This is the third and final part of a very, very loose sequel to my earlier story 'Thieves of Passion" sharing a location and magical artifact. This section has quite a bit of transformations, non-consensual sex, and torture.

By the way, if anyone wishes to use "The Exegernomicon" in their own satires, feel free and consider this permission. All characters are 18+.

Dreams at the Weis House, Part 3


I woke and considered what i'd been through. I'd found a magic book and learned to change myself and cast other spells.

The magic had borne a cost, though. The powerful spells seemed to draw the attention of creature called Ergrod. He was a monstrous thing like a giant rodent with a two foot cock he loved sticking into me. He would be my familiar, if I could master the magic I now spent all my free time studying.

I had a new goal: I must take the form of my neighbor Ms. Kaewa and borrow her word ID. This would allow me to gain access to Arkham University's restricted stacks. My grandfather's papers were there, and Ergrod had explained that he had been a powerful wizard and Ergrod's past master.

My parents had texted me early in the morning. They'd decided to spend a couple days with David to make sure he handled the break-up with Diane.

I baked more cookies: I wasn't bad at baking, which was after all closely related to my planned major of Chemistry. I filled a tin with some good chocolate chip and sugar cookies I'd made, while leaving more for my family whenever they returned.

I walked next door to Ms. Kaewa's house. We had a key in our kitchen, as she'd asked us in the past two check her mail and water plants when she was traveling, but I needed more and didn't know if she had an alarm system like we do. She was a good neighbor, after all.

"Hello Ms. Kaewa! I brought you some cookies!" I cheerfully announced as she opened the door.

"Come in, come in!" Her round face smiled as I entered. She was a tall woman, maybe an inch under six feet. I think she had a reputation as the quiet, laid-back neighbor nobody that made people not really give her a second look, but my recent experiences had given me a tendency to closely look at people, especially when I expected to look like them soon. She had nice-sized round breasts. Since I'd begun experimenting I'd found joy in having big tits, even if it was only for a few hours. I had a feeling I'd enjoy these. Her dark brown skin and glossy hair framed a face that was round and attractive, even if some might find her nose a bit broad. I know a few niehgbors complained that she was a bit chubby, but I thought she was kind of attractive. The neighborhood's single men didn't know what they were missing here. I'd been a heavyset older woman for a night just a week ago, and didn't think Ms. Kaewa was really fat, but had a pleasant amount of padding that would probably feel great riding on the right guy.

She put a teapot on the stove after convicting me to join her for some hot chocolate with the cookies. "So what brings you here?"

"Oh, just wanted to do something nice for the holidays, Ms. Kaewa. My mom's always worried you're unhappy. She thinks you're lonely."

She looked at me, her head askew. She was still smiling, but seemed tense, "Cindy, you can call me Mary-Ann. You've known me you're entire life after all. And you're pretty much an adult now, after all. You're, what... Eighteen?"

"Nineteen." I said with a smile.

"Nineteen. How time flies. You, uh." She seemed nervous. "You know I'm a lesbian, right?"

I didn't, actually: Thinking back my mom had said countless times how much she wished Ms. Kaewa would find some guy to settle down with. She'd even take about them having beautiful kids together. I think my dad knew or suspected, as he'd made comments like, "that's not everyone's thing."

I answered "No, um, sorry..."

The tall woman recovered her composure. "Nothing to apologize for. I'm happy with me and don't plan on changing to suit other people's concerns. In fact, can I tell you a secret?"

She poured water into two mugs and added hot chocolate mix as I nodded in agreement. She continued, "I'm looking at some jobs elsewhere. I'll miss Arkham, sure. My family's lived here since the eighteen-hundreds when my great-great-great-grandparents came over as servants to a wealthy merchant captain. From the journals they kept he treated them well. You know, as hired help not slaves, so we just kind of made a home."

"But leave the University? That sounds like a big step." I watched as she took a bite, looking for a smile as she ate the moist cookie.

"It is, sure." She spoke with her most full of cookie, then swallowed and continued, "But Arkham's a small town in a lot of ways. Like i said, I'm not changing for anybody, but sometimes I'd like to be someplace where it's less of a big deal. Nobody cares in Arkham... As long as you stay quiet."

I considered her words: Arkham certainly wasn't high on the list for the LGBTQ crowd. It was an old, conservative town in a lot of ways.

