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Deepa heard a low voice, maybe in her dream, or in the room.

"Deepa!...Deepa Deepa....Deepa!"

Now she could feel someone slightly prodding her leg over the mattress that she was using as a blanket. But she refused to wake up. She couldn't figure out if it was in her head or someone was actually trying to wake her up.


Deepa now had her eyes wide open. She was sleeping on her side. She slightly turned to lie on her back, the mattress still covering her, and she could see Rima in her pyjamas, looking down on her, her hands on her hips.

"Yes Rima?" said Deepa, not getting up, lying on her bed.

"Have you seen my towel? I don't seem to find it. I thought I had it on the bar outside the window, but it isn't there," said Rima.

Deepa had been dreading about this question from Rima since last night before she slept. She knew Rima would find out. Deepa began to think of the previous day events, how she could have refused to visit the opposite housing society, how she could have scavenged the whole flat to find some other piece of clothing instead of Rima's towel, how she could have just asked Kavya to hand her some extra towel to replace Rima's torn towel, how she could have just stepped a little further from the lift, so that the towel hadn't got stuck in the lift doors and torn it into two pieces.

"I have no idea," lied Deepa.

"Well, I'm not sure how can it fucking disappear? The mesh outside the window wouldn't let it fall outside at all!"

Deepa could see that Rima was frustrated and she actually would have told Rima the truth if she wasn't naked under the mattress.

"Do you have extra towels with you?" asked Deepa, not knowing what to reply to her frustration.

"Yes, I do," said Rima calmly, "I'm getting late for work, I need to go now. Sorry, I can't make you breakfast today, I'm thinking of having some in the office canteen itself."

"Your office canteen is serving food in this pandemic?" asked Deepa.

"Yeah, they opened it just yesterday. It looked very hygienic like never before," said Rima and she went inside the bathroom.

Deepa texted Kavya:

"Wait till Rima leaves for office, then you can bring my piece of clothing for the day."

After taking a shower, Rima came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel smaller than the previous one. In that small towel, the cleavage of her voluptuous breasts and her thick upper thighs were visible.

"I'm really not sure where the hell did my towel go?" said Rima in an annoyed tone.

Deepa didn't say a word, as she wanted to appear clueless. She couldn't help staring at Rima's lower ass, which was barely covered by the shorter towel. When Rima lifted her legs one by one to put on her panties, the towel lifted enough to show Deepa the lower asscracks. Deepa quickly looked away.

After Rima was done wearing her formal wear for the office, she held the small towel and stared at it and then she glanced at Deepa. Deepa caught her eye and she hastily looked at her phone screen. Rima put her wet towel in her wardrobe and locked it.

"I might come back from office early in the evening, maybe I will help you in cooking dinner. See you in the evening," she said while she packed her handbag and got out of the room.

Deepa could sense that Rima wanted to talk to her about the lost towel. Also, they hadn't really talked properly with each other ever since Rima came back to the flat during the lockdown. She waited for 15 more minutes and slowly got out of the room to find that Rima had actually gone out of the flat.

"Rima's gone to the office, you can come now," she texted Kavya.

"Okie dokie Ms.Nudie", replied Kavya back.

Kavya had started addressing her as 'Ms.Nudie'. Deepa looked down at her naked body, as if to ensure she was actually 'Ms.Nudie'. No matter how long she stayed nude, in front of Kavya or even Hanif maybe, she would always feel ashamed about her nudity in front of Rima.

The doorbell rang and Deepa let Kavya inside the flat. Kavya had brought her a turtleneck top with full sleeves. Deepa didn't realise the top was actually midriff until she wore it.

"What? It's a crop top! How did I not know that I owned a crop top?" said Deepa as she looked down at her bare midriff and her barer pussy and legs.

"I dug out your whole collection to see if you owned some fancy wear," replied Kavya.

Deepa stood with her hands stretched with nothing but a full sleeve crop top baring her midriff. Kavya took out her phone to click a photo of Deepa. Deepa involuntarily covered her crotch with both her hands.

"This top is making me feel more nude", she said, bringing her thighs together as she felt shier, "And what's with you taking my pictures all the time?"

