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Elected officials in New Dorset, who must be women, are obligated to provide sexual service to a certain number of male citizens each month, who sign up to receive it. In addition, they must provide service to their king and possibly duke if that is requested. Female managers and professional staff of the Parliamentary State Service Office also have these obligations. This article lists the obligation of each officeholder.

These officeholders owe feudal service to both the king and the duke, and have the following citizen service obligations:

City council member: 5 per month

City mayor or member of a provincial legislature: 10 per month

Provincial cabinet minister: 20 per month

Premier: 30 per month

These officeholders owe feudal service to only the king:

Speaker of provincial legislature or federal cabinet minister: 30

Member of the House of Representatives: 20 per month

Federal cabinet minister, or managers and professional staff in the Office of State Service: 30 per month

Prime minister, or Parliamentary Commissioner for State Service: 40 per month

The Speaker of the House of Representatives does not owe feudal service, but has a citizen service obligation of 40 per month.

The service of cabinet ministers and legislative speakers includes their service as members of their legislatures, so, for example, a provincial cabinet minister has a citizen service obligation of 10 each month as a member of the legislative assembly, and an obligation of 10 as a minister, for a total of 20. (The service itself is the same, but legislative service and ministerial service are tracked separately, so that men who are constituents of the legislator who sign up for service can receive preference for a legislative service appointment but not for a ministerial service appointment.)

The small silver envelope reads "The Honorable Hayley Swarbrick, Sv, JD, MLA." Hayley picks it up from her desk in the legislature's wing of Wilmot-Horton Palace, the sprawling building that houses the provincial government. It is from the Office of the Chamberlain of Duke Peter of Wilmot-Horton, and contains a summons to the Duke's Chambers, at nineteen the following evening.


"Always call him 'Your Highness,' and remember that when you're with the Duke, you should answer any questions he might have. When you're performing citizen service, it's easy to see how confidential information could get out, or how inappropriate rumors could be started. As I'm sure you realize, those concerns don't apply to the Duke."

"Yes, Ms. Marcroft," says Hayley.

"Well, Ms. Swarbrick, I think you're ready for your audience. Thank you for coming early. If you'd like to wait here for a little while, you could catch up on reading or correspondence before going in. Once in the audience chamber, that's not appropriate."

"Thank you, Ms. Marcroft. Do you mind if I ask -- what's it like, being in the Duke's household? Do you often work directly with the duke?"

"Oh, no, Ms. Swarbrick. I'm not in the Duke's household; I'm on the Duke's household staff. My relations with the Duke are purely professional."

"As are mine, Ms. Marcroft," Hayley says a bit stiffly.

"Oh no, Ms. Swarbrick, I do apologize, I didn't mean to imply that your service was in any way unseemly..."

"Of course, Ms. Marcroft. I realize that members of the staff don't provide feudal service; that's the role we have as members of the Legislative Assembly, not yours. But I thought the 'Duke's household' was the name given to his personal staff, as opposed to the government staff."

"I see. No, the household itself consists of the Duke's dependents: mainly children and their mothers. The household staff operates the workings of the Duke's household; we're not part of it. As for what it's like to be on the staff... the Duke is at his best in public, and I enjoy most working on state occasions and his visits out among the people. It's a grand feeling, to be with the personification of the whole community; it's an opportunity to feel part of something greater than just myself."

"Yes, I see. Thank you, Ms. Marcroft. I'd better be getting ready for that audience."

"Of course. I'll show you to the anteroom."

Hayley enters the anteroom. It is similar to the lounges she's used to, with a washroom and closet, although here there is no couch for resting. She removes her clothes and puts them and her other belongings in the closet. She puts on a perfectly sheer service robe and, wearing nothing else, enters the audience chamber.

The chamber itself is spacious, with windows with translucent curtains on two sides letting in the evening light. On one wall underneath a window is a small sofa and coffee table. On the center of the wall ahead of her is a king-size bed made up with what appear to be fine sheets; on either side of it are nightstands and, on the wall, hooks for hanging clothes. In one corner of the room, a pair of heavy carabiners hang from the ceiling; in another, a curvy chaise sits on the floor. There are a few framed abstract photographs hanging on the walls. She can see that an adjoining washroom contains a large bathtub and a shower with bench; the wall she came in from has a row of cabinet doors. On the left of the bed, she sees that there is another entrance to the room, and a kneeling stool facing it.

