It has certainly been a long summer, what with the Rona and all fucking things up. My job has put me fully remote now, so I've spent a lot of time in quarantine with my sister and Vanessa, who now lives with us full time. Now that we're all moved into our new place, Vanessa no longer sleeps with Sarah and me in our bed, at least not regularly. What follows should catch you up on our lives, as I have been away for so long.

Winter was fully upon us now, and my sister Sarah and I spent a lot of time making our home cozy, along with help from Vanessa. She was eager to do her part, since we had decided to allow her to live with us. It was definitely a welcome feeling to have another set of hands to do things around the place, since I had to return to working regularly. I got my office set up, and went about my duties while the two gorgeous, naked women did their own thing. I could easily tell by Vanessa's behavior that she was becoming more and more cock hungry. She was allowed to watch my sister and I make love, which was only fair, since we did it whenever and wherever the mood struck us. I just wasn't sure that I wanted to fuck Vanessa. I committed my love to my sister, and in my mind, she was the only one who would ever receive my dick. On the other hand, she was Sarah's best friend. Sarah, who would do anything for her friend. Needless to say, I was torn.

Vanessa slowly adapted to a life of nudity. She was eagerly open to it around the house, but decreasingly struggled with it a bit when we went out together. Sarah and I have been comfortable getting caught, and not caring who saw us, but Vanessa had to ease herself into that lifestyle, and you could tell. She always got apprehensive when we'd go places, and Sarah and I would be frisky with each other. It was cute, and my sister and I looked forward to her exhibitionist progression as she would gradually expose herself more and more each time we were in public. She, like my sister, preferred to ride naked in the car now, and at home, she was naked consistently. She began to flirt more and more with me, and Sarah let me cum on her often after we had sex in front of her. For the time being, that seemed to satisfy her, but we could both tell that she was wanting more every time.

I spent my weekends gathering firewood from our vast lay of land to keep us warm. We spent a lot of time by the fireplace, sipping wine and just enjoying each other's company. We became a little family, and I must admit that it was so nice having the extra help around the house. Our home is massive, and really quite a bit more than just two people need, but we love the space, and the luxury provided by the huge dwelling. Vanessa was true to her word, and was more of a maid than a roommate. She willingly took on the roles of cleaning and making sure things were in their proper place. There was never anything left dirty or unkempt. She cooked for us frequently, though I prefer to do the cooking. I let her, though, but did step in to prepare us meals, especially after she would spend her days laboring over the home. She was happy here, and didn't want any other compensation from us.

Winter faded, and turned to spring. That's about the time things started to change for us all. The first sunny and warm day we had, the three of us spent the whole day naked outside. I worked from my laptop at the glass patio table while the girls rode the UTV around the property, exploring. It was good that they were learning the boundaries so they could go and frolic as they wished. I looked up when I heard them coming towards the house, and smiled to myself as I watched their beautiful breasts bounce with the rough ride of the UTV. My cock grew and immediately started leaking precum at the sight of them. Unfortunately, they drove on by, headed to another part of the property. They both smiled and waved as they passed. Damn, I'm a lucky guy.

I had been watching the news, and was aware of the Covid situation. I didn't think it would impact me, but as it turned out, I couldn't have been more wrong. I got to stay on in my position at work, but was no longer to travel or come in to the office. That was actually a welcome announcement. The travel was becoming somewhat burdensome, and I was reluctant to leave the girls alone anyway. Now, I wouldn't have to. Of course, that all turned into even more. Quarantines were issued, grocery shelves emptied, and the world was in chaos. Seeing the potential for worse things to come, I took the girls into town to gather some supplies. I wanted us to be prepared for the worst. We were frugal, and not one of the many who hoarded toilet paper. Our intention was more to stock up on seed, and grow our own produce. We did purchase a whole beef, whole hog, and some chicken from a local producer, and stocked two freezers in the basement. With it being early spring, we went ahead and bought some already-started plants to make it easier to start our garden. We bought seeds, too, for the things that would be late-starters. We got jars and canning gear, and planned to harvest our produce, and essentially become homesteaders as much as possible, if for nothing more than to leave the stores for those who needed it more than us.

"Let's put that here," I heard Vanessa say as I walked into the living room later that week.

"What are you two up to," I asked as I sat beside my sister on the sofa.

