This is a spinoff of Strangers on a Train, Ch. 2.

Clemmie finds herself back in Canada, once again on the wrong side of the law.

"Listen I gotta go, I'm about to be driving in a minute." She didn't see the car at the side of the building. "Well, fuck. Seriously. FUCK."


"I hit a car."

"Aren't you currently in a parking lot?"

"it was parked on the side, out of the light."


"I don't think anyone saw."


"I barely touched it."


"Oh shit, there's a cop in there. A Mounty. Fuck."

"You need to go in there and fess up right now."

"Why do those guys keep turning up?"


"Never mind. I absolutely cannot get any more points on my insurance."


"I have to get out of here."

"Well, call me from jail."


Looking out the window, "Motherfucker, did that bitch just hit my car?"

"She sure did."

Incredulously, "She's leaving?"

"She sure is."

"She has to be American."

"She sure does."

"We seriously have to wall our southern border."

"We sure do. In the meantime, check out the damage, I'll run her down."

"Bring her back drawn and quartered, please."

It wasn't until she got on the highway that her mother's disappointed face started to float before her eyes. A mile further, she couldn't take it. "Goddammit." Practicing what she'd say when she went in to confess, she flipped a U-turn. The car behind her did the same, and a police light came on. The siren blipped. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."

He motioned her into a rest stop and approached the car with care -- little chick or not, you should always be careful. The car was a beast of an 80's vintage Ford. Bench seats, three on the tree, electric everything, the whole nine, in cherry condition. A boat.

"Holy shit, it's you."

Shading her eyes from the flashlight, "Holy shit, it's you."

"My very own bad penny. Why did you flip a u-y?" Stepping back to take in the whole visual, "And since I'm asking, how did you even do it? Who flips a u-y in a yacht?"

"I'm used to it." She patted the dash. "We understand each other. And I was going back."

"Is that so?"

"I mean, at first I didn't think it was anything, but then..." Interrupting her, "But then you thought leaving the scene was even dumber than rear-ending someone in a parking lot?"

"I felt guilty."

"Sure, that. Or, and hear me out, you thought I clocked your tags and decided it'd be smarter to not run."

"I was coming back. Doesn't that count for something?"

"Not much."

"Why do you care? You're like Federal, right? Like Canada FBI?"

"You Wiki'd us, didn't you?"

"Whatever. You're not highway patrol, this isn't your yard."

"That was a friend's car. And it's all my yard. License and registration, please."

Watching her cutoffs ride up as she stretched a mile to root around in the glove box, he was glad she wasn't simpering, wasn't trying to vibe that she'd give it up for a get-out-of-jail-free card. But man, she was a fucking ride, that one. That smart mouth on her, angling for a spanking -- which was a sincere pleasure to give -- soft tits around his cock, bending her over the interview table, her getting off being watched. Holy fuck.

Aware of her shorts riding up as she rooted around in the glove box, she was glad he wasn't leering, wasn't trying to vibe he'd give her a get-out-of-jail-free card if she gave it up. But lord, he was a serious lay, that one. Giving her that look that shut her up quick, motherfucker actually spanking her, fucking her with his fingers, then on his lap, that cock thicker than hell, the guy outside watching. Holy fuck.

"You don't have to be a dick about it. I. was. coming. back." This, heated.

"What did you say?" There was that look. Her mouth went dry, all the moisture heading south. "I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean it; I'm sorry."

"You're right, you shouldn't have, yes, you did, and no you're not. Wait here."

"Where are you going?"

"Where do you think? I'm calling this in. Wait. Here."

Not calling it in, he called Katie instead. "What's the damage?"

"None, I guess. But what the hell."

"No damage? Forget it then. She's no threat to society."

"She's a threat to my car, Ian. She could have totaled it at 10 miles an hour, in that thing."

"She was coming back -- I caught up to her after she'd already made a U-turn."

"Guilty conscience? Riiight."

"Cynic." Watching her get out of the car, because of course, "Nice, though, right?"

"Very. I only saw her from a distance, though. Is she as good up close?"


"You owe me, man."

"Next taillight's on me."

"Fuck you."

"Anytime. Go ahead and close up, head on home. I'll keep you posted."

Not actually waiting, not doing what he told her to do, he watched her walk toward his car. The headlights made a mockery of her loose white t-shirt, midriff peeking. her braless tits bobbed with every step. Is she barefoot? Christ, this girl.

"I told you to wait there." Shrugging, "You were fun to hang out with, last time I was here."

