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Memory J.

By loveofmyLife75

I was getting ready for my next trip packing my two overnight bags my wife was on the phone talking to one of her girlfriends. I was close by accidentally I overheard my wife saying; (I am dying to see the boys and giggling just like a teenager). I did not think of it much at the time, but as the night worn on, I started to think about the last nine months we had not had sex, it may have been longer. I started thinking about the past nine months she was always chirpy before I left. I had never given it a second thought in all that time.

I said to myself, Chris is on the change and lost interest in sex. I loved her and respected her so. I never pushed her to have sex. I was willing to wait until things returned. Then I got to thinking about what she might be up too. She could be going out drinking and dancing with the girls. She could be going out to male strip clubs. Bang what a fool I am. She is seeing someone else when I am on the road for three or four nights a week. I got to thinking I dismissed it right away my, wife would never cheat on me. I trusted her.

The phone rings after a quick conversation, my wife says, I just nipping over to, Carols for half an hour. Carol and my wife had been best friends ever since they were at school together. I went into our bedroom looking at her clothes looking for something. I had no idea what I was looking for in the bedroom. I wanted to find something I never did. I return to the living room my wife comes back home. I was just in time. I stared at the TV and wondering what to do about what I had overheard. I was up early the following morning for my usual long trips. I went to bed and decided to challenge my wife what she was up to when I got back. I had no idea what so ever she was up too.

I got up the following morning on one of many long-distance trips over 550 miles each way. My name is Jim Bates. I am a long-distance lorry driver, now 47 and on good money. I have been married nearly 25 years to a wonderful woman called Chris, She did not work, and we owned our four-bedroom house. Chris looked as good today as the day we first meet. A curvy figure and long shapely legs very attractive and had a magnificent bust. All my trips were weekly over four days round trip. The out trip was just one delivery. My return trips I could be picking miscellaneous items from two or three different places sometimes more. The lorry was slow with heavy full loads. I sometimes wanted to get out and push my lorry when fully loaded. Very nippy when empty, which was a rarity.

Every Monday, I always set off early morning with a full load. To get away from the morning rush hour traffic and the kids going to school getting onto the main roads as quickly as possible. I was on country roads for the first 80 miles doing as many miles as I could. Other parts of my route were on main roads 370 miles and the last stretch of 100 miles. I had to stick to these roads because of the heavy loads I always carried.

On Tuesdays, nine times out of ten. I always arrived at my delivery destination between 13:00 and 14:00 then on to second-night stopover at my usual hotel. The company was reasonably quick at unloading me and reloading me this time nothing was to be loaded.

I looked at my papers in the cab what was my next destination was for my return pickup trips. I wanted to set the Sat navigation on my mobile phone. I was surprised all it said a return to depot. I went to the phone and called the office 550 miles away. I spoke to the transport manager. I said, to him there something wrong I do not have anything to return he burst out laughing and said I wonder how long it would be before you rang me.

He went on to say remember Tommy at the end of last week on Friday. When he got back late and was in a real bad mood. Yes. We had to double up last week for a change you left on Monday. He left the following day on Tuesday. He had to do an extra three pickups on the return trip that is why he was moaning all the time. I then asked the transport manager when I get back. Do you want me to do any short distance pickups? He said no get your lorry ready for the next trip up there we will give it to maintenance on Thursday you can clean it on Friday and load it up.

I looked at my watch just coming up to 14:00. Thinking I could get home early tomorrow. If I could travel at 50 Miles per Hour, it would only take me 11 hours. I had to do a stopover night in three hours. If I was to take the few short cuts across the county, I could get home a bit quicker (I could not use the shot cuts going up because of the heavy loads I carried on the lorry). I decided to get started. I went around to the local petrol station. I was there in minutes something was strange no traffic. I filled up and then went to the loo. I got back into the cab heading home. I could not believe it in my shorts cuts there was next to no traffic, no roadworks and all the traffic lights were on green. I could not believe it the lorry was flying along for a change. I was having some luck. I had been driving for 3 hours. I had to do a stopover night, which was next to one of the main roads. I had done 180 miles. Only 370 to go, I was 80 miles down on the main roads.

