This is the first part of how we get to The First Day, lots of detail and some explanation. I wrote "The First Day" first, so you can it first or start here and read all the "Before the First Day" parts first.

Emily had been working so hard over these last two weeks that i had to do something special for her. We got married two weeks ago on March 14 and rather than a honeymoon, we relocated for my job and moved into our "new" home. We both like the clean aesthetic of midcentury modern architecture and when the realtor showed me this vintage gem, I couldn't pass it up. The inside had been remodeled to modern standards while keeping the midcentury vibe. We spent two weeks unpacking boxes, buying appropriate furniture, decorating and, of course, fucking - it was our honeymoon! Here's how we spent our honeymoon... Emily and I met while I was in college, only I wasn't some young, pimply-faced kid. After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force. After basic and some advanced training in electronics, I was sent to Afghanistan to work on aircraft avionics. After 4 long years mostly in Afghanistan, I decided that I needed to do more than just work on electronics, I needed to design them. I opted out of another tour and returned Stateside to go to college in Electronic Design. I was consumed with studying and learning for about 3 years. I was at the top of my class, but had no life outside of school. It was then that I met Emily. I was sitting at the local coffee shop (not the one whose name rhymes with Jarfucks). It was crowded. So, when a girl walked up to my 2 top table and asked if I minded her sitting in the last empty seat in the place, I'm sure I muttered something like "Sure." without looking up. That was a mistake, as I soon learned. When I finally did look up, I was stunned. The "girl" who sat down at my table was an absolute knockout - and she was closer to my age than I expected. "This sort of thing never happens to me!' was all I could think. Maybe now was a good time to think about something other than school... "I don't think I've seen you around here before." Ok, a bit lame, but at least I was trying. "Well if course you haven't, you have your eyes glued to that screen every day, when you sit here." She pretended that my "line" was a good one. "Now that I know you're here every day that's _definitely_ going to change! I'm Ben." and held out my hand. "Emily. And it's nice to finally meet you." as she shook my hand. For the next three weeks, we met up at "our table" every morning. After that, we started dating. As the year progressed, so did out relationship. By graduation time, I had several job offers, one from a major robotics engineering firm in a nearby city - my dream job! And we had set a date for our wedding. After graduation, I took the dream job, and married my dream girl. The company put me up for a couple of nights in the city a couple of times before graduation, introduced me to the design team and helped me find the perfect house. They even made all the closing arrangements. So, before graduation and the wedding, we already had our first home! We decided that we'd take two weeks after the wedding as a "move-in" honeymoon. We drove over to the city right after the reception and spent out wedding night in a posh hotel. The next day, I surprised Emily with the news that we already had our first house and took her to see it. She was thrilled. Then the work began. The moving van showed up with about 1/2 a semi trailer-full for us. I was glad they sent a couple of big dudes to lug all that furniture and those boxes up our step driveway and into the house. We spent the rest of the day getting the master bedroom and bath and the kitchen moved in and ready. We spent our first night in our new home! We only had a chance to "break in" the master bedroom - we were both beat from a long day of moving in. While we were working on the house the day after we moved in, I met the UPS guy - only, it wasn't a guy, it was a beautiful 22 year old girl named Dove. She was delivering a plain brown box to our nearest neighbor as i was finishing up putting fresh numbers on our mailbox at the street. As she got back to her truck, I said "I wonder what's in that plain brown box." "Oh, it's sex toys! I recognize the fake company name on the shipping label. That one was from Adam and Eve." "Really? And just how do you know that?" "Ohhh, I may have ordered some products from them, myself..." she said, matter-of-factly. "I'd like to hear more about that some time." "Hmmm. Don't you have on a wedding ring and have a wife right over there?" she said, pointing at Emily, who was standing on a ladder adjusting the new curtains in the large picture window in our den. "Yeah, but she wouldn't mind me making a new friend! Especially if she got to meet them, too. We're new here and don't know a soul. It'd be great to know someone who knows their way around, ya