"Hang out with? The way I remember it, we did more than hang out. You were quite the little slut. Dropped your panties quick." A hand on the back of her neck steered her back to the car. "Hands on the hood, please."

"You were quite the unprofessional. You gave me an actual spanking. You pulled my dress up in an interrogation room."

"Uh huh. And you gave me one sweet ride. I can still see it. Man, you looked cute, getting all the way off on it. We call it an interview room, though. Hands on the hood, please."

"You're going to search me?" Gesturing down at herself. What do you suppose I'm hiding?" His knee between hers, he ran his fingers down her neck. "Safety first, what can I say? Y'know, usually this is the worst part of the job. Tonight it's a perk." As he worked their way down her body, she sighed with pleasure and dropped her head. His thigh spread hers further. "You like that?"

"I understand the danger you're in. You have to be sure."

"Procedure dictates." Hands under her t-shirt now, "Anything here?" Squeezing her bare breasts, lightly - lazily - pinching her nipples. "Pigtails and cutoffs? Really? It's almost like you dressed to get my dick hard."

Dropping to one knee, he ran his hands from her ankle upward. His touch was gentle, but confident, as it had been before. Another guy's hands might have felt like he was taking it. This guy's hands knew she was going to offer.

Is he about to fuck me right here? Christ, this guy.

Goosebumps rising, "I can hardly be hiding weapons on my bare legs." The journey from the other ankle brought his fingers under the edge of her shorts. "Can't be too careful. Take your shorts down for me."

Holy shit, he is.

"That's enough, you don't have to drop them, just need to see if you're hiding anything there." As she unzipped her shorts, Clemmie looked up, "There are cameras, you know."

"Those cameras have been out of order forever." He squeezed her ass, inches from his face. "No amount of bitching seems to get them fixed."

"I think you're lying. You'll probably snag the footage for some private time." That brought him to his feet, and earned her a smack. "I think you want me to be lying. You like getting fucked in front of God and everyone. You hope I'll take that footage home. You'll lay on your couch and play with your pussy thinking about me jacking off to it."

"You will be, too."

"You know it, baby." Her skin, that round ass blooming from a tiny waist, holy hell. Another smack. The next slap hardened her nipples, wet her panties further. "Apologize for calling me a dick."

"I didn't call you a dick. I said you didn't have to be a dick." This earned her a another, on the other cheek. "You remember how this mouthy shit ends?"

"I'm sorry..." His hand at the back of her neck held her still. "No you're not." Another smack. "But it doesn't matter. You left the scene, and now you're giving me backtalk." He released her neck. "Let's take these down too, hm? Show me what I'm getting next." He slapped her ass harder, petting her between smacks. "There is something about a girl bent over with her panties down just enough. You like that too, don't you?" Her answer was to rest her cheek on the hood. "Oh my god..."

"It sure seems like you like it."

He moved his grip to her inner high to give her something to rub up against. "You do look nice like this." Clemmie reached down to catch his wrist, pull him in harder. "That's a girl. Two fingers pushed into her "We better do a cavity search." Letting her relax a moment before fucking her nicely, "You gonna be a good girl?" Curling his fingers as he withdrew, "You concealing anything there? You don't mind if I make sure, do you?" Tilting her ass up at him, her breath was audible when he returned them, less gently. "Guess not."

He tugged on a pigtail and drawled, "Once my youngest brother stole some candy from a store. My mother made him take it back, and he had to apologize in front of everyone. Mom made him apologize to everyone from the greeter to the cashier, to the manager to a lady checking out."

"Humiliating much?"

He leaned in, his breath hot on her shoulder. "That's what you get for misbehaving." His cock was trying to escape his pants. "I won't humiliate you, sweetheart, just adjust your attitude." The slaps on her ass worked their way down. "Spread your legs more." When his hand connected with the top of her thigh, jolting her pussy, she squealed. "I sure like that jiggle."

His cock had been perfect, my god. "I'll be good, I promise...." She pressed her ass back at his dick.

Tempted, but it could end badly for both of them, him jobless, her booked for soliciting. Better get her somewhere at least a little private before he lost his common sense.

Stepping back, "Yeah? Well, let's start by giving that candy back. Follow me, it's not far. And put some shoes on. That's illegal too."


Seeing them approach, Katie came outside. "Wait by your car." Clemmie watched them talk it over with one eye, and squinted at the dent on the bumper with the other, unsure whether it was her doing, or preexisting. "There's fuckin' dirt in it. That had to be there already."

