CHAPTER IV -- The New Normal

The next morning, I was awoken by the stirring of Marie. She'd raised herself up slightly and was looking at the grateful father and daughter on either side of her. "Good morning" she whispered to me.

"Good morning" I whispered back. "And thank you. Danni and I did some investigating last night after you passed out. It worked. Josephine Randolph is alive. Danielle's out of the news. Everything's normal again."

"You don't have to whisper" came a groggy voice from behind Marie. "I'm awake. And not everything is back to normal. All my favourite outfits are gone. All I got left is a smoking hot prom dress."

"Good thing you like it" I deadpanned. "You're probably gonna have to get married in it. Replacing your clothes is gonna bankrupt me."

Marie turned to face Danielle and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "I'm glad everything worked out. And I'm glad you will get new clothes. You deserve something nice after the summer you're having."

"Speaking of what's deserved..." I said as I moved up to press my body against Marie's under the covers. I turned her head towards mine and kissed her on the lips. Our kiss was significantly longer than the one she'd just given my daughter. When I broke it, I told Marie "I will forever be grateful to you for what you've done. Not just last night, but everything you've done for our family over the years."

Danielle scooted over to us and wrapped her arms around our bodies. "Same goes for me" she told Marie. "You've helped me be a better hero, a better girl, Hell, a better person while we're at it. I'm so glad you're always there for me. And for Dad. Maybe not quite the same way you're there for Dad but that's okay. Y'know, I think I should probably go take a shower. Don't leave without saying goodbye.

With that, Danni jumped out of bed and trotted out the door. In her haste to leave, she'd displaced the sheets, exposing Marie and I from the waist up. I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around her and cup her breasts, beginning to gently stroke the lacy material of her bra.

"She found out about us." Marie observed. " 'Not there for her like I am for you' indeed. What made you tell her?"

"You said something suggestive last night right before you passed out. She picked up on it. When we had to undress you, I told her it was no big deal. Honestly, I thought she already knew. But she's okay with us. Probably why she was so quick to leave. She wants to let me thank you properly" I said as my hands moved lower. I took the waistband of her underwear and lowered them down her legs and off.

"I was happy to help you both" Marie said as my hand moved back up the inside of her right leg.

"I still have to express my gratitude" I said as my other hand took hers and placed it on the bulge in my boxers. "I'm afraid he's being most insistent."

"You men, always wanting to start the day making love" she said as she gave my penis a squeeze through my underwear. "But I suppose if he wants to thank me, I should let him."

"He'll have to wait his turn" I said as I threw the covers off the bed, exposing the copper patch of hair on Marie's crotch. I moved down her body and positioned myself between the legs she kindly spread for me. I dove right into her vagina with my tongue, sending it deep and then moving it around, searching for the spots she liked best. As I did, I gently moved my face up so that my nose carefully prodded her clitoris. After four years of our romps, I had a pretty good idea of what Marie liked, and I was happy to oblige her.

I won't lie, I love eating Marie out. Not just because I like pleasing my lover. In Marie's case, it was allowing me to see a side of her she normally kept hidden. Not her body, of course, Marie had an exhibitionist streak. She's posed nude for many a magazine in Europe since the 1970s. When training a young female hero on how to use her powers, Marie also instructs her on how to pose for a photograph. Not that all heroines become nude models, of course. But like actresses in Hollywood or female musicians, they're endlessly photographed and featured in magazines and newspaper articles. There's even a men's magazine that features erotic pictorials of female heroes and villains, with the odd cosplayer thrown in during a slow month, "Maskarade". That's how the magazine spells its title, by the way.

No, the side of Marie I refer to is one I like to think very few have seen. Marie, due to her advanced age, is a source of wisdom and advice to those who know her. But she also can't help but act like she's seen it all sometimes. Some view her as aloof, unapproachable. Even her closest friends like me feel like sometimes she's looking down on us a little. But when we make love, Marie acts like a normal woman. Well, maybe a little more passionate than a normal woman, but I'm not complaining. All the lifetimes she's lived and the knowledge she's gained don't matter. She's a woman, she wants to be pleased and give pleasure back, plain and simple. It's nice to see her act like a normal person is supposed to act.