Time 17:30. I phone home it rang out no answer. I picked my mobile and rang Chris mobile phone it was turn off it went to voice mail I left a message, see you soon, darling. After a few minutes, I said to myself funny, Chris never turns her phone off. I went and had a good evening meal on that Tuesday night and asked for an early morning call at 05:30 call and breakfast. My thoughts turn back to what I had overheard when Chris was on the phone before I left (Chris saying I am dying to see the boys giggling like a teenager). I was showered and shaved to save time in the morning. Climbed into bed and was up early Wednesday at 05:00. Went to the loo had a good breakfast just before 05:30 am filled my flask with coffee and back on the main roads at 05:45. I had done 180 miles yesterday in 3 hours next to nothing. I was surprised very little traffic on the road very unusually. I was not complaining the lorry had been flying along only 290 miles before I hit the end of the main roads.

Traffic was light I was making good time. At 10:45, I had to stop and go to the loo and a stretch of my legs. I had done 260 miles. Back in the cab and back on the main roads at 11:00. I had only 110 miles to do and 30 miles on the main roads. Traffic was building up now and coming off the main road. I was coming up to the last stretch of 80 miles in front of me. On the home stretch, the lorry was flying. It seemed my lorry, wanted to get me home. I was driving off the main roads at noon. Stopped and went to the loo. I knew the last stretch was going to be slow. Traffic was so very light I was making fantastic time. I looked at my watch just coming up to 13:15. I had done 50 miles 30 miles go I could not believe my luck. I was in the depot for just before 14:00. The truck must have wanted me to go home. I parked up dropped my paperwork off saw the transport manager he said you have, made good time. I said I used a couple of short cuts and left just after I spoke with you. I made good time back because the traffic was very light. I left saying see you in the morning and went home.

Time 14:15. I could not get on my driveway there was a strange car parked there. I had to park down the road. I walked back to the house. I always went in via the back door. Key in the door opened it quietly and removed my boots. I was going to give Chris a big surprise. I walked through the kitchen and opened the drawer picking up my digital camera with a zoom lens to take a photo of her jumping out of her skin. I was creeping through the house looking for Chris could not find her. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Chris is upstairs. I crept up the stairs our bedroom door was slightly open.


Chris was being fucked doggy style her head in the sheets gripping the sheets tightly. I wanted to kill them both somehow I kept myself under-control I do not know how but I managed it. I open the door quietly, quickly taking a few photos. I changed it to video mode and filmed them for a couple of minutes. He called out he was Cumming I waited and stopped the camera and left the house. Time 14:30.

I was the middle of the afternoon someone is fucking my wife. I photographed his car and number plate, and cross the road and sitting on a garden wall. I was wondering what to do. I sat there for a good 20 minutes he came out of the house through the front door. Both in the doorway, kissing and cuddling Chris only had on a short bathrobe. I took a Photograph. I then switched to video mode and filmed both of them in the doorway. I could not believe my eyes they where they were kissing and cuddling. Chris short bathrobe was, undone he kissed her right tit. Chris held his head pressing onto her tit. They parted Chris closing her bathrobe he walked to his car waved and drove away. Time 14:50.


I sat there for about 10 minutes a different car pulled up on my driveway. 15:00 Photograph taken I switched to video mode and filmed him walking up to the front door. I was raging mad when she answered the door.

I waited 10 minutes and crept back in the house she was flat on her back on the bed with her legs wrapped around his waist. Calling out fuck me with that fucking lovely dick of yours, he is going mad and fucking her as fast as he could. I recorded it until I heard him called out he was Cumming. I left the house and sat back on the wall. Both came into the doorway having, a quick kiss. I filmed it as he got in his car and left 15:50. I was so raging mad I had to leave the front of the house. I booked in a travel lodge for one night and had to think that Wednesday night.

