sticking your dicks in plaster? That's a little gay," I couldn't help but comment.

"Psh, I think it's thoughful," Alex teased. "Sean, why didn't you think of that for our wedding?"

"Because one of the groomsmen was your brother," I replied, which earned a laugh from both Brett and Alex. "Besides... I can't wrap my head around a perfect replica of my best friends' cocks going inside of my wife."

"Why not?" Brett asked. "All dicks are basically identical."

"Some more than others," Alex said. Her eyes were glued to the giant one that dwarfed the others.

"What?" I looked at her.

"Whaaaaaat?" She sang out comically, and sipped her liquor, looking innocent with her eyes wide and her pinky pointed up.

"You're the worst," I shot back, but wasn't offended... really.

"You don't strike me as the jealous type, Sean," Brett said.

"I'm not. I just think it's weird. It'd be like one of my friends fucking my wife."

"Who cares? Are you weirded out by the thought that your wife had sex with guys before you?" He pressed.

"No, not at all. Everyone has a past."

"And I was promiscuous," Alex declared, draping her legs over the arm of the couch. I could tell the alcohol was loosening her lips quite a bit.

"So it's not weird," Brett continued. "My buddy's new wife probably won't even use them. And if she does, she'll have no clue which one she's fucking anyway."

"I don't know about that," Alex commented, eyeing the lineup of soldiers. "I think Tall Boy there might set itself apart from the rest of the herd." She gave it a flick and the long solid faux dick wobbled. "I have a feeling this one might be a hit." She bit her lip, playing coy even though she knew damn well who it belonged to.

I was a little uncomfortable to broach this subject. Though I didn't know for sure, based on his height alone, I worried that I already knew who such a monster belonged to. And leave it to my wife to point out the elephant in the room.

"One of these things is not like the others..." She sang out softly, picking it up and comparing it to her forearm.

"If I'd have known you'd be so enthralled, I would have made a second one for you to keep."

"Oh yeah, you could autograph it for me," she said.

"That's you?" I asked, laughing nervously. "I call bullshit." I was trying to be funny... but my humor had an edge to it.

Brett only shrugged, perfectly secure with himself. I hated him for it.

"Don't worry, I like yours more," Alex dismissively tossed the rubber toy back onto the table where it barreled into the others like a bowling ball.

Alex resumed her rummaging through Brett's bag of tricks. I swear she has no self awareness when she drinks. When she came out with a pair of panties with a battery pack attached, she only laughed harder. "It's getting harder and harder to believe that there was no weird homoerotic orgy happening here," she said. "So who wore these?" She held them in front of her crotch.

"Oh, those were for the stripper," Brett declared.

"Ew," she tossed them aside.

"She didn't get around to wearing them. That would have cost extra. They vibrate though."

Alex picked them up and fingered it curiously. "How's that?" She couldn't find an on-switch.

"Oh, I control that," Brett held up his phone. "So the girl wears them, and I give her the orgasm without actually touching her."

"Nothing gets girls off like you not touching them," I quipped. He ignored me.

"Want to give them a try?" He asked Alex in a daring tone.

I could see the gears turning in her head. It wasn't just the alcohol. Alex never shied away from goofing around... especially when it came to new things or a good time. "Remote control panties and simulated cocks," she said with a shake of her head. "It's like the future is now. I'll try them, but I'm not taking off my shorts. I don't know where these have been."

Before I could voice my own thoughts, she bent over, stepped into them, and slid the panties up her long legs and beneath her borrowed shirt.

"It might not work right if its not against bare skin," Brett admitted, but began to fumble with his phone. After a second, the room filled with the slight sound of muffled vibrations. My wife let out a little yelp, pausing, her mouth opening. She looked like she was about to start laughing.

"How's it feel?" he asked.

She giggled. "Kind of weird."

I watched, growing more uncomfortable by the second. Brett was controlling what was happening in my wife's pants. I knew they weren't touching each other— hell, they were sitting about six feet apart— but something about it felt kind of wrong. I heard the tempo of the vibrations increase, and Alex let out another laugh that turn into a gasp.

"Okay, I need to sit down for a second," she admitted, and plopped down on the couch beside me.

I looked at Alex's face. Her eyes were half shut with lusty pleasure. Brett was staring between her and his phone, enjoying himself. It started out as a joke, but increasingly felt like they were taking it more seriously by the second. I looked between them, then at the crackling fire, back to them again, feeling more and more like I didn't need to even be there.

