This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1: Pent Up, Lonely, Desperate

My name is Ryoko and I am a lonely, bbw housewife. I am 40 years old, and weigh around 200 lbs. I have short blonde hair, and very little to no hair anywhere else. My fingers were going absolutely crazy on my plump, needy pussy. I was completely naked in my bed; my fat, sweaty body contorted in writhing pleasure all alone having said goodbye to my husband not even 10 minutes ago.

He left for work just like every day since we got married 5 years ago. I loved my husband, and he treated me well. He just didn't attend to my needs as a woman. Not since our honeymoon, anyway. I don't know if it was because he was exhausted from work, or no longer found me attractive. Either way, it was the same every day.

I would make him breakfast, and we would pleasantly chat as he ate. He would tell me some mundane detail about work I only half listened to. Then he would get up, walk to the door and after I kissed him lovingly on the cheek, he would leave. Every single day was exactly the same. And every single day, after I said goodbye to my hard working husband, I would strip down to nothing, head upstairs, jump into bed, and start intensly masturbating. It didn't matter how I did it. Sometimes it would be a rabbit, other times a Hitachi. I had plenty of toys hidden away to play with at my leisure.

Some days, like today it would even be my boring old fingers violently sloshing in and out of my tight, extra meaty fuck hole. I would rub my swollen clit until I was driven to a hard orgasm. At first, this was enough. Lately, however it was getting less and less pleasurable to just make myself cum. The sad fact was what I already knew. I needed a real fucking. From a big, virile cock. A nice, curved piece of fuck meat that would dig me out and reach my deepest, itchiest spots. Something like that would make me cum so hard, I might go crazy. I needed that, and badly.

If my husband was away all the time, and was simply too tired to hold me down in a mating press and pound the ever loving shit out of me when he came home from work, what was I to do? This is when I heard about it. One of my fellow housewife girlfriends told me about it. It was supposedly called the Lonely Milf Escort Service, and it may have been the answer to my unanswered needs.

Chapter 2: Best Friend

Apparently there's an escort service specifically for women like me. Married, neglected, and plump. In case I haven't already mentioned it, I was a big gal. I had meat on my bones, which got me lewd stares from some neighborhood boys. My massive EE cup breasts and wide hips got me all kinds of attention. I never thought about cheating on my husband, though.

At least, not until now. Now I was at my limit. I literally could not go another day without a huge cock beating up my fat pussy. So I confided in my best friend Nanako. We were having lunch one Sunday.

"Well, it sounds like you need some dick, girl." She wasn't one for subtlety. I nearly spit out my tea as she said this. She laughed in her usual boisterous way. We were pretty opposite in terms of personality, but we were best friends all the same. I always told her my troubles, and she could usually help me with her blunt way of thinking.

"So you see my problem. I'm married, and my husband just won't give me what I need. What am I supposed to do, cheat? No way! I love him, and he's so nice to me. I couldn't do that to him." She looked at me like I was crazy.

"Ryoko, baby, sweetie, my love. It is your right as a woman to get a regular dose of hot meat whenever you need it! Look at me! You don't see me desperate for a fuck, now do you? I get what I need when I want, however I want it."

"Do you cheat on your man? I thought things were going well with you two." She laughed again.

"Things ARE going great with my husband. He gives me as much love as he can, almost every night of the week. Note that I said ALMOST. My man is a stallion. A bull. He knows all my weak spots, and loves my plump figure. But even he has his limits. So what do I do when he can't move after I've ridden the soul out of his body? I call a certain service. Something I found out about in a dark alley, and let's leave it at that." She took a sip of her tea, and I looked at her with quiet anticipation.

"Well? What kind of service?" She giggled at my impatience. She always teased me like that. I sighed heavily. Nanako reached out and pinched my cheek.

"There, there, honey. You know I'm just messin'. It's called the Lonely Milf Escort Service. They specialize in young looking studs with very healthy bodies. All of these young men are well equipped and skilled at pleasing older, bigger women such as us. This is all legit, of course. All boys are of legal age. They just have that boyish charm I know you love. Believe me when I tell you that this is much more satisfying than playing with yourself."

I listened intently, blushing hard at the thought of a young, well hung plumper pleaser. I felt my pussy throb, and knew what I wanted to do. I was gonna call this place, and get what I needed. Nanako wrote down all the info I needed, slipped me the paper and winked at me.