I remember David one of my old friends he did not know Chris. I telephone him that Wednesday night. Asking could I talk to him. He said I am doing nothing as usually come around. I was at his two-bedroom flat on the cheap side of town. I said, David, I want some advice from you. He said what that might be. I said sorry I know you are divorced because your ex-wife was cheating on you.

What I want to know is how you manage to prove it. David said sorry you are asking the wrong one that cheating slut took me to the cleaners look where I am living now. David said I have a friend he called Sam and came off much better than I. David then said, do you what me to get in touch with him. Yes, please.

David picked up the phone, Hi Sam, any chance you could come around to my flat. I have a friend with me who needs advice. Sam had said to David, come around to his house. I drove around to Sam place. Sam handed both of us a glass of wine. Sam turned to me and said what advice I should give you. I told him my wife is cheating on me. I want to divorce her and get my revenge on the two men. Sam said she is cheating on you with two men great, three for the price of one. Sam said have you employed a private investigator I said no Sam said well that is saving you some money. Sam said I have some expensive cameras and recording equipment you can borrow if you wish. I said yes please. Sam told me that the cameras were the best on the market when he purchased them and voice and movement-activated and very small.

Sam went into a great deal of detail where to install them. He asked is there anywhere in the bedroom, your wife rarely goes in. Sam said that would be the ideal place to hide the recording equipment in the bedroom. I said I need an extra one to film the cars when parked on the drive. I could record them arriving and leaving making sure I got their car registration numbers. Sam, saying I see you have given it a little thought. He told me to purchase special batteries for the cameras because they would last up to a month before they need replacing. I said anything else I should know Sam said. Cancel your joint credit cards. Change your joint account. Open up a new one up in just your name and have your salary paid into that account as soon as possible. Any saving you have transfer exactly half into your new account if you have any other accounts you have to do the same. If you have anything expensive, and you want to keep them move them to a safe place and get an attorney as soon as possible and tell him or her you want a divorce. I turn to David saying may I use your house as a safe place he said yes and if you need a place to sleep you know where I live. We left I dropped David off went to the travel lodge and went to bed.

Thursday I went to work and asked for the day off. Straight to the bank and did everything, Sam had told me to do. I found a divorce attorney and told him the whole story I wanted a divorce. The attorney asked do you have any photographs. I said no, not at the moment however I will have some very soon. The attorney went on to say when you have any photographs or video recordings give me the copies and make extra copies for yourself. I went and purchased the special batteries Sam had told me about and some blank DVDs.

That Thursday night I returned home and wanted to watch my detective programmes on TV and have a drink then go to bed. I pretended I was tired. Friday morning went in work made sure the lorry was ready for my next trip of 550 miles each way. I loaded my lorry for Monday morning and received my paperwork for the return trip.

Saturday Chris and I occasionally went shopping together for new clothes, mainly for her. I told Chris I was tired and asked to go on her own. She left I installed the cameras in the bedroom one pointing down the driveway. Installed the recording equipment and hid it in a drawer where I stored papers. I knew Chris would not be interested in looking in. I tested everything that Sam told me to do and set it up with a brand new disc in extended play mode. I began to cast my mind back again for a few months. Chris sometimes came home with no clothes purchased. I had never given it a thought until now. Chris had been screwing around who with.

When I got up Sunday morning, Chris was out of sight. I checked everything was working correctly and replacing the disc with a new one. I got my things ready for the following days driving the lorry and had a few pints at lunchtime when it was time for bed. I quickly got into bed. Chris followed me. I was in bed early. I wanted to be on the road nice and early.

Monday driving was back to normal slow. I kept wondering from time to time what that slut of a wife of mine was doing. I stopped for the loo and telephoned the transport manager asking him could he swap my route for next week with Tommy. He asked me why I said need to sort a few things out and reminded him. I had booked off the following week for my 25-wedding anniversary. Then he laughs, aloud saying Tommy is not going to be happy. About 10:30. I rang Chris asking would she want a week away on holiday for our 25 wedding anniversary she said let us go out with the boys and celebrate it would not cost as much. I said if that is what you want, that is ok with me.