"I like taking photos of your naked body", said Kavya clicking Deepa in her shy covering-crotch-with-hands position, "I like this pose, so shy and reluctant, something which I never was."

She came closer to Deepa and removed her hands away from her crotch and she began sliding her fingers around Deepa's pussy.

"I jerked off to your sex tape last night and this morning," said Kavya, "There's a different kind of thrill you get by watching the sex tape of a person you know, love and infatuate about, especially when the tape is recorded by you. Ah, it's so much better than watching myself fucking someone."

Deepa was enjoying how Kavya caressed her pussy.

"You record yourself fucking someone?" she asked.

"But I don't share it with the person I fuck, that's a total no-no", said Kavya as she began licking her fingers after she took her hand away from Deepa's pussy.

"I would like a sex tape with you," said Deepa and she grabbed Kavya's faced and kissed her lips passionately.

They shared a longer and deeper kiss, but Kavya slightly stepped back.

"Sorry Ms.Nudie, mother is still in my flat, I need to go now," said Kavya.

"Rima is gonna come home earlier this evening. I don't know how am I gonna hide from her this time. Her late arrivals in the evenings were saving me, but now, I don't think I can hide anymore," said Deepa.

"Don't worry dear, I'm gonna talk to her, I promise I would face her today and tell her the truth," said Kavya with an assuring voice.

"I don't even know if I wanna tell her the truth, but before she finds out about my nudity, it's better I confront her about it," said Deepa, "She is suspicious about her lost towel you know. She asked me and I appeared clueless, but she wanted to interrogate me. But she is such a sweetie that she couldn't believe I'm lying. She knows there's no way her towel could have disappeared in thin air."

"You worry too much dear. See you in the evening, I'll be here by 5pm," said Kavya as she gave one last soft kiss.

Deepa handed her the dirty hand-towel from previous day and got a clean one from Kavya before she left.

Deepa got ready for the office. She realised that she didn't have much work in her hand. As if her concerns were telepathically read by her manager, she received a text from him.

"Hi Deepa, wanted to talk with you regarding something. Are you ok for a video call now?"

Deepa started getting worried a bit from the text. Her manager had rarely spoken to her outside of the regular office meetings and discussions. But the pandemic had changed the whole working environment. And on top of that, she was totally naked from below her midriff. She contemplated about the video call and came to the conclusion that she wouldn't be showing much anyhow in the video call.

"I'm ok, should I join on your Zoom id?" she texted back.

"No, a personal Skype video call is fine," replied the manager back with his personal Skype ID.

Deepa was confused. Maybe, whatever her manager wanted to tell her was something confidential which couldn't be conveyed on the official Zoom ID.

She quickly looked herself in the mirror, tidied her hair a bit and tried adjusting her top. Her top was turtleneck, so it didn't show any cleavage at all. She could appear in the video call just up to her chest level, so that the bare midriff wouldn't be visible. She connected on her manager's personal Skype ID.

Her manager, Vasan, was in his late 30s, but already looked like he was in his mid 40s. He was slightly obese, had a thick moustache and head full of hair. Deepa remembered how she had caught him wearing underwear down below in a video call just few days ago. She wondered if he was still in his underwear while he was sitting in his chair.

"Hi Deepa," said Vasan as he appeared on the video.

"Hi," replied Deepa with a slight nervous tone.

"I'm not sure if you've heard anything from our teammates or any other office colleague, but the company is considering some kind of downsizing, because of the recent pandemic and the dearth of projects from our clients. So I would advise you, not to panic if you hear any news soon from the HR department regarding this," said Vasan, maintaining a professional tone.

Deepa got worried after hearing about the downsizing. She was kind of expecting this to happen, as she hadn't been getting much work in the past couple of weeks. Even though more exciting things were happening in her life, having a job and living an independent life was important too.

"I hope you're not calling me just because I'm surely gonna get terminated," commented Deepa.

"I can't really disclose that, but I felt it wiser to inform everyone working under me. Most of the other managers are doing the same. An official email announcing this would generally cause an uproar. But whatever might be the decision regarding your employment, I just wanted to tell you that you've been invaluable to the team and your contributions are not unnoticed," said the manager.

