Warning! This is the longest Chapter of A Cycling Odyssey. Be patient. It takes a while to introduce all the characters before the fun begins.

This is the fifth Chapter about a couple's adventures while vacationing in Denmark. In this Chapter, Dana spends seven days at a Danish Folk High School learning about sexuality in the arts. The locations exist but the characters are fictional. Some of the scenes are drawn from personal experience. Others are realistic fantasies that could have happened. Although each Chapter stands on its own, this Chapter has several references to events from previous ones.

If you are a man reading this, please pass this story on to your wife, or partner, for her reading pleasure. I appreciate all constructive feedback - especially from women who are my target audience.



--- Five Days Ago ---

"What's the wagon number, Dana?"

Paul was looking up at the screen for details about my train as he spoke. I reached for my ticket. We didn't notice the woman watching us from inside the train.

"Five" I replied.

I stuffed my ticket back in my purse. Paul started scanning the train wagons in front of us. Their eyes met. She smiled. Paul smiled back and continued looking for my wagon.

"Five! There it is." Paul announced triumphantly pointing straight ahead. "Right under our noses! How lucky's that?"

I turned and looked up at him. I hate saying good-bye.

"Well, I better get on. You take care Paul."

"I will."

"I worry about you biking by yourself."

"I'll call every day...in the morning. It's only seven days" he said trying to reassure me.

"You have fun...and don't get too excited by the course content!" he teased.

A mischievous look formed on his face.

"Actually...on second thought...save it up for when we're back here. We'll have three days left to enjoy Copenhagen together" he said.

I reached up, put my hand behind his head and pulled him sharply down to me. Standing on my toes, I gave him a long, wet kiss.

"I'll miss you."

He walked me to the open door and stood watching as I dragged my suitcase up the steps into the train. A thin glass door inside to the right led to my carriage. It automatically slid open startling me. I walked forward looking for my reserved seat. Seat numbers were posted on the luggage rack above each pod of four seats. I looked back down at my ticket.

"Seventy-five" I said to myself.

I looked back up and continued walking forward. The numbers were getting closer to mine.


I looked back at my ticket to make sure I had the right number. I was about to put my things in place when I heard her say, 'Hello!'"


It was the woman I'd noticed inside the train watching Paul. I put my ticket down on the small table separating the two seats set across from each other. She gathered her knitting into her lap as she adjusted herself in her seat to make room for me. I sat down and slid myself over by the window directly opposite her.

"He's looking for you" she said pointing to Paul. She waved trying to catch his attention.

Paul waved back with an uncomfortable look on his face. He resumed scanning the coach windows looking for me. I chuckled. I could see from his reaction he thought she was coming on to him.

Looking back at her, I said "I don't think he sees me."

She knocked hard on the window. As soon as Paul looked in her direction, she pointed vigorously at me. He turned his head slightly, saw me and broke out laughing. He looked quickly back at her and mouthed 'Thank you!' He blew me a kiss. I caught it with my hand just as the train jerked forward. I waved as he started to fade in the distance.

I turned around in my seat. She had resumed knitting. There was something comforting about her - inviting. I closed my eyes and felt the tension start to ooze out of me. I was still recovering from the jet lag having only arrived yesterday from an eight-hour trans Atlantic flight. I decided not to fight it anymore. The slight rocking motion and warm temperature in the wagon quickly put me to sleep.

About a half hour later, I opened my eyes. She was gazing out the window. I guessed she was my age. What a beautiful face, I thought -- full, red lips and smooth complexion. She wore no make up except for a bit of mascara. How natural! I looked out the window. Green rolling fields dotted with single story red brick farmhouses and barns were quietly whizzing by. A narrow road snaked through the landscape leading up to a small, whitewashed stone church in the distance at the top of a rise. It was surrounded by a few homes with Danish flags flapping in the wind.

I reached behind my seat for the pamphlet about the course program that I had placed in the outer pocket of my suitcase. Her eyebrows raised as I placed it on the table between us. She returned to her knitting. I began reviewing the pamphlet. I was relieved to read there were no exams or grades. It sounded so informal and relaxed with plenty opportunity to meet others. I scanned the description of sessions on painting, literature, music, dance, theatre...the list went on. It's going to be hard to decide what to take.

