Can you Cheat in an Open Marriage? Pt2


I want to thank Odiouser for his permission to write a second chapter to his story. When I let him read it he had a question about my opening scene, as it was to start where the original ended, when he wakes up he thinks the events leading up to here were a dream. I want to thank Nelson for the fine editing job, if there are any mistakes they will be from me changing his suggestions. Lets a;; look forward to any other additions that come down the way.

I honestly think I could maybe tolerate her getting way more sex than I was, but my ego would not allow me to live within the community knowing I was a cuckold to the loosest woman in town. Sorry to be so thin-skinned and fragile.

SO, she would have to agree to quit the job and lifestyle but I am almost sure she wouldn't. I equally doubt she would agree to moving far away from here and starting over. I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke and looked at the clock, 3am. I was sweating and had just had the most horrific dream of my life. My heart was beating at a mile a minute; I dreamed that Heide was cheating on me.

I slowly looked to my left and there she was sound asleep, not a care in the world, or so she looked. Once my breathing was back under control, I thought back about the dream. Heide was a high priced Call Girl/Striper. She had had an affair with the mayor and Oh yeah my friend Spence.

As I looked around the room I decided to get up and use the facilities and try to go back to sleep. While sitting on the commode I thought to what day this was, that's right it would be Tuesday morning. As I flushed I knew that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so I decided to go down and get a cup of warm milk, hopefully the melatonin would help put me back to sleep.

O got down to the kitchen and poured a cup of milk, and set it in the microwave for 45 seconds. I looked to my left and saw the drawer that I had dreamed where the pictures of Heide were. I walked over and slowly pulled it out. Shit, there was the envelope.

I took everything out of it and decided I would hide it in the office. I found an old shoebox in the garbage and I tore it into pieces and added some paper towels for space and put it back in the drawer. I took all the papers and my cup of milk to the office. In with the pictures were the two sales receipts for the coin and the gaudy necklace. There were about thirty pictures, most of which had Spence in them. I put them in lock box and sat back down to drink my milk.

I must have fallen back to sleep, because the next thing I knew, Heide was shaking me to wake me.

"Merl, are you alright, when woke you weren't in bed so I went to look for you. Why are you in here?"

"I had a bad dream, so I decided to try the warm milk thing. I guess it worked."

She looked over and saw the mug and believed everything I said.

"Are you going to be home on time tonight, if you are I'll make you a meal befitting a king?"

"Yeah, I don't fore see any problems, what you going to make?"

"That will be a secret; we haven't had dinner together for over week now, so I think you're due. Do you want to tell me about your dream?"

"Naw, I don't remember what it was about now, that milk thing must really work. Sorry I woke you, I'm going to go get a shower and get ready for work; I'll be back down in a few."

When I came back down, she had a full breakfast waiting for me. I gave her a big hug and a genuine kiss, and then I headed off. As I was going out the door she hit me with something I never thought she would ask.

"Do you still take lunch at twelve?"

"Usually, why, what do you need?"

"I was thinking of dropping by and going to lunch with you."

"Yeah, OK, we can go to Sherry's they have a great lunch special."

"OK, I'll see you then," and I walked out and drove to work.

If I was lost in thought before, she really had me going now. Did she know what all I knew? Was she really afraid I would leave her? What would she be willing to do to keep me? Well, we would be finding out soon.

I still had my other two problems, Spence and Rudy. All the other sex partners mattered, but not as much as those two jerks. The lap dance throng was in my mind, just ordinary citizens, a bit horny for sure, but who am I to condemn that? I had bought a bit of tail in my younger days, myself. I needed to start planning and quickly.

I went to the President of FinCo to check into a transfer to another location as far away from Cedar Rapids as I could get. As SVP of Marketing the job had to be, of course, seated in Cedar Rapids. But, he was an old friend and the man who promoted me to this lofty post initially. We brain stormed and he came up with an idea that would never have occurred to me.

