Happy New Year and welcome back LW sports fans! Let's have some fun! Our story continues, and the timing is perfect as this next installment starts around New Year's 2 years ago. My theory below on many, not all, who leave negative personal attacks, and not just on this site, but across the Internet as a whole. I did not write this. It is an excerpt and paraphrased from a mental health partner of the Cleveland Clinic. BTW, I get a huge laugh from many of the comments. Some are hilarious. The important thing to remember is that it's sound practice to always take advice and comments from complete strangers on the Internet to heart. As always, GFY.

"When we are dealing with a narcissist, whether covert or overt, their manipulative behavior can feel very personal. The lack of regard, sense of entitlement, patterns of manipulation, and deceptive behaviors of a narcissist can feel very personal when we are on the receiving end of their ways. The narcissist wants you to take it personally because that is how they maintain leverage. Remember, a narcissist feels small, so they have to make themselves "big" somehow."

Part. 4

Christmas 2018

Although we had hit our first bump in the road as a hotwife couple, it was a small one and we managed it. We are both to this very day, and always have been, sensitive to each other's feelings. We would never do anything to purposely hurt one another, and if we do, we talk it out and correct the problem. Never go to bed mad or upset. What a crazy 3 months though, at least to me anyway. Once I started to get past the jealousy of Byron and Amy, I was amazed. My wife had now been fucking another guy for 3 months. Never in a million years I would have thought.

After our talk, and with my encouragement, a few nights later Amy messaged Keith and they continued to message throughout the upcoming weeks. We have always had good, honest, and open communication. It was now the week before Christmas and we were so jammed up with plans and preparations that we could not even think about a possible meeting with Keith until after the Holidays and New Year's, so it would not be for at least a month. This was a great time to take a break from Byron as it refocused Amy back on me and our family. Amy did start looking at the pics and profiles of a few guys I had flagged for her.

She started the conversation with a few guys and traded messages over the coming weeks. To keep it fresh and fun this was only something we did once or twice per week, and there was just not much time for it. It seemed now that the hotwife seal had been broken, she was gaining more comfort with exploring other suitors. It's a slow process though as she is extremely picky, and was guilt ridden at this time. New Year's came and passed, as we went away skiing as a family. An opportunity to meet Keith finally arose when we made plans to meet with a bunch of friends for dinner in the city a few weeks after New Year's. It was a Saturday night and we got a hotel room in the city so we would not have to drive back, but also so we could play if she wanted to. Amy reached out to Keith with my encouragement.

Saturday night we went to a great dinner with 4 other couples. At first, Amy did not seem that interested in meeting Keith later, and was very non-committal, but as the night progressed, Amy was now texting with Keith and would show me, adding excitement to the night as our vanilla friends had no idea what we were up to. After dinner we all went to a bar for drinks. As Amy got tipsy and continued her texting flirtations with Keith, the plan morphed from meeting up for drinks to Keith coming straight to our room. Amy didn't come out and say it, but I knew her well enough by her level of excitement and her inviting him straight to our room that she had likely made up her mind to fuck him. Hey friends, we are texting with a 28-year-old guy who is going to come fuck my wife later. Can you imagine that conversation? Ha!

About 11:00 we said we were tired and going back to the hotel, and Amy texted Keith to meet us. I waited for Keith down in the lobby while Amy went up to the room. We did not want to chance running into one other couple that was staying at the hotel, and me being there alone would give us a better shot at a plausible explanation. Sure enough, Keith walked in the lobby shortly after. I shook his hand and we exchanged greetings. We rode the elevator and walked to the room exchanging small talk. When I opened the door, Amy was dressed in a very sexy nighty and looked sexy as hell. "I was wondering where you two were. I was getting lonely."

"I can help you with that. How have you been? It's been way too long. Why did we wait this long?" He asked as he hugged her.

The hug turned into a kiss. "Damn girl, you look even better than before. Are we gonna finish what we started last time?"

"I don't know. I'm a good girl you know." Amy said teasingly.

"Yeah, a good girl dressed like that with two men in her room?" I asked her.

She just shot me a look and didn't say a word. Keith was now grabbing her ample ass. "So, the last time we met you were still dipping your toes in the hotwife waters, did you finally take the plunge?"

