Emma knew Rachel was shocked with her for not visiting her parents for Christmas. But Emma was certain it was what she wanted to do. England would always be there for her to return to and she wanted to make sure her time stateside was enjoyed to the fullest. If that meant one holiday season away from home, so be it.

Rachel obviously did not understand it, though, to her credit, she accommodated her request. Partly. She gave Emma an ultimatum to come to her own family's Christmas gathering a couple of miles away from the city, or else Rachel would find a way to put her in the cargo hold of a plane flying to the UK. Somehow, the Brit believed her friend would in fact do that.

So here she was, at eleven in the evening, sitting comfortably on the couch with Rachel's brother, stuffed to the brim with delicious food. Emma could not be sure, she seldom was when it came to these things, but there was a high chance the fifteen-year-old had a bit of a crush on her. He was being sweet about it, so she let him continue.

'What's it like, anyway? Putting up with her?' He asked her.

Emma was watching Rachel being fussed over by her mum next to the table. They were a little far away, as the house was enormous.

'Actually, we got along really well. I find her temperament is quite similar to mine.'

Matt scoffed.

'So, one, I know you're just using long words because you think we like it when it comes with your accent attached...'

'And don't you?'

'... and two, for your sake I hoped it was same the temperament or else it would drive you insane.' He shook his head in fake pity.

'Not my fault we both have winning personalities.' Emma smugly told him.

'You think she has a winning personality now, just wait until you see her have someone standing in her way.' Matt told her, stretching for another homemade cookie.

'Really?' She asked, thinking her redhead friend did not look at all aggressive, particularly at that moment, as her mother enquired about her grades.

'Oh, yeah! When I was in the third grade, I had a bully. There was one time I fell from a flight of stairs because he pushed me. Without going into many details, let's just say that what she did to him got her suspended for a week and mandatory time with the school psychologist...'

'Holy shit!' Emma reacted, wide-eyed.

'Told ya.' Matt made a face. 'Don't get on her bad side.'

'That's surprising and somehow also exactly what I pictured.' She replied, noticing her friend was free from her parents again and beckoning Emma to join her upstairs.

Emma got up with some difficulty from her position, her stomach full to the brim. She thanked Rachel's parents with an aside, as they had been lovely to her, and climbed the stairs unsteadily before going into the guest room she was occupying, for her jacket. Then, she tapped on Rachel's door.

'Come in.'

'What are you doing?' Emma asked instantly, seeing that Rachel had opened her window and climbed out to sit on the roof tiles.

'What it looks like.' Her friend chuckled. 'Come here!'

Thinking that it was probably safe enough, considering Rachel was used to doing this in all likelihood, the English girl was careful with where she placed her feet as she sat her ass down alongside Rachel. They could see a couple of houses next to them, but the most beautiful part was the easily visible stars. Emma found her neck hurting from looking up and let herself lay down a little to rest her head on the tiles.

'You've kind of cheated me into essentially being back in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, didn't you?' She asked.

'Not really my intention, just one of those nice coincidences.' Rachel replied, her eyes hungrily taking in the sky as well. She had already put on a robe to fight off the cold.

'Like the fact that Ray is somehow now terrified of me, for instance?'

Rachel gave her a glimpse with an unreadable expression.

'We had a conversation about where he should shove it from hence forth.'

'What did you do exactly, Rach?'

'What's the secret you didn't want found out, Emma?' Her friend mercilessly asked back.

Emma scoffed.

'No way.' She said.

'Fair enough.' Rachel replied. 'But you're not getting anything from me, then.'

'I'm pretty sure I'm the first girl not to, then.'

Narrowing her eyes, Rachel hit her on the shoulder.

'Think you're a smart fucker, don't you?' The redhead groaned.

'I like to think so.' Emma made a vague gesture, pointing upward. 'I can identify three constellations up there. Can you?'

'I'll do you one better, I can name thirteen with made up names and back stories.'

Coughing from a laugh that escaped her, Emma nodded.

'Alright, then.' Rachel lowered herself to join her friend and put her head on Emma's shoulder. 'That one there is pigeon.' She began.

'Is it?'

'Yes, you can tell by the way there are four stars on the left there. That's the shit it's making.'