The was a line management job as Regional VP currently open in Sioux City, Iowa. He had been somewhat stumped for a replacement since none of the District Managers in that region seemed seasoned enough for the officer level position.

I rather quickly nibbled at that one. I had been a successful line manager, a District Manager in another region so I knew the job well and I rather missed the action of a line position. More travel that I would like, but excitement and results-based rewards. I meant about a 10% lower salary, and maybe less visibility in terms of future top jobs.

I first thought was that I wished I could consult with my wife over such a big move, but that was out of the question. I had to get out of this town. So, we shook hands on it right there.

Sioux City wasn't as far away as I wanted to go, but it was four hours away from here. It would take two weeks for everything to go through so what ever I needed to do had to be done in that time.

Heide showed up at twelve and we went to Sherry's. We held hands as we walked there and she would lean into me like I was the only person in the world. The only problem was all I could see were the images of Spencer's head between her legs. I didn't say a word about my pending job change and transfer.

"You know Merl, we should do this more often."

"Well babe, you are always so busy, with your volunteering, dance night and thrift store shopping, and that only leaves us Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday night. In order for me to get to sleep on time, I need to be in bed by nine or at least by ten and that is when you watch the shows you record.

"The only thing we have going is dinner at home three nights a week. How would you fit any more time for me in your busy schedule? I work during the day and you're gone at night. Hell breakfast this morning is a rare commodity. I could quit my job, but that would just increase the number of mornings. Your thrift store shopping brings in good money but not enough to live on; I think they call it the proverbial catch 22. If I don't work, we don't eat."

"I wish I could find a way to spend more time together."

"Well you could quit thrift shopping on Fridays and stop volunteering at the shelter on Saturdays, and that would at least give us a weekend together, we're not getting any younger you know."

"I don't think I could bring in enough money y cutting out Friday, and those poor souls look forward to seeing me on Saturdays."

"And thus Heide, the catch 22, we don't need your money from thrift shopping, and you would need to decide which is more important, me or the homeless."

Her demeanor changed from loving wife to witch in the flash of a second.

"What are you saying Merl, I either spend more time with you or we're through?"

"That was your interpretation of what I said. If you would have listened, I said we don't spend enough time together; you spend more time with Meredith, than me. If you aren't at her house, your shopping, dancing or at the shelter. After 16 years, I have become an after thought. Only in the last couple of days have you acted like you give a shit."

"I don't like you attitude Merl."

"And I need to go back from lunch. It's Tuesday and you promised a fantastic dinner, so I guess I'll see you then."

I got up went and paid the bill and walked back across the street. I don't know how long she stayed there I didn't care any more. I still had plans to make and less than two weeks to get them done.

Dinner was just as she promised, when she wanted to she could cook, I would be missing that. Wednesday night when I got home, she was already gone, some people never change. I started to box up some of my clothes, just the ones she wouldn't notice gone. Thursday after I got off, I stopped at Sam's Club and bought a new HP Touchscreen Laptop. When I got home, I started porting over all the data I felt was needed and started deleting the rest.

When I was finished, I put it in the new case I bought and sat it next to the desk. I put all the packaging in the trunk of my car; I would get rid of it Friday at work.

Friday night, I drove over by my good friend Spencer's house and sat watching. He was never any good at changing up his routine, so I knew when pulled out of his driveway at seven he was headed for Rye Balled. While I waited I played with my phone. He pulled back into his garage at ten.

I figured when Heide didn't call looking for me she had decided to make it three nights in a row, old habits never die, they just change locations. I guess it was another late night for her as I never heard her come in.

Saturday, I got up early and started on my yard work. When I started the mower, I didn't care if it woke her or not. When I finished at ten, she was sitting at the counter, a cup of coffee in her hand and scowl on her face.

"Did you have to start that thing up so early?"

"It's about the same time I do it every week, why didn't you get enough sleep?"

"I never get enough sleep."