Deepa couldn't figure out what Vasan was trying to do. She just wanted to know if Vasan had any control over choosing who could get terminated or not.

"You'll be deeply missed Deepa," continued Vasan.

"I hope I had made an impression on you," said Deepa and she slowly began to rest her back on her chair.

Vasan saw a hint of her belly button as she laid back on the backrest of the chair.

"You make an impression for sure," said Vasan.

"But what else about me will you miss?" asked Deepa seductively.

"Everything about you," said Vasan, with a slight nervousness in his voice. He could now see Deepa's exposed belly button and her midriff clearly.

"I see, everything about me?" said Deepa and she slid her chair further back with her legs crossed.

Vasan couldn't believe what he was seeing on his laptop screen right now. He was looking at his teammate, who reported under him, to whom he was not that particularly interested, suddenly become so sexual. He could clearly see her wearing just a turtleneck midriff top, full sleeved and nothing else. She had crossed her legs, hiding her crotch, but her inner thighs and the side of the naked luscious thighs were on full view. Her naked sides of the hips made his already flaccid erection hard. It seemed as if Deepa would do a Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct anytime soon.

"It's really depressing and sad to know that I would get terminated. I will miss working under you. But I want to let you know that I'm willing to do anything for you, if I'm spared from this termination," said Deepa, slowly uncrossing her legs, but keeping them together close and covering her crotch with her hands.

"Well....Deepa," muttered Vasan, now getting slightly dry in his mouth, "I appreciate the promise and willingness that you've shown. Not sure if that's enough to save you from getting fired."

"I'm willing to do more," said Deepa, now slightly moving her legs apart, while still covering her crotch with her hands, "But I need some assurance from you."

"What assurance?" asked Vasan, slightly confused.

"I don't see any willingness or promise from you?" said Deepa, with a slight grin.

"I don't know why you say that," said Vasan as he slid back his chair to show himself.

As Deepa had expected, he was wearing a white underwear in the lower half, and his T-shirt barely covered his bellybutton over his belly. It was not a pleasant sight for Deepa, but she assumed Vasan would have been handsome if only he had lost some weight because he had a pleasant face and a perfect hairline.

"There is a promise, willingness is still missing," said Deepa removing one hand from the crotch, now only her left hand was covering her crotch.

Vasan anticipated that Deepa would remove both her hands completely. His already flaccid penis now started getting hard and it showed clearly as it stretched through the tight white underwear.

"Yes, the willingness is somewhat apparent now," said Deepa as she grabbed with her free hand the end of her midriff top. She almost pulled it up enough to show her right underboob.

Vasan's penis almost twitched and stretched a bit longer, it was now fully erect. Vasan couldn't hold himself and began touching his penis over his underwear. Deepa began teasing her crotch some more, not actually inserting her fingers in her pussy, but sliding her palm up and down the crotch, creating a suspense of whether she would actually show her pussy or not.

Couple of minutes went by in teasing each other. Like a nude standoff. But Vasan's underwear already had a wet spot with some precum. Deepa crossed her legs once again to hide her crotch, and slowly she lifted the midriff T-shirt, instantly exposing her breasts. She pulled it off from her quickly and covered her breasts with her hands.

Vasan went wild after this and he too removed his underwear while still keeping the undersized T-shirt. It only made Deepa laugh, seeing Vasan bottomless, but wearing a T-shirt covering just the top of his bellybutton. Deepa was impressed to see Vasan's erect penis, which was uncircumcised and looked way more different than Hanif's. After throwing his undies away, Vasan began to stroke his penis, excitement clearly visible on his face, and the thirst for lust, as he was expecting Deepa to finally spread her legs. He couldn't believe a totally naked Deepa, showing off in front of him. Deepa kept squeezing her boobs with her hands.

Vasan removed his shirt, sitting totally naked in front of the screen and began to stroke his penis more vigorously. Deepa couldn't believe it, but she was getting excited too, sitting totally naked in front of his manager, and seeing the manager's beautiful penis, unlike the rest of his body.

