The Heist - Continued

No matter how closely she listened, Reina couldn't hear any sounds outside the door. Even after resting and getting dressed all over again, her legs were wobbly and she felt quite light-headed. She wasn't sure she would ever get used to getting taken by Beleeza. But they were going to have to move soon if they were going to avoid getting caught, regardless of post-climax shakes. No matter how safe the little side room they were hiding in seemed, they couldn't afford waiting too long. There would be guards patrolling the Wizard's manor at all hours, and while Beleeza could probably take most of them on, that would cause more problems than it would solve.

"So, what's the plan, little Warlock?" the Daemon asked, still looking quite self-satisfied after their secret romp. She was showing no signs of shifting to a more modest body,

Reina took out a simple sketched map of the manor. "We're now in the western part of the building, and as far as I can tell, the private library should be in the back part of the manor to the south, probably one floor up. If we can get there without running into any guards or stumbling over any traps, we should be home free." Then, with a sharp glance, she added: "And if you can keep yourself under control."

"On my word, Warlock," Beleeza shot back with a mocking bow and a wink, "Not until the Wizard's desk."

Reina suffocated a sigh and opened the door to the corridor just enough to peek out. There was neither sound nor sight of any guards as far as she could notice. This was as good a chance as they were going to get. Quick as a cat she snuck out into the corridor with Beleeza close behind. Thankfully she was quiet as a mouse -- it was hard to get more inconspicuous than a two meter tall horned Daemon. A nude one at that.

The corridor looked too sparse to be anything but a passage used by servants -- hardly any decorations and barely even a carpet to speak of. That was both good news and bad news. It meant that there would be less guards patrolling here, but manor servants were much more likely. One could only hope that the Wizard had brought many of them along on his journey. As the two of them made their way towards the southern end, Reina saw that the corridor split in two directions. A quick glance around the corner showed one corridor leading to a set of stairs going downwards, and another that seemed to connect with a more fancy looking part of the house. Reina consulted her map, but it wasn't much use here. They would simply have to go blind until they found some better way to orient themselves.

"What do you think, any ideas?" she said, looking back at Beleeza. "Perhaps a nice magic trick or two to guide us?"

"I have plenty of tricks, pet... But it's easy to feel this house is warded enough to make any of them risky. Unless you changed your mind, and want to play it rough?"

"Please, no. Let's do it smart and quiet as long as we can."

"As you wish. Then maybe we could steal one of the guard's armor to do some scouting?"

"Think we can take one down quietly?"

"I'm sure an accomplished Warlock as yourself knows a simple confusion spell?" Beleeza said with a mocking smile. "That should not raise any alarms. Just leave the rest to me."

"No bloodshed?"

"Not a drop. All we need is a room to use for the ambush."

Reina nodded, and after another quick glance, snuck around the corner. Up ahead she could see that there were nicer carpets and decoration, as well as more light. Small, luminous rocks had been set into the walls, focusing their glow on paintings of old men and women. Family members, perhaps, or other members of the Order of Wizards. She had a manic desire to deface a few of them, but that would have to remain a fantasy. Hopefully time would offer an even better way to stick it to the Order. Around the next corner she could spot a couple of doors, and thought she could hear voices further away.

"Let's try the door closer to us," she whispered and turned to Beleeza. "I think-"

There was no longer any two meter tall Daemon behind her, but a fully human, raven-haired beauty. Still nude.

"I figure this would make for more alluring bait," Beleeza said with a flirtatious wink. "At least to a human."

"I'll say," mumbled Reina, suddenly not knowing where to look. Beleeza was no less ravishing in human disguise, that was for sure. "There's some doors up ahead. Let's try them, I have a feeling the guards pass by during their patrols."

"Lead the way, hero..."

Reina took a moment to clear her mind again, and then, made a quiet dash for the first door. Locked tight. She hesitated. Dared she go for the other? The voices seemed to be closer now. Another quick dash to the second door. Unlocked. She cracked it open as quietly as she could and glanced to make sure no one was inside, but was met only with darkness. She waved to Beleeza, who skipped over quicker than Reina could blink. With the door shut behind them, her eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. Apparently they had come into what looked like a large dining hall. With no lights on, which hopefully meant that the guards neglected to patrol this room.