"Maybe you should try going to bed and sleeping earlier then. Even if you hit the bed at midnight, you could have had eight hours of sleep. If you are going to continue staying out till all hours in the night, maybe you should find some place else to sleep."

"Is that a threat mister?"

"No babe, a fact of life, when I checked, all the local thrift shops closed by 9pm. If, and I mean a big if, you shopped till nine and got home at midnight that would you spent three hours doing something other than what you said you were doing. I have never questioned you and I never will, but if you aren't getting enough sleep, you should change your habits."

I turned and headed for the shower, she never moved. At five, she came down in jeans and a t-shirt and headed for the door.

"Still going to the homeless shelter?"

"Yes, I have obligations."

"I guess those don't include your husband."

I got up and walked out of the room. As she left, she slammed the door. I didn't need to follow her; I just used the 360 app to follow her. It's amazing how once you get a plan the strains of life ease up so nothing bothers you any more.

Sunday morning, I was up early again and making more noise than I needed to. Heide tried to act like I hadn't disturbed her, but I could tell it did. When I walked out the door I might have pulled it shut a little too loud. I got in my car a drove over to my office. I was there for about 45min when my cell phone rang Heide's ring tone.

"Morning Babe, what can I do for you?"

"Where the hell are you?"

"At the office, why?"

"We haven't seen each other since Tuesday."

"Not true love, you ripped me a new one just yesterday for waking you early and then again last night as you left. If we haven't spent any time together, maybe you should check your schedule."

"When will you be home?"

"I was hoping to be done by noon, but the longer I stay on the phone, the longer I'll be here."

"Please come home as soon as you can."

"Are you going to yell at me again or are you planning on going somewhere with Meredith?"

"No Merl, I just want to be with you."

"Fine, I'll get there as soon as I can."

I really had nothing to do so I killed time and headed home at eleven. When I got there, she was subdued; I had never in the sixteen years treated her like I had for the last week. If she wanted to submit to that prick Spencer so badly, let her just go live with him and Gail.

When I got home, she acted like she was walking on egg shells, afraid to say or do anything wrong. I finally said, "So where would you like to go to eat, someplace we haven't been. I know, how about Cedar River Inn, I hear they have a really good trout plate." The Cedar River Inn was just across the street from the Rye Balled. I was sure plenty of people would know Flaming Red there.

"I don't want to go that far out, how about Olive Garden instead?"

"I didn't know that it was that far out, how did you know?"

"There is a thrift store about a half mile up the road from there; we pass it when we're shopping."

All I could think was good recovery. "Sure, Olive Garden sounds fine."

We opted for an early dinner and some alone time in front of the TV. As we sat there she started to get amorous. I thought about telling her no way, but this just might be the last time I would get to, take your pick, make love or just fuck her. She lead me to the bedroom and started to do a striptease but then caught herself, and just went to her knees and started to unbuckle my belt.

When she pulled my cock out, she stopped and stared at it for a minute. I know I'm not small or anything so I wondered if she was sizing me up to all her other johns. The more I thought about the softer I got. That was a wake up call and she started sucking me like her life depended on it.

After she got it hard again, she moved me back to the bed and when I was down she mounted me cowgirl style. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven, she rode me so well. After about ten minutes of it she stopped and lifted up. I thought she was going to do a reverse cowgirl, but instead she moved me to her backdoor.

I had begged many times over the 16 years and she always said I was too big, I guess I wasn't anymore. She took her time to ease down and it was a tight fit, but she finally got me in and started rocking all over again. I don't know what the deal was, but I just couldn't cross over the finish line, and after another ten minutes, she was worn out.

I lifted her up and laid her down next to me, and then I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. As I was going I glanced back over my shoulder and she had the strangest look on her face.

"What," I said.

""Did I do something to upset you?"

"Hell no, I'm just going to get a wash cloth to clean up, we don't need you catching something do we?"