Chapter 3: Making the Call

I was sitting at home, alone again. My phone was sitting on the table a few feet away. I stared at it, wondering if I should really do this. I was terrified. I really didn't want to cheat on my husband, but he wasn't giving me much choice. Nanako had a good point, as well. I was a woman in my prime. My pussy was constantly drenched and throbbing, and my womb was fertile and always ready for insemination. Even now, my cunt was dying to be played with and pounded.

I purposely avoided masturbating for three whole days before working up the courage to even consider calling the number Nanako gave me. Needless to say, my kitty was in serious heat. I almost gave up, ran upstairs, and got out one of my many toys. But I took advantage of the sudden burst of adrenaline, and picked up my phone. I quickly dialed the number, and waited. I nearly hung up a few times, but then an automated voice answered.

"Hello. You've reached the Lonely Milf Escort Service hotline. In a moment, you will be asked a series of questions to give us an idea of what kind of escort to send you. Please hold."

Now I was officially invested in this. My excitement was just too strong to give up. I waited with baited breath. After only five minutes, my order was complete. The voice then asked for my credit card information, which I provided with trembling fingers.

"Thank you very much for using our service. Your escort will arrive at the address you specified within one hour. Please be respectful, and we promise you will be satisfied with us. Goodbye, and have fun." It hung up. I stood there, breathing hard, my heart pounding out of my chest. I really just ordered an escort. Not just any escort, but one young, hung and focused only on my satisfaction. I was equal parts ecstatic, and ashamed.

I was going to cheat on my loving husband. However, I slowly started to not care about infidelity, and only started to get more impatient as time passed. My custom ordered, pretty boy stud was on his way. I couldn't contain myself, and stripped down completely.

My massive, heaving breasts were drenched in sweat, and my juicy thighs were soaked in juice gushing from my honey pot. I unlocked the front door, and darted upstairs. Hopping into bed, I spread my thick thighs wide apart, and began tweaking my fat, pink, and incredibly horny pussy. I immediately started moaning loudly. Just then, I heard a knock at the door, and then heard it open.

Chapter 4: A Cute, Expected Guest

I heard an adorable voice call out, sounding somewhat shy, like he shouldn't be where he was.

"Hello? Mrs. Ryoko? I'm from the...service you called. I was told this was the proper address." I heard the sweet sounding voice move around downstairs. I was positively writhing as I continued to rub my fat twat. With a shaky voice, I called out.

"Yes, I'm upstairs, dear! Please let yourself in, and come up. First door on the left." I couldn't stop toying my cunt, and heard footsteps walking up the stairs. He got closer, and closer. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.

"I'm sorry for just barging in, ma'am. I was told the door would be open." As he finally made it to the door, he walked in, and suddenly stopped, mouth agape. He stared at the obscene sight before him, and I swear, I saw a huge bulge form almost immediately. "Oh my! I'm sorry, ma'am! I didn't know you'd be in such a lewd position..."

I mealry looked the young man over. He was exactly as I ordered. He looked to be about 5 feet tall. He was quite scrawny, as well. He had the most darling face, almost as pretty as a girls'. Short black hair, that was naturally full, bouncy and luscious, especially for a boy. I drank in the delectable sight in front of me, and did not close my legs. Although I was now only slightly rubbing myself.

"Well hello there, young man. Am I to assume you're Shinji? Please forgive my indecent appearance. I just got very worked up waiting for you to arrive. Don't run away, please." He giggled, relaxing a bit. My soft, mature voice must have been effective. However, his raging hard on did not deflate. In fact, I'm almost certain I saw it swell up even more.

"Oh, please don't worry about it, ma'am. I could never run from such a lovely, sexy lady. I am here to take care of you, after all. Are you really okay with me?" I nearly fainted at such sweet words. His personality was just what I wanted. Shy, but not too shy. Utterly adorable, and sweet. He had both the look of innocence, and experience.

"What a kind boy you are! Of course, I'm okay with you. You are incredibly cute, mister. Well, now that you're here, do you think you could help me out with this?" I pointed to my blazing hot, almost steaming pussy. It was so very hot and bothered. Shinji took notice, licking his lips hungrily.

"Of course, ma'am! Please, tell me exactly what you'd like me to do. I'm all yours for the next 24 hours." I almost couldn't believe it. I was finally about to get some well deserved attention.