"Do you ever do what you're told?" She ignored him and took a deep breath. "I might've brushed your car. At first I didn't think it was anything, but then..."

Katie interrupted her, "But then he ran you down."

"No, was coming back."

"He brought you back."

"You don't have to be a bitch about it. I came back."

"I don't have to be a bitch about it?" To Ian, "Really?"

"Yup. Really. The mouth on her, she is a pain in the ass." Trying to gather the tatters of her cheeky-charming act, "If it helps you can rear end me back." They all stood there, listening to that sentence hang in the air, until Katie's eyes wandered over her. Looking her in the eye. "That something you're into?"

"I didn't mean that."

"Spoiler: she's a font of things she doesn't mean." As Katie's eyes roamed her body, she saw Clemmie flush, her nipples harden. "Relax, Ian, no harm done. The dent was already there."

With a sizable laugh, "Yeah, she has that effect. You get a look at those tits and all the sudden you're not so pissed off. I get it, believe me." To Clemmie, "Lookie there. Lucked out again." A grin playing at his lips now, "Say hello -- and thank you -- to Katie. Katie, Clementine. Clementine, Katie."


Katie shook her head. "She's not the only pain in the ass, Ian."

"You should know." A considering look. "Although you sure don't act like it hurts."

Katie: "Dick."

Clemmie: "She knows you well, obviously."

Ian: "She's certainly seen it up close."

Katie: "He's obnoxious. Come in, have a drink?"

Ian: "Don't mind if I do."

Inside, the house was friendly, if overstuffed, with comfortably worn furniture. A yellow dog gave them a lazy wag of her tail before going back to her nap. There was an array of mani-pedi materials on the coffee table. "Shoes at the door, please. My house is messy enough."

"Her shoes are guaranteed cleaner than her feet."

Sharply: "Shut up."

"Good lord. When was the last time you got a pedicure?"

More sharply: "If my feet offend you, you could always give me one."

"You really do have a mouth on you, don't you?"

Calling from the kitchen, "I told you. Beer or wine?"

At Katie's questioning look, "Wine, thank you. Can I use your restroom? Casting a meaningful look at the kitchen, "I need to clean up. And by the way, he's a fucking tease."

Katie rolled her eyes. "Ian's gotta Ian. We've all been there."

"The first step toward rehabilitation is to pay one's debt to society."

Another eye roll. "First door on the left."

"Here, put your feet in my lap."

"She's supposed to be apologizing to you, not the other way around."

Dimpling, "When I'm done, she can put her head in my lap."

"That's what I'm talking about."

Drinking and chatting, the pedi proceeded apace, and Katie's light touch grew firmer, suggestive even, as she worked. Clemmie admired her long limbs, natural tan, thick hair - so black it was almost blue, she looked athletic and elegant.

"It's easier from here." Katie went to her knees, stroking Clemmie's feet, massaging the sole lightly, and then the other, making Clemmie wiggle her toes with pleasure. "Germany? Really? I've never been. How was that?" Ian's eyes on them raised the temperature.

Blushing bright red, pictures of Jonas behind her, Lili's pretty freckled thighs, flashed through her mind, and she felt the images between her legs. "You know...interesting. Germans ... It was a lot of fun." Ian raised an eyebrow at her tone. "Let me guess. You got mouthy with a German dude, didn't you? I bet those guys would straighten you out quick."

Katie squeezed a stream of lotion onto Clemmie's shins. Parting her knees, she pulled her closer to the edge of the couch, and added lotion to her palms. She smoothed the lotion into her thighs, lingering on the backs, and saw Clemmie's tits begin to rise and fall more quickly.

Katie's hands reached the tendon where her thighs met, massaged them with her thumbs. "Is that true? Are they... German guys, like... controlling?" Clemmie cleared her throat. "I can't speak for all of them, but my friend was, uh, stern."

Lifting his beer in toast, "Good man." Then, "Getting close to apology time. You ever eat pussy, honey?"

"Don't be crass, Ian." Leaning in to kiss Clemmie's thigh, one hand under the hem of her shorts, "Ian's right, your breasts are insane."

"I always wanted to be tall and slender. Your legs are ridiculous."

"Mmhmm, it feels like he got you started." Clemmie groaned when two of the fingers under her shorts pushed into her. "Not to be as rude as him, but do you...have you ever apologized o a girl?" That was that; Clemmie knew she was going into Katie's jeans face first.