She kneels upon the stool, puts her hands behind her, bows her head, and begins to wait.

And she waits.

Hayley can't remember if she saw a clock in the room. It would be a breach of protocol for her to be in any position other than on the stool looking downward as he comes in, so she just waits. It's quiet in the room. For a time she focuses on the emotions in the State Service Office motto: happiness, gratitude, humility. Eventually she just concentrates on her breath: in, out, in, out.

She has no idea how long she has been there when the door opens and she is roused from her meditation. She hears the Duke's voice say, "Declare yourself," which she knows is the first part of the protocol.

She looks up now, sees the duke, a trim, medium-height man in his mid-forties with salt and pepper hair. He is wearing a spa wrap covering his lower torso; unlike the ones used in the cribs, this is gold silk with embroidered red scallops, reminiscent of the province's coat of arms. Giving him a practiced smile, she recites the greeting Ms. Marcroft taught her. "Greetings, Your Highness. I am Hayley Swarbrick, member of the Legislative Assembly for Portsmouth-Harborside, here at your summons. How may I serve you?"

"Hayley, good evening. Thank you for coming today. I would like to fuck you from behind, but first could you warm me up with your mouth?" He sits on the side of the bed.

"Of course, Your Highness." She rises and approaches him, then kneels again. "May I remove your wrap, Your Highness?"


She unsnaps his wrap and can't help but notice the fine feel of the cloth. She bends down, kisses his penis and then takes it into her mouth. She moves her lips up and down his penis, using her tongue on the underside. She lightly touches his scrotum with her fingers. After a minute or two of this, he is fully erect.

Hayley says, "One moment, Your Highness, and then I'll be ready." She rises and hangs up her robe, and then opens a nightstand drawer and removes a bottle of lubricant. She then turns back toward the duke, kneels again before him, and uses her hands to rub lubricant over his penis, which stimulates him further. When she is satisfied, she puts the lubricant back in the drawer and gets on the bed, facing away from him. She presents herself and looks back at him, saying "I am ready, Your Highness."

The duke rises and, standing on the side of the bed, enters her from behind; the lubricant does a good job of easing his entry. Holding the curve of her hips, he pulls her to him as he thrusts. He finds a rhythm, pulling her in and himself forward, and then letting go; Hayley feels him slide inside her. After he has been doing this a while she begins squeezing her pelvic muscles between thrusts; at this, the duke issues an "aaaah" and climaxes inside her.

He sits on the bed, resting. "Hayley, if you'd like to make yourself come, feel free." She looks back at him and decides to treat his offer as a request. She crawls on the bed over to the nightstand and removes a bullet vibrator from the same drawer where she'd found the lubricant. As the duke looks on, she lies on her back and uses the vibrator on her clitoris while, with the other hand, rubbing a nipple. She is aroused enough from their intercourse that it is only a couple of minutes before she has an orgasm; she makes a point of moaning audibly for the duke's benefit, but the climax is real enough.

After a minute, Haley puts the vibrator on top of the nightstand and dons her service robe. She kneels on the stool and asks, "Your Highness, have I your leave to depart?"

The duke, still sitting on the bed, looks over at her. "Just a minute, Hayley. Please stand."

She rises. The duke gets off the bed, stands behind her, and puts both his hands on her waist. Then he moves his hands down, feeling the flare of her hips. After a few seconds he walks in front of her. Parting her robe, he holds the bottom of one of her breasts and lifts it, feeling its weight and texture.

Hayley finds this somewhat uncomfortable, but over time examinations of her body have become something she has become used to when providing service. After examining her, the Duke lowers his hands and says, "Thank you, Hayley. You have my leave to depart."

Hayley kneels once again, gives her practiced smile and recites, "Thank you, Your Highness, for this opportunity to serve your person as I do your dominion. Farewell." She rises and leaves the way she came.


The next week she receives another small silver envelope. This one reads "The Very Honorable Hayley Swarbrick, CSv, JD, MLA." It is another summons, for nineteen-thirty on Monday evening.