"Yes, all the way. I quite like it, it's nice in here." Amy joked.

"So, I won't be your first, that's too bad. Have you been enjoying yourself so far?"

"Yes, but I've only been with one guy so far. It's time to expand my horizons."

"I'd be glad to help you with that." He said as they started making out. They kissed for a minute before he pushed her back on the bed. He removed her panties and started licking her pussy. I moved up by her face and started kissing her while Keith continued to lick her pussy. This continued until Amy rose up and stripped Keith's clothes from him, his well-muscled body exciting her. She knelt on the bed and started sucking his cock. I got behind her and started licking her pussy. One again she was in heat as her pussy was dripping wet. I still had my clothes on. Amy sucked his cock for a minute and then said, "Fuck me now."

Keith retrieved a condom from his pants pocket and unrolled the condom over his cock. He was slightly shorter than Byron but was every bit as thick. I held her hand as he easily slipped his cock inside of her big pussy. Amy groaned. "Yes, that feels fucking great, fuck me with your big black cock."

For the next half hour, I sat and watched them in various positions and enjoyed the show. Keith was less vocal than Byron, and Amy did most of the talking, but he liked to intermittently pound her hard, which Amy liked, and she eventually orgasmed while riding him. She would later admit his cock felt really good, just not as good as it would have with no condom. Keith ended up pulling out and cumming on her tits. He didn't stick around long after, thanked us, hugged Amy, and was on his way. I could not wait to fuck her after and was inside her quickly. Even though she is stretched and loose, I can't help cumming quickly after the excitement of watching another man fuck her. As we talked later, she admitted the sex was good, but not as good as it was with Byron. He had a really big cock, big enough to make her cum once anyway. She attributed this to the condom and the fact that she and Byron had gotten to know each other's likes. She said she wanted to fuck him again, but next time bareback and less rushed. It was January 13th, 2018, just about 10 1/2 months since I had admitted my hotwife fantasy to my wife, and she had just fucked her second man. Happy New Year! It was now evident that Amy was eager to fuck other mem. I actually felt a ton of relief. When it was just Byron, I had my thoughts that maybe he would be the one and only, and they may establish some type of long-term relationship beyond my control. That, I surely did not want. But now that she had sex with Keith, and wanted to again, it meant Byron was not the one, and maybe not all that special.

That following week I was travelling again, and I gave Amy permission to meet up with and have sex with Byron. A milestone in some ways. She had sex with Keith on Saturday night and only 4 days later sex with Byron. Including me, she had now had sex with 3 guys in the last 4 days. Hot. We had a lot going on and both weekends and weeknights were full. Once or twice per week Amy would check her accounts and chat with various guys I had flagged for her as well as continuing the conversation with others she had been engaged with. She continued to chat with Byron and Keith, who both wanted to see her again. The great news was that we had put behind us the jealousy and uncomfortable feelings I had with Byron back around Christmas. It was still worth monitoring though.

It would be a month before we would get the chance to play again. Sorry folks, I know this is not what some may not want to hear, but we are real people with a busy life, and fucking other guys in something that is for naughty fun when we have the time. This time though, we set meetings with both Byron and Keith, and how it worked out, they were back to back nights. So, Thursday night my wife had sex with her 44-year-old friend, and the following night, not even 24 hours later, her 28-year-old friend was getting her pussy. This time we went to Keith's place and they went two rounds. I actually left them alone for round 2 as I knew it would be better for Amy. I was right.

She had great sex with Keith that night. She would then end up going on a bit of a hotwife streak, seeing Keith 2 of the next 4 weeks, meeting him alone for the first time ever, and seeing Byron again 2 more times, one of which was without me. It was a very active stretch and she had a lot of sex that month between Keith, Byron, and me. We had now reached the one-year mark since she had first hooked up with Keith and sucked him off. Final tally. 2 guys a total of 18 times, including 5 solo meetings. She was certainly a hotwife now. It had an amazing impact on our sex life as we were now having sex 2-3 times per week again. I was also now regularly sharing her with two other men.