'Wow.' Rachel muttered, unimpressed. 'Twelve more to go, think you can keep it up?'

The redhead was looking at the stars, searching for the next "constellation".

'Let's move on to the next one...'


There was something strange about returning to school. Emma wanted the free time she had previously with Rachel, knowing full well they were both too busy to have it. That said, the English girl noticed that the other woman seemed to be doing fewer escapades at night, having more often than ever before quiet nights in with her.

Sometimes they watched movies, sometimes they just shared sofa space to read, and sometimes they even simply chatted late into the night.

That did not mean Rachel was being celibate by any means, Emma could tell. A couple of their shared conversations ended up being about the redhead's conquests.

'How do you even have the time to have that many women on hold?' Emma shook her head one evening, toward the end of the month.

'I also have dudes.'

'You know what I mean.'

Rachel shrugged.

'I offer strings-free time.' She said. 'And my... fun bits.' She added with a hesitation.

'You make it sound so easy...' Emma sighed.

'What about you?'

'What do you mean?'

'I never hear what you're into.' Her friend said, earnestly. 'Guys, girls, what are you hot for?'

Emma couldn't help looking at her lap for a moment before answering.

'I don't know what I'm into, man...'

Rachel leaned against the couch cushions, getting comfortable.


Just about avoiding a snort when she laughed, Emma took care to think of another answer.

'I've never really been focussed on that. Just never thought much about it...'

'Bullshit again. Three strikes and you're out.'

Emma grumbled incoherently.

'I'll make it simple.' Rachel told her. 'What kind of smut do you like to read online?'

'How do you know it's stuff I read and not porn videos?'

'You strike me as someone that likes to imagine their porn.'

'That it true, but don't get smug.' Emma twitched her nose.

'Wouldn't dream of it. So? What do you read?'

'I like...' The English girl was mad at herself for the furious blush that she knew was on her face. 'I like tit sucking videos and reading about pussy licking stories.'

Rachel nodded, very nonplussed.

'So, girls?'

'I guess.'

'Why didn't you just tell me?'

'I didn't know how open you were before, and then when I found out you were into that sort of thing I was worried you'd get ideas...'

Her friend put her hand up as if taking a vow.

'I solemnly swear I shall make no passes at your vagina.'

'So glad to hear it...' Emma shook her head.

'Have you even got down with anyone on this side of the Atlantic?'

'I haven't even gotten down on the other side...' Emma complained.

'How come?' Rachel asked, kindly. It was probably the reason the English girl kept going.

'I've done above the waist stuff. Only boys, though.'


'I never had the nerve to risk it with a girl, okay?' Emma shot back, annoyed.


'Besides, like I said: tit sucking. Teenage boys are good for that at least.'

Rachel chuckled, then looked sideways at her friend.

'Wait, is that why you never shower in the locker rooms after gym class?'

'Hey, you don't shower there either, you came home too!'

'I'm... shy.'

'Bullshit.' Emma was the one to call out this time.

Pausing their conversation, Rachel just looked at her.

'Yeah, but I still have two strikes left.' She simply said.

The next time she spoke, the topic was changed.

If there was a time when Emma had put more effort into her physical activity, she could not remember. Her body stank of sweat even to her, as she stayed behind to help put away the matts and obstacles to their respective storage areas. There was no way she could avoid showering in the locker room now, even if that did mean her stomach was tied in knots.

Still, she had planned it out. Emma was deliberately taking her time, even chatting with some of her classmates, for the sake of ensuring the shower area was mostly devoid of students.

Emma was still going to wear her swimming trunks there, though. Better to be thought of as body shy, than for anyone to notice the penis dangling between her legs.

There were still about eight girls unhurriedly drying themselves when she was at the locker room. Grabbing her essentials and going down to her swimming trunks, Emma walked towards the showers. The mere fact that was staying for once got her a couple of looks, which veered briefly to her breasts, never before seen by them before. The sheer nerves of the moment meant the nipples were sticking straight out, which did not help matters.

Steam was still pouring out of the showers and Emma took that as a good sign. She got under a stream in the corner, where the wall covered her sides and she would get a fair warning if someone was approaching. Exhausted from practice, she loved the feel of the water soaking her hair and cascading down to the rest of her body. Emma shampooed, rinsed it off, soaped her body and the bits beneath the shorts, and rinsed off once more.