This time Hayley has no need for the protocol briefing, and heads straight for the anteroom. She undresses and dons a service robe. This time she waits in the anteroom, catching up on reading -- it is only at 19:28 that she enters the audience chamber and kneels on the stool.

This time the wait is not long before the duke enters and says, "Declare yourself."

Kneeling on the stool, again nude but for the very sheer robe, she recites her greeting. "Greetings, Your Highness. I am Hayley Swarbrick, member of the Legislative Assembly for Portsmouth-Harborside, here at your summons. How may I serve you?"

This time the duke is wearing a gold silk robe. "Hello, Hayley. It's not my usual practice to bring someone back so soon. I hope you don't mind."

"It is my role to serve, Your Highness."

"Yes." The duke sits on the foot of the bed, facing Hayley, and after a moment, says "Please remove your robe and come lie down now." She hangs her robe next to the nightstand and gets on the bed from the side, near where the duke is sitting at the foot, and lies herself flat. The duke hangs his robe next to hers and sits next to her on the bed. He begins using his fingers to trace circles around one nipple with a hand, while moving the other through her labia, brushing her clitoris lightly.

This has the desired effect: Hayley issues an "mmmmm," and spreads her legs. The duke takes a finger and enters her vagina just enough to see that it is wet. "Oh, yes, Your Highness, my pussy is ready. Please fuck me now," says Hayley. The duke moves himself above her, between her legs, and she guides his penis inside with her hand. He moves himself back and forth, in and out. It's less slippery this time, and it doesn't take long for the duke to reach climax.

The duke removes himself from her. Instead of resting, he resumes stroking her nipples and intermittently teasing her lower lips. After a while of this he uses a finger to enter her vagina and puts his mouth to her sex, stimulating her vaginal wall with his finger and teasing her clitoris with his tongue. It's been a while since Hayley got this sort of treatment; it isn't long before she has a very satisfactory orgasm indeed. She doesn't move, flat on her back. The duke lies on his back next to her.

"Hayley, I hope that was a good experience for you. It was for me."

Hayley looks at him sidelong. "Your Highness, unless I've misunderstood, it is supposed to be my role to serve you, not the other way around."

The duke barks a laugh. "Yes." He sits up against the headboard and looks down at her thoughtfully for a moment. "Thank you, Hayley. Whenever you're ready, you have my leave."

Hayley is afraid she'll fall asleep if she lies there, so she gets up, kneels on the floor, and says, this time in full earnest, "Thank you, Your Highness, for this opportunity to serve your person as I do your dominion. Farewell" — rises, and exits.


That afternoon, she receives another silver envelope.

The next morning, Tuesday, at seven-thirty, she is again in the audience chamber, kneeling before the duke, who is again wearing just his wrap. This time, she doesn't recite the entire protocol. "Greetings, Your Highness. Your Highness, I am here to serve, and I am flattered by your interest. But I don't believe it's usual to be summoned this often."

"No, Hayley. I have something to discuss with you before you provide service. Please have a seat on the sofa."

"Yes, Your Highness." She rises and begins walking toward the sofa.

The duke begins, "I took the liberty—" A knock is heard on the door, and the duke calls out, "Come in, Charlotte." As a young woman dressed all in black walks in with a tray, Hayley stops moving toward the sofa and tries to cover herself with her hands.

The duke notices this. "Hayley, my staff is accustomed to waiting on us in this room. There's no need to feel shy." Hayley lowers her hands slowly and sits on the sofa, pushing the thin robe down underneath her as she sits.

Charlotte places the tray on the coffee table and pours a cup of tea. It is Irish Breakfast tea and is accompanied by a strawberry muffin, which is Hayley's usual morning order from the café in the legislative wing. Charlotte says "Enjoy, ma'am," and exits the room.

The duke sits down next to Hayley on the sofa and picks up an espresso from the tray, and sips at it. "As I was saying, I took the liberty of ordering some refreshments."

"Yes, your Highness." She takes a sip of the tea and nibbles on the muffin. "Please convey my appreciation to your staff for doing their research. Your Highness, you said you wanted to discuss something?"

"Thank you, Hayley. Let me explain. I didn't just bring you here for my own gratification. I've been looking into your history and accomplishments.

