Emmy and Deb

Emmy was driving to the gym to meet her friend Deb for a morning workout, their first since she'd been to Deb's house the previous Sunday. She'd had a few glasses of wine, and had opened up, telling Deb everything she thought was wrong with her, with Dave, with life in general. Deb was a sympathetic listener, at least until she told her she thought Dave's problems were really due to something being wrong with her. Deb had marched her downstairs and asked her husband Bill if she was pretty, and if he'd have sex with her.

"Oh God." she muttered, turning into the gym parking lot. She gathered her things and went in.

An hour later, both Emmy and Deb emerged from their spin class out of breath and sweaty, both needing a shower. Emmy opened her locker and then her bag, only to discover she'd left her shower things at home.

"Damnit." she muttered.

Deb heard her and asked "What's wrong Em?"

"Oh nothing important, I just left my shower stuff at home. I guess I'll just skip it and shower there."

Deb pulled off her sports bra and laughed, her large breasts giggling. "You can use mine if you want?"

Emmy glanced a bit too long at her large breasts and smiled. "No that's OK. I'll head home and do it there. Are you still coming over for lunch?"

"Wouldn't miss it. See you in a bit."

Emmy watched her nude friend walk toward the shower and sighed, then gathered her things and shut the locker door. She'd always thought Deb was attractive, but only recently had thought so in a more sexual way.

An hour later Emmy was nearly finished with her shower, letting the warm water sooth her aching leg muscles as she rinsed. She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, picked up a towel and walked into her bedroom.

"About time!"

Emmy, startled, dropped the towel and looked up, then laughed. It was Deb. They both walked into each others houses unannounced all the time, but it was still a surprise. "Damnit Deb, you scared the hell out of me!" Bending down to retrieve the towel she groaned.

Deb laughed. "That was the idea. What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, just a little sore from class earlier. I had a lot of pent up energy to work out and hit it a little harder than usual."

Holding up her wine glass, Deb asked "Well, would one of these and a massage make it any better?" She smiled devilishly.

"Don't say it if you don't mean it, I might just take you up on that." Emmy replied.

Deb smiled. "Stay put, I'll be right back." She turned and walked back to the kitchen, retrieving another glass and the bottle of pinot.

Emmy wasn't sure what to do, so dried herself off and was wrapped in the towel, rummaging through her pantydrawer when Deb stepped back in.

"Here you go." she said, handing Emmy a glass, then poured. "Cheers."

Emmy took a drink, then set the glass down on her dresser and went back to the drawer.

"So what do you think?" Deb asked.

"It's good!" Emmy answered, finally pulling out a pair of panties and stepped into them, dropping the towel in the process. "Owe." She muttered.

Deb laughed, sitting on the bed. "No, I meant what do you think about a massage? Would it help?"

Emmy turned toward Deb, pulling the panties up tight. She was still topless, her small breasts firm and nipples pointing slightly upward. They saw each other nude in the gym all the time, and while it was her bedroom now, it didn't seem too strange to Emmy. "I'm sure it would help but are you sure you want to do that? What about lunch?"

Deb patted the bed. "Yes I'm sure. I took a class once and I like doing it, and I don't have anything to do this afternoon so we can eat something later. Do you have any oils or lotion?"

"Yes I think so." Emmy said and walked into the bathroom. She returned a minute later with a bottle of vanilla scented massage oil and a couple of towels. "Will this work? I got it in a gift basket a while ago and just threw it in the cabinet."

Deb took the bottle. "Oh, this is perfect. Here let me help." She took one of the towels and spread it on the bed and Emmy spread the other one next to it. Emmy turned around to find Deb pushing her shorts down.

Emmy looked at her questioningly.

Deb laughed. "Well, I don't want to get oil on my clothes."

Em laughed too. "Oh, I didn't even think about that." She walked into the bathroom and returned with two more towels. "Here, I'll put these down too for the comforter." She watched as Deb pulled her top off and tossed it on the floor too, then carefully laid the towels down.

"There, that should do it. OK, come up here and lie down. What part is sore, front or back?"

"Yes." Emmy laughed.

Deb laughed too, and answered "Well alright then, one massage of everywhere coming up. Lets start on the front - lie on your back first."

Emmy took a long drink and set the glass down on her nightstand, then climbed up on the bed and rolled over to her back. She stared at Deb's large breasts straining against her pretty lace bra as she walked over and climbed up beside her. Like putting suntan oil on she thought to herself.

