Written and illustrated by KariBunny36*

Genbu Minamoto heaved a heavy sigh, taking a moment to pause his stride and run a hand over his tired and worn face. His normally well maintained light silver hair was dirty and scraggly, his usual enchanting electric blue eyes were dull and dim, and he could feel the weight of the day on his regularly straight, but now drooped, shoulders. He was headed back to the castle grounds after a long and grueling day patrolling the lands and villages around the Northern Estate. What was supposed to be a simple afternoon of maintenance and check-ins turned into an eight-hour drudgery involving several solo battles with Hellions, being manipulated into doing chores for an old woman in a near-by village, falling into a trap set by pranksters in the forest, which led to ANOTHER unfortunate interaction with a Hellion, and finally losing one of his favorite knives in the process of saving a wounded fox kit from drowning in a river. Albeit that last one he couldn't help but feel a sense of relief that the kit survived, despite the knife being a gift from his former mentor... Shivering, aching, and exhausted, he continued his trek until the main gate came into view. He nodded towards the guards on duty, who saluted him in turn. He passed on through, nodding and smiling tiredly at each fawning soldier and swooning servant he passed on his way into the estate. The Lord and Lady of Istoria were quite popular with the people, the Lord himself finding himself fancied amongst the soldiers for his prowess in battle and the womenfolk for the same, in addition to his striking handsome features. He was a kind Lord, always trying to divide his time best amongst how he can serve his people. Even now, though weary and ready for rest, he acknowledged every greeting that came his way. When he finally reached the inner breadth of the mansion, the herd thinned out, so to speak, and Genbu noticed fewer and fewer servants and soldiers the deeper he went. For this he was grateful, and he let out another tired sigh. He was looking forward to having a nice hot bath, getting something hot to eat, and having a cuddle or two with his mate... "Oh, Genbu!" His head snapped to attention when he heard the sweet call of her voice saying his name. She had just rounded the corner he was headed toward, and he noticed she was wearing a thin white robe and carrying her basin full of bath supplies. Her pumpkin-colored locks flowed down past her hips and her matching fox tail swayed gently behind her. The tips of the ears on top of her head were brown, and the tip to her bushy tail was white. What Genbu also noticed about her was that the robe she was wearing clung to her curves and was thin enough to faintly see the dark pink shade of her nipples through the fabric. He felt his manhood stir slightly in his pants. She sauntered over to him, the luscious natural sway of her hips tempted his eyes to wander down but he kept them on the lush green of the woman before him. She smiled warmly as she approached and stood on the tips of her toes to land a short peck on his cheek. Her natural scent of rose and honey wafted to his nose and he instantly took a deep breath, reveling in her essence. Almost immediately he felt some of his tension fade away, and he knew right then the only thing he needed to forget the stress of the day was the woman he dedicated his life to over twenty years prior. As she pulled back from her kiss, Genbu wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him, wanting to feel her warmth and bury himself deeper in her intoxicating scent... He almost let out a curse when he realized his armor plate was still on and preventing full on contact. Despite the minor setback, he still held on tightly to his beloved and chose instead to focus on burying his face into her neck and hair. Setsuna, completely caught by surprise and unaware of her husband's mental dilemma, let out a gasp and tried to readjust but found herself unable in her husband's firm but gentle hold. "Genbu? Did you miss me?" she giggled. He only nodded. "Long day?" He nodded again. "Tired?" He nodded again. "Well then, how about you join me in the bath...? I was just about to head to the outdoor hot spring... I was just on my way there when I ran into you." Genbu pulled away and finally allowed his wife to take a step back before he wordlessly scooped her up into his arms and began walking in the direction of the outdoor baths. Setsuna giggled at his silent, but obviously eager, stride. She could tell her husband was drained physically from whatever he went through during the day and she was prepared to help revitalize his spirit in one of the best ways she knew how as his partner... With Genbu's quick stride, they reached the outer walls that led to the outdoor hot springs on the estate grounds in no time at all. The springs were steaming hot and completely vacant, ready for the Lord and Lady to spend some quality time soaking together. Once they passed through the opening in the wall leading to the springs, Genbu set Setsuna gently down to her feet. "How kind of you, Sir Knight, to escort a lovely maiden to the baths," on light feet she walked to the edge of the spring where a small stone area had been constructed to... "sit comfortably," and set her basin with supplies down next to it. In one fluid motion she disrobed and allowed it to pool down at her feet. Genbu's manhood perked up once again once he saw his wife's gorgeous back completely bare to him, her round hips and bottom the focus on his attention. She glanced back at him and smiled knowingly at his intense gaze. "... You should join me..." Without another word, she leapt into the baths with a heavy splash, which of course were deep enough to allow for the Lady's antics. She resurfaced and began gliding gently through the waters as Genbu took almost no time removing his armor and clothes. And while he didn't jump into the baths like his wife, he did enter them with haste. The hot water slightly stung (in a good way) as he stepped inside, but he didn't falter, instead just walked directly in until he was submerged to about his pectorals. He could feel