"Look at this," Sarah said, showing me her iPad. "I found a garden planner."

I looked carefully at what they had designed. "That's quite a bit, isn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but we can pull it off, I think. We just need you to plow it up for us."

"Okay, well let's go take a look. Do you have a place in mind," I inquired.

Vanessa chimed in. "We think we found a good spot that gets sun all day."

We headed outside, and walked to the place not too far from the house that the girls thought would be a good spot.

"I guess you two have done your homework," I told them, completely happy with the spot they had chosen. "I'll plow it this evening after I get done working."

I watched as the girls giggled and hugged each other, clearly happy that they were going to be able to see this through. I, of course, grew erect as I watched two lovely sets of breasts mash together.

"I better get back at it," I told them, before hesitantly walking away. I looked back before I went into the house, and saw them sitting together in the grass, further planning the layout of what would be their garden.

Sarah and Vanessa were still outside when I finished working. Their garden plan had been finalized, and they anxiously awaited the turning of the land so they could get started.

"Thank you for doing this, sweetheart," my sister told me, embracing me as I approached. I kissed her firmly and wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hand down her perfect ass.

"Anything for you, my love."

"Get a room!" Vanessa joked from behind Sarah.

Sarah looked over her shoulder and grinned as she slowly knelt before me. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

"Jesus, I was only kidding," Vanessa said as she came to kneel beside my sister, who never stopped sucking my cock.

Sarah looked up at me with a mouthful of dick, turned her eyes toward Vanessa, then back to me. I knew what she was asking. I nodded softly, and Sarah grasped my dick in her hand, and offered it to Vanessa.

"Really," Vanessa asked excitedly, lustfully eyeing the massive piece of meat in front of her. She eagerly leaned in and immediately took the offering. I watched my sister caress Vanessa's breasts as she hungrily sucked my thick penis. Sarah just smiled up at me as her best friend pleasured my cock with her mouth. Her tits pressed against Vanessa's side, and she watched as Vanessa swallowed all she could of my cock.

"Give her your cum," Sarah encouraged.

Vanessa looked up at me, begging me with her eyes for the same. I grunted and erupted, shooting thick streams of cum into her throat. She eagerly accepted my offering, and swallowed it all. She sucked hard as she withdrew, making sure to pull every drop out of my throbbing shaft. She smiled wide, and hugged my sister as my still-hard cock bobbed in the sunlight, glistening from her saliva.

"Now go plow for us," Sarah commanded jokingly.

I headed to the barn and got the tractor out. The girls sat on the grass nearby and watched as I broke the ground for our garden. It took quite a bit of time, since the area they planned was rather large. I was happy to do it, though, and it looked great after I'd tilled it. It was ready to go now, so I put the tractor away, and joined the girls.

"Thank you, baby!" Sarah said as she leapt into my arms. "Let's get our farm boy fed now."

The sun was fading as we walked to the house. The girls washed up and started dinner as I headed off to shower. I didn't hear them when I finished, and I soon found them on the deck. They had decided on cooking outside tonight, and I was thrilled to learn we were having some of the locally raised steak we had purchased.

"Medium rare, right," asked Vanessa.

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you."

I sat in a chair next to Sarah, who got up and sat on my lap. We watched as Vanessa prepared a lovely evening meal. Sarah leaned back against me, and sighed happily as I embraced her. I slid my hands up and down her body, idly playing with her breasts. Vanessa noticed and just smiled as I felt my sister up. As I touched her, I notched her writhing in my lap, grinding her whole body against me. Slowly at first, but she became more and more turned on the longer I played with her. She leaned forward and raised up, then aimed my cock at her pussy before resuming her position against me. Our hips moved together as she straddled my lap. Her wet pussy gripped my cock hard as I pulled her tightly against me by her breasts, squeezing her nipples firmly. I bit her shoulder, and nibbled on her neck as my cock flexed inside her. Vanessa looked over and blushed a bit as her eyes locked on to where my cock disappeared inside of my sister. Sarah just smiled and ground her hips on me as we watched Vanessa preparing our meal. She stole glances at us frequently as the intense pleasure grew between us as my dick throbbed and pulsated inside of my sister's tight little pussy.

"Dinner is ready," Vanessa stated as she approached to get a close view of me fucking my little sister. "Are you two about done?"