Suddenly, there was a loud whoosh of air. The coach shook violently. The windows turned black. The woman across from me continued knitting - unconcerned. I looked about to find everyone else relaxed. My eyes slowly adjusted to the muted artificial light. I resumed reading. Then, just as quickly, we popped out of the tunnel. As my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, I found myself looking over a blue expansive ocean. Two sail boats were bobbing in the waves close to shore. A large container ship was gliding away in the distance.

"Have you attended before?" she asked.

"Pardon me?"

"I see that you're attending the erotic arts program" she said nodding at the pamphlet in my hand. "I was wondering whether you've been before."

"Oh, no. Have you?" I asked eagerly.

"This is my third time. I'm a slow learner" she said with a smile.

I laughed. I sat up in my chair excited to meet someone familiar with the program.

"It's my first time for anything like this -- the Danish Folk High School program I mean...not the erotic arts...not that I'm an expert in the erotic arts." I'm talking too much, I thought. I started to blush.

She smiled. "You'll enjoy it. I'm sure. Where are you from?"

Her name was Nina. As we spoke, I admired her long, curly, brunette hair and dark tan. She was wearing a beige blouse with a drape-like neckline and a mid length floral skirt that had crept up one side exposing a strong, smooth thigh. While sleeping, my bare leg had been rubbing against calf. She hadn't moved away. Her ball of wool fell to the floor. As she bent to pick it up, her blouse billowed outward revealing large, full breasts resting in a plunging bra.

We became lost in conversation. Eventually, I moved over and sat beside her to get a closer view of her knitting. It was a style I didn't recognize. I leaned in close to her -- so close I could smell the scent of her soap and feel her warmth. She turned her head toward me and smiled.

"Next station -- Skanderborg." The train started to slow.

"Oh! This is our stop!" she exclaimed.

The train shuddered as it slowed. While gathering my things, I was thrown to one side. I gripped her hip to hold myself upright. She bent down to get her purse and was flung toward me. Her head bumped into my breasts. We both started giggling.

I stepped backwards into the aisle and headed for the door pushing my suitcase ahead of me. The automatic sliding glass door didn't open. I came to a unexpected stop. She bumped into me. I felt her firm breasts pressed against my back and her warm hand on my hip as the train finally came to a halt.

"Oh, sorry!" she exclaimed while still holding tightly on to me.

The glass door suddenly opened. I continued toward the exit. I pushed the flashing green button on the door. It immediately slid open. I lifted my suitcase and stepped down onto the platform bumping the wheels of my suitcase on each step. I walked into the middle of the platform and turned around just as she stepped onto the platform. I noticed she was several inches taller than me - curvaceous. She stopped and looked at me - then broke out laughing. What an infectious laugh!

"That was close. We nearly didn't make the stop!" she said still laughing.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. As the train started to leave the station, we were looking into each other's eyes. So close to one another. I thought she was going to kiss me. I heard a sound in the distance and turned my head. Nina followed my gaze wondering what I was looking at.

Seeing the train was going to arrive on another platform, she grabbed my hand and shouted, "Quick! Come with me!"

She pulled so hard my head snapped backward. We ran along the platform to a flight of stairs leading down to a tunnel connecting the platforms. Our suitcases bounced off the steps as we descended. Once in the tunnel, she turned right and dashed ten yards to another flight of steps leading upwards. We struggled up the steps to the adjacent platform just as the doors to the train opened.

Nina shouted to the conductor "Ry?"

The conductor nodded and pointed to the next wagon. We walked briskly. As we stepped into the train, the door closed behind us. The train started moving out of the station. The carriage was swaying from side to side as we looked for any two seats available.

Sitting down, I exclaimed "Thank you! I wouldn't have made it without you!"

In less than a half hour, our train stopped in Ry. The school was within easy walking distance. We were greeted in the lobby where we registered and received keys to our rooms. Nina said she would come get me for supper at around six. I took my suitcase and headed down a long hallway lined with windows overlooking a green back lawn. At the end of the hall, I came to a flight of stairs. There must have been close to twenty steps straight up.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

I turned around to see a tall, older man with black hair and dark complexion. He was wearing a tapered shirt, the type I could never get Paul to wear but looked so nice on men who were fit, like he was.