know..." "So, is she into sex toys?" "I don't know. We haven't had a chance to talk about that, yet. I'm guessing she doesn't even know a dildo from a butt plug!" I chuckled. "Sounds like you do, though. Maybe she'd be interested in 'learning' about them... or being taught...?" she said, with her eyebrows raised. "I dunno. Maybe. I need to get back to work. By the way, I'm Ben." "Gotcha. Me, too. Dove, nice to meet you Ben. See ya round." And she was off, stopping way up the street and delivering an Amazon box. Her comments got me to thinking, maybe we should get to know her. Yeah, she was a bit younger than us, but she carried herself like someone who knows who they are. She was certainly forthright! I finished the mailbox project and headed into the house. That was the last "must do" outdoor project, for now. Emily had just finished with the curtains, so i suggested we take a break on the deck out back. As I looked at my beautiful bride, I began to wonder how she would look doing all the things I had imagined over the years...deepthroating my just over average sized cock, taking it up her ass, restrained and cumming over and over, ... "What are you so deep in thought about?" My dick was as hard as it has ever been. "You and what a lucky guy I am." (Not a lie, just not the whole story.) I stood up and stepped over to her, helped her to her feet and pulled her on for a deep, passionate, pelvis grinding kiss. We stayed like that for a few minutes, tongues thrashing and softly moaning. "I know it's our honeymoon, but we have lots to get done before your first day at work. We've only got about 10 days, ya know." and she pulled away, looking a bit flushed. I decided right then that we were going to start our married life out on the right foot! But, how could I persuade my brand new and fairly naïve bride to indulge me in the sex life I'd been fantasizing about since I was about 18? The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like persuasion was the wrong way to go about it. My thoughts kept going back to that conversation with Dove... My next job was to install the security system. Being that this was a real midcentury modern house, there was no way to run cables and wires. So, everything would be wireless. It sure made the installation quick. I had every exterior opening fitted with sensors in about 2 hours. I then started on the security cameras. There were 4 exterior cams, 2 on the front, 2 on the back. Then I had a couple of interior cams, 1 in the entry way, and 1 in the den facing the big sliding doors. I spent the rest of the day getting the tv, surround sound and stereo all hooked up in the den. As we were getting ready for bed, I thought...maybe I should have some additional cams, not so much for security but for personal enjoyment. The whole thought of being a voyeur got me very turned on and we had some fabulous sex that night. I got up early, got on the internet and found just what I was looking for - tiny cameras that could be disguised as screw heads, with a little control box that could be tucked away somewhere convenient. I ordered 8 for 2-day delivery and began to plan where they needed to go. While I was looking, another devilish thought occurred - maybe there would be a way to quickly convince Emily to be my sexual dream girl. I quickly found my way to the Sybian website and ordered one with all the basic 3 attachments, and with the bondage tie downs. Yeah, it was expensive, but I sure hoped it would "pay off" in action. I added a special request on the order to deliver it on my first day at work, using Dove's company. There was quite a bit more planning to do for that day, but we DID have to finish getting settled into the house, too. Over the next few days, we made quite a few trips to the hardware store for supplies. We also spent a lot of time searching for and buying just the right furniture for the guest bedroom, the den, my office and the dining area. All of those purchases were being delivered over the next week, in "kit" form. So, everyday there was something to be assembled. As I expected, the spy cameras arrived right on time. I saw Dove getting out of her truck and met her on the driveway. "Hi, Dove. Looks like you have the package I was expecting. Right on time." "Hi Ben. Yep. It's for you. Looks like y'all are making great progress, from the look of all the boxes out at the street." "Yeah. We're getting there. Now that we have some furniture, we're going to be repainting some of the walls to go with. Not my favorite activity, but it's gotta get done before I head to work next Monday." I paused - well, here goes my plan. This could go very badly - or turn out great..."You seem like a very honest and up-front person. I'd like to ask you a question. It's kind of awkward and if you don't want to answer it, you don't have to worry about it. OK?" "That sounds very mysterious, and just a little bit ominous. But, you are right. Questions