Ian leaned on the counter, settling in to watch, "That look says yes. Why don't you do Katie a favor? Apologize nicely, and I'm guessing she'll let the car thing go." That switch in Clemmie flipped, the one one that liked to make a girl open her legs and beg. Brushing Katie's hair back, "I would like to apologize for my behavior."

"Are you sure? I mean, nobody's going to blackmail you. He's just fucking with you. We wouldn't do th..." Clemmie dropped to her knees and, nose to nose with Katie, stopped her talking with a kiss. "I know." Standing, she pulled Katie to her feet. "You are so pretty." She kissed her again, teeth catching her lower lip. "I was raised better than to run off like that." This, whispered into the pulse at Katie's throat, stroking her from temple to cleavage, toying with the button on her cardigan. "I'd love to apologize."

"Good God. Hang on for one second. I'll need another beer for this."

Taking a moment on each button, Clemmie kissed her way back to her knees, and took Katie's jeans down. "Step out of these, lovely. Oh, you have such beautiful legs. Your skin is like silk." She lingered halfway between knees and panties, feeling the tension, knowing where her mouth was most wanted, "I'm really sorry I dinged your car." The increasing tension is Katie's thighs had Clemmie feeling wicked. She sucked Katie's pussy into her mouth, enjoying the shocked sound, and the taste of her through the fabric.

She nudged her toward the arm of the couch. "Bend over, hm?" Knowing Ian was watching made her bolder. With a sidelong look at him, "Let's take these down, hm? Show me what I'm getting next." He raised his beer in toast again, but chose to keep his mouth shut. No endangering this moment, nope.

Running her tongue from Katie's tailbone down the crack of her ass, "Do you like this?" Massaging her cheeks, thumbs petting her between them, Clemmie was thrilled by the sound from Katie -- not exactly a groan, not quite a grunt. She pressed her palm against her clit. "I am really sorry I drove away. She pushed her middle finger into Katie's pussy and circled her clit with her index. Katie rolled her hips, wanting both the palm and the fingers. "I can apologize more nicely if we lie down."

Ian: "This right here is exactly what I'm talking about." This, in reverent tones.

"David's going to be home soon..." Barely getting the words out, "he's super not into this." His beer forgotten, "I swear to Christ I will never understand that man."

"How long is 'soon'?"


"What time is it?''

"Eight twenty-five."

"So we have, let's say, twenty-five minutes. Let's go lay down, ok?"

Clemmie arranged two pillows under her ass. "Spread your legs wider, Katie. Ian wants to see." Ian leaned on the doorframe, his cock all but bursting in his pants. Clemmie pressed Katie's pussy lips closed. "I've never met a girl who didn't love this." She lapped at the seam she'd made until Katie's hips raised off the pillows. "I am really, really sorry that I said that thing about being a bitch." Allowing the seam to open a fraction, she snaked the smallest tip of her tongue between, searching out her clit. Katie's hands came to the back of Clemmie's head. "Oh, holy, holy shit."

Clemmie released the pressure. "Show me where you want me to kiss you." Katie laid her finger just below her clit. She licked her just there, soft and wet. "Do you forgive me?"


"Choose another spot for me to kiss." Katie set her fingertip lower, and then ran it up along the side, bottom to top. "Mmhmm, there we go." Clemmie laid a line of wet kisses along the same path. "Is that nice?"


"Choose one more." This time, Katie chose the spot just above her clit. "Do you want me to go up from there? Or down?"

"Down, fuck."

"My pleasure, lovely." The sound from Katie brought a new meaning to need.

She raised her head, removing her fingers. At her wordless protest, Clemmie offered a wicked smile. "How's my apology going?"

Ian and Katie almost in unison: "Jesus fucking Christ."

"Ian's right, there is something about a girl." Returning her fingers, Clemmie licked her all the way up, flattening her tongue as she passed her clit. "You know what I like? I like to have sort of...sort of French kisses, I guess you'd say, on my clit. I mean licks are nice..." She licked one of the spots that Katie had showed her, and then another. "Your clit is so fat...I bet I could make you come in one more long lick."

"Yes, please..." Katie moaned, reached for Clemmie, pushed her hips up. "No, no -- hands at your sides. You'll like this, I think Lay still, or I'll stop." Katie was moved to strict, if pleading, obedience. "We still have some time. I want to be sure I've apologized properly." Feeling the swelling under her tongue, she looked up, a teasing look in her eye. "I like licks like that. She followed the same trail, this time kissing Katie as she had her mouth, "But I really like that." Ian had to work at stroking his cock lightly, not wanting to come until Katie did. "I notice there's lube on your nightstand."