"This should work, right?" she whispered to Beleeza, who nodded in reply.

"Just need one of them to come by on his own. I can take two easily, but that would probably get noisier than you'd like."

"No noise if we can help it."

Reina leaned up against the door and listened. There wasn't any sound of movement, but the voices were undoubtedly closer now. She focused her mind and channeled the confusion spell into her right arm. It wouldn't hold long, but if she only got a chance she could fire it off in the blink of an eye. In less then a minute, steps could be heard coming down the hallway. But she was pretty sure there were two people. Too big a risk. They passed by the door, when they suddenly exchanged some words in a language Reina couldn't make out. She could hear the door to the next room being unlocked, while the other person kept walking down the hall. Instinctively, she peeked out to see if there was a big enough opening to hit one of them, but the patrolling guard was already quite far down the hall, and the door to the next room was still open. There was a tiny chance, but it wasn't worth it. She held her fire.

Another minute passed, and the patrolling guard vanished out of sight. But the door to the room had not closed, so the other guard could come out at any moment. Reina signaled to Beleeza to stay ready but got only a playful yawn in return. She was about scold the Daemon when she suddenly heard the clinking of keys and seconds later the missing guard came out, closing the door behind him. As he put the keys in the lock, Reina took her shot. He glanced at the creak of the door, but before he had time to react she warped his mind with the confusion spell, leaving him dazed and looking around as if lost. Reina stepped away from the door and hid herself in a corner as Beleeza went out to draw the guard's attention. Soon enough, the Daemon returned with a seductive swagger, followed by the confused guard who probably had no idea whether he was dreaming or awake. Reina grabbed a candleholder, ready to strike him down. But before she could even get close, Beleeza pounced on him like a hungry lioness. In the darkness, all that could be heard were muffled screams that quickly died away. Finally, when all was still again, Beleeza got up with a satisfied smile.

"He'll be having a very nice sleep..."

Reina was about to ask exactly what she had done, but realized there was no time to lose. "Let's undress him quickly. Will his clothes fit?"

"Oh pet, I'll have to show you just how flexible my shapeshifting skills are one day. It can do amazing things..." The Daemon winked as she started stripping the guard of his armor and clothes.

Within a few minutes they had him stripped almost completely nude and Beleeza, after having shifted into a bit larger and bulkier body, had donned his armor. As long as no one looked too close the illusion would be pretty much perfect. With any luck she would be able to scout around without too much trouble.

"Quite dashing, if I say so myself," Beleeza said, striking a pose in the dark. "Now what would you have me do?"

"Just have a look around, see if you can find a path forward. One with no guards, though it might be difficult. I think if we could get to the next floor somehow, we would be much closer."

"Too much guesswork will get you killed, pet," the Daemon said sweetly and placed a kiss on Reina's forehead. "But something tells me that you have the strange favor of luck. See you soon."

Reina tried to reply, but didn't quite find any words. The tender gesture had caught her off guard and she wasn't quite sure what to think. She had always been taught never to invoke Daemons without a warding talisman. She had paid for that failure today -- but as scared as she had been to get caught, it had been worth it. It was reckless. Thoughtless. But it was also insanely exciting. Even as she dragged the guard into a corner and waited quietly in the dark, she couldn't stop thinking about it. She still sensed the sticky heat inside her and could almost feel Beleeza's thick cock at rest deep inside her again. As much as she tried to resist, she was getting wet again. Every fiber of her being screamed that she couldn't take any risks in a Wizards abode. But still, another part of her desperately hoped that the Daemon would make good on it's threat to take her over the Wizard's desk. Perhaps even-

Suddenly, there was a creak from above as some unseen door opened up, followed by footsteps. In the dark, Reina had not seen that there was a small alcove up above. Anyone standing there would be able to see the entire room. Squeezing up behind a set of antique armor, she made herself as invisible as possible, hoping that whoever was up there hadn't brought a light. The door closed again.


Reina froze. Didn't know whether to respond or not.

"Come out, pet," the voice from above called out. "I can sense you down there."

"Beleeza?" Reina whispered back.

