This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Scott smiled as he bounced out of Fyr's truck, his own little car still needing some work doing on it. His body obeyed him wilfully and readily and he felt as light as he ever did, smiling as he bounded on, light on his hind paws with two shopping bags clasped in each paw. The stoat, perhaps, should not have been as light of will and heart as he was, being that he lived in a house with three demons and a dragoness who was not a demon but may as well have been when he wronged her...but he made it work.

It was the way of it and, somehow, he thought that things were meant to be. However things had started off between him and Sasha, Fyr's mother, they had progressed smoothly. He was a free stoat, of course, and could come and go as he pleased, but being part of their family meant that he was able to take care of his family too, moving his parents a little closer and into a smaller, more manageable property so that moving around was not so difficult after his father's surgery. All had gone as well as it possibly could have and both Fyr and Ropes, the financial heads of the household, had assisted freely with any and all expenses, though little was actually said about it from their side.

"No thanks needed," Fyr said brusquely, closing her laptop on the family household spending spreadsheet. "As long as we can afford it, we'll make sure they're taken care of. It's not a good season to start building now but there's always the option to build a little bungalow for them down the drive..." Her lips pressed together a little more tightly. "...Away from the ranch house though. Definitely away from the ranch house."

That was sure to see as the demons were not at all quiet about enjoying themselves and, frankly, that was not a part of his life that Scott at all wanted to share with his parents. It just wasn't to be and he was happy as long as they were taken care of: was there anything else for him to worry about?

Strangely...not. He pleased the demons and served then, sometimes taking the lead with Fyr and sometimes being ordered, by the demons, onto his knees before her. He did not know just where he stood with the dragoness that he had had, undoubtedly, feelings for, or whether those feelings had disappeared at all in all the changes in the interim. It seemed, sometimes, that things were too messed up to put to rights in any way that he could recognise for himself but it was a good kind of mess - particularly when he was down on his knees. The submissive role appealed to him more than anything else, passed between the males especially to service their needs with his new pussy.

For the brown-furred stoat was no longer just a male but possessed female genitalia too between his thighs. Kao made good use of that in particular, letting the stoat's legs hook around his waist as Scott gasped and let the weight of his body guide him down onto the blue dragon's rampantly turgid cock. The hard length sank into the stoat as Kao snarled in a flash of shockingly white teeth and bore him back against the wall, his need paramount, desires there to be satisfied at any cost. He was there to please and, truly, that was all that he needed to do, languishing in the moment, shuddering and whimpering, his pussy closing and rippling erratically around a shaft that his body knew how to please better than his mind.

And that was just why he didn't need to think. It was better when he didn't have to, when he was being fucked, not because he was trying to escape someone or something but because it brought with it a sense of coming home. He shuddered against the wall with his hips, helplessly, trying to buck as he was filled, yet could do nothing as the dragon's hard length ploughed into him. Whether he was ready for it or not Kao was going to take his pleasure from him, the dragon turned demon ferocious in his lust.

Kao rarely talked when he was fucking him, his need rising, something that Scott especially was there to sate. The dragon had taken a particular liking to him but it was fair to say too that the rest of the demons used him and his body pretty much equally. He grunted thickly, the sound rising carnally up in the back of his throat. Sometimes he wondered just why he did not become a demon like Sasha and Kao but, really, it was not something that he was all that worried about. He wasn't so sure anyway that he wanted to be a demon when he was already so happy where he was.


Kao shuddered as he spent himself inside the stoat, Scott's toes curling happily. Yes, he was most definitely where he needed to be with a pussy full of cum, each spurt seeming to come more eagerly than the one that preceded it. He needed it so desperately, wanted it all, his desire for their seed as the demons fed on him not something that a breeding-stoat such as Scott could so easily turn off. So much so that, in fact, when he was dropped back to the carpet, licking his lips, he found Kao's cock again instantly, slurping and rubbing his face against it, smearing a concoction of his juices and the dragon's cum over his muzzle.

The drake rumbled his pleasure, wings raising and extending as if to frame the moment, his dominance palatable in the air between them.

"That's it..." He growled. "Deeper... Fuck-slut..."

That was eloquent for Kao in the heat of the moment but not something that Scott was about to call him on either as he groaned around a hot length of dragon-meat and did all that he was asked to do. He took the hard shaft right up into the back of his throat and deeper still, though there was a limit to the dragon's cock: it was only a little more difficult for him to take as he did not have as long of a muzzle as some of the others. Still, he'd long ago lost his gag reflex around them (maybe that had been a touch of demonic magic at play?) and was always dimly aware of the sexual energy being sipped from, from him.

He fed them as he sucked their cocks, ate out Sasha, giving them everything as lovingly and as passionately as he could. He didn't care how rough they were with him when he came back stronger, again and again, every day, the grind and pound of a dragon-cock into the back of his mouth goading him on. Scott could do better, be better, please them better - if only he tried. The fact of the matter was that he always achieved, with them, what he set out to do, driven on by his need and how many times, daily, the demons needed to feed to maintain their strength.

Yet there was still an element of competition between them.