As it would have it, yes, were about done. Sarah continued to grind on me, faster now, as our mutual orgasms bore down quickly. Soon enough, I squeezed Sarah tightly around her waist, and started to cum inside of her. Her pussy quivered and leaked copiously as she came with me. Finally, we collapsed into a heap on the chair as Vanessa fingered her pussy and mauled her perky tits.

When we were able to compose ourselves, Sarah and I went to clean the sex from our bodies before joining Vanessa for dinner. As we dined, we discussed the progress of our little farm, and what each of our expectations were for it. All summer long, my girls worked tirelessly in the garden as I worked to continue to make us money. It was the perfect arrangement. None of us ever wore clothing anymore, save for when we needed to, which was rare. When I had to attend video meetings for work, I put on a t-shirt, and nothing more. My co-workers were none the wiser that I was sporting a raging erection most of the time during our meetings, what with the ability for me to look out the window and see my two naked vixens frolicking in the garden.

As the summer wore on, so did my sister's desire to pay Vanessa more than originally agreed on. She came to me one evening, and spilled her soul to me.

"You know I love you with all of my heart, right?"

"Of course, baby," I replied, a bit apprehensive.

"I'd like to ask something of you, and I know how you feel now, but I need you to reconsider for me," she continued.

"I'm not sure where you're going, love," I started, "but for you, I'll certainly consider whatever it is that's on your mind."

Sarah gazed lovingly at me for a bit, and took both of my hands in hers. "J, I want you to have sex with Nessa."

I gasped, startled at her request. ""

"Well no," she answered, "but just from now on. I want her to be able to experience intimacy, especially after all she's done for us. I think it would be nice if she could join us sometimes when we have sex. And I want you to know it's okay for you to just give her some when it's just the two of you."

"Baby...we're always together," I said, barely smiling as I imagined the thought of what my sister proposed.

"I know, but what I mean is it's okay for just the two of you to have sex sometimes."

"Oh, so this is a long-term thing," I asked.

"As long as she's here, yes."

"You're sure about this?"

"As sure as I am about us. If it helps, I'll have sex with her, too."

My cock throbbed and belched a pool of precum onto the floor as she said that. Sarah noticed, and reached for my tool.

"Pretty please," she said, as she slowly stroked my rigid member. Her eyes begged me, and she chewed her bottom lip in hopes I would agree to including her best friend in sexual play. "I want her to be as available to us as we are to each other, and I know she wants the same."

I thought about it for a minute as my sexy little sister stood tugging on my cock. I already knew I was going to say yes, because I'd be a fool to turn down sex with two gorgeous women.

As I stood feigning consideration, Sarah said, "I know we'll still love each other the same way. Nothing will ever change that."

I smiled weakly, and replied, "Well, I guess we can try it out and see how things go."

Sarah beamed, and leapt into my arms. She threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as she thanked me repeatedly.

"I can't wait to tell Vanessa she's going to get laid!"

"Okay, baby. Off you go then!"

I watched as Sarah bounced away to find her friend and let her know that life on the farm was about to change. I returned to working, but struggled to concentrate as I pondered what was to come. My lover had just given me full permission to fuck her best friend whenever I wanted to. I love my sister, and will do anything to make her happy, so if her allowing me to fuck her friend does that, I'm on board.

As I wrapped up work on this particular day, I went upstairs to find the girls preparing another feast for us. They had gathered some things from the garden, and were making a full farm-fresh meal for the three of us. Sarah mostly leaned on the counter as Vanessa did the cooking. Like girls do, they chatted and giggled as they worked. Sarah saw me come in and scampered to get me a drink.

"Hey, baby," Sarah said. Vanessa turned briefly and smiled. I noticed her body flush as I caught her eye.

"How are my lovely ladies this evening?"

"Great," Sarah replied as she handed me a margarita and kissed me on the cheek. She caught my eye and looked towards her friend, whose pert ass was looking inviting. She tilted her head as if to tell me the time was right for me to put my cock in her lonely pussy. To further encourage me, she took my hand and lead me to stand directly behind Vanessa as she toiled at the stove. Her body tensed as my stiff and ready cock touched her ass.

"Ready," Sarah asked Vanessa as she again leaned on the counter next to her.

"Now?" Vanessa countered, as she subtly pushed back against me.