"Oh, thank you so much. It's been a long day!"

He took my suitcase and immediately began walking up the stairs. I followed him. He waited for me at the top, smiling. He's in pretty good shape, I thought while catching my breath.

"What's your room number?"

Such a charming accent, I thought. I wonder where he's from. I looked at my key.


"This way then" he said.

We both reached for the handle of the suitcase. Our hands touched.

"I've got it" he said.

The hallway was quite wide. We were able to walk along side one another.

"Is this your first time?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it."

"Some people are getting together in Room 101 to see how much Tango they remember from last year. You're more than welcome to join us."

"Oh, I haven't signed up for dance."

"No matter. You'll find everything's pretty fluid here" he said with a chuckle.

We reached my room.

"7:30 then?" he asked.

"7:30?" I still had my room number in my mind.

"Tango...7:30...tonight...Room 101" he said with an amused smile looking me straight in the eyes.

"Oh, yes. Tango...I thought you meant my room number. Well...".

Those dark brown eyes weakened me in the knees. "I think I just might."

He left me at the door to my room. Inside, there was a single bed set in the corner against the wall to the left. A desk and chair were across from the bed. Directly ahead of me were windows overlooking the back of the school. I noticed a door to my right. I opened it to find a bathroom. This should do quite fine, I thought.

Nina came to get me for supper, and we walked down to the cafeteria.

"Nina!" A tall, burly younger man with a bit of stubble dressed in white shouted out happily from behind the counter.

"Svante!" Nina exclaimed.

She walked excitedly up to the counter. He kissed her -- right on the lips!

"Dana, this is Svante...my co-actor. You'll see later."

Svante said hello and quickly returned his gaze to Nina. As Nina and Svante talked, I arranged a tray for us both. Nina finished talking, and we collected our food. While eating supper, you could hear the clinking of glasses and dishes along with short songs being sung by Svante now and again from back in the kitchen. He had such a lovely voice. The first time I heard him, I turned around surprised.

"You'll get used to him" she said referring to Svante. She shook her head and smiled. There was obviously something between the two of them, I thought.

After supper, we went for a walk outside. The sun was still rather high in the sky, but the air had started to cool. You could hear the call of a blackbird in the distance.

I checked my watch. It was seven. "Going some where?" Nina asked.

A man who helped me with my suitcase mentioned that some people were getting together to see what they could remember from last year's Tango lessons."

"Oh! You've met Mateo already."

"He didn't say his name."

"He's the dance and music instructor - a real...gentleman. You'll like him."

"That makes me feel a bit more comfortable. He seemed like a nice person, but I was afraid it might be a bit of a...you know...a come on."

Nina laughed. "Yes, I can understand that. He's quite handsome...very fit for his age. But let me assure you...many women would like him to 'come on' to them, as you say, but he never does. He's too much of a gentleman. I don't think he realizes how attractive he is to women."

We returned to the school building and agreed to meet the next morning for breakfast. Nina went upstairs to her room while I continued down the hallway to Room 101. Five women were standing with Mateo by the sound equipment when he saw me enter.

"Ah, you remembered the Room number!" he said as he stepped toward me. "I'm afraid I didn't introduce myself. My name is Mateo" he said reaching to shake my hand.

"I'm Dana. I don't think I thanked you for carrying my suitcase up the steps. So, I'm afraid we both have some making up to do" I said with a smile.

Mateo nodded his head. "Perhaps" he said. He gestured for me to join the others.

"We'll get started then" Mateo said to the group.

"Everyone...I'd like you to meet Dana. I invited her to join us so that she could see all the fun she could have learning Tango..."

The women in the group laughed.

I spent the next hour watching them dance. The music was passionate...and catchy. Mateo was patient with his pupils, so poised giving each of the women tips now and again as they slid over the hardwood floor in pairs. Occasionally, he would dance with a woman briefly to demonstrate. I noticed some of them vying for his attention. He's no different than Paul, I thought. He has no clue women are flirting with him. Nina was right.

As I was about to leave, Mateo came up to me. "What do you think? Will you be joining us?"

