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As the scene unfolds you find yourself outside a coffee shop in the middle of town. The place seems safe and familiar although you may have never been there before. The sun is shining brightly and you feel alive as you open the door, hear the bell ring and feast your senses on the sights and smells of the establishment. You feel relaxed as you order and find yourself a comfortable table in the corner. The place is getting busy now. You take a sip of your drink and close your eyes, enjoying the many facets and flavours. The sounds of the patrons form a pleasant background noise that keeps you in the moment. With your eyes still closed, you hear a voice. My voice. "I hope you don't mind me sitting with you," I say matter of factly. "It's pretty full, and you seemed like the most interesting company." You're aware of a slight nod of your head, although I sit down before you say anything. I offer you my name and you tell me yours. "This is nice," I observe. "I'm here from out of town, but there's something about this place that feels like home. " We begin to engage in small talk. You become intrigued by my turn of phrase and the sound of my voice. There's something natural and authentic about how I speak that makes you trust me. As we banter, you feel your heart begin to race and find a smile on your lips that find hard to conceal. So what is it that brings you here? You ask. I smile broadly. "To the town in general or to this table," The way I say it answers the second question - I'm at the table because of YOU. "In general," you ask. "Why do I have a feeling you're here on business?" "You're quite correct," I responded. "My business here is an interesting one." I explain that I operate a chain of spas that offer float tanks and begin talking about the concept of sensory deprivation. The client goes into a private room with a float tank. They take off their clothes and lay down in the tank which is filled with saltwater. With a push of a button, the lights dim and you float silently and weightlessly in the dark, relaxing your mind. "That's really interesting," you reply. You find your mind stuck on the image of you in a private room taking off your clothes and the idea of me watching you. "It's a wonderful way to relax," I say. "You get out and all your senses are heightened - everything feels, smells, and tastes more intense." The way I smile when I say the word taste makes you flush. "You know, just taking away one of your senses makes the others intense. If you want, I can show you how it works." I invite you across the street to my hotel. You know I have something sensual planned for you, but I'm also so sincere, you have few reservations. You're curious and excited, so you say yes. As I guide you into my quiet, clean and comfortable room, you notice me placing my hand on your back. It slides down slightly to your ass and stays there for a few seconds. You sigh and find yourself saying, "You're bad." I stop you in front of the full-length mirror. Standing behind you, I admire the view of the two of us. I'm playing with your hair now and you feel me kiss your neck. You begin to melt. "Let me prove my point," I say. I turn you around kiss you softly and seductively. "Remember that," I say. You respond. "I don't think I could forget." "You haven't experienced anything yet, I say. You see me walk over to the table and pick up something wrapped in cellophane. "They give these out in all the rooms here," I say. As I open it up and lift it so you can see, you notice it's a sleep mask. "Allow me to demonstrate," I say slyly placing it over your head. It feels silky against your skin. "Are you ready?" I ask. You nod. You feel my lips on yours again, but the feeling is even more intense. Your lips reach out for more. Our mouths dance together in rhythm, soft and gentle then intense and back again. I even bite your lip gently and sensually. "Does that feel even better than the first time?" I ask. Your body feels lit up like a Christmas tree. All you can say is "Oh My God." "Time for step two." You hear me say. You hear me open the closet and feel me position you so that your hands are on the clothes bar. I tilt your body forward slightly so that you rest against it. It also makes any resistance challenging, not that you're interested in that. My hands rub up against you as I grope you in your clothes, but you can already sense that step two has more in store. You feel my hands as they work underneath your clothing and gently start to take them off. Your top and bra go first as I tilt you back slightly and pull it over your head, then move you back to the bar. You can feel your nipples hardening already in the cold air, and with the situation. My warm, strong hands massage your back then reach around to touch your breasts. You KNOW how you like them to be played with and I seem to know exactly what makes you squirm. The blindfold heightens