can't hurt a thing. So, what the heck? Sure. Ask away." "I've been thinking about what you said about Emily learning, or more specifically being taught, about sex toys. That's a particular fantasy of mine. But, it's just a fantasy, so far. I have no experience with them. Would you be willing to help teach Emily?" and I held my breath...looking at her beautiful face, it was hard to tell which way this was going to go... "Well, that's not at all what I expected. I thought you were going to hit on're not, are you?!" "Oh, no. HELL no! I love my wife, I just want to do something that I hope will put us on a long path to happiness. And I think exploring our sexuality early on is the best way." "Hm. I'm not saying yes, but you do sound sincere. Tell me a little more about what you have in mind. Then, if you can give me a night to think it over, I'll swing by tomorrow and let you know." "Whew! That could have gone way off the rails. So, thanks for not smacking me or something. I'd like you to make a special delivery on Monday. I ordered a Sybian and scheduled it to be here on my first day at work. Have you heard of the Sybian?" "Oh wow! You DO love her if you got her one of those babies. Yes, I've heard of it. I might have even seen a video or 2 of one in use. Never in person, though. I've always wondered if they are as great as the look. How would this work?" "I specified your service for the shipping, so it's coming on your truck! I'd like you to deliver it to Emily...and to somehow figure out a way to get her on it. I've not quite figured out all the details. If you say yes, we can work on a plan. But, we can't do anything to raise suspicion, I DON'T want her to think I'm cheating on her, or something." "Oh what the hell, I don't need to think about this, at all! Using a Sybian has been on my bucket list since I first heard of it. If there's some way I could get a turn on that beast, I'm in. ALL in! But I do need some time to think about how I could do that, like, it'd be during my work day...and how in the hell am I going to get her on it without getting myself either fired or arrested...I'll jot down some ideas tonight and either bring them if you have a delivery or drop them in your mailbox tomorrow. That work for you?" "Ohhhh, you don't know how that works for me...! I don't think we're expecting anything tomorrow, so plan on leaving it in the box. Put it in the lower slot, since that's for newspapers and we don't get one. If you see an envelope there, that'll be from me with my ideas. OK?" "OK. This is a little scary, but really exciting! I'm getting wet just thinking about it! Oh, is that TMI?" she said, but not blushing. She looked like she actually wanted an answer. "No, that's exactly the right amount of information! Now, get back to work so you can get home and make some plans." "See ya." When I got back to the house, I put the package in "my drawer" in the kitchen and went about the business of getting ready to paint the master bedroom. As part of that, I'd need to remove all the outlet covers. Perfect for placing a couple of the new cameras...I'd just have to get the timing right. After we moved the furniture to the middle of the room and removed all the outlet covers, the actual painting didn't take long. One wall was almost entirely glass, looking out over the wooded valley behind the house. The others had doors, windows, built-in cabinetry, etc. So, we were done by dinner time. "I'll go make some dinner and you can get those outlet covers put back on." Emily said as she left the room. I follower her out and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. She stepped into the pantry and I grabbed my envelope of cameras out of the drawer and headed back to the master. I started with the outlet that had a perfect view of the kingsize bed. I easily slid the tiny control box into the outlet box. It had two small clips to connect it to the power. Then it was just slide the fiberoptic cable thru the outlet screw hole and put it all back together with the special hollow screw. Once together, with the fiber slid back into the outlet, it was almost totally invisible. I pulled out my phone and quickly added the camera to the app I had downloaded for them. The picture was pretty decent, considering the size of the camera. The next one was in an outlet that faced the door to the master bath and part of the sliding glass doors that lead out to the back deck. I added that one just as quickly. Then, I just finished up all the rest of the outlets and switch plates. "Honey, dinner is ready!" "Great, let me wash up real quick." and I went in the master bath. I washed up and set the 2 new cameras to motion detection and auto-night-vision. I intended to test them out after dinner. I returned to the dining area to find Emily already at the table, two nice plates of salad and baked chicken and a bottle of white wine. "What's the occasion? This looks wonderful!" "I