"This is getting kind of fucked up," I said, when I thought the novelty had run its course. Alex's eyelid opened slightly, taking her out of the spell.

"Here then," Brett said, handing me his phone. "You do it."

A little more satisfied now, I began to fumble with the dials on the phone. I admit, I'm not the most technically savvy. I hit a few buttons but nothing seemed to happen. "I don't even feel it," Alex opened one eye and glanced at me.

"That's what she said," Brett snickered.

"Hold on, hold on, I'm trying to get the hang of this thing," I said, feeling like an old man baffled by new technology. I tried several times with no effect. "I think I broke it," I said bashfully.

"Here," Brett grabbed his phone back from me. He punched a few keys and was immediately rewarded when Alex arched her back, thrusting her chest upward. She shut her eyes, biting her lip and sighed.

She was breathing heavy, and somewhere in the back of my brain, I became aware that it was no longer a playful joke. My wife was aroused sexually... and it was entirely at the hands and control of this attractive stranger. I didn't know what to do. I sensed this wasn't going to be over soon. But I think I reacted the same way most people do when they're being subtly insulted— I just smiled and laughed it off like I was part of the joke, and not the butt of it.

It was a surreal sight, this cozy little cabin, lit by flickering firelight. Darkness beyond the glass as the snow came down in thick curtains. And there on the couch, my wife in her pajamas and another man's shirt, gasping softly in front of the two of us. Her eyes were still shut, but now her lips parted, showing the front of her teeth. Her legs were squirming and her body was in a constant state of restlessness. Her breasts strained at the fabric of Brett's shirt, as she again arched her back. Without thinking, she brought one hand up to her chest and softly rubbed it.

Despite the situation, I had a definite hardon forming in my pants. "See that, Sean," Brett said to me with a grin. "I'm getting her all revved up for you. You're welcome."

I laughed uneasily. "Thanks," I said. My mouth felt very dry.

My wife leaned back on the couch, her feet sliding back and forth across the cushions. One of them found its way into my lap and nuzzled my boner that I was trying to coax back down. Her moans were becoming more audible and frequent. She was no longer trying to hold them back.

"Does it feel good baby?" I asked, my voice sounding stupid to my own ears, like when a camera man offers his commentary in a porno movie.

"Uh huh," she groaned.

Brett pushed a few more buttons, and the vibrations increased. Alex's eyes fluttered and she moaned louder. She raised her hips off the couch in a slow writhing rhythm. I've never seen her so sexual before.

"No way. You're faking this," I said, maybe I was just being hopeful. But if she was joking, it was going on for far too long with no punch line.

Alex was practically melting into the couch, her hips and body moving all on their own. She only just shushed me. Her foot more aggressively rubbing on my cock. Her coaxing was making me hard, and I knew she wouldn't be doing that if she was kidding. This was for real.

I glanced at Brett. I didn't like the look on his face. He was leering at my wife. I knew then that he wanted her. That he was turned on by her, and when I looked back at Alex, I wondered if her writhing and display of sexual energy was for me... or him. After all, she could have easily ended this and taken me into the bedroom, just the two of us.

"Want me to stop?" Brett finally asked.

Me and Alex answered at the same time. I said, "You probably should." She responded with "No, keep going."

He didn't stop. The seconds dragged on.

"Harder," she whispered. The word escaping her lips. Was this really happening?

"As you wish," he smirked, and I heard the vibrations audibly increase. Her eyes popped and her mouth dropped open. Her hands shot out to either side of the couch and gripped hard. She could only hold on. Her whole body stiffened.

For a second, she didn't even breath, her words and moans caught in her throat. Then she finally cried out. "Oh fuck... oh fuck. I think... I think I'm going to cum."

"Maybe we should stop it here," I suggested, uneasy. Was this guy actually, indirectly, bringing my wife to orgasm? How could I possibly put the brakes on this?

"I don't think that's what your wife wants, is it?" Brett asked, and cranked up the vibrations even more.

"Ohhhh god, don't you dare stop," she gasped out, her body shuddering in pleasure now.

"Good. Now say my name, and cum for me, slut," Brett said in a voice that at first sounded kidding, but with a much harder edge. He dialed it up as high as it would go.

My jaw dropped. I would never dream of saying such things to my wife. And I assumed that probably put a stop to this little game better than my protests would. To my shock, Alex bucked her hips off the couch. "Fuck! I'm cumming Brett!" She cried out. "Ohhhh, this little slut is cumming!"