And she was certainly acting like that as I concentrated my efforts on pleasuring her. Her juices were now flowing as she moaned her approval of my actions. I pulled my tongue out of her and focused on coxing her clitoris out of its hood. She caught her breath as I gently licked her pleasure bud. "Oh François" she quietly said as I carefully stroked the inside of her thighs with my hands. Another great thing about making love to Marie is she's a vocal lover. Not a screamer per se, but not afraid to let me know when she's happy with what I'm doing.

And she was definitely happy now. She shook a little as I guided two fingers of my right hand into her honey pot, curving them upwards as I found her special spot. "Ahhh oui" she exclaimed as my fingers stroked and my tongue kept massaging her clit. I alternated the rhythm of my digits and tongue to keep her on her toes. "C'est bon François, c'est si bon" she moaned. I knew I was doing well when she abandoned English and reverted to speaking only in French.

As my right hand and tongue were occupied, my left hand wasn't idle. I was caressing her stomach and working my way up to her breasts when she grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her mouth. She began roughly sucking on my fingers while letting out sighs and yips of pleasure. The warmness on her mouth felt great but couldn't match the heat emanating from her vagina. I redoubled my efforts as I continued my assault on her pleasure spots.

I was having trouble keeping my tongue on her clit as her movements were becoming more frantic. I pulled my left hand from her mouth and pressed it firmly on her pelvis to force her ass back onto the mattress. There was nothing gentle about my actions now. I was forcefully running my tongue all over her folds while my right hand was pumping my fingers in and out of her quickly. "Bordel François, bordel de merde!" she loudly exclaimed. I dunno what that means, but it sounded like she was getting close to her orgasm.

Her body convulsed as the pleasure overwhelmed her. I hung on as best I could but it was like riding a wild bronco. She let loose with some undecipherable sounds while her vagina clamped down on my fingers. Her hips shot up despite my holding them down and my head was now out of the way as her legs clamped shut. My hand was now trapped with my fingers inside her. She turned sideways with her legs extended as she shook once, twice, and then fell back onto the bed. She flopped onto her stomach as her legs parted a little and I was able to free my hand.

I used both my hands to spread her legs again and dove right back in. My cock was throbbing and I badly wanted to slip it inside her. I especially like fucking a woman in the prone position. The feel of her ass absorbing the force of my thrusts never fails to give me great pleasure. But that would have to wait. This lovemaking session was about getting Marie off first and foremost. Getting myself off was less important. And to be honest, I knew it wouldn't take much for me to climax when I got down to it.

"Oh mon Dieu!" Marie exclaimed as she realized I wasn't done pleasing her just yet. "François, tu m'rens folle" she said. I had no idea what that meant. I know a little French but Danielle was the fluent one (thanks to Marie's tutelage). Of course, had Danielle been there, there's no way I'd have been doing any of this. I'm not the sort to have sex in front of an audience, especially not my own daughter.

The different angle of approach to Marie's vagina meant I had to adjust my tactics. My tongue lapped at her clit as Marie raised her hips slightly to allow me better access. This left my nose in her labia and I inhaled her musky fragrance. I used my left hand to insert a finger inside her and once again stimulate her G-spot.

I was tempted to use my other hand to slip a finger in her anus but decided against it. As much as I like ass play, I knew that was more something I enjoyed than something that would get Marie off faster. Still, I couldn't leave her ass completely untouched, so I grabbed a cheek and gave it a squeeze. "Francois, t'es si fort" Marie loudly moaned. Someday, I was going to let her ride me while I consulted an English-French dictionary. Or maybe record her and play it back to an open-minded French person to learn what she said during sex.

Marie was pushing back against me, desperate for more contact. I hadn't let her cool off after her first orgasm so she was soon panting and moaning and mewling again. Music to my ears. As she was getting more and more excited, I was following suit. Once again I abandoned being careful and agile with my hands and fingers. Instead, I applied a little more force and a lot more speed. She stiffened up and again I knew she'd reached her peak. I felt the convulsions of her vaginal walls as Marie lifted her ass up and I lost contact with her clitoris. "Ahhh" she exclaimed with something that was halfway between a sob and a scream.