just thought we should have a civilized meal and knock off early today. Let's take some time for US." "I like your thinking, young lady." I held out her chair and seated her then poured us each some wine, before taking my seat. Our dining area also looked out over the wooded back yard. "What do you say - after dinner, let's go out on the deck and 'relax'?" I said, raising my eyebrows. "Well, I like your thinking, too - old man!" It was like we were at an eating contest, now. We both tried to get finished as fast as we could, without looking too obvious. We both failed. We looked at our empty plates, then at each other and broke out laughing. "Lets get that wine bucket and another bottle and take it out on the deck. We can finish this one first..." Emily went and grabbed another bottle, stuck it in the bucket and filled it with ice. I went into the bedroom and opened the sliding door to the deck and pulled a couple of the loungers over so that they were right outside the door (and right in view of the new camera inside and the one outside). I took up my position in one, set the partial bottle of wine and our two glasses on the small table beside it and leaned back. Emily came out, set the wine bucket on the table and leaned in for a passionate kiss. As we continued, I lowered the back of the lounger to the flat position and she somehow twisted around and ended up lying beside me on it. She started to kiss her way down my neck, as her hands opened the buttons on my shirt. She continued downward, her lips moving to my chest and nipples as her hands headed for my waistband. As she worked her way down, I lifted my hips to help her out. By the time her mouth reached my waist, my pants were long gone. "Tell me what you want!" she rasped out as she lifted her head. "You. Naked. And sucking my dick." Emily slowly licked the length of my rock hard cock and stood up. She shrugged her arms out of her shirt and lifted it up over her perfect tits. No bra! Perfect. She turned around and looked over her shoulder, seductively. I had forgotten about her hands, but they must've been undoing the buttons on her shorts because they were now slowly sliding down her legs. She bent over at the waist to ease them the rest of the way down. Wait. No panties, either! It doesn't get much better than this...or so I thought. "OK. I'm naked. Now for that other part." and she bent over and using only her tongue and lips, slid my now explosively hard cock into her mouth. She then slid herself around and down so that she was lying across my right leg with my cock still in her warm, soft mouth. Then she really started. The tongue. Sliding up and down. Taking more and more into her mouth, then her throat. After a few minutes of this, she pulled back and said, "Like that!" "OH MY GOD, YES - JUST LIKE THAT!" and her reply was to sink her head all the way down till her nose was smashed against my pelvis. This was heaven. I had to start thinking about something else, or I was going to blow. And soon. Then, I thought about the cameras and almost lost it. She was still going full-length on my cock. I wanted this to last, so I said "Hold on." I pulled out of her warm, wet mouth. I stood up, positioning myself so that both cameras should have a pretty good view of the action. She turned herself around and got into position. I reached down and gently guided her head toward my cock, then all the way down to the base. She pulled back and said "Fuck my face! Please! I need it!" I was more than happy to oblige. I started slowly and accelerated. I tried to hold back, but that wasn't going to happen. As I got to full, fast strokes, Emily's hands went to the back of my thighs and pulled me deeper. She started making little "gluck" sounds each time I got all the way in. There was no stopping this time. I let out a long, low "ARGHHHHHH!" and spurted over and over into her throat, her mouth, onto her face and tits. "Damn, babe! That was some kinda' hot!" She grinned up at me and began cleaning my cum off her face, chin and boobs with her fingers, then licking them clean. "Yep." was all she said. Then she gently pushed me back until I flopped onto the lounger again. She pulled me back, so that my head was near the end of footrest of the lounger and stepped across my chest. I could see where this was headed and I was all for it! She lowered her pussy right down onto my eagerly awaiting mouth. She was absolutely soaked and delicious. I lapped all around her outer lips, saving the best part for later - but not much later. As I thought about how we were positioned, the cameras came back to mind. This was going to be so damned hot. I wondered if I could get her off at least a couple of times for the cameras. All these thoughts were going through my sex-clouded brain while I was licking all around her glorious puss. This got my dick started all over again. I'd better get on with getting her off before I needed relief again!