Then we hit a bit of a slowdown in the busy kids Spring sports season. It was nearly 2 months since Amy had played with anyone. Amy had also recently celebrated her 38th birthday, and right after this we had gone to the Bahamas for a vacation with the kids. There was no shortage of muscular black guys checking out Amy, and she took notice. It was great for her confidence. "We should come back here without the kids, there are a lot of sexy guys here. They are not shy either. I've had a lot of comments when I'm by myself."

Nothing happened when we were on this trip but being surrounded by these guys all week had an effect on Amy. When we returned, she was once again active with our profiles and was chatting up a few new guys and both Byron and Keith. Within a week of returning she had made plans with both Byron and Keith. So, after a bit of a break, we were back on the hotwife train. She fucked Byron and Keith the following week, and I was there for both of them. She had also started chatting up another guy we'd found on SLS recently that she was keen on.

Dwayne was 27, over 6', well-muscled, good looking, and had an extremely thick 8-inch cock, thicker than both Keith and Byron. He checked all her boxes. There was more than one comment on his profile about how thick he was. A week later it was a Friday night and I suggested we set a date with Byron since we had the whole night to ourselves since the kids were both sleeping at friends' houses, and possibly have a meet and greet with Dwayne before we go to Byron's place. Amy was very interested in Dwayne and jumped at the chance to meet for drinks, to see if there was chemistry and if she would want to further their relationship. He lived about 35 minutes from us, but only about 10 from where Byron lived. The plan was set, meet a prospective new play friend, and then head to Byron's for a night of dirty fun. We were still relative newbies and had played a total of 20 times so far with 2 guys over 14 months. We had an early dinner at 6 and then Dwayne met us for drinks about 7:30.

There seemed to be immediate chemistry with Amy and Dwayne. We chatted and sipped our drinks learning about each other. Dwayne was in grad school, currently worked as an EMT, and lived with 2 other roommates in an apartment nearby. Amy really liked this as she loves a man in uniform. She joked next time he'd have to wear his uniform. Like Byron, he was experienced in the lifestyle, although less so, and was tested regularly. The conversation had turned to sex, and to my surprise Amy asked him if she could see his cock. She had gotten more brazen after our recent exploits and with the help of a few drinks.

"Sure. Where do you want to go?" Dwayne asked.

"How about we just go into the bathroom." Amy said as the place had unisex bathrooms.

"Okay, let's go then."

With that, they were off to the bathroom. I sat at the table alone for what seemed like hours, but in reality, was only 5 minutes. Amy finally came back to the table and was grinning widely. She kissed me. "Oh my god hun, he's so thick. I could barely get my mouth around it."

"Really, you just sucked him in there?" The dirtiness of it turned me on. So now she's sucking guys' cocks in the bathroom?

"I tried to, just for a minute. I'm so horny right now. What time are we meeting Byron?"

"I told him around 9:00."

"What time is it now?"

"It's almost 8:30."

"I want to go to the car and play with Dwayne's cock some more. Is that okay?"

"What? Yes, I guess. Now. You are a naughty girl?"

"Yes, I am, can I have the keys? Pay the tab and meet us out there." She said as she gulped down the last bit of her drink.

Just then Dwayne walked back to the table from the bathroom. Amy did not hesitate and grabbed his hand. "Come with me."

Amy pecked me on the lips and said, "I love you."

I watched as Dwayne and Amy disappeared out the door into the night. My mind was blown. I never expected this from Amy. Was this my wife? She had just sucked this guy's cock in the bathroom and was now going to our car to continue the job. I could not seem to get our server's attention in the busy restaurant, and it took 10 minutes before he brought the tab and another 5 before he cashed me out. I quickly walked out the door and made my way to our car. We had parked in a small parking lot across the street nestled in between some buildings.

It was completely dark now but as soon as I spotted our large SUV it was impossible not to notice it was slightly rocking. Holy fuck! Was this really happening? Could Amy be doing what it looks like she is doing. Luckily no one else was around. As I made my way to the door, I could hear Amy grunting and groaning. My heart was in my chest as I opened the driver's door, and there in the back seat was Amy, sitting on Dwayne's lap. His pants were down around his ankles, Amy's dress was hiked up, her panties on the floor, and she was bouncing on his cock. The door opening and the light coming on caught their attention immediately. Yup folks, my wife was fucking this stranger in the back seat of our car in a parking lot. "Oh shit." Dwayne muttered.