She was only just enjoying the final feel of the shower on her when someone walked in.

'You think you're hot shit?'

Emma was genuinely stunned into silence as she turned to see a blonde girl from her class, fresh from her own shower.

'Are you talking to me?' She asked, narrowing her eyes.

'Yeah, I'm talking to the piece of shit that has my brother being miserable for fucking weeks.'

'Who the hell is your brother?' Emma asked, feeling a chill up her spine at the possibility of being found out. Her right hand was covering the front of her shorts.

'Who-?' The other girl started, furious. 'Ray, of course, you piece of shit. What did you and your dyke friend do to him?'

'Don't call Rachel that again, cunt.'

'Now I don't know what you did to him, but I'm gonna have some payback, bitch.' Her eyes alarmingly went down. 'Oh, you're a prude then? Fine, let's fucking take those off and have you buck-naked out there...'

Having the worst-case scenario to top all worst-case scenarios occurring to her, Emma was just about to get into something approaching fight mode when she saw the other girl being savagely pulled back by her wet hair and shriek.

'Keep it down, princess.' A tall girl told her, a handful of hair in her left hand and a slightly sadistic smile on her face.

'What the fuck!' Emma's assailant complained.

'Did I hear the "dyke" word thrown around for an insult, princess?' The tall girl, who was as naked as her victim, growled. 'You and your little gang of hussies like to throw that one around, huh?'

'Let me go!'

There was an edge of fear to the bullying girl's voice.

'Have you thought of your reputation?' The tall one continued, relentless. 'What if me and her told everyone what a good pussy licker you were just now for the both of us? Oh, nothing's gonna happen.' She cleared up. 'But it's just what we'll say. And we'll describe it vividly, with all the details...' She looked towards Emma. 'Isn't that right?'

'Yeah.' Emma said, trying to keep her voice as level as possible.

The tall blonde released her grip on the other woman's hair.

'You're fucking insane!' The bully furiously informed them.

'You better keep that energy when you cheer my volleyball team, hun. Those last few performances were a little lacklustre...'

Emma only heard the furious hiss and the sound of heavy footsteps leaving as a response.

'Are you okay?' The other woman asked her.

'Yeah, I think so...' Emma replied.

For some reason her rescuer seemed surprised suddenly.

'You certainly seem out and about...' She told her, with raised eyebrows.

Fuck! Emma looked down. Her cock's tip was just visible beneath her shorts. It was hardly her fault. A gorgeous tall blonde with a taught belly and a lovely pair of side set breasts was nude in a steamy shower room, where she had just been forceful with another naked woman. There were limits to Emma's resistance to horny thoughts.

But this was bad. There was no defence and no way she could conceive of coming up with an excuse that hid the truth.

'Well, that's not what I... was expecting.' The other girl said, with an unreadable expression.

'Please, don't.'

In front of Emma, the woman took a sidestep to give her room to pass if she wanted.

'Sorry! Sorry! I forgot I probably look a little aggressive. I didn't mean to look threatening or something...' She put her hands up.

'No, that's not what I meant.' Emma shook her head. 'Just don't tell anybody, please.'

'Not my secret to tell, that's cool.' The girl told her. Her eyes were still glued to the exposed tip, which Emma had not yet covered. Because what was the point now.

'It can be a shock, I'm told.' Emma spoke, just to fill the silence as she began to blush at the continuous stare.

'Not a shock, just... Like, no pressure but... can I see it?'

'You want to see me?' The English girl spluttered.

'I know, I'm being a perv but...' The girl said. She was actually licking her lips.

Emma thought about answering something snarky or offended or even tempting but found nerves were keeping her grounded to the spot. Instead, she just found that her left hand, which had hooked its thumb on the waistband of the shorts before, was getting an urge to push down just a little.

The tall blonde noticed this. She looked towards the entrance for just a second to make sure they were alone and walked up to Emma. There was small jump in Emma's stomach when she realised she only reached the other woman's shoulders. Then she felt a large hand slip between her waist and the shorts, the fingers touching the skin of her shaft with gentleness. There was a much bigger jump in Emma's stomach now.