"Yes, I think I will." Goodness, those eyes...and that accent!

I returned to my room, had a cup of tea and read for a while before getting into bed. It was still light out, but, thankfully, the birds were quiet. I fell asleep after an eventful day.

The next morning, I woke up to the birds singing loudly just outside my window. The morning light was pouring into my room. I had forgotten to pull the curtains. I was one of the first people to arrive in the cafeteria for breakfast but found Nina and Svante over in the corner talking over coffee. They looked rather serious. Suddenly, Nina broke out laughing.

"Well...let's hope I don't get scalded!" I heard her say.

Noticing me she called out "Good morning Dana! You're up early!"

Svante said hello and returned to the kitchen leaving us alone as I ate breakfast. Svante occasionally broke out in song amidst the usual cafeteria sounds. It was all starting to become routine.

I asked Nina, "Are you going to the orientation this morning? I think it starts at nine."

She put both elbows on the table, clutched her hands and leaned forward with a mock serious look on her face.

"I don't need to attend. I know my orientation" she said emphasizing the word "my". She looked directly in my eyes with an impish smile waiting for a reaction.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her play on words.

"I mean the program orientation...not mine." I emphasized the words 'program' and 'mine'.

She laughed. "Oh...yes...of course...that orientation. Let's sit together."

I returned to my room, made my bed and got ready for the day knowing that we were going for a long hike immediately after the orientation.

My phone rang. That must be Paul, I thought. I looked about wondering where my phone was. It must be in my purse. I found it on the fifth ring and slid my finger across the screen.

"Hello!" I said excitedly.

There was no answer. "Hello?" I repeated concerned he'd hung up.

Then I heard. "How are you doing?"

I was so happy to hear his voice. "Oh hi! It's you! I was wondering where you were."

"How are things?" he asked again.

"Good. I've settled in and had a good sleep. How about you?"

"Well, I'm sitting here in the central Copenhagen train station, waiting for my train to Skagen."

I could hear a chime and an announcement echoing in the background.

"What did you do yesterday?"

"I walked down Stroeget." He paused. I heard him inhale deeply. "Actually, Dana...you wouldn't believe what happened."

"Try me."

"I met a woman at Illum."


"She asked if I could help her with some shopping for her husband."

I laughed recalling times I'd asked men for their opinion when shopping by myself for Paul.

"So, did you help her?"

"I think so."

"So, what did you suggest?"

"Actually, she already knew pretty much what she wanted."

"Oh? What was that?"

"She asked if I would help her select some...clothes...at L'Agent Provocateur."

I leaned forward and raised my voice. "Pardon?"

"She asked if I would help her decide on some lingerie at L'Agent Provocateur."

"You've got to be kidding?" I said in disbelief.

Paul started to talk faster. "No! Actually...I'm not. She was interested in a black set in the shop window, but I convinced her to get something more colourful. You should see it. I mean, I'd like you to see that set, Dana. It's called Kuri."

Paul had enjoyed what had happened but was concerned about my reaction. I could tell.

"So...just a minute." I closed the door to my room. "How did you meet again?"

Paul described how the woman was mistakenly attracted by some sugar cubes he had absent mindedly stacked at his table in the cafeteria at Illum. How they'd gone to L'Agent Provocateur where she modeled lingerie for him. They'd had lunch at a nearby restaurant.

"Slotskaelderen...it's great traditional Danish food. We'll have to go there when we're back in Copenhagen." He stopped talking. I remained silent thinking all this through.

"The whole afternoon and evening were so surreal, Dana! I'm still wondering whether it happened at all!"


I could hear Paul slowly draw in a breath and quickly exhale.

"She invited me back to their home for supper. It was just down the street from the restaurant -- you know, across from the parliament buildings. I met her husband. You'd like him." Paul waited for me to say something.

He continued. "We had supper and...well...she had me fuck her in front of her husband...at the dinner table" he added.

"You've got to be kidding!" I said loudly. I sat down on the bed and rested my head in my other hand. I couldn't believe this.

"Really! I still can't believe the evening. They were such a nice couple -- obviously very much in love with one another. I guess he gets his excitement from being cuckolded. It was her birthday present to him."