It felt like Vasan was about to cum, when a sound of someone opening the door in his room came. Deepa could only see Vasan turning his face to the left and looking shocked, and trying to cover his erect penis in vain.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" came a lady's voice from the background and Vasan hurriedly slid his chair forward to shut off the camera.

Deepa too crawled her chair nearer to the table and shut the laptop down. It seemed like someone had caught Vasan. She wasn't really sure if Vasan was married or not. But it did seem like it was his wife. The thought of Vasan getting caught naked masturbating in front of his laptop only made her laugh even more.

"I wish I could get caught like that," she said. She involuntarily looked to the direction of the door and crossed her legs, expecting Rima to appear anytime soon.

"It's only noon now, she won't be home this early," she told herself.

In the kitchen, while she was cooking her lunch, she glanced through the ktichen window the flat window on the opposite housing society, across the street. She wondered if anyone living in the flat, actually was seeing her now.

She opened the kitchen window wide open and moved two steps away from the window to show her whole naked body. She wanted some kind of signal or reaction from the opposite window. The opposite window was closed. She rested both her closed fists on her hips and stood like Wonder Woman, or any other lady superhero pose, only naked. She stood like that for almost half a minute, but got no signal or response. She turned around to show her ass through the window and even bent over. She stayed bent for more than 10 seconds or so. She still got no response like the other day and then she furiously closed the window.

"Who actually lives in that flat? And who are the two persons who watched me naked that day and shouted? One must be Nirav, who was the other?" she kept thinking.

It was late evening and Deepa was taking a short nap, on her work desk, resting her head on the desk near her laptop. She didn't even log in to work network after the video call with her manager. She had been thinking about the consequences of the call and then she had fallen asleep. A doorbell woke her up and during the time she got up and reached to the door, she had totally forgotten that she was totally naked. She was about to open the doorknob when she realised her mistake.

"Oh shit," she said looking down at her naked body and got back to wear her midriff top.

She looked through the peephole to find Kavya standing outside. She quickly opened the door, pulled her inside.

"Hey, why are you so charged up?" said Kavya in a bewildered state as she balanced herself from almost falling down from Deepa's sudden pull.

"Who is the other guy who lives with Nirav?" asked Deepa.

"Nirav? Why are you suddenly interested in him?" said Kavya after making herself comfortable on the sofa.

"You remember I told you about the day when I found two men watching me cook naked from the flat window of the other society? I couldn't see their faces as it was dark, but I could see their silhouettes. They both shouted to me 'you're hot' and I gave them a flying kiss," said Deepa, sitting beside her on the sofa.

"Honestly, you didn't tell me about this," said Kavya intrigued.

"C'mon, Nirav might have told you about this."

"You think Nirav and I are friends or something? I don't listen to half of the things he tells me," said Kavya, "He is actually living with someone Rima might know about."

"Rima!" exclaimed Deepa. She now sat with her legs crossed and a sofa pillow covering her crotch area.

"She is dating the boy who lives with Nirav. Don't you know about it? What, you girls don't talk to each other?" said Kavya surprised.

"Well, ever since she came back day before yesterday, we haven't talked at all, except about breakfasts and dinners, and towels," said Deepa rolling her eyes.

"Well you should tell her the truth today, like I've been telling you to do for the past few day.......wait," said Kavya as she stopped mid-sentence, "Someone has entered the flat?"

"I didn't shut the door." Deepa hit her palm on her forehead.

Before any of them could stand up or react any further, Rima appeared before them. Rima was surprised to see a stranger in the house and she expressed her questioning look by removing her mask.

"Hi?" said Rima with a half raised wave of hand.

"Hi, you must be Rima," said Deepa as she stood up and stretched her hands to shake.

"Yeah, and you are? Sorry, I think you must sanitise again, even though I did sanitise my hands, I have just come back from my office," said Rima as she just grabbed Kavya's fingers for a light formal handshake.

"I'm Kavya, your opposite door neighbour, I don't think you haven't seen me before, I have been living in this society for quite a long time," said Kavya in her usual confident tone.

"Yeah, I do remember you, but we haven't talked before I guess," said Rima, "Please stay seated while I change my clothes and come back."

Rima went to her room as Deepa was holding her breath, trying to hide her naked folded legs under the small sofa pillow.