Chapter 5: Massage I/Long Awaited Groping

I wasn't sure where to start. Shinji saw that I was unsure, and solved the problem right away.

"I brought some things with me, ma'am. Let me go get them, okay? I'll be right back." With a cute little smile, he dashed off and downstairs. I heard a rustling, and he came back swiftly with a large duffel bag. I had no way of knowing some of the naughty treasures within at the time. He dug inside and pulled out what looked like a large bottle of massage oil. My pussy throbbed with anticipation.

"My goodness. That's quite a big bottle. Good thing I have such a big body, huh honey?" I cooed playfully to him, and he blushed hard, walking up to me in bed.

"You are quite big, ma'am. I mean that in the most complimentary way, of course! I think you look good enough to eat. I could gobble you up and still get to have seconds." This very naughty compliment nealry made my cunt explode. I giggled, and pursed my plump lips.

"Ooouuu what a very naughty thing to say! So what are you gonna do with that oil, anyway?" He looked at it in his hand, and scratched the back of his head, laughing nervously.

"Well, I was thinking about drenching you with it, and giving this meaty body of yours a good rub down. I may have small hands, but they are very talented, and exploratory, ma'am. I think I can start to relieve you like this, if that's alright with you..." I wanted to kiss this boy. But I held back, and mearly nodded, accepting this very interesting idea. However, a thought occurred to me.

"Oh, but sweetie! What if you get it on your clothes? You'll have to strip down, if you're gonna slather me with so much oil. And I won't take no for an answer, young man." My motherly tone seemed to awaken an intense, innate reaction, as he apologized profusely and stripped down to his undies. Now I could clearly see his massive, throbbing bulge. It was simply beautiful. It made such an impressive outline in his underwear. It was not even fully erect, and it looked massive, going down his leg. My womb throbbed at the sight of it.

Taking another look at my heavenly, phat figure made it throb, and he had to rub it not so nonchalantly. I giggled at his attempt to ease his ache, but did not suggest he take off his underwear quite yet. I wanted that to be a surprise for later. He crawled into bed with me, and sat next to my large, heaving form. He gulped, and showed me the bottle.

"Are you ready, ma'am? I promise to make you feel all better." He was so considerate, I was starting to get a very tight feeling in my chest. I reached out, and stroked his cheek.

"I'm ready, baby boy. Just one thing? Do you think you can call me Mama? I'd like it very much..." With this boy, I wanted to be motherly. It seemed to excite him, and I had no children of my own yet. I desperately wanted to be a mommy. This would have to do. He couldn't have looked more ecstatic.

"Oh yes, Mama! I'll happily do that! I love pleasing women that could really be my mommy. I know that's very naughty of me..." I patted his head, and pinched his cheek.

"It is very naughty of you. But with me, you can be as naughty as you want, okay baby? Now, please don't keep Mama waiting any longer." I had a slight strict tone, but still managed to keep it loving. Stern but affectionate. He nodded, and began drizzling oil all over my tummy, breasts and legs. He was very generous, drenching me as promised. I gasped at how cold it was, and my fat nipples began hardening instantly.

"NNNNNGG...That's cold, baby! Can you warm Mama back up with your hands? Pretty please?" Shinji nodded, following my instructions. He started on my belly, and smushed his hands into the pillowy flesh. I squealed in delight as he started groping and kneading my tubby tummy like dough. His hands were certainly talented. He was also stronger than he looked, alternating between squeezing my belly hard, and jiggling it playfully.

I couldn't help moaning at the sensation. I was finally being touched. By someone who apparently loved my plump figure, too. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

"How does that feel mama? You like when I play with your tummy? It's such a big, jiggly one, too. I really think it's beautiful." I could only mewl in response. He moved his hands up slightly, right under my enormous breasts. He looked for a second, then decided to add even more oil. He squirted a healthy amount all over my gigantic titties. He then started to gently, yet firmly squeeze them. I cried out in pleasure. My tits were especially sensitive.

"AHHN! Oh my! That feels amazing, baby boy! Please keep wringing out mama's fat tits! MMMM!" He did just that, and his small hands seemed to completely disappear into my massive titty flesh as he groped and squeezed. My hands were over my head, gripping the bed frame. He wrung them out as instructed, paying special attention to my insanely meaty nipples.