We talked for nearly an hour. I liked Mary-Ann Kaewa. I'd have to be careful to not mess up her life when I borrowed her appearance. Her upcoming trip gave me the time I needed: She'd be leaving tomorrow to to visit a friend for a week. I volunteered to water her plants and bring in her mail of course. As we talked about the neighborhood, my plan to start classes at Arkham next year, and various other topics I mentally worked out my scheme.

If I could get a few hairs from her I could make a couple of the doppelgänger potions that would allow me to mimic her. I could sneak into her house while she was out to help get her look right. I'd need to look enough like her to pass on campus, even if I tried to stay away from people and went in over the holiday break. The talk would help my mission, as I managed to steer her to discuss the filing of old papers and such in the library.

I left her with the tin of cookies and headed home with a smile. I'd made a quick trip to the bathroom and scored: She was one of those people that brushed her hair in her hall powder room, so I was able to grab a tangle of long black hairs from her brush and hide them in a baggy in my purse.

That evening I went by the Weis house to prep the potions. I'd need at least two, but wanted three or four ready just in case. I'd planned ahead: bringing a plastic toolbox I'd lined with foam and packing material to protect the precious eggs. I assumed one would be ruined in transit, but that left three more before I'd need to produce more. I even 'loaded' one potion bottle (labeled #1 to match the same egg) with not of Mary-Ann's long glossy black hairs. At a whim, I also prepared a 'fantasy' potion with my neighbor's hair. Maybe I could show her a good time after I'd gotten what I needed as a thank-you.

As I finished preparing the last I smelled Ergrod lurking around. I invited him in, "Ergrod! Come here. We should talk."

My goal was to control the situation, but I whimpered with arousal as his furred shape sauntered into the room. I wanted to control the situation and feel him filling me the way I wanted, but it was easier to say it than do it. Especially when even his odd smell caused an itch of excitement in my nether regions. I pressed my legs together as the heat grew and the furred beast spoke in it's harsh whisper of a voice, "Bond, please? Ergrod will behave."

I stripped, unable to resist. I remembered a recent dream, and gestured, indicating that Ergrod should lay on his back, allowing me to be on top. "You on the bottom, Ergrod"

"I'll do all the work." I continued with a smile.

He licked his lips and shook his head, moving into the position I indicated. It made his massive genitals look even bigger as they stood up from his rodent-like body. I felt like I was about to try to take a fire hydrant into myself, but I'd had it in me before.

I moved up, straddling his narrow body while on my knees. The giant cock was in front of me as I shimmied closer. If I'd had big boobs like some of the forms I'd taken I'd have rubbed the shaft between them, but my tiny A cups made that pointless as I contemplated the shaft that resembled a fence post. I hiked myself up onto the balls of my feet, awkwardly squatting to maneuver around the thing as I aligned the shiny, oozing head with my own moist, hungry parts. I took a deep breath and lowered myself, allowing my weight to help pass the head into me. I moaned, coming quickly as I slid onto the shaft. I took several inches in with another gasp and found I could rest on my knees now. This position allowed me some pleasurable motion as I traveled up and down on the warm throbbing shaft, and I could tell Ergrod was enjoying it as he hissed and yipped under my attention. He'd come soon, but I moaned to announce my second just before I felt the warm surge of his own climax.

Sticky and tired, I carefully lifted myself off the creature, my nose wrinkling at the sulfurous smell of his fluids. I stood, a bit uneasy, and began to clean myself with the wipes I'd brought over to the deserted house. At least in this position I had less scratches from his needlelike claws to clean. His foul emissions itched within me.

Magic was addicting and empowering. I'd used it become a sexy version of myself and summoned the courage to strip on stage, then fucked a guy for an extra couple hundred. I'd wanted to do a favor for my boss and become his fantasy, not realizing that his fantasy was a gray-haired woman his age who was a sex-kitten in bed. I'd become a duplicate of my brother's fiancé to expose her infidelity and caused her to drive home in shame. Now I was planning to take my nice next-door neighbor's form to gain access to the restricted stacks at a library and learn my grandfather's magical secrets.