"This side first."

Deb opened the flip top of the oil and started to squeeze, but nothing came out. "Trust me, I really do know what I'm doing here." She laughed and unscrewed the cap to remove the seal. "OK, here we go."

She dribbled a thin line of oil from the top of Emmy's right knee down to her ankle, then a small amount into her palm before setting the bottle to the side. She rubbed the oil between her hands to warm it, then reached down to Emmy's ankle and wrapped her hands around it from the side, squeezing gently and rubbing up to her knee.

Deb moved so she was kneeling in front of Em's foot. "This will work better." she said. She spread her hands, crossing her thumbs across the ankle and slowly slid them up again, this time her fingers pressed into each side of the calf muscle.

"Oh wow, that feels really good." Emmy said.

Deb rubbed firmly up and down, twisting her hands as they slid up. After a few minutes, she pulled her hands down, massaging Em's feet.

Emmy groaned.

"Good?" Deb asked.

"Amazing." Emmy replied. "I wish I'd known you could do this years ago!" She giggled.

Deb laughed with her, then picked up the bottle and moved to the front of her other foot, repeating the process. When she finished, she picked up the bottle again.

"OK if I do your thighs now?" she asked.

"Yes, they're really sore."

Deb smiled and took her ankle, spreading her legs a bit. Emmy looked up at her with a quizzical expression on her face.

"Sorry, I need to move up and it's easier this way."

Deb pushed up straddled Emmy's left leg, then moved forward. Taking the bottle, she squirted a generous amount in a zig-zag across the thigh. She put the bottle down, and wrapped her hands around Emmy's leg just above the knee. She felt her tense up.

"Relax Em."

She squeezed, pulling the firm muscle upward with her fingertips and releasing it, eliciting a soft moan from Emmy. Moving her hands up slightly, Deb repeated the motion, then kept moving until she was just below her panties and pressed her fingertips into the slight indent of her inner thigh. Emmy moaned softly again, and spread her leg slightly. Deb looked up and saw her eyes were closed and a slight smile highlighted her smooth, pretty face. She rubbed her hands back down and repeated the process again, feeling the tension in her thigh slowly evaporate. When she got closer to the inner thigh, she heard Emmy moan softly again, and she stopped there, concentrating between the joint of her hip and the inner thigh, pulling at the soft skin.

Emmy kept her eyes closed, enjoying the surprisingly wonderful massage. As she felt Deb's fingers sliding up her thigh, she suddenly felt self-conscious, and almost stopped her. Then she felt the fingers slip into the dimple of her inner thigh, and couldn't stop the soft moan that escaped her lips. It felt so wonderful to be touched there. She concentrated on that feeling, of someone else touching her, and spread her leg slightly. She might have held some belief Deb was doing this innocently, but she was pushing that out of her mind quickly and just concentrating on another person touching her. Emmy felt the smoldering heat inside her as the fingertips again dipped deep into her inner thigh. She secretly willed the fingers to keep going, up to her pantie line, under it against her soft flesh. Nothing seemed innocent now, only the knowledge that a beautiful, nearly naked woman was touching her intimately and to her surprise, she liked it. She wondered how far this would go, or how far did she want it to go?

Deb continued her massage, now more of a light stroking, lingering longer and longer at the dimple of her inner thigh, then rubbing back down. She stared at the outline of Emmy's pussy through her panties - they were pulled tightly enough to show just a hint of the crease between her outer lips, and she desperately wanted to pull them tighter. 'Was this doing anything for Emmy?' she thought, feeling the burning heat inside her She wanted to touch her, to find out if Emmy's pussy was as hot as her own, but dared not. Not yet. She had fantasized about Emmy now and then in the past, and a LOT more for three full days since the weekend. She'd not had time to masturbate, but she was so turned on now it felt like torture to not attack her own burning clit. She let herself sit back slightly as she pulled her hands down toward the knee until her pantied crotch lightly brushed Emmy's shin, then sat a bit more firmly. She almost moaned herself at the soft pressure. Instead, she lifted up and straddled the other leg, repeating the massage and again spending perhaps a little too much time in certain places. Emmy was certainly not stopping her.

She finished, and sat back to the side. "How's that?" she asked.

"Wonderful. My gosh, you are really good at this. I feel so much more relaxed!"