"Oh fuck, baby get in and close the door." Amy said.

I quickly hopped in, shut the door, and turned the overhead lights off so we were hopefully not spotted. Imagine how awkward it would be to explain this one to the police. Amy started to laugh, "Oh shit, this doesn't look good. Sorry baby, I didn't mean for this to happen, it just kind of did."

"Sorry man, this okay with you?" Dwayne added.

"Yes, shit, you're started already. Don't stop now." Was the only response I could think of.

Amy started riding Dwayne again, telling him how good and big his cock was. The light was dim, but my eyes adjusted, and I could see well enough to tell that Amy was fucking Dwayne bareback, his thick cock glistening with her juices. She continued riding Dwayne for a minute then turned around to mount him reverse cowgirl. Now, she was leaning over the console with her head in between the seats next to mine. She kissed me as Dwayne continued to fuck her, "Fuck baby, can you believe we are doing this. I haven't had sex in a car in forever."

"You're such a little slut." I taunted her.

"Shhhh." She hushed me, and then said teasingly, "Uh, I know, you wanted this though. His cock is so nice I couldn't help myself."

The last time she had sex in a car was with me, and it was while we were dating before we got married. We had gone to a concert with some friends and snuck off to the car right before the show started to get a quick fuck in. It was probably 13 or 14 years ago. I continued to kiss her as Dwayne pumped his thick cock in her married pussy. Another unforgettable moment. We were in the parking lot, in our car, outside of a restaurant, with a guy my wife had just met barely an hour earlier, and she was fucking him while making out with me. This was supposed to be a meet up for drinks only situation.

We were supposed to be meeting up with Byron after. So much for that. It dawned on me that maybe Amy was a slut deep down inside. After all, she had met 3 guys so far and fucked them all. 2 of the 3 were on the first night, and the only likely reason she didn't fuck Keith the first time was because of her period. I had to wait 2 weeks for a blowjob, and another 2 weeks after that to have sex with her, and now she was just giving it up easy to these guys. As Amy continued to fuck Dwayne, he announced that he was going to cum soon and asked Amy where she wanted it. Amy didn't say a word and quickly dismounted him and turned around. She stroked his cock with two hands while she tongued and licked the head of it. Seconds later Dwayne was spewing hot cum from the end of his cock as Amy wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and swallowed most of it down, the rest running down her chin.

"Fuck, that was good. Damn girl, you're something special. I wasn't expecting that. What a nice little bonus."

Amy laughed, "Good I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish we had more space and time to get to know each other. Your cock is awesome. I feel so empty now."

"Well, maybe we should do it again soon then. You guys seem cool and Amy, you are amazingly hot, even hotter than your pictures."

With that we said our goodbyes and Dwayne pulled up his pants and exited out the rear driver's side door. Amy was pulling her panties back and asked, "Oh shit, what time is it anyway?"

"It's almost 9 o'clock, what about Byron?"

"I know, he was texting me when we were in there with Dwayne. You told him about 9, right? Let's just go. How far is it?"

"Really, you sure you still want to go. It's not far, about 10 minutes."

"Yes, I was so close to cumming right before Dwayne did. I'm so horny right now. I want some big cock. I don't want to stand him up either."

As we drove to Byron's, Amy relayed the details of what had happened with Dwayne in the 15 minutes I had missed while they were in our car. She had gone to the bathroom and played with his cock for a few minutes, before she started to try to suck him. She didn't want to be gone too long so she left, and he stayed behind to go to the bathroom. That's when she came out to me. She said she made a snap decision to bring Dwayne to the car to explore his cock some more. She did not intend to fuck him, it just kind of happened.

She started sucking his cock at first, and after a few minutes she started sitting on his lap and making out with him. His cock was rubbing on her pussy and he reached down to pull her panties aside. She said his cock started to slide into her pussy and felt great. She then removed her panties and started rubbing her pussy on his cock. She asked him about a condom, and he said he didn't have one but that he had just been tested and had not had bareback sex since. So, she started fucking him. At this point I told her she needed to be smarter about the bareback thing. At least she was on the pill now, but she needs to see proof of these guys' tests, rather than take their word for it.