I saw Ms. Kaewa's dark blue station wagon leave as she left to visit her unnamed friend for a week. I retreated to my bedroom. My parents were still in Massachusetts with my brother and I wasn't scheduled at work, so I had the day to enact my plan. I stripped: No way my clothes would fit Mary-Ann Kaewa's bigger body. I had a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt I'd purchased ready to put on once I transformed, but I'd need to find the proper sizes and styles to pass myself off as her in public.. The potion was amber after I'd added her hair, and I felt a curious sense of need to live in another body for a while. Each time I'd done so it had been different and exciting. My planned expedition as Ms. Kaewa was intended to be a short trip to work out some details.

I wished I had found a spell that would make it easier, but only one spell I'd discovered included clothes and such, and it had two concerns that made it useless for this task. First, it didn't so much copy someone as make me their fantasy, so I'd probably end up as one of Mary-Ann's lesbian friends and be unable to focus on much more than pleasuring the tall woman. Second, that spell had the biggest warning of any magic I'd tried. If it was used for selfish reasons it would have ugly side effects. I knew met goal of learning about my grandfather was selfish at some level and took the book's dire warnings of side effects seriously. I'd made the fantasy potion, but that was reserved for later when I merely wanted to give my neighbor the reward she deserved.

I downed the potion, feeling it burn like a shot of alcohol as it poured down my throat. The first thing I noticed was a stretching feeling as I gained about five inches of height. I held my right hand out and watched it enlarge a bit, the fingers elongating as a thin layer of fat coalesced at the wrist then spread to the elbow. My other hand reached up to feel as my breasts expanded. I could see my skin darkening as my hair grew thick and took on the glorious luster I'd always noticed when I'd talked to my neighbor. I checked myself in the mirror. Mary-Ann Kaewa was beautiful, I think. Perhaps not in the magazine-cover supermodel sense, but a lot of guys would find the tall woman undeniably attractive. Women, too, I would assume.

I spun in front of the mirror laughing in her more resonant voice as I realized I was taller than the old mirror! I felt strong and powerful, my thick legs concealing muscle under a layer of fat that just made me softer and more sexy. My belly was just fleshed out enough to give it a sense of roundness over the thick mat of pubic hair between my legs. I'd appreciated her boobs when I'd visited the day before, but now that they hung from my chest they looked even nicer. The nipples were rounded domes surrounded by large, dark aureolas. The tits themselves hung down like ripe fruits waiting to be played with. My face was round with puffy pink pips and a cute, flat nose. The whole was framed by a head of long shiny hair that fell in a wave from my head.

I laughed again, hearing my deeper more resonant voice, then pulled on the over-large outfit I'd prepared. I'd need to find a bra before I went far like this as my new equipment swung as I moved. I grabbed my purse and headed over to the Kaewa residence. I moved through back yards so the neighbors wouldn't see anything, and felt relieved after I entered her home and disarmed the alarm.

I was in Mary-Ann Kaewa's home.

I was, to all appearances, Mary-Ann Kaewa.

I stripped, carefully folding the workout clothes and leaving them on the couch. I loved this body. As 'Carol' the stripper I'd felt bold and sexy. As 'Cynthia' the grandmother I'd felt cunning and clever. As Mary-Ann I felt like I could do anything and take what I wanted. I strode around the house naked, grabbing one of the cookies I'd dropped off yesterday.

I knew I should focus on my goal of becoming Mary-Ann to sneak into the library, but I found myself just enjoying walking around as her. Her house seemed more cultured and pretty than my own home next door. Her kitchen had been remodeled recently. I felt naughty as I leaned over the black marble island, feeling the cool stone touching the bottom side of my glorious breasts. I'd seen the living room briefly earlier but now had time to linger and look at the mementos and books that filled the shelves. A few books and movies gave a clue to her orientation, but she seemed to also enjoy horror and anime judging by the titles. A few framed photos showed Mary-Ann with various women, and I pondered which one were her former or perhaps current lovers. Would she be spending next week intertwined with the short-haired punk-rocker looking white woman? Maybe the older Latina with the stern expression posing with a plate of food. Perhaps the two black woman posed hanging of either of her strong arms would end in a threesome.

The basement was boring, little more than storage and such. I wandered upstairs, enjoying my time as a tall powerful woman.