'That was a seriously sexy moan, gorgeous.' The woman said, mortifying Emma. 'I'm Ava, by the way.'


'Can you slip those a little further down, Emma?'

Without a word, Emma slipped the shorts down enough that they were just below her balls. Ava took full advantage and got a proper grip of her penis, her head bent down to admire it. She also smirked when she noticed Emma thrusting into her hand a little, the shorter girl's excitement rising at the prospect of having someone else touch her like that for the first time.

She half-raised a hand but dropped it. The tall girl grabbed that hand and brought it to her tit, exactly what Emma had wanted. It was a moment she would cherish forever, feeling a pliant breast that was not hers. She raised her eyes to Ava's just in time to see her approach and plant a kiss on her lips. Ava tasted wonderful and Emma rolled the other girl's nipple a touch forcefully.

The kiss lasted a few seconds longer and then Ava pulled her mouth away. Emma was terrified that she would do anything the blonde girl asked of her, such was her horniness.

'First time?' Ava asked, her hand in a slow up and down movement on the cock below.


'How much do you want to do?'

'Everything.' Emma replied, too excited to feel shame.

Ava gave her a soft laugh that made her puffy lips look beautiful.

'Let's put a pin on "everything", but we can do "something"...' She said.

The hot water kept falling on them as the tempo of Ava's hand stayed constant and Emma's grip on the large breast in front of her stayed ferocious. Emma was desperate for more kisses, but Ava seemed to have discovered how intoxicating the other woman found to be just inches away, watching her lick her lips.

Having no idea how someone without a dick could know exactly what to do with one, Emma knew what was about to happen.

'I'm gonna...'

'I know.'

She knew. She knew and she was not pulling away. Emma looked down, watching her swollen head just visible above Ava's knuckles and almost saw before she felt a string of cum hit the tall girl's hip. Then, she was having to bite hard into her own finger as the sensation of orgasm arrived and Emma saw herself cumming all over the firm lower stomach in front. It was mixing with the water and dripping into the pubic hair.

Emma was desperate to see it and bury her mouth there.

But she felt drained, using the wall for support.

Ava smiled softly. She pulled away and took the hand that had brought about Emma's release to her face. There were remnants of Emma's release there and she picked them up with her tongue. Without ever taking her eyes off Emma, she turned on one of the showers to remove the vestiges of their reunion from her body and turned it off.

'God, you make want to...' Ava made a growl and left a dazed Emma in the showers alone.


Emma was no dummy. There were many suitors for Ava's interest. And boy did she partake with a lot of them. They usually lay in bed after their fun and Emma would satisfy her curiosity about every single type of naughty act she wanted to know. There were always excellent odds that Ava had done it, often in the previous month.

'How did you get brave enough to put yourself out there like that?' Emma asked her once, tracing a finger across her lover's naked back as she lay down on her belly.

'I like to experience everything I can.'

'Am I an experience?'

'One of the top 5 things I've experienced in my life.'

'Am I? Let's see if we can't crack that top 2.' Emma had told her, beginning to kiss down her back.

There was no limit to what Ava was willing to try, but Emma did not feel forced into anything. If there was one thing that she had learned, having had a slight panic attack the first time she had her tits sucked by the tall girl, was that her lover was patient. Ava had sat herself against the wall and rocked Emma in her lap, soothingly.

'We don't need to do anything. Naked cuddles like this are more than fine, Emma...'

Having recovered for a few minutes, Emma disagreed.

'Fuck cuddling, I want your mouth.' She'd told her. Their kisses were made difficult by Ava's unwavering grin.

'Well, if it's my mouth you want.'

That was the first time Emma felt a pair of lips on her cock. She remembered how her brain turned to mush. The ridiculous facial expressions she had probably been making throughout the entire thing. Mostly there was a still picture burned into her retinas forever: Ava's slightly crooked left incisor tooth made whiter by her cum, getting cleared by the girl's tongue as she grinned.

It took her two whole weeks before she was brave enough to go down on Ava. Ava never asked her; there was just something so needy on her face when they were humping their crotches together that Emma couldn't bear to not do it.