He focused on trying to get a handful of breast meat, squeezing the bottom of them, and then to the top, only to press his thumbs into my nipples, and rub into them. He even pinched them occasionally. He really wanted to please his mommy, didn't he? I knew the answer when he did something truly naughty next.

Chapter 6: Massage II/Nursing and Fingering

Shinji decided to straddle me, and dive his entire head into my cavernous cleavage. He lovingly continued to grope both of my massive tits, until he got the idea to start sucking my nipples. I gasped as he slurped up one of them, and suckled like a nursing baby. I looked down at him, and thought it was the sweetest thing. He was getting himself oiled up as he grinded his crotch into my belly. As he sucked, I stroked his head, and cooed to him.

"AHHN... Yes, that's a very good boy! Suckle mama's nipples just like that. It feels so good! He looked so small riding me, and eating my fat boobies. He switched between my nipples, and looked like he was in a trance. He nursed for what seemed like ages, and then finally managed to pull himself away from my bosom.

"Mama, I hope you liked that. But now I'm really gonna make you cum." I curiously looked at him, and watched as he slid down my slippery, jiggling body. He was suddenly staring at my exposed snatch. He looked at it with an intense hunger in his eyes, and I was suddenly a bit scared. He peeled my petals apart, and watched as juice oozed out. He saw how fat and swollen my clit was, and gave it a smooch. My whlle body convulsed at this electric shock sensation.

Shinji giggled at my reaction, and started licking my clit. I gasped loudly, and squealed even louder when he started sucking it. He kept my flower peeled apart and started sloppily slurping up my entire mound, focusing on my clit. He slobbered all over it, hungrily devouring me. I screamed as he worked me over with only his mouth.

"HAAAAHHHNN! BABY! THAT'S SO GOOD! MAMA'S DEFINITELY GONNA CUM IF YOU EAT ME LIKE THAT! AAHHNNNN!" I wondered if my incredibly loud voice would alert any neighbors, but went back to thinking how good this boys skills were at eating pussy. I slammed my hands into the bed, and gripped them tightly. Shinji pulled back wetly off my freshly eaten twat.

"MMM Mama tastes so good! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. Ready for a bit more of an intense experience?" Before I could ask what he meant, he started using his hands. He kept my lips peeled with one hand, and started rubbing my poor, twitching clit with his other index finger in small circles. I was profusely gushing and staining my bedsheets. My body writhed under the small motions of this young boy.

He sucked off his index and middle finger, getting them soaked. Then, he went to vigorously tweaking my clit with them. He used his opposite fingers to insert into my tight hole. He hooked them up, and immediately found my G-spot. I made an O face, and mooed like a cow as he started intensly finger fucking me. All the while still tweaking my clit. I felt an orgasm coming, and held on as long as I could. He wouldn't stop fingering and rubbing, and I screamed as I squirted a stream of liquid all over him.

"NNNNGGGGG! OOOOOH MY GAAAAWD YEEEES!" Shinji worked out the last of my beautiful orgasm, and started kissing me from my freshly fingered cunt up my fat, trembling belly both my massive heaving breasts, and finally right on my lips. He assaulted my mouth with his tongue and gave me the naughtiest deep french kiss I've ever received. When he pulled away from me, I was gasping and moaning like an animal.

"HAAH HAAH HAAHN... WOW... Baby that was truly amazing. You are very skilled, young man. Thank you for that orgasm. It felt so good." I smooched his forehead. He smiled sweetly, and he looked so naughty with his face covered in my juices.

"Really Mama? I'm happy I could make you cum so hard and so beautifully. But you know we're not done, right? I've dealt with a lot of neglected pussies, but yours takes the cake. You need a whole lot more attention, I can tell." He surprised me with that. I laughed gently, stroking his cheek.

"Sweet boy, you are just too good for me! But now it's Mama's turn to massage YOU. I want you to get out that massive, secret weapon you're packing. I know you wanna take it out. It looks so uncomfortable. So show Mama what kind of equipment you have, dear."

Chapter 7: Returning the Favor

"Mama, you don't have to do that! I'll be okay like this." He sat there covering his crotch, trying to dissuade me. I chuckled.

"I most certainly do, young man. You just gave me a very hard, wonderful orgasm. I have to return the favor. Come on now. I know deep down you really want your Mama to make you cum so hard, your head spins. I can suck you until you go wild. Maybe I can even use these giant titties you like so much. Wouldn't my baby like that? Now be a good boy, and show Mama how hard you are."