Author's note: This story is pure fiction and depicts fictional illegal acts of kidnapping, forced sex and human slavery. It is an erotic story and is not to be received as condoning this type of activity. It is a total fantasy. All characters are imaginary and are not patterned after any real-life person. All persons depicted in this story are over eighteen years of age.

An interview with a Dominatrix.

My article on BDSM in America was originally intended to be a five part series. After an experience I had, I decided to add a sixth part.

It all started one dark night when I was leaving the newspaper office after a long day. A van pulled up and three masked women jumped out and forced me into the back.

They quickly used an electric shears to cut away all my clothing and cuffed my hands behind my back. I was screaming for help as they stuffed a damp towel in my mouth and quickly zipped me into a latex bag.

They strapped me down tight to the floor of the vehicle as I was completely immobilized. As a newspaper man, I have made enemies in the past over my controversial articles. So, here I was, being driven to an unknown place by unknown people.

Finally the Van stopped and after the straps were removed I was carried into a building of some sort.

The bag was unzipped and I was coarsely removed and bent over a padded saw horse. My ass was lubed and fitted with a very large butt plug.

My captors didn't say a word as I was handcuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling and my ankles were chained to the floor with my legs spread wide. My genitals were exposed and in full view.

The women removed their hoods and started looking me over. They seemed pleased that I now sported a full erection. I was completely exposed and humiliated but surprisingly aroused. One of the women got behind me and whipped my ass and back with a leather whip leaving red welts. After five lashes, I was removed from the chains.

I was led over to an exam bench of some sort and strapped down. I was force fed mega doses of ED medication. Once the pills had taken effect and my cock was rock hard, the three women took turns riding my erection and forcing me to perform oral sex on them.

When they were through with me I was strapped down on a cold metal chair with my legs bound open wide. My genitals hung in full view. Surprisingly my arms were left unbound but a heavy metal collar was locked around my neck and clipped to another chain from the ceiling. A yellow legal pad was put in my free hands and I was handed a pen.

"Mistress Ruby is demanding that you interview her," said one of my captors.

A powerful looking women in red latex leggings and a laced leather corset entered the room and sat down in a chair before me. She slung back her long amber hair and spoke:

Ruby: "We have been reading your series on BDSM and frankly we found your piece on Female domination very disrespectful."

I regained my composure and my instincts as a journalist kicked in. I started taking notes.

Me: "How's that?"

Ruby: "First off, the slaves in your expose' were there under their own free will and some even paid the Dominatrix to be abused. We all regarded it as a puff piece and did not rightfully depict what being dominated by a female was really like. That's why we brought you here the way we did."

Me: "Well, you certainly have my attention. Why don't we start at the beginning? Tell me how you first became a female dominant?"

Ruby: "I guess it all started when I was working a dead end job in management for a small corporation. I spent many hours hearing my female co-workers vent about consistently being passed over for promotions by less qualified men. As a business major in College, I had discovered a need. These women needed a way to vent and release their aggression toward men."

Ruby: "So I started setting up parties with submissive males."

Me: "So, were you able to fill the need with these parties?"

Ruby: "Not fully, we all felt something was missing. Turns out it was not being able to sense real fear and desire in the slave, and basically it was all just role playing. The males dictated what we could and could not do to them and they demanded the use of safe words."

Me: "Well what did you do about it?"

Ruby "We started working on ways to create that real fear in a slave, that's when we started to kidnap unsuspecting males and having our way with them."

Me: "So, that's what I experienced the last few hours?"

Ruby: "Pretty much. When we kidnapped our first slave we had the dilemma of what to do with him when we were through."

Me: "So what did you end up doing?"

Ruby: "One of my clients took him and made him her live-in slave!"

Me: "Isn't that a little extreme?"

Ruby: "Well we knew we couldn't just let him go, he had seen our faces and he would have certainly reported us."

Ruby: "Then we decided to start keeping them and training them for our needs. I was astonished as to how many powerful women would pay handsomely to have their way with captive males."

Me: "So, tell me about your capture procedures, do you always use the same method that you used on me?"

Ruby: "That and we also blackmail them, then we see how they react to being captured and dominated by a female."

Me: "What do you mean, react?"

Ruby: "We strap them down and see if they get aroused."

Me: "Aroused?"

Ruby: "Yes, we see if they have any natural desire to be dominated and controlled."

Me: "And if they don't display those qualities?"

Ruby: "We kidnap them with masks on and never let them know where they are, if they won't work out we release them."

Me: "How many do work out?"

Ruby: "At first it was one in three, but now we have a better selective process. We seldom have one we have to release."

Me: "You mentioned that you Blackmail slaves?"

Ruby "Yes, we find something on them and use it to control them."

Me: "Define something?"

Ruby: "Usually we get pictures of them in very embarrassing poses and tell them we will release them to their co-workers and friends."

Me: "And that usually works?"

Ruby: "Not always, some don't really care."

Me: "Then what?"

Ruby: "Oh, we have discovered a new way that works every time!"

Me: "Such as?"

Ruby "It's a trade secret, but let's just say the whole world of DNA technology has opened up a lot of avenues for blackmail."

Me: "Ok, point received! Let's move on. You said you train them, what does that entail?"

Ruby "We use a place called the "Slave Receiving and Processing Center", it's a business that I created with other extreme Dominatrix's like myself.