Vanessa arched her back and put her ass in position for me as I placed my hand on her hip. I rubbed my cock up and down her moist slit and watched as her breathing immediately grew more rapid. Sarah just looked at me and grinned as I nestled my thick head between Vanessa's puffy pussy lips. I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands as I stepped forward to her and allowed my cock to fill her hungry cunt for the first time. Sarah placed one of her hands on mine as we gently caressed Vanessa's tits. I slowly started to thrust in and out of her, enjoying the feeling of strange pussy squeezing my cock. With long, deep strokes, I fucked her. As the pleasure grew more intense, I thrusted faster and faster into Vanessa. Her head fell forward, and Sarah held her hair back to keep it from dipping into the food she was preparing. I watched as my sister lovingly caressed her friend as I violated her pussy from behind.

Vanessa came, and she came hard. I don't know how long it had been since she had a real dick in her, but she definitely needed it. Her pussy flowed, and her juices streamed down her inner thighs. I held her hips and kept fucking her, eager to make her feel good. She came twice more, each time gripping my cock a little tighter. The sounds of her juices sloshing as I plowed her filled the air, and it wasn't long before I could go no further. I pulled out and nestled my slippery shaft between her butt cheeks. I thrust between her cheeks as my cock showered her back and ass with a generous coating of cum. My sister watched as I painted her friend's back. She always loves to see my cock squirt.

I pulled away, and leaned back against the island. Both girls turned and watched as my bobbing cock dripped onto the floor as I caught my breath. Vanessa, no longer needing permission, dropped to her knees and eagerly went to work cleaning my cock with her mouth. Sarah stepped to me and thanked me before kissing me deeply. I touched her tits and kissed her back as Vanessa cleaned up all traces of my cum and her juices.

"I needed that!" exclaimed Vanessa as she rose to her feet again. She pecked my lips, then returned to cooking.

Sarah grabbed a towel and moved to wipe cum off of Vanessa's back, but she was stopped. Vanessa wanted to leave it there. She said she loved how it felt running down her back and between her ass cheeks. Sarah just grinned, and went to set the table. I gave Vanessa's tits a quick squeeze, then went to join Sarah, and help her set the table.

"Thank you so much for doing that," Sarah said.

"Her pussy isn't as tight as yours," I joked.

"Well, it sure looked like you enjoyed it," my sister giggled.

"I didn't say it was bad pussy," I said, laughing.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it," Sarah said, smiling. "I'm sure you'll be enjoying it more in the days to come."

I stepped in behind her and hugged her close. I kissed her neck, and as I slid my hand up to her breasts, I told her I love her, and that I'll never want pussy any more than I want hers. She blushed and playfully swatted my arm as I held the best tits in the world in my hands.

Our lives indeed changed that day. All summer long, I would find my girls out in their garden working, or in the kitchen putting up what they had harvested. They became proficient in canning vegetables and preparing food for long storage. I couldn't help but be proud of my sexy little homesteaders. I got to fuck them like we were wild animals. I'd see the girls on their hands and knees in the garden, and I'd jump on them and fuck them. Same in the kitchen, or any other room in the house, and all over the property outside. Unfortunately, we spent very little time at our lake. It was only on the rare occasion that we'd take a short swim. It seemed that we were too focused on growing and storing food. We talked about it periodically, and decided that we'd just hope things would change so that we could afford ourselves more time there.

Summer began to fade and turn into fall. The fall was unseasonable this year, with temperatures remaining quite warm. There were a few cool days, but none that really screamed autumn. The leaves changed, and so did our routines. I still worked, but my girls now found themselves with more time on their hands, as the harvest was complete. All that remained were our peppers, both jalapeno and bell. They grew heartily all summer, and lasted until we got the second frost. My girls canned the jalapenos, and diced and froze the last of the bell peppers. Now, with more time on their hands, I found that they began to explore the property. Often, they would take the UTV out, but other times, they'd wander the woods on foot. I joined them on the occasional walk, and found it extremely erotic to be stark naked with the two most beautiful women in the world. I continued to work to provide for my ladies, and as winter approached, they started to spend more time in the house. That was fine by me, as I thoroughly enjoy being near them. Even as time wore on, I found it difficult to remain focused while they were around. I found myself in and constant state of arousal with them close.