the heated and magic infused waters dissolving the tightness in his muscles. Taking a deep breath, he submerged himself and allowed the bath to work its magic, so to speak. A few moments later, he resurfaced and inhaled then shook his head to remove some of the excess water dripping from his hair into his eyes. He glanced around to see where his wife had swam off to. While the magic healing bath was nice and released even more of the tension in his weary body, he knew the real therapy he needed would come in the form of affection from his wife. And he was ready to get the night's session started. He spotted the rust-colored tips of her fox ears gliding through the water, heading back towards the constructed stone seat at the other end of the bath. She put her hands on the edge of the seat and pulled herself up out of the water. Genbu stared, mesmerized, as she twisted herself so she could sit her bottom on the flat smooth stone. With her eyes still closed, she flipped her hair and turned her head to the side as she began to squeeze excess water out of her thick tresses. The light from the night's crescent moon shone down and illuminated her perfectly, each curve and contour working together to create the beautiful masterpiece before him: Full, buoyant breasts; taut, dark pink nipples; flat, toned stomach; voluptuous hips, round derriere; slender arms and legs; a mouth that could suck the demon from a possessed man, and a slit sweeter than golden syrup... Genbu was rock hard from just looking at her. He needed her. Bad. Almost as if she could tell he was at attention for her, her eyes opened and she looked over at him staring. She flashed him a smile and wrung out her hair one last time before letting it fall . "Are you going to stare at me all night, or are you gonna come over here and let your wife make you feel better?" As soon as the final word left her lips, Genbu was already making his way towards her. He dipped under the water and swam heatedly until he reached the edge of the bath wall. His hands came out first and grabbed her knees, and as he came to a stand out of the water, he pushed on them so she was forced to lay back. Without waiting for a reaction, Genbu knelt down and pressed his lips to her folds, giving them a soft kiss. "May the Kami bless this meal I'm about to receive..." he mumbled to himself before he slid his tongue between her folds to finally taste her sweetness. A groan left Genbu's throat when her sweetness filled his senses. "W-wait, Genbu, I wasn't- Aaaahhn!" Setsuna yelped in surprise and pleasure as her love began licking and lapping his tongue over her womanhood, which was by now very much responding and ready for him. Soft gasps and mewls of pleasure wafted from the baths and floated on the night's warm breeze as Genbu proceeded to devour Setsuna's most sensitive place. Her nectar was too sweet for him to resist; he positioned his hands on her thighs to hold them steady and wide open for him to get a better angle. He lapped it up as much as he could, and occasionally he moved his mouth northward to tease and suck on her already engorged bundle of nerves which only served to make her thighs quake and more nectar to flow from her center. The soft mewls had turned to outright moans now and she tangled her hands in his hair, gripping tighter as the pressure of an approaching orgasm heightened with each passing moment and flick of his tongue. He reveled in the negligible pain, his member jumping in anticipation of what was soon to come. "Genbu, oh, Genbu..!" Setsuna whimpered, feeling her climax was soon approaching. "I-I can't... I can't hold on...! I'm close, so close...!" Recognizing his signal, Genbu ceased focus on her center and instead chose to pay extra attention to her swollen nub, giving it extra attention by lapping and occasionally swirling his tongue over the sensitive area. Knowing exactly what would push her to the edge, he alternated between slow, deliberate, and firm licks to rapid, butterfly-soft flicks on the bundle of nerves. The myriad of sensations coupled with her already close orgasm was enough to push her right off the edge. Her hips bucked upwards as her climax hit her hard, rolling wave after rolling wave of pleasure overtaking her entire body. She squealed his name and her essence spilled into his mouth, which he drank up eagerly. Setsuna was still in the middle of her orgasm, muscles still spasming and her moans never ceasing, when Genbu decided he could wait no longer. It was time to become one with his mate. He stood and positioned his rock solid members tip at her quivering entrance. He reached down and grabbed the base of his manhood, stroking it slightly as he rubbed the head against her sex, covering it with her glistening juices. Setsuna gasped once she came through her orgasm induced haze and realized what Genbu had been up to, but she had barely enough time to do so before he plunged himself as deep as he could on the first stroke. She cried out, gripping his forearms tightly as the intense pleasure of being filled so suddenly crashed into the still ebbing thrill from her previous orgasm. But Genbu paid no mind to her grip and pulled out just as suddenly as he pushed in, then slammed into her once more. He then began a steady pace of thrusting into her sweet, hot core, the tightness and absolutely wetness too much to want to stop. Setsuna couldn't have held back her moans even if she cared to. Genbu's sudden entrance and then steady rhythmic pounding now had her crying out his name. "Genbu!" He let out a curse as a particularly pleasurable shiver made it's way down his spine when she moaned out his name. Her voice was so sweet, and to hear her cry out because he was bringing her to the brink of ecstasy was a cavity inducing feeling. Her inner muscles were tightening even more now than before and Genbu gritted his teeth, trying to focus on bringing his wife to orgasm before he reached his own... Which became increasingly more difficult, as it seemed her core seemed to be getting tighter and wetter with each passing second. "S-Setsuna..." he bit his lip to try and hold back his groans, but they managed to surface