I gave her a moment to catch her breath as I took my finger out of my lover's pussy and stuck it in my mouth. I tasted her secretions as I looked at her upturned labia. She was in perfect position for penetration and I wasn't going to deny myself the treat any longer. I quickly removed my boxers and moved myself into position behind her to thrust my penis forward. "Oh, tu n'arrêtes pas François" Marie said as I entered her. She was still quite wet and I felt no resistance as she accepted my hard member. I wasn't gentle as I began pounding into her. We were well past the point of tender caresses and soothing words. We were rutting like two animals in heat.

The bedroom was soon filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. It drowned out her moans and my grunts alike. I'd been as kind and loving as I could stand that morning. Now it was the time for me to nut. Perhaps if we'd been in the missionary or cowgirl positions, I'd have been a little less rough. Something about seeing Marie's face always made me ease off a little. But seeing a woman as a butt, a back, some shoulders and a mass of unkempt red hair made me see her as less of a person and more of a fuck toy. That's just how I'm wired. Marie wasn't complaining.

We were both working up a good sweat as I concentrated on the point of union between our two bodies. From what seemed a great distance, I could hear her working up to a third orgasm for the morning. With the last shreds of conscious thought in my head, I resolved to hold off my own climax until she'd gotten hers, but I knew it would be a photo finish.

"I'm close baby!" I exclaimed between breaths. The long strokes I'd started off with were gone now, replaced by short powerful ones. And then I felt Marie going over the edge as she moaned my name (or the French version of it anyway). With a loud sigh of relief, I let go all self-control and exploded inside her. In all the years we've been lovers, she's never asked me to wear a condom or discussed birth control, so I just let loose inside her as I always did. I always assumed she had a way around getting pregnant. Or maybe being centuries old meant she was no longer fertile. Either way, I was long past worrying about it. If that makes me a pig, so be it.

Our exertions left us both exhausted. I flopped down on my back besides Marie who slowly turned herself onto her back as well. I looked over and noticed sometime during our lovemaking, she'd removed her bra and was now completely naked. I admired her body as she looked into my eyes and smiled. Neither one of us said anything for a few minutes as we both came back down to Earth.

Then she said "If I'd known this is what you're like in the mornings, I'd have slept over long ago."

I let out a laugh as she squeezed my hand. Then she got up out of bed and headed towards my en suite bathroom. I surmised that our sexy time was over and got up as well. I made the bed and then gathered up her clothes and laid them out on the blanket.

Not for the first time, I felt a pang in my heart at the thought of Marie. She was a wonderful woman. A few odd tics aside, she was smart, wise, funny and beautiful. And maybe even immortal to boot. I could easily fall in love with her if I let myself. But I knew I couldn't. She didn't want that kind of attachment. Or maybe it was that she couldn't have it anymore. She'd told me her magical powers demand a high price from her body and soul. Maybe these stolen moments with me were all she was allowed. I let the thoughts drift through my mind for a moment and then cast them out. What I had with Marie was all I was going to get. Wanting more would only lead to trouble and heartbreak.

I slipped on my robe and went to the other upstairs bathroom, the one Danielle used. I heard her taking to someone on the phone downstairs as I entered and took a shower. When done, I heard that Marie had joined her in the kitchen so it was okay for me to go to my own bathroom to shave and finish my mourning maintenance. I then got dressed and joined the two women downstairs. When I arrived, Danni gave me a look that made me wonder how much Marie had disclosed about our morning activities. I tried not to blush.

My daughter had been called by one of her female friends. The girl had announced herself with "Hey, it's me" after Danni had picked up the phone and the two had a whole conversation without Danielle having any idea who she was talking to. Marie, Danni and I all had a good laugh about it. I took the opportunity to remind my daughter that we'd need to restudy our old case files to see what Marie's spell had changed in our past. Danielle, on the other hand, insisted that we go shopping today instead as her friend was coming over tomorrow and couldn't see her in the boring clothes she had now. Marie agreed with her so I knew I was licked.