"Yes, you dolt."

Reina snuck out from her hiding place and looked up. It was almost impossible to make out Beleeza on the upper floor.

"What did you see?"

She didn't receive a reply. Instead, a thick rope that had been tied around a set of curtains landed with a soft thud by her feet.

"Grab onto it, and I'll get you up here!"

Reina wasn't sure about this. The Daemon's judgment left a lot to be desired, and she would have liked to have had more of a plan. But what was the point of having bonded yourself to a Daemon if there was no trust?

"Alright," she whispered as she took hold of the rope just above a knot. "I'm ready."

With startling ease, Beleeza pulled Reina up to the next floor and hauled her over the railing as if she had been nothing but a sack of feathers. Reina couldn't help projecting that strength onto certain desk-related activities.

"So, what did you see?" she whispered, trying to clear her dirty mind again.

"Enough guards to warrant quite the bloodbath if we were to attract attention to ourselves."

"Shit. Anything else?"

"There was some stairs that was more well-guarded than anything else so far. I wouldn't be surprised if the office you are looking for is up there."

"I'm guessing there's no hope of sneaking past them?"

"Not for you. But I think I spotted another way. It may require some climbing, however."

"Climbing...?" Reina wasn't sure she liked the sound of this.

"From a small side room I saw the outer wall of the guarded part of the mansion. All those reliefs and gargoyles should make it easy to reach the windows of the upper parts."

Reina shuddered. She did not like heights, and this sounded like a very risky idea. But it might be their only hope, unless they were going to cause a giant mess.

"Fine," she sighed, "Let's have a look at this wall at least."

"You should have more faith in me, pet" the Daemon said, feigning hurt.

"Come on. Lead the way."

With great care, they slipped out into the corridor. It was easy to notice that the further they progressed, the more ostentatious the decorations became. Gaudy reliefs and draperies lined the walls, singing the praises of the mansion's Lord. Once again, Reina was overcome with the urge to deface Wizard property. Just a little bit. Suddenly, they could hear voices coming down the hall. There was only a split second to choose. Fight or flight? Reina dove for the closest door she could find. Locked. The next second Beleeza appeared beside her with the keys she had taken along with the guard's clothes and armor. One key did not fit. Nor did another. Finally, the third one clicked and turned. They dove inside and closed the door as quietly as they could, just as they could see guards rounding the corner further down the hall.

Now they found themselves in a large room with luxurious decorations that made Reina's home look like a beggar's hovel. Bookshelves filled with fine leather-bound tomes, a bed that would fit any King, rugs of such intricate detail that it would make a weaver weep. Not to mention the many things that would fetch a handsome price with the right fence. There was no time that though. Reina ventured further into the room to see if there was another way out. All of a sudden, a voice rang out.

"Excuse me, what are you doing in here?"

Only then did the two notice that there was a woman in the room with them. Completely naked, having just stepped out of a bath, with soapy suds still clinging to her skin. At first Reina was a bit dumbstruck. The stranger was stunningly beautiful, only a little older than Reina herself, with something almost regal about her. Her hair was short and fiery red, perfectly matched by sharp, clever eyes. Her body was fit, yet deliciously curvy. Her plump breasts glistened invitingly and round hips framed an almost completely clean-shaven tuft of hair between her legs.

"Oh, I'm sorry- I-We-" Reina began, stumbling over her own words.

"Dreadfully sorry M'am," Beleeza chimed in, with appropriate authority. "We were not told that anyone was in here."

The woman relaxed a bit when she saw the guard's uniform. "Idiots. I certainly expected this household to be run with more discipline," she sighed. "At least you're both ladies, and not one of those guards who think they can sneak a glance without anyone noticing. Would you kindly pass me that towel?" She pointed to one hanging on a chair next to Reina, who was very much trying not to be too obvious in sneaking glances herself. She took the towel and brought it over, slightly dazed by the heavenly scent that surrounded the woman. That's when she noticed the clothes. A Wizard's regalia. The sigil of the Order of Wizards. Shit. This was no low ranking Wizard either. Just her luck.