We capture or blackmail a slave and send them there to be marked and trained. They have all their hair removed and are purged with a series of enemas consisting of solvents and female urine.

We feed them mega doses of enhancement drugs and hormones. Their penises are pierced with a Prince Albert and their nipples are pierced with rings so we can enhance their length and sensitivity. We also stretch their asses so they can be pegged with large plugs and dildos."

"We have a six week regiment we put them through, then for my slaves, I immediately put them in service."

Me: "You said, marked?"

Rudy: "Yes, we use barcode tattoos on their necks and we tattoo a likeness of their owner on their right thigh."

Me: "What kind of training do they need?"

Ruby: "We use mind control and re-program them to follow all direction immediately without hesitation."

Me: "Some of the other Dominatrix's I've met use slave contracts, how about you?"

Ruby: "Yes, we do use them, but mostly to spell out what will be expected of them."

Me: "Can you list some of the points in a contract you use?"

Ruby: "We spell out that the slave is to have no rights or safe words. They will be kept naked at all times except when being transported. Their nourishment will be female urine and protein supplements. Their body's will be enhanced and molded using drugs, hormones and in some cases surgery. Just to list a few."

Me: "Wow, you said you put your slaves in service? Please describe what that means."

Ruby: "It's pretty basic, we sell his time to clients for parties, one on one sessions, sperm collection, and stud service."

Me: "Stud service?"

Ruby: "Yes, powerful women want to have children but have no interest in the child having a father. We also offer this service to lesbian couples."

Me: "Have you ever had sex with a slave yourself?"

Ruby: "I've done a few, I will be taking you right after this interview."

Me: "I must admit, that takes me back a bit, why me?"

Ruby: "Well, first you match all the criteria used when we take slaves."

Me: "Such as?"

Ruby: "Well, before we abducted you we had you checked out. You are divorced without any children. You have no contact with your ex-wife or your parents and siblings. You go on assignment under cover for months at a time. Basically, nobody will miss you."

Ruby: "And you have the proper equipment, you don't really think you are hiding your massive erection from me with that pad do you? Your captors have recommended that I keep and train you."

Ruby: "We have already had inquiries about when you'd be in service."

Me: "I am speechless, are you going to keep me?"

Ruby: "At this point, probably not, I need you to write your article. You are more valuable to me if I let you go."

Me: "How do you know I won't go to the Police?"

Ruby: "I think you value a good story and you believe in not disclosing your sources!"

Me: "Ok, you sure know me."

Ruby: "Besides, we can always re-capture you."

Me: "Ok, back to the interview, tell me how you find slaves to check out?"

Ruby: "We offer finder's fees to anyone who can lead us to an acceptable candidate."

Me: "How do you know they won't cross you?"

Ruby: "Some have tried, but we can usually make it so they won't be believed."

Me: "How do you do that?"

Ruby: "We have friends in high places, plus we have informants with the Police so we can stay one step ahead of them."

Me: "So, how does a "Finder" know when they see a male with potential?"

Ruby: "It's usually at co-ed gyms where men wear tight shorts to show off their equipment to impress the ladies. Some are seen having consistent erections in public. We also have women come to us with nude pictures of past husbands and boyfriends, they love being there at the capture."

Me: "So for revenge?"

Ruby: "Mostly it's because they have shown submissive tendencies. But they have to be checked out to be sure they wouldn't be missed and have the proper equipment."

Me: "Tell me more about your Clients?"

Ruby: "Most are rich powerful women that want to take out their frustrations on captive males."

Ruby: "Some are married to rich men who don't fill their needs sexually, they use our service because they want to be discrete."

Me: "Do you have a special place where these women go for their sessions?"

Ruby: "We do, we also transport the slaves to a secure place of their choice."

Me: "How do you transport a slave without arousing suspicion?"

Ruby: "We use the latex bags sometimes, but we have other ways to transport our captives."

Me: "Such as?"

Ruby: "Can't go into detail, but we go to great lengths to avoid suspicion!"

Me: "When I look over my notes, it's clear to me that you are in complete control and feel you can take any male you wish. I find it interesting how calm and direct you are about abducting human beings and using them as you see fit."

Ruby: "Ok, you get it then, complete female domination proves that the female is the Supreme Being and males live only for their semen and entertainment they can provide while being abused."

Me: "I think that's all the questions I have, is there anything you'd like to add in closing?"

Ruby: "Just that I hope you get the word out that women have a release for their sexual frustrations. The glass ceiling is about to be shattered and I stand to make a huge profit when it does."

Ruby kept her word, she did me cowgirl style and pegged me after the interview. I was locked into a chastity cage, blindfolded with my hands cuffed behind my back. I was dumped naked about six blocks from my car in broad daylight. I was able to free myself from the cuffs and I removed the blindfold.

As I made my way naked back to my car I had mixed feelings. A part of me was horrified at the prospect of being seen, but the thought of it had me oddly aroused. I have no idea where they had taken me or how far it was from where they left me.

I was too embarrassed to go to a locksmith (besides I kind of liked it) so I lived with my genitals locked up for about a week. Finally a package came for me at the office, it contained the key so I could finally free myself.

I now know what total female domination really is and I can also see the excitement in being dominated and used for sex against ones will. I now have a lot more respect for powerful women.

A week after this Interview was published, the paper sent out a press release saying that soon after the segment on female domination was printed the writer left a note on his desk indicating that he is entering into a new phase of his life as a Femdom slave.