Ropes stalked into the room, though Scott almost didn't notice him until he pressed in too close, tail lashing near enough to brush Scott's shoulder. Naked, the stoat could not help but moan even from that touch, his hard length aching and begging for attention that he knew he would not get while the demons were using him. The dragon snapped and growled something above him and he sucked harder than ever, hoping to alleviate just a little of the tension between them even as dragon-seed slopped from his pussy. He had more than one hole to use, after all...

"You've already fed today," Ropes growled, the edges of his lips picking up as if to hint at a snarl. "Back away."

His words may have been cordial enough, considering that it was between demons, but there was an underlying tension there that curdled through. Scott shivered but he was not privy to the inner workings and trappings of their social hierarchy, though he had long ago suspected that Ropes would have very easily have been able to overpower Kao if it came right down to it. Perhaps it would even end comically with a single one of his tentacles slamming the one that opposed him down to the ground, leaving a dent in the ground and cracks spreading in testimony to his strength.

The demons, however, must have worked something out while he did his duty, taking yet another load of dragon-cum straight down his throat, gulping loudly, noisily. Some part of him thought that that had to have been the best way to let them know how much he enjoyed it and wanted it too but he still did not know quite what the demons would have ever done if he didn't actively engage in what they wanted. Presumably, they would grow bored with him or he would have already left but that wasn't a path that he needed to take, the insides of his ears pinker with a blush as he let a dribble of cum leak out of the corner of his lips, just for the kinky look of it.

Shoulder to shoulder, Kao and Ropes stood above him, looming without even trying to. Without thinking, Scott whimpered and hunkered down a little closer to the carpet, the bed to his side, though it rarely seemed to be used. The demons would take him anywhere and everywhere and the bedroom would have been too typical for most of what they got up to.

"Oh, good, have you begun yet?"

Sasha pranced in, wearing black lingerie as if she had had it designed especially for a special occasion, the leather winding around her body like a bodysuit for her torso but leaving absolutely everything exposed that it had to. The leather cut off around her hips and dipped between her legs, her pussy on show, and, of course, every slit in her sides that fitted Ropes' tentacles in a way that Scott did not yet quite understand was there too, gleaming with a little hint of red as to what lay within their delightful entrances.

But what did she mean about them beginning something? That didn't make sense, not in the usual course of things. He parted his lips to ask but Ropes' cock found a home there instead, effectively sealing away any further communication or words that could have spilt forth. They probably didn't matter anyway when he had no worries at all about anything the demons could have done or said, the way that they conducted their business. The feel of a hard length in his mouth, pushing deep, was better for him, tongue trying to flick and press up against the underside. Ropes didn't need that, however, talking over him as if the stoat was not even there, though, truthfully, he should have been difficult to miss.

"Yes... I think it will suit him nicely. He's already more fertile - can't you smell it?"

Scott shivered. He'd thought that was a new fur-conditioner that he'd been using. Was that really him that smelled like that?

The stoat didn't know what to think about that but it just was not something that he had to think about, nothing that he had to worry about, not when there was so much else there for him. A thick length, yes... The scent of Sasha in the air, how good she'd looked in the lingerie... He knew that it was not for him, of course, but that didn't stop him from admiring it all the same.

And then the cock in his mouth was gone, leaving him tipping forward after it as if it was the only thing left in the world that he could have possibly wanted, even then. Scott's whimpers rose and, standing beside her "boys", Sasha crooned, trailing a clawed fingertip around his muzzle, pushing his face back and forth.

"Oh, little one... You're going to love this, trust me. There's nothing quite like it."

Nothing quite like what? He wasn't so sure still that he liked what was going through her mind but, frankly, he knew too that he didn't want a choice in it. If Scott had a choice, it was to go along with whatever they could have ever wanted, whimpering and moaning the whole while. It was all he could hope for, yearn for, push for, need rising more and more, the passion of moments tipping by him as he snatched it all up with the greed of someone who did not yet know when it would all be taken from him. That, of course, would never come to be, but Scott did not yet believe that, that he was truly safe and secure and, above all else, happy in life.

In the end, they'd have to show him.

"Now... Scottie, such a small stoat but you've done well by us, haven't you?"

Sasha grinned, turning his muzzle to the side, her eyelashes fluttering as she drank in just a little bit more of his arousal, devouring it with a shudder that rippled through her entire body. She needed him, wanted him, craved him - and Scott was there to give it all to her and so much more.

"I want..." He struggled to get the words out, his head thick and foggy while his lips did not obey his will anymore: how fitting. "I please..."

"Yes, of course, of course, you do," she crooned, licking her lips, the wet slap of her tongue on the side of her muzzle oddly loud in the otherwise quiet room, still thrumming with demonic life. "I know you do... There's something more that a good breeder like you can do for us though, if you think you can be a breeder, that is..."