I arrived at my first stopover place and had a meal quite early for a change and decided to go into the town. I walked into a local sex house. I looked around there was this nice and attractive woman about my age and paid for two hours. I was struggling to get a hard-on she knew it. She said you have not had sex for quite a while, have you? I said no. She said to my surprise this is my second week here and you are my first.

I looked at her my god she was attractive. I said do you mind if we talk a while, she said that is fine with her. While talked and she worked my dick. As soon as it was hard, it went straight into her mouth. I had a fantastic blowjob. She kept playing with my dick, becoming hard again. She said to me, which way and where do you what me. I said doggy style please she was at the bottom of the bed and spread her legs my dick went in an inch. She said sorry I am tight. I have not had sex in over six months. Saying I have recently divorced. I pushed a little harder it slipped inside her, thrusting again until I was inside her she said that feels so good. I went mad with excitement. She let out a cry she had an orgasm well before myself. I held onto her hips and shot loads of my spunk into her pussy. I collapsed on the bed I was well and truly fucked. She said I loved that it has been so long for me. I told her I could not do that again can we just talk.

She told me bits of her life. I told her I am still married to Chris. She was most probably fucking someone now and setting her up with photographs and videos of the cheating slut. She told me she was only there for some casual sex and had no intension of staying I liked her honesty. My two hours nearly finished. I leant over and whispered something in her ear. I got up and dressed, she, said fancy a drink. I said yes; give me 15 minutes to get dressed. I will meet you at the front door in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes later, an attractive woman walks up to me. Sorry, I said I am waiting for someone she laughs and says, silly it is me she was completely different. We went for drinks, she, said you know what you whispered to me in there yes she said see you in three weeks. Then I told her my name it is Jim Bates and she said my name is Diana Roberts. I called for a taxi she went home. I return to my hotel.

Tuesday on time and looked at my return pickups set the sat navigation and set off. I was home Thursday night at my usual time. Dropped of paperwork and the transport manager said a nice trip I said very much better and the traffic not as bad. I left saying see you tomorrow I went home to that slut.

When I got home, I was tired. Chris was on the telephone. I went into the bedroom. Looking into a camera saying I am going to stop it now stopping the recordings. I went to work on Friday Tommy had my route. I had Tommy route the following week I thought that was great it meant I would be passing my house every few hours. Tommy was not happy. I could not care less.

Friday night Chris out on her regular Friday night women night out I said go and have a good time. That Friday night Chris went out, I removed the cameras and recording equipment. I made copies of the events from Monday to Thursday night. I had a quick look yes everything had worked I fast forward making sure I had every up to Thursday night I stopped from time to time she was fucking every time I stopped it. I found out I had a slut for a wife.

Over the weekend, I watched my copies of the DVD recordings. Unfortunately, this what I had to watch, knowing of her lies, manipulation, and deceit; I had anger and hate screaming out of me.

Monday 12:30 car pulls up on my driveway a man get out of his car, walks towards the front door, and goes in the house. Fifteen minutes later he and Chris in my bedroom holding Chris by the waist kissing the slut She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt and high heels showing off her long curvy legs. He is unbuttoning her blouse and pulls it open showing off Chris white lacy bra he pulls it over her shoulders, letting it fall to the bedroom floor. Chris is undoing his shirt and tugging out of his trousers and pulls in of his back. He pulls down the zipper on Chris skirt, undoing the skirt button; it falls to the bedroom floor. Chris is standing there in white lacy bra high leg lacy knickers and high heels.

Chris undoes his belt unzips his trousers he kicks off his shoes and then the button on his, trousers falling to the floor stopping at his ankles. Chris kneels and helps him out of his trouser legs. Chris reaches up and pulls down his briefs his dick shot out Chris takes off his briefs from around his ankles.