Deb smiled. "I'm glad, I enjoyed it too. Do you want me to finish your front while I'm at it, or just do the back of your legs?"

Emmy thought for a moment. "You mean arms, or?"

Deb laughed. "Well, generally it would be everything above your waist I suppose, but I can just do your arms if that would be more comfortable?"

Emmy looked at her beautiful, nearly naked friend. "No, everything is OK. I might as well take advantage of you while I have you, and I've never had a proper massage before." She giggled at that and wondered what was proper about any of this. She sat up to take a drink of her wine and gulped it down a little more quickly than she intended.

Deb smiled at her. "I'm so happy you said that."

Emmy looked at her friend, wondering. "What do you mean?"

"Um, nothing. Just that I think it's better to do a whole massage and not a half one." They laughed together at that.

"OK." Emmy said. "Where do you want me for this?"

"Right there. I'll start lower, and maybe move around by your head to do the upper parts."

Deb moved up and straddled Emmy's thigh again, and squirted a line of oil from just above the pantyline to just below her breasts. She set the bottle aside and said "I'm just going to move these down a little out of the way." and hooked the sides of Emmy's panties, pulling them down to where the little tuft of hair started above her mons. She flattened her hands and pressed them gently against Emmy's stomach and rubbed outward to her sides, squeezing around her waistline and rubbing back to the center. She continued doing that, making the circle larger as she did until her palms pressed firmly into her pelvis and out to her hips, fingers gripping her hips firmly, then slowly pulling back to the center, barely brushing the underside of Emmy's small breasts. Deb licked her lips as she watched the nipples stiffen and grow surprisingly long.

Finished with her abdomen, Deb moved to her arms, taking one in each hand and rubbing firmly from wrist to shoulder for a few minutes. "OK, scoot down the bed a little so I have room to move up to do your neck and shoulders."

Emmy did as instructed, and Deb moved up just behind her head. "I have to lean over you a bit, is that OK?" she asked.


Emmy opened her eyes, and was greeted with Deb's large breasts hanging inches from her mouth. Her bra was gone now somehow - she wondered when that happened, but was too distracted to care. Her nipples jutted out slightly and she felt a sudden urge to kiss them. The heat inside her went up a few degrees. She heard the lid snap on the oil bottle, and felt the cool liquid between her breasts. Was she going to touch them? She got the answer quickly, as she felt Deb's hands drag lazily up from her stomach between them, then to the side across the collar bones to her shoulder. She sighed softly, almost disappointed, then inhaled a gasp as the fingers slid down the side of her rib cage and forward. The thumbs inched slowly across the firm flesh of her tiny breasts, across her hardened nipples and then down, squeezing at her waistline. She couldn't choke back the gasp as she felt the palms of Deb's hands slid up and across her now very hard nipples, sending delicious jolts straight to her pussy.

"Sorry Em, is that OK or should I stop?"

"I just... No, keep going, it feels nice."

Emmy looked up at the large globes swaying just above her head as Deb moved her hands back and forth, kneading her own breasts, cupping them then moving off to her shoulders. Then back, dragging lightly across her nipples and flattening their length against her small breasts. She pushed her legs together in an attempt to relieve the intense pressure she felt to touch herself.

"OK, finished with the front. Go ahead and roll over on your stomach and I'll do your back first." Emmy sat up slightly to turn and almost got a face full of Deb's heavy tits. She giggled and turned over.

"Could you just do my legs please? My back is fine, but my legs are sore. Especially toward the top part."

"Sure thing. Scoot back up please." Deb knelt up and moved down below Emmy's feet again, and staring at her slight hips and perfectly formed, ass. She reached down and rubbed her pussy through her own panties. Opening the bottle, she dribbled a line of oil down each calf then set it aside. Grasping just below the knee, she squeezed and pulled down until she reached the soles of Emmy's feet, then reached up and did it again several more times, kneading the calf muscles as she did. It was time to move up.

"You really have beautiful legs Em. OK, time for the rest. Do you care if I get oil on your panties?"

"No don't do that." Emmy said, then a boldness suddenly overtook her and she added "Maybe I should take them off?"