Scott swayed, surrounded on all sides by the demons. Only later would he realise that he had already been in the grip of Ropes' demonic magic right then and there, though it was Sasha that had kindly and softly opened the door to it. He tipped forward but Kao's paws caught him, claws digging into his shoulders, though he was already right where he needed to be. They were just there to ensure that he did not tip down to the ground too swiftly, that they could lower him and ensure that he did not collapse to the floor too quickly and hurt himself. For there still was a manner of care in them that came through when they were full and satisfied, though they could neither help, in their own kind of way, being fuelled and driven by demonic desires day in and day out.

It was who they were.

He floated while lying on the carpet, the bed pushed back against the wall to make room for them, something wrapping around his body and squeezing, although no one was touching him. Ropes said something about it affecting the magic but, well, Scott's breath was caught too tightly in his chest to worry about just what that magic was. His eyes bulged, the need to breathe overwhelming, yet that squeezing sensation was still there, pushing down and down and down on him from all sides, leaving him nowhere to escape to. The luxury of speech was stripped from him and he whimpered softly, trying to turn his head back and forth even though he was frozen in place.

Something pushed through him, curling down deep inside him to where his new womb lay, for he knew that that part of him existed too, even if it was difficult to manage that side of his life and personality as it had appeared. New ways of being had made themselves known to him as his gender was changed, how he identified, Scott trembling in place as Ropes' magic went to work deeply, changing his body, making him a little more accepting of opening up a little more.

And he would take more too as he realised, in a flash of realisation with breath returning to his lungs, why Sasha had called him a "breeder" too. For that was the role he could fulfil to them, both of them, though he did not see quite why Sasha would have him impregnate her when he had a viable womb to be filled. Delicious warmth filled his body, seeping through to the tips of his fingers and toes, tail twitching under him as he sank into it, everything softening, willingly accepting his fate.

"That's a good stoat-boi."

A combination of Kao's paws and demon magic lifted him, taking him to the back garden where the sun shone and gleamed warmly on his fur, though it was not so warm that it would be uncomfortable. He was dimly aware of them wanting space in the back of the house, though the hedges in the more secluded spot afforded a little privacy too. Scott didn't know whether the ranch hands had gone home for the day or not but it was not something that was going to matter to him, not something that was at all under his control, as he rocked onto all fours, regaining his strength.

Heat seared through him - and not purely of the warm kind. His body was primed and ready and he had to have it, wrenching and twisting, barely even aware of what he was doing. He growled and bucked his hips, on all fours and wanting something, something that would satisfy the fire within him, bring it down to something burning and simmering, something that could be managed. But Scot couldn't do it all on his own with so many demons around him, clouding his vision and his judgement, need throbbing up thick and fast, though the pulse of his cock was not where his attention was focused.

How, after all, could he focus on his cock when he was in heat? His body ached for it, forced into being artificially fertile and, he supposed, dimly, so that it could take the virile seed of a demon too, to put it to good use. He'd thought, so far, that him and the demons were too far apart in species for a hybrid baby to be in the realm of reality but he was a fool (a happy one) to think that they would have settled for that when his body, of course, was still so very much there and to be used.

"Now, now, little breeder," Sasha crooned, holding his head and guiding his mouth to her crotch while she lay back on the grass. "You'll get what you need... This is the best way to have your first time breeding, after all, out here with nature..."

Maybe she was right or maybe it was something that would never come into play: Scott did not care. It was not something that he could even expend any energy or attention on as he whimpered and rocked his hips, caught up in his need even as his mind, somehow, told him that he had to please her too. Yet just how was he going to do that when he needed to be fucked so badly? Every fibre of his being screamed that he needed to be bred, to be impregnated, yet his stomach was flat and in his mind's eye it was round, evidencing his fertility. They'd joked at breeding him before but he had never truly considered it sincerely and it had suddenly become an all-consuming notion for him, something that he could, never again, go back from.

"Easy there..."

He didn't know who talked but he could hear the demons snarling behind him, Ropes and Kao, but he felt that Fyr must have been near too. With everything going on, she had never been far away but it was perhaps so that the demons had chosen a time when she would be out monitoring the ranch, discussing things that he didn't understand with the guys that worked there. It was beyond him and his thoughts drifted, seeing only Sasha's folds as he growled and slurped into them, still doing his very best to wiggle his rump and get a nice, hard length of meat rammed right up where it belonged.

Sasha... Yes, it must have been her that was speaking to him, for there was a demon to his back and a cock sliding between his buttocks. He needed it, craved it, bucking so wildly that it seemed like they couldn't even get their cock into him, slipping over his furred backside as pre-cum dampened it down. He sweated and tried to moan out even more loudly, to tell them how much he needed it, yet it was due to come, a cougar's shaft sinking home inside him as he cried out his lust into Sasha's cunt.

The dragoness, of course, was not to be outdone as she dragged his muzzle up, forcing him to please every last part of her. The slits in her sides, four in total, were not entrances that led back to a womb but tunnelled deep, giving her pleasure from merely stroking and teasing them. With Ropes, his tentacles would sink into them and he smirked over the stoat's back as two curled into the openings presented to him. The others wrapped around the stoat's chest, rippling and squeezing as if they thought that there was something more there. Little did the stoat know that that "something" would also come to him in time...