She had a large treadmill and exercise bike in one room, I thought: This was 'my' room, were this the house next door. I grabbed a towel hung over the treadmill's console, savoring even the stale smell of sweat. It was my smell now, after all. The other bedroom looked to be set up for guests with a blanket-covered daybed as a comfy place to read one of the countless books arranged on the shelves lining the walls. A large landscape painting, a scene encompassing a jungle, a beach, and the sea itself, was a touchstone to her heritage.

I realized the entire tour had made me aroused as I exited the guest room and made my way to the master. I was running my fingers through my dense layer of pubes as I walked around the house.

I laughed as I entered the bedroom. Every other room had been nearly immaculate, but the master bedroom was Mary-Ann's true heart and showed a more chaotic side. She apparently wasn't the type to make the bed, and had a basket of clean laundry next to a hamper of dirty laundry. A few bags from a local store showed cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and similar shoved in a corner until needed.

There was a stack of books on her nightstand: I read them with interest, noting she seemed to alternate between books on history, old collections of horror stories, and a few romance novels.

I found myself laid out on the gloriously large king-sized bed. It made Mary-Ann's tall frame seem small, and I spread my glorious hair out to flow over the messy sheets. I couldn't stop touching myself, feeling my body react. Driven by some whim I opened a drawer on the nightstand, unsurprised to find her vibrator. I took from hold and turned it on, pleasuring myself with lustful moans as I alternated between my brown-skinned fingers and the buzzing toy. My large clit was sensitive and needed attention which I was all too willing to give it.

It was nearly eleven o'clock when I ended my slow, luxurious masturbation session. I was worried she'd smell the fluids my oversexed pussy had spilled onto the sheets, but it would be days before she returned and it was after all, her own smell. We were both Mar-Ann Kaewa.

I painted my nails with her preferred dark red shade from supplies I found in her messy master bathroom.

I dressed myself from her wardrobe, trying to mimic the way I'd seen her dress when she'd gone in to work. My story if questioned was that I was just stopping in to check on something for the "Arkham Heritage project" she'd mentioned when we'd talked the day before.

I felt a shiver run through me as I dressed. Her plain white 44DD bra supported my glorious breasts. I pulled a large pair of dark red panties over my generous hips, followed by nylons and a long black skirt that looked great draped over my generous behind. A simple buttoned blouse covered by a professional looking jacket completed the ensemble. I kept my charm bracelet, but had packed my grandfather's bracelet into my borrowed purse. She'd taken her favorite earrings and such, but I found a beautiful pair with greenish stones that dangled from my cute ears. I grabbed her college ID lanyard, which she'd hung on the side of a full length mirror, comparing myself to the low-quality picture on the ID.

I appraised myself before I left. I was sure I'd pass as Ms. Kaewa, but one more detail wouldn't hurt. I smiled as I applied her lipstick as a final touch.

I had to drive my car since Mary-Ann had taken her own on her vacation, so parked in a public lot and walked across campus. It was still break so it was quiet with only a few students and staff walking around the various footpaths dusted with snow.

My badge opened the side door to the library, granting my access to an employee-only hallway. I chose my direction poorly, and ended up in a back office area instead of finding myself at the glass-walled area that was the access to the reserved stacks.

I panicked as I thought I smelled Ergrod's musk in the small workshop I found myself in. The book binding and restoration gear was a mystery to me. I stumbled around, knocking over a stack of replacement book covers as I looked for the demon. I grabbed at my charm bracelet, ready to use the charms should I be discovered.

But I was not. I calmed down and picked up the cardstock I'd knocked on to the floor. Another library worker entered to grab a tape dispenser from a bench, but just waved and said, "Hi, Mary-Ann!" before leaving.

I recovered and let my heart return to its normal rhythm. I left the workshop and found myself at a door labeled 'Restricted Stacks.'

I waved my badge at the sensor like it was a magic talisman. I nearly cried as it softly beeped and the door latch opened. I entered the restricted stacks.

I found myself in a large L-shaped room. At one end an archway and partial doors separated the back room from the small selection of rare books that was on public display in a sort of 'fishbowl' where trusted academics could study the old texts in view of the staff.

I found the old computer terminal Mary-Ann had told me of. Arkham University was a patchwork of technology and some force had prevented the rare documents catalog being moved from some ancient text-based computer system. I fumbled with the unfamiliar computer, but searched for 'Randal Roberts' which returned 'P68.';u=11315;sa=summary;u=4775