I went in and started the water in the sink, and when it was warm enough, I used it to wash myself off. I rinsed it back out and took in and cleaned up Heide. Once I was done, I shoved her knees up and planted my face between her milky thighs. It wasn't the first time, or the three hundred and first, but she took a deep intake of breath as I jammed my tongue in as far as it would go.

I rolled her clit around with ma tongue and used two fingers to massage her G-spot. Her arms thrashed as I drove her over the brink. When she finally calmed down, I crawled up between her thighs and slide my cock back into her throbbing cunt.

I rode her missionary because I wanted to watch her eyes. I slow stroked it for about fifteen minutes, until I pulled out and rolled her over and did her doggie, until I finally came. When I was done, I went back into the bathroom and cleaned myself up again, all she could do was lay there.

As I covered up she said, "Why don't we do that more often?"

"Because you're never home," then I rolled over and went to sleep.

Monday I was up and gone before she got out of bed (like usual). When I got to work, I had a hundred things to do before Thursday night. I looked online and booked a room for a week at the Hampton & Suites. I called a realtor about Apartment hunting on Saturday and then started to close up all my work.

Monday night she made another great dinner, she sure was going all out. The sex that night was almost as good as the night before. Tuesday, she came to take me out for lunch; I couldn't tell if she knew I was planning something or not. We didn't have sex that night. Wednesday night when I got home she was gone, a quick check on 360 and it showed her at Rye Balled. I finished packing and had everything I wanted stacked in the garage.

Thursday morning I took care of all the banking. I took 75% of the checking and 75% of the savings. The credit cards were paid up so I just canceled them. I got the bank to make up a quitclaim deed and I gave her possession of the house. When I finally rolled into work, they had a little party for me and then I just killed time until it was time to go home.

As expected she was gone and the app showed her at her favorite spot. I loaded my trunk with things I wouldn't need for about a week and put the rest in the backseat. My windows are dark tinted so she would never see the boxes when she got home. I heard her roll in at 2am and then drifted off to sleep.

I was on the road at the time I would normally be going into work, I made one stop to get something to eat and was sitting in the parking lot at the Hampton at noon. I checked in and took in only what I needed for a few days. After I got everything squared away I walked over to the Alamo car rental and rented a car for two days. I headed back for Cedar Rapids at two.

I had left one box in the garage that I would be picking up Friday night. Just before I rolled into town I checked 360 to make sure she was where she was supposed to be. The garage door went up and the box came out. I put it in the front seat and lowered the door. Ten minutes later I was parked just down from Spencer's house. At seven he backed out and drove off.

While I was waiting for him to come back, I changed it to my all black suit, and when the sun went down, I walked to his side garage door. It didn't take much to get it open; I went in and sat in the dark to wait. At ten the door started going up and I got ready. By the time he started to get out, the garage door was down and the only light was from his dome light.

He never saw the first hit to the side of his head. He went down and I hit him over and over on his hips and thighs. I knew I shattered both sides, and then I kicked his legs apart and hit him three times with the bat on his testicles. The whole thing took five minutes. I was back out the door and in the car by ten fifteen.

I drove over to the Rye Balled and parked as close to the door as I could and waited again. At midnight I got out of the car, Rye Balled closed at twelve thirty, but if you were using a VIP room you had until one. As I walked through the front door I dropped the first can of lighter fluid on the ground to drain. The emergency exit on the ground floor was next, same thing as before.

I went up the stairs to the VIP rooms, only this time I squirted the fluid all over the doors. As I walked back to the entrance I continued to squeeze the liter fluid can. When I reached the door, I struck the match and watched it ignite. I slipped back into the car and headed back for Sioux City.

The fire wouldn't do a lot of damage; it was more of the scare factor. As the flames reached the two containers left there the exploded adding to the scare. My hope was that Rudy was with Heide tonight for his final destruction. I could only hope the flames would singe their hair and maybe make a few superficial burns. Either way, it was now all in my past.