everything. You hear the sound of my voice telling you how beautiful you are as you feel my warm hands and the cool air on your skin. It's an intense, but comfortable feeling you've never felt before and time seems to stand still. Suddenly you become aware that your bottoms are down by your ankles. My hand is again on your lower back as I move them down to caress your soft cheeks as I kiss your back. "Step three will begin in a moment," I say. The stimulation stops and your ears become alert to any new sounds. There's not much to hear but a rustling, You assume I'm taking off my clothes. What could be next? For a moment you can feel me breathing on your neck. You are aching for my touch. Suddenly I envelop you with my arms and you feel me pressed against you, feeling the bulge between my legs as I press into your back. My hands are everywhere, but you know where you want them and so do I. You can feel the moisture dripping down your leg and you instinctively widen your stance as an invitation. My hand slides down, exploring in a wide arc beneath your legs, feeling the fullness of your mound then sliding gently between the folds of your skin. "Are you feeling it?" I ask pressed against your ear. "How intense it can be when just ONE of your senses is taken away?" Your mouth opens and you hear yourself say. 'I want you SOO Bad." "And you will" I respond. "But it will be my way." One more step first. We've only just begun to explore your senses. I turn you around and place you on your knees. Your heart pounds knowing what comes next. You reach out to touch me but I slide your hands back behind you and tie them with a nice silk tie. You can feel the delicious nature of the silk. You realize how much the mask is intensifying. Silence for a moment. You know I'm in front of you, but why I am I waiting. "Breathe in deep," I say. You do, and you smell me. It's clean and subtle but distinctive. I'm literally right under your nose. I press against your lips and you feel me slide from left to right. I gently rub your face with it as you take in the smells and the pressure. "Next step. Tongue out." You hear me say. It's a command and you don't hesitate. You can feel me and taste me on your tongue now as I slide myself across your tastebuds. You're suddenly reminded that I'm a stranger and you've just met me, but that doesn't seem to matter. This is happening because you want it to happen. You feel my hand caress your hair and then switch to a firm grip as I slide all the way inside your mouth. Your jaw opens up and lets me in all the way. You feel my balls touch your chin as you hear a groan of pure pleasure echo from my mouth. As you close your mouth around my cock you take great pride in the fact you're pleasuring me so much. You feel a tingling on your scalp as I pull on your hair and build up a rhythm that you can tell is pure pleasure for me. I transform in your mouth becoming harder and more intense. You can sense the strength in my legs, ass, and back as I thrust into your mouth. You notice every inch of my shape and girth. I'm so much the man you've dreamed of. You feel my growing pleasure and notice that you are dripping down your leg and onto the floor. You're still so highly aroused. I pull out of your mouth and the world seems to whirl about. You're on your stomach now on the bed. My head is between your legs licking your juices uncontrollably. Your hands are still tied behind your back. I shift and end up on top of you now, sliding into you on my knees while you lie on my stomach. I've been teasing you for so long and now you feel yourself being filled. The folds of the bedspread rub against your clit as I build up a rhythm and you hear me smacking against your legs. My pace gets faster and faster as you hear me tell you gorgeous your ass is and how much you please me. I grab your hair again and you feel you're being ridden hard and fast by someone who really appreciates you and is so into you he can't control himself. Visions of the cafe less than an hour earlier. The handsome stranger now making you his. You know you're satisfying him more than he's ever been satisfied before. The peak is coming, you can feel it building from inside and out, the motion of you being fucked against your clit is lighting you up now as I spank your ass. The howl of two voices, so different but so similar thunder against the walls of the room as we peak together. Your orgasm begins to roll again and again with an intensity you've never felt before. The blindfold allows you to push through it as you peak...... Now I'm pressed against you, my balls against your clit. It's uncontrollable satisfaction. The peak falls and the heart slows, a deep and delicious satisfaction fills your body. I untie your arms and lay down on your back and envelop you. You feel safe and secure in my arms. "Mmmmm see what just a sleep mask can do," You hear me say. "There's even more in store for you.... When you're ready." "