"Cum for me!" He urged, the two of them not even giving a shit what they were saying in front of me. I could only sit there, my wife's toes squeezing my cock through my pants, watching another man basically fucking my wife right in front of me, and nothing could stop her from orgasming.

"Oh god!" Her eyes shut, and her jaw went slack in concentration. Her hips bucked in rhythm of her convulsions as she came on the couch, right in front of us. The orgasm seemed to go on and on. When Brett was finally satisfied, he turned off the vibrations, and Alex collapsed back on the couch. She was breathing hard, struggling to catch her breath. Her whole body was trembling.

When she finally was able to come to her senses, her eyes slowly opened. "Oh my god," she said in a soft husky voice.

"Wow... that was awkward," I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was over.

"Mmm... wow," she lay in post orgasm bliss. "That was... wow." She bit her lip. She was still turned on. Alex is a multiple orgasm type of girl, as I've come to learn. And usually the type to still rub herself, long after I cum. As proof of this, her foot continued to rub and tease my bulge.

"Was it good for you too," Brett joked.

Alex could only bite her lip and nod, sinking back into the couch. Her tits rising and falling as she breathed deep and fast. Her hair splayed out on the pillow beneath her. She was still incredibly turned on.

Brett got out of his chair and leaned over my wife. "I'm gonna need those back," he said "before you try to steal them."

And to my surprise, he helped himself. His hands went beneath her long shirt, hooked into the novelty undies, and slid them down her legs. I knew she was wearing shorts beneath them, but I was watching another man remove panties from my wife. Even more shocking was that I wasn't saying a word about it. Maybe it was the shock. Maybe the alcohol. Maybe that my mouth was so fuckin' dry. But I knew a part of it was that I was turned on too. My cock was hard as a rock, and the image of seeing her moaning and crying out like that was too much for words.

My own heart was pounding in my ears. It felt like a drum was being beaten on top of my lungs, and I was having trouble breathing.

Alex kicked her long legs in the air and helped him, staring up at Brett.

"You know... if you and your husband want some alone time," Brett said softly, "I could busy myself in the bedroom for a little while..."

"Doing what?" Her voice was husky, sexy with lust. Her eyes wandered curiously to his crotch. My own gaze followed and I could see the outline of his manhood pressing through the front of his pants. He was hard, but his cock had literally no room to grow— like an engorged snake running down his thigh. He hadn't been lying. His cock really was as big as the giant toy on the table.

"Don't worry about that," he shrugged, with a smirk.

"We both know what you're going to be thinking about," Alex said. "And you'll be hearing us through the door. You won't be giving us any privacy..."

I didn't like where she was going with her thoughts... because they were going to arrive at the exact same spot mine were. But at this point, it wasn't up to me. And she was right. The cabin was small.

"We were all here for that," she said, her eyes never leaving his crotch. Her foot pressed harder against my cock, using her raw sexuality to get me to stay on her side in this twisted reasoning. "We're all drunk..." She squeezed my cock with her toes. "And you're the reason I'm this turned on." She said.

I understood what she was saying— that Brett had been the one to get her warmed up with his toy antics. But all it sounded like to me was that toy or no toy, she was turned on because of him.

"Why don't the three of us get a little crazy," she suggested. And when her long fingers reached out and ran lightly over the outline of Brett's bulge, I suppose I should have said something to stop it. But I didn't. I didn't want her to touch him. But it's true what she said— we were all drunk, we were all turned on, and given our close proximity, if I wanted to get laid, Brett would be stuck hearing us anyway. I let it happen. I dug my own grave.

Brett didn't even look at me. He didn't pause to make sure I was okay with this. He simply guided her hand up and down his throbbing bulge while he unzipped his pants.

Everything took on a bit of a dream-like quality. It felt so far removed from everything I knew about my established life, that I didn't even blink when my wife moaned his name while pawing at his manhood. When he pushed his pants down his lean legs, and his cock swung into view. I felt like a lead ball dropped into my stomach. He was huge! Even the molded sex toy didn't do it justice.

To my surprise, Alex barely reacted. No gasp, no "Oh my god", nothing but a simple widening of the eyes. Then she wrapped her hand around his shaft, pulled him until he was hovering that monster above her face, and without hesitation wrapped her lips around the fast swelling head.