"But you didn't answer my question," the Wizard said as she grabbed the towel. "I was told I could rest here in prefect privacy, yet here you barge in." She gave Reina a wicked smile, her eyes thin as slits. "With eyes wandering all over the place."

Reina shot a glance over at Beleeza, whose gloating was visible even through the helmet's face cover. There would be no help from there.

"We're just...looking through, I mean, searching-"

The woman looked at Reina with growing suspicion. "What's the matter with you?"

Reina was out of ideas. There was only one recourse.

"I'm so sorry," she mumbled.


Reina pounced and tackled the woman to the floor. Immediately, she placed her hand over the ruby red lips, and chanted the words of a spell that would put the woman to sleep. For a moment, the Wizard just stared in bafflement, before her eyes warped with anger. But by then it was too late. A dark mist swirled from Reina's hand and flowed into the woman's mouth and nostrils. Within seconds, the Wizard's eyes became unfocused, and moments later she fell into a deep sleep. Reina didn't move for another half minute, wanting to be absolutely sure that the woman was subdued. At least that's what she told herself. She was very much aware of how soft the large breasts were under her weight. When she finally got up, she couldn't help stealing another glance. What she wouldn't have given to have met under different circumstances. The urge to run her fingers across the soft skin was overwhelming, but she tore herself away.

"Could you put her in the bath, Beleeza? Maybe if we're lucky she'll just think it was all a dream."

"Quite daring, pet," the Daemon said with glee. "She would not have needed many seconds to turn the tables on you."

"Don't remind me..."

While Beleeza returned the Wizard to her bath, Reina looked around the room. There were several windows along the wall, though most of them were a bit too small to climb through. That's when she found a small, nearly completely hidden door that led out on a balcony. Outside, the whole of Robeka opened up before her, bathed in pale moonlight. Somehow, she felt like she was much higher up than she should be, like the mansion was far taller than it seemed from below. Then again, the Wizards always used their stolen magic for useless things. Looking around, she saw that Beleeza's analysis had been right. The outer wall was full of ornaments and decorations that a skilled climber could use. She, however, was not a skilled climber at all. Almost as if on command, Beleeza appeared behind her.

"We're still some distance away from where I found the path. But we may be able to climb via the roof. If you dare," the Daemon said, with a playful jab.

"This absolutely sucks," Reina mumbled, trying not to think of how far the drop might be. "What are you suggesting?"

Without a word, Beleeza shook off the clothes and armor, which fell to the floor with an unceremonious thud. Then, with great cracks and groans, her body grew is size, once more taking on Daemonic aspects - sleek and muscular, with her long, black hair in a tight braid. As Reina watched her stretch, she wondered if even Beleeza Daemonic strength was enough for this climb.

"Hop on."

"Wait," Reina gasped, now quickly paling. "You mean you're going to climb and carry me!?"

"Naturally," Beleeza said with a cocky smile. "What kind of weakling do you think you bonded yourself with?"

"I don't... I don't doubt you. It's just... It's a very long way down," Reina mumbled, glancing over the balcony, feeling her knees go a bit weak.

Before she could react Beleeza had picked her up like nothing, and seconds later she found herself clinging for dear life to the Daemon's back. She was about to protest, but in the next breath they were hanging over the void as Beleeza jumped and grabbed on to a stone gargoyle. All Reina could do was whimper and desperately try to remember any spell that could come in handy if any part of the wall failed them. None came to mind. After a few daring jump she couldn't even keep her eyes open anymore, certain that death was approaching. She just hung on, arms and legs cramping around Beleeza who grunted and sighed as she scaled the walls. Every jump made Reina's heart stop until she could feel the thud of the next ledge. What felt like an eternity passed like that, with death's maw waiting to greet them far below. Then, finally, they didn't move any more. At first Reina didn't dare open her eyes, just in case she had actually fallen to her death but simply hadn't noticed.

"I think we're close, pet. Those windows look particularly fancy."

With considerable effort, Reina pried her eyes open. To her dismay, they were still hanging from a ledge, now much higher than before. The southernmost part of the manor had a segment that was like a small tower, which they now were scaling. It didn't take long to spot what Beleeza meant though. Just above them was a series of stained glass windows, much more elaborately decorated than any others she had seen in the manor.