"I know you were valedictorian of your high school class and in the top percent of your undergrad and law school classes. I know you were primarily responsible for Sarah Curran's educational reform measure when you were her aide, and now that you have your own seat, you've made a name for yourself in the House, especially in committee work. For someone not yet thirty, your accomplishments are notable."

"Well, thank you, Your Highness, I didn't realize you paid attention to such things."

"Yes, I do. And, although you might think I was mainly interested in your body for my own pleasure -- and, to be sure, I find you very attractive and have very much enjoyed our encounters -- that's not the only reason I am interested in you.

"Hayley, as you know, my role as Duke of Wilmot-Horton is to be an avatar of the people of the province, a living symbol of its grandeur and dignity. Your service to me here is, symbolically, the service of the legislature to the people. But I have other duties as the personification of our province. One of those is to use my own virility to represent the vigor and fortitude of the province.

"To me, you seem like an ideal partner for this. Of course, I would enjoy the experience. But more importantly, you would pass down into our child a share of your beauty and intelligence. And also, your body seems well-suited for bearing children. So, I ask you: will you consider having my child, and becoming a Lady of Wilmot-Horton?"

Hayley almost chokes on her tea; she puts the cup down. "What? No! I mean, no, Your Highness. That's not something I set out to be. It's very flattering of course but I never wanted to be a mother. My ambition has always been in politics, and I have so much work I want to do, so much to accomplish in government. Motherhood is not for me."

The duke is taken aback, not expecting such a vehement negative. "I see. Hayley, please don't make a hasty decision. Think about what it would mean. Bearing the duke's child gives you a lot of privileges — you'd be part of my household, so you and the child would be guaranteed quarters and mess privileges here in the palace for life, even after there is a new duke. Until the child is grown, the household staff would handle all household and childcare responsibilities, so you could choose to work, or travel, and know that the child is receiving the best of care."

"Your Highness, I'm sorry, that's not something I want to do."

The duke is visibly disappointed. "Well, Hayley, of course, that's your decision. Perhaps you'll change your mind; please let me know if you do."

Hayley shrugs. "Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, do you still wish me to provide service today?"

The duke thinks a moment. "Yes, Hayley. Please serve me with your mouth today." The Duke removes his wrap and lies back on the bed.

Hayley rises, crawls onto the foot of the bed and up to the duke's crotch. After stroking his penis with her hand, she lowers her mouth on it, first kissing it, then taking first the glans and then the whole penis into her mouth. As he becomes erect she moves her lips up and down, squeezing and releasing slightly. She begins to use her hands to stroke his scrotum, his pubic mound, his chest, and back to his scrotum. Using her tongue as he is inside her mouth pushes him over the edge and he ejaculates. Hayley proficiently swallows, then removes her mouth from him.

She gets off the bed and goes to the coffee table and takes a sip of tea and a bite of muffin. Then, she kneels again on the stool. She waits a moment until he seems recovered, and then says, "By your leave, Your Highness?"

The duke says, distractedly, "Yes, you have my leave."

Hayley says "Thank you, Your Highness, for this opportunity to serve your person as I do your dominion. Farewell," rises, and exits.

That afternoon, she receives another silver envelope, this time a summons for seven-thirty the following morning. So again on Wednesday she finds herself kneeling on the stool in the audience room. Today she returns to the greeting specified by protocol. "Greetings, Your Highness. I am Hayley Swarbrick, member of the Legislative Assembly for Portsmouth-Harborside, here at your summons. How may I serve you?"

"Hello, Hayley. I don't know if you have had any time to think more about my notion of yesterday."

"Your Highness, I am very flattered by your belief that I would make a good mother. But that is not part of my plan for my life. I must decline."

The duke looks at her for a few seconds. "Very well. You may serve me today by getting on top and riding me." He hangs up his robe and lies back on the bed. Hayley rises, gets some lubricant from the drawer, and sits next to him on the bed, stroking his penis and testicles. After he becomes erect, she applies lubricant to his penis, climbs above him, raises her robe slightly, holds his penis to her cleft, and lowers herself down. She rides him up and down, up and down, and sees that the duke is staring at her breasts bouncing under the robe. She begins to squeeze her pelvic muscