This is my first time doing 1st person so bare with me. Please leave your opinions/comments/criticisms as I very much enjoy reading feedback. This story contains scenes of forced sex/reluctant sexual situations... obviously ;)

The first thing you need to know about this story is I needed money. Like I really needed money. Working full-time wasn't cutting it and to pay off the quick debt I had accumulated it would take months. The second thing you need to know is I'm a self proclaimed man whore. I have always had luck with women and my interest in them had pushed me to the job I had lost my dignity. Before I delve deeper it would best set the scenario if I could explain my biggest advantage, well now disadvantage. I know I'm good looking. Years of having my pick of the litter and women falling over me has more than inflated my ego. I stand at 6'2, 180 lbs of muscle. I live at the gym under the squat rack and several eager ladies have been more than kind enough to pinch the goods it built. My hair is dirty blonde with blue eyes to match and my smooth stomach is more than inviting to a party girl looking for a body shot. So what was a stud supposed to do to make quick cash? When this whole debacle happened those stripper movies had come out and damn, if something didn't seem so simple. So at 22, young dumb and full of... well you know what, I became a stripper. Here's my story.

It was with equal eagerness and embarrassment had I brought my haul into my apartment. I had not been yearning to spend more money but a new uniform was in order. I had done research, enough to gain an idea of what I should wear. In the living room I sat, blushing and thanking the lord I had lived alone. Before me were three outfits; the first was a cop uniform with a too tight top, black g string and matching handcuffs to boot. The second was an overly cheesy gladiator costume with tight black bottoms a prop sword and helmet to match. The second wasn't my favorite but over the past few years it's become apparent women find fantasy sexy now. The third and my favorite was a combination of tight black pants, sparkly silver bow tie and white cuffs. It was also the most expensive but I was sure it pay for itself.

I was ready to go. Outfit picked and stuffed in a bag. I had my clothes for my "interview" picked and place of choice picked. Now according to my limited research online it would be a simple interview. Go in, show off the goods do a small dance and voila. Now the place I had in mind was the only place in town that had done male strip shows. That meant the ladies wanting a show had one building to get their kicks and my debt would be paid in no time. So there I was getting ready to enter a job I had little information on. It's easy to blame this situation on others. It was forced, I couldn't get him off but the arrogance leading me to that place had left me open to what it gave. Perhaps if I had an ounce of the humility I would receive there none of this would have happened.

I woke up early the following day, had a healthy breakfast went for a morning jog then turned in for a shower. To be honest the entire day I had been feeling nervous. My time in the shower was spent looking at the wall and making sure every inch was clean. Instead of the usual drying routine of lying in bed with cock in hand I had spent it in front of the mirror obsessing. If this worked I could be out of the red and perhaps enjoy some extra spending money. My interview was at 6:00 and though I can't remember everything I did in those hours of waiting I do remember reading reviews on the strip show. "Hot men good time," "Pricey drinks but the dancers sure made up for it." "Go to the show, best time I've had in a while". My nerves had slowly been settling, the fear had formed into excitement and I found myself counting the hours until I could try for my new job.

Before I left, I enjoyed a small healthy dinner. Well enjoyed was a generous word but looking after my body was now going to be top priority. With music playing and an optimistic attitude I drove to Sultris. The name sounded corny, but I figured the atmosphere would match the name and with a group of rowdy women over the top was always in order. The building was located near an industrial part of town. There were a few odd restaurants, several auto shops and collection of old warehouses. Sultris was a large two story building located behind an auto shop and beside an adult video store. The parking lot was fairly busy which left my nerves racing. I would have thought I place like this got most of its attention in the late evening. Before stepping out of the car I checked my reflection. My hair was in place, face clean shaven and had put on a light cologne. I stepped out of the car ignoring my racing nerves. Each step my heartbeat grew louder. My hand hovered over the door shaking. With high hopes and in desperate need of cash I opened it.

In hindsight I should have turned around and left. Yes I would still be in debt but I would have maintained my dignity. But I stayed, stupidly enough I fucking stayed. When I had opened the door all I saw was men. Men in suites sipping a drink, big men chugging beers and tossing bills, men in tight underwear passing drinks and men dancing for them. I stared stupidly at the scene until a bouncer had come up to me. He was a big guy and perhaps it was the biceps the size of my head that rendered me speechless.

"If you want in fifteen dollar cover fee." His voice was as rough as him.

"I uh, I'm looking for a job." I croaked out.

His eyes scanned me and boy did I begin to understand when women complained at being looked at like meat. I wanted to run, fold my arms over myself and turn away. I think I had even blushed. After a good thirty seconds of staring he smiled and pointed to a door beside the bar and across the DJ booth.

"Greg is the man you want."

I nodded and quickly walked away from the eyes of the bouncer. It was an overwhelming sight. Everywhere I turned there was another guy with a stiff cock or greased body. I looked to the men giving the group a dance. I couldn't imagine myself doing something so bold. His ass was out and he was moving it in front of their face. The only thing on him was a blue and white jock. What happened next caused my mouth to drop. The largest man handed the dancer a fistful of twenties only for the dancer to stand on his hands and shove his enormous ass in the face of the bearded trucker. It was the most money I have ever seen and soon enough I was at Greg's door. I knocked three time adding a small hello on the third. I could hear laughter and movement then the door swung open. Facing me was another bouncer, he removed the cigarette from his lips looking to me.


"I'm looking for a job, is Greg here?"

Once again was that look. I swallowed my shame and waited for my possible boss. The man called over his shoulder informing Greg of a potential worker. The bouncer ushered me in then shut the door leaving me and Greg alone. I looked nervously at the boss. He was an older man with salt and pepper hair, oval face and sparkling blue eyes. He stood up from his chair and I would have guessed he was my height if not taller. He smiled at me.

"Hello there, needing work?"

I blushed and nodded. "I read a few reviews on this place... I had thought it was a place woman come to."

"Room full of paying cocks scare you?" He asked with a laugh.

I was unsure what to say; this had caused more laughter. He signalled to a chair in front of his desk.

"Have a seat..."


"Sit down Luke. I'm going to assume you still want a job or you would haven't made it to my office."

Like I had said I really needed money and seeing that wad of cash looked too good to be true. I swallowed nervously finally saying more than three words to this man.

"Yeah, I uh, this was the only strip joint in town and I've been pretty active my entire life. I can move well and have a body many would kill for." I hadn't meant to sound so cocky, but I wanted to make up for being so nervous earlier.

"Oh I know." Greg replied with a wicked grin.

I then asked the next burning question on my mind.

"Is this eh uh, are you guys a gay bar?"

"What gave you the tip?"

"Sorry," I replied quickly.

"We're a gentleman's club first and foremost. We do have many dancers but that is merely at the request of our customers. In this place we aim to serve our guests like kings. Working here can come in a few forms, there's dancers and servers. The servers here are to help our guests. That could be bringing them drinks, talking to them after a long day, a light touch, massage perhaps and sometimes kissing. A server cost a hundred every thirty twenty minutes and normally is requested for an hour or two. Tipping is encouraged. Dancers will have some time on stage but don't expect money from that. A lap dance is thirty each and I would recommend getting paid every four dances. Now sex is technically not allowed on the premise, but no one has the ability to look everywhere at once." He said the last part with a grin.

It seemed so simple. The moment he said massage I froze. The idea of sitting on a man's lap and cooing in his ear as he made out with me almost caused me to faint. Thirty dollars a dance could add up real quick... trust me on this.

"Dancer." I said quickly.


More typing on his keyboard. I sat twiddling my thumbs nervously. It was perhaps the silence or more likely my stupidity, but I said what had been on my mind.

"The reviews from women, where did they come from?"

He laughed again. "Once a month we have a lady's night. The extra revenue helps the club and the dancers like the money. This month's is on the eighteenth. If you do well we'll have you on that night. Did you bring a change of cloths?"

I nodded.

"Good, you can start tonight."

It was that simple. I was hired. Now my first night was relatively easy. The incident had not happened yet and my first shift I had made 300 dollars. It seemed great for five hours of work and there was hope I would be out of my hole. My second night was a little more eventful. I had gotten there at eight had my outfit in a small bag and took off to the dressing room. The entire time I had been shopping and pondering on my job I hadn't thought of the other workers. I just assumed everyone would get along. I wasn't entirely wrong, when I had walked in there was laughter. A few heads turned my way and I received several nods and a couple waves. I nervously waived back and took a locker. As I was dressing I heard movement and turned to see a young man. It was the dancer I had seen yesterday. He had curly black hair, bright blue eyes and a boyish face that probably only helped in this place.

"Fresh meat." He said jokingly. "Welcome. You a dancer or server?"

"Dancer." I replied.

"Ever work in a place like this?"

"No," I said honestly.

"Let me give you a few pointers. These men are dogs, you don't set up boundaries they'll walk all over you."

"Good to know." I replied.

"I'm getting a hetero vibe from you, are you?"

I nodded again. This earned a smile from him and a whistle from a few others.

"Okay new plan," he laughed, "you are a straight gem. When you give a man a dance convince him his cock is the only thing that could make you waiver. If you want to make good money let them take a peek at that virgin hole. I'm Jake, here if you need any advice."

"Thanks Jake," I said slowly. I then looked to the rest of the dancers. Some were laughing others shaking their heads tending to themselves. Hazing was natural. I couldn't think of a place that didn't have some small inhiation. I brushed off the comments threw on my outfit and went to the bar.

I had been dressed in my favorite outfit and damn did I look good. I had gained several looks from men among the room. It was an equally exhilarating and embarrassing feeling. I knew the people looking at me only held impure thoughts. It hadn't been long until I attracted someone's attention. He was a middle aged man with dark brown hair and a dark brown beard. He was a little shorter than me and not as muscular but had a handsome enough face.

"Hey cutie, new here?"

"Yeah," I said with a wide smile, "the newest and soon to be most popular dancer."

"With a body like that I wouldn't be surprised. How about we get you a loyal customer, follow me sweetcheeks."

The touch had caught me by surprise but refrained from jumping. His arm secured around my waist and he pulled me towards the private booths. I had spent enough time in here the previous evening so had grown comfortable with the layout and snug fit. A gently pushed him on the chair smiling down at him. He ran his hands over my biceps and I flexed for him. The muscle worshippers paid well.

"Mm this body babe. Come on take these pants off."

I laughed and ran his hands over my pecs. "That would be a third dance sort of thing."

He looked me in the eyes and pulled out his wallet. I could feel my heart thump on my chest as he opened up the leather encasing. He smirked before pulling out some cash.

"You're not going to make it easy on me. Here let me take a look."

He slowly peeled off my pants sticking a hundred dollars in the hip of my underwear. It felt good. I smiled at him, my ego and excitement growing.

"Now come here. Let me have a feel." He said.

He was a lot stronger than he looked. He pulled me onto his lap and I could feel something hard pressing against me. I kept my smile but damn was I getting uncomfortable. We weren't dancing as much as we were simulating sex. He held me against his clothed hardon and began thrusting forward grinding against me. I didn't know what to do, it hadn't even been three minutes and there was a hundred dollars against me. The thrusts continued and he let out a grunt. This was when panic hit.

"Hey, there." I giggled, "don't go too fast now. You'll end your night early."

His reacted my grabbing my hips painfully grinding into me. I took a ragged breath trying to shift off his hardon. He pushed forward. It was so fucking disgusting; the tip of his cock was punching against his briefs against my hole. When I felt it throb I tried to stop him.

"Hey, we're at the second song now." I said quickly.

"It's okay." He grunted.

Then there it was; another hundred dollars being shoved in my jock. My eyes widened. I hadn't even been here for half an hour. His grip got a little tighter and his thrusts increased in pace.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah."

I could feel his sweat now and was left trying to ignore the cock and think of the money. I spoke quickly trying to save grace.

"Hey... tell me if you're close. I don't do that shit."

"It's okay." He grunted again stuffing more money at my crotch. "Of fuck baby, just let me get a closer feel."

My body froze first. His hip shifted, hand lowered and his cock was pulled out. I must have looked like an idiot. My eyes wide and mouth slightly open in horror. Then he did the most disgusting thing. He actually pushed the tip of his cock against my hole trying to get it in. Now I reacted. I screamed angrily quickly getting up. I was fast but not fast enough as a spurt of hot come splashed against my blonde-haired cherry. I looked furiously at him.

"You fucking perv!" I screamed.

His reaction was to laugh. I pulled up my pants angrily storming out and back to the changeroom. I sat on a stool staring in the mirror seething. I could still feel the wet stain on me. I would have to burn these pants when I got home. I looked to the money, five hundred dollars. I still felt shame but could chock it up to a bad job. Just then the door swung open and Jake walked in.

"Hey. The hell happened?"

"This fucking creep, pulled his cock out and tried to jam it inside me." I said angrily, "fucker shot all over me."

"Did you punch him?" Jake asked.


"So you screamed like a little girl running for the changeroom? Could have cracked his jaw if you wanted to. Stand your ground Luke, next time someone tries to stick a dick inside you break it off."

"Next time yeah. I just froze, I didn't think he'd do it." I said.

"Get yourself cleaned up and go back out there."

Jake handed me a towel, a stiff drink and some extra bottoms. He was smaller than me but I would rather the tight pants than the come stain. Only now I realize the pleasant attitude was not an attempt to help but keep me in place. Jake was close with the owners, and they would scratch each others back. At the time I thought it was more help. I thought it was more advice on keeping the money flowing in. Jake was always making money.

"Tomorrow evening the owner of the building is coming in. It's Greg's brother Angus. He pays well, he'll throw-out a months rent on a few dances." Jake said, "he likes strong guys. As much as I try I can never get his attention. You gain his wallet you won't need to bother with any of these creeps."

"He won't come on me?"

"No, I can promise you he will never come on anyone. Be here for nine and look good."

"Any outfit he prefers?" I ask regaining my composure.

Jake smiled at me. "Something that shows off those muscles. That bow tie is cute. Perhaps match it with black shorts and white cuffs."

"Thanks Jake, if he pays as well as you say I'll give you a thanks."

"Always happy to help."

Jake, Greg, Angus, I was no match for them. They were clever and heartless. Tricking men into compromising positions was their game. I don't honestly know if the other workers were aware. I think the ones who were aware were the ones who endured a similar fate. I was perhaps their favorite conquest. A young, straight, muscular stud just built for a rough breeding. And I was eager, eager to receive a nice pay and eager to be rid of the weirdos who tried to get with me. I will give Jake this, Angus never came on me.

It was the day Angus was to arrive. I had bought a new outfit, not wanting to touch the one the mess had touched. Even the old bowtie felt disgusting. I had even dropped some money on good cologne, one that would hopefully entice Angus. I had gotten over my gross incident and was even sure it would become a funny story. In two days I had made a thousand dollars. I know a grand every two days wasn't realistic but it gave a glimpse of what life could be like. I had now hoped to stick with this for a year. If the clients continued to be generous paying off my debt would happen shortly and I could save up a decent amount. It would be a fun chapter in my life and something to interest the women with. There was going to be women at the club sometimes anyways. I had packed my outfit threw on some sweats and left the house.

Jake was right. The club was filled with men dressed to their best. Each dancer and server were dressed in hopes to attract the walking wallet making its way. I had felt confident but there had been many good-looking men. The one who seemed my greatest competition was a man dressed as a street fighter. So here I am, jealous of another shirtless man slowly sipping a glass of wine trying to calm my nerves. If I hadn't read as a whore before I certainly did now. When Angus arrived I was near the back of the room. I was alerted by a few dancers rushing to the front door and Jake moving closer to me.

"Okay he's here. You're lucky he loves blondes and this outfit... perfection. When he wants a dance he will take you to the office. Don't freak out, you do well there could be well over a thousand bucks for you."

I smiled at Jake. With a surge of confidence, I stood up and moved among the floor. Angus wore his name well. He looked to be the size of a bull with short grey hair, curly chest hair and the same sparkling eyes as his brother. He at first had taken notice to the street fighter but Jake was right once his eyes met mine that was it. I am not a small guy but I was intimidated in his presence. He was several inches taller than my own 6'2 figure and he looked as if he could crush me in his hands. I hoped at the age of fifty-five I could look half as good. Now I think it was the staring but I got cocky. I winked at him taking a sip of wine and turning to walk towards a raised platform. I began moving slowly, flexing, moving my hips, thrusting forward, anything that would accentuate my strength. He approached and soon was staring up at me. He made a gentle movement touching my leg.