Deb wet her lips, she couldn't help it. "Yes, that would help." she managed to say as Emmy reached to start pushing them, turning to her side away from Deb and pulling one foot free, and using it to kick them off. She turned back on her stomach, and put her arms down at her sides. Deb didn't move, just stared at the site before her and reached down slid her hand inside her own panties, squeezing her aching clit. She could see Emmy's pussy, inner lips protruding from the center, but wanted to open her, to see more. She grasped and pulled at her ankle like she had before, spreading one leg a bit wider and was surprised when Emmy moved the other. She could see everything now. The long inner labia parting slightly, letting just the hint of her opening show. The thin line of her perineum leading to her dark little back door.

"Just a sec." she said, leaning up to push her own panties down, then kicked out of them.

Emmy sighed and glanced back to see Deb drop her own panties on the floor. Knowing Deb was now completely naked too sent a chill through her, and somehow she knew that what started as a massage was quickly turning into something more. She felt the bed shift a little as Deb straddled her and then felt oil dripping down the back of her hamstring. In truth, that wasn't really sore like the front, but that was no longer the point. She wanted Deb to touch her everywhere.

Deb grasped behind her left knee with both hands, and slowly pushed her flattened palms up, stopping just as her fingers dipped into the cup of her inner thighs and pulled, opening her slightly and letting her hands slip up over her soft, round cheek to her hips. Then back down, repeating the process over and over. Each time, she moved her fingers a little bit closer to Emmy's obviously wet pussy, not quite touching her puffy outer labia. Deb sat lower until she felt her own burning hot pussy press firmly against Emmy's calf, and couldn't stop herself from rubbing back and forth in rhythm with her hands stroking. She stared at Emmy's inner lips, a clear dribble of her wetness flowed from her slightly opened hole between them, down to a little puddle at the inner part of her clitoral hood. She pushed her hands up the other leg, not wanting to move because the pressure of her calf felt so good. She moved one hand back to the other leg, then pushed both up, thumbs pressing into her inner thighs, then further up on to her ass. She pushed to the sides, spreading her and watched as her tight little asshole came into clear view.

Emmy moaned softly as the cool air from the ceiling fan blew across her most intimate parts. She knew Deb could see everything now and felt a stab of self-conscious embarrassment, but not enough to stop. She was almost quivering, the burning tingle in her clitoris was wonderful and unbearable all at the same time. She knew Deb could see her wetness confessing her desire, and she didn't care. She felt the bed move, and then cool wetness of the oil dribbled across each cheek and into the center, making her moan softly. She felt Deb sit more heavily over her calf and thought she was rocking back and forth slightly. The magical hands glided from behind her knees slowly up the back of her legs, then spread out and up along her hips. They were suddenly gone, then back again, starting over and this time moved a bit inward over the edge of her curvy ass. Again starting over and moving closer, fingers spread across and palms pushing firmly at the bottem edges of her cheeks, squeezing them softly and spreading her. The hands left and started again, closer and closer and the fingers pressed into the crease of her ass, the oil letting them slip easily between until the edge of one hand touched her. She gasped out loud and raised her hips slightly, trying to force a firmer touch. The other hand was on her ass cheek, pushing it open. She felt the delicate pressure of one thumb pressing slightly into her wet slit then upward, using her own wetness to lubricate and glide across her, stopping just past her wet hole. Emmy unconsciously pushed her pelvis forward, trying to move the pressure against her perineum upward to her little brown asshole.

Deb felt Emmy push up slightly, and a little tremor coursed through her. Her arousal was obvious, her pussy letting a small stream of sticky, clear fluid fill the center of her sex and dribble into and around the dark pink hood. She heard her moan softly as she pulled her lubricated thumb further and stroked across her little rosebud.

"Is this OK?" she whispered.

Emmy didn't answer, so Deb pulled her hands back and again ran them up each leg. Not hiding anything any more, she boldly pushed further, and as Emmy's hips raised, she let her thumbs press down to her puffy outer lips, pushing between them and spreading opening her oozing cunt.

In a lusty haze, Emmy finally managed to answer. "Deb I..." She felt a shiver flow through her as Deb spread opened her burning pussy, and she lost any thought of stopping this and gave in to her own desire.

"Yes." she whispered back.

Deb smiled and answered "You are beautiful." She lifted up slightly and used her fingers to spread her own lips, then pressed back into Emmy's calf, grinding her clit against the soft flesh. She felt Emmy lift her lift her hips upward again, and this time she let her thumb press further, entering her easily as the edge of her hand and fingers pressed firmly between her cheeks.