In the weeks that followed, Danni got to know her new friends. She and I resumed our nightly patrols of the city. In many ways, life returned to what it had been before her trans nature had been revealed to the world. One night, Danni told me she wanted to contact the ALGBTHC again. She felt bad that she wasn't doing anything to help the LGBTQ community anymore and wanted to offer her support to the cause. This time, however, she'd wouldn't be outing herself.

Danielle talked to Youth Force about her intentions to help the ALGBTHC and the team joined her in making PSAs and media appearances. The conservative media outlets complained again but this time, Danni wasn't singled out. She did a lot of the speeches because, while only she and I remembered it, she'd previously been coached by the ALGBTHC's publicists.

Some pundits asked her if she was supporting the cause because she was a lesbian, but Danielle shrugged it off by saying who she liked was her business and no one else's. The media dropped that line of questioning soon after when Danni and her teammate Gold Rush began dating. They hadn't planned on making their relationship public, but with my daughter's higher media profile those days, it didn't take long for a paparazzo to snap a picture of them kissing. I was proud of my daughter for taking a stand, but less than pleased to learn she was kissing boys.

The summer soon ended and Danni started her junior year in high school. She kept herself busy with her studies, adapting to her new social circle, thinking about college and, of course, fighting crime at my side. We discussed which colleges she should apply to. With our access to the Guardian Society's teleportation devices, she could go to school anywhere and still spend some time at home. But Danni wanted schools close by and reminded me that Crescent City U's psychiatric studies department was one of the county's top-ranked.

The school year passed, but not before Danni's 17th birthday party in March. Her friends from school, the Youth Force gang (in their civilian identities, of course) and members of our family filled our house to bursting. I hadn't realized how many people Danielle had gotten close to, especially in the last year. But there they all were, a testament to how my daughter had turned into a beautiful, outgoing and charismatic young woman. Though a few days later, my daughter broke up with her boyfriend. She didn't want to talk about what had happened between them.

That summer saw Danni spend two months out of the house. She was fighting crime in Greenhaven at the side of Doctor Moonlight, the best detective in the Guardian Society. I was saddened by her absence, but figured she was growing up and I'd have to get used to her being gone sooner or later. Marie came by a bit more often than usual so that kept me distracted somewhat. Still, when Danni finished her apprenticeship, I was very happy to have her back at home.

Aside from a few dates here and there, Danielle spent her senior year in high school hitting the books and the bad guys in her spare time. She knew getting into her chosen college's department wouldn't be easy and was determined to make herself as appealing a candidate as possible. I noticed her social life suffering a little and mentioned it to her, but she told me her friends at school were all starting to keep similar distances from each other. It seems my daughter's friends were driven by ambition just as much as her, though I don't think they were fighting bank robbers on the weekend like she was.

Her 18th birthday was a more subdued affair than the previous year's. The family was there again, and some friends too, but many of them were too stressed about college admissions to want to go out much. Danni herself had been high-strung as she waited for Central City U's decision. It wasn't until three weeks later that we got the letter saying she'd been accepted.

With the end of the school year, Danielle resigned from Youth Force. The group's roster had seen many departures over the last two years and the new members were younger than Danni. Some of her teammates had quit the hero game upon entering adulthood and others had become members of the Guardian Society.

My daughter did the latter, changing her codename to "Animax". She changed her costume as well, dropping the skirt and replacing it with a pair of two-tone black and seafoam green leggings. Her top was a tight sleeveless turtleneck that went down to an inch above her navel. The seafoam green design contrasted on the remaining black material made a "A" on her chest. Danielle had chosen to leave the hole in the "A" uncovered, exposing some cleavage. On her feet she wore a pair of black mid-calf boots (flat-soled. Nobody fights crime in high heels unless they can fly) and her hands were covered by black mid-forearm gloves. She kept the facemask she'd worn as Were-Kid but it was now the same shade of green as the rest of her outfit. She restricted herself to being a member of the team part-time, which wasn't unusual for heroes attending college.