anyway. "Setsuna, love, you're so tight, I... I can barely take it..." he felt her legs tighten around his waist, plunging him in deeper. Genbu couldn't help but to seize up and cry out when he felt her inner muscles encase his length in a vice-like grip, shooting shocks of pleasure running down his member and right to his sack. "Don't you stop..." she panted. "You b-better not stop... Until you've made me satisfied...!" "You want to be satisfied...?" though vice-like, her legs' grip around his waist was not impenetrable. He grabbed her ankles from behind him and seemed to effortlessly unlock them and spread them back apart. Much to Setsuna's surprise, he unsheathed himself from her center and dropped her legs. "Turn around." It was almost comical how quickly she managed to turn around and position herself so her hips were in the air and her upper body was low to the ground. Genbu held back a chuckle and instead got himself situated on his knees behind her. He gave a quick slap to her rear end before repositioning his shaft at her entrance. "This way I can have you coming in no time..." he smirked down at her eagerly awaiting hips. "You ready?" Setsuna nodded emphatically and Genbu gripped her hips tightly. "Good." This time, instead of slamming right in, Genbu teased his cock into her, moving in inch by inch, until he was, say, about half-way in. Setsuna impatiently wiggled her hips and whimpered in anticipation, wanting to feel full and stretched right away. Suddenly, he burrowed his member the remaining way inside and let it sit there for a moment, stretching out her inner muscles, then pulled back and slammed himself in again. Setsuna squealed in delight. He continued this a few more times before he quickened his pace and began a fast paced rhythm of deep, hard, fucking. "Oh, yes, YES, Genbu, YES!!" her cries of satisfaction echoed through the area, but neither of them cared who could hear. At this point, for the two of them it was about reaching the crescendo that would have them both feeling spent and gratified. And it was a crescendo they both were heading for at a heightened pace. The speed and weight of his thrusts coupled with her moans of delight were enough to have the both of them teetering right on the edge, this time while entangled with one another. "Th-there, there!" she panted and Genbu nodded. "Yeah, r-right there... I'm gonna come, baby... Ohhhhh, I can feel it...!" Genbu gritted his teeth and went as fast as his body would allow him to. "I'm right there, Setsuna! F-fuck, gonna come inside...!" "P-please...Genbu...! Coming!!" he felt her muscles begin to contract as her climax slammed into her hard, and that triggered his own explosive release. He cried out, almost like a howl, as he released his seed deep into his wife's core, her inner muscle contractions doing their job to milk his shaft and balls dry. Genbu could practically feel the last remaining bits of tension and stress melt away, as if all the negativity that had been plaguing him were being sucked out and away. They stayed like that for a few moments longer, connected at the groin, reveling in the bliss of a powerful orgasm. Not before long, Genbu pulled himself from her folds and pulled her back into his arms. Still shivering, but functional, Setsuna turned her body jest enough to land a kiss on his lips, to which Genbu gladly welcomed and warmly kissed her back. "Feel better...?" she asked once they pulled apart. Genbu hugged her tightly and nuzzled her cheek. "You know I do." "Then, shall we finish bathing and head back inside? I have something else I'd like to do to show you my appreciation, dear husband..." she felt his cock stir again against her backside, causing her to smirk. "Mayhaps we should skip the bathing, then..." Before Genbu could respond, they were interrupted by a faint whining sound. Immediately both of them turned to look at the edge of the castle wall. Sitting there, at the top of the wall, was a small grey kit holding what looked like some kind of sheath in its mouth. Genbu's eyes widened when he saw it. "That's...!" The kit jumped down and began limping over to where Genbu and Setsuna were sitting. Both of them scurried to their feet and went over to the young fox, Genbu immediately picking it and the sheath up. "I can't believe it... You found my knife? And you found me?" Genbu asked softly, gazing down at the kit in his arms. The kit chirped and nuzzled into his arm. Setsuna was beaming. "Genbu! She's so cute! Did you find her on your patrols today?" Setsuna reached out to pet the kit, gently scratching her ears, to which she gently cooed and turned her head to give Setsuna a better angle. "Actually..." Genbu turned and began to head back to their things by the bath, Setsuna following and still petting the kit. "Let's head back inside and take her to the infirmary. I can tell you all about my day while we do." Setsuna smiled as she watched her husband redress himself, making sure the kit was secure the entire time. His day may have been long, but he was now revitalized and in good spirits, and that was how she preferred her husband, her Lord, to be. Now, she just had to deal with the issue of a kit running around taking up his free time... ~END~ *All characters and settings are fictional and belong to the author/artist. https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/post-a-random-gif.1486768/page-205 https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/freeze.520563/ http://bookbuilder.cast.org/view.php?op=view&book=142708&page=1 https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/Printer-Multifunction-Support/TS5160-Auto-feeder-doesnt-scan/td-p/298701 https://forum.xnxx.com/members/qadowovo.1546431/ https://forum.xnxx.com/threads/anyone-horny-amphetamine-hehe.583649/ https://www.bladeforums.com/members/pudigiso.532767/ https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/large-women-tanks-and-other-stuff.1546776/page-207#post-19580437 https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Agile-questions/%D0%94%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0-Kanban/qaq-p/1311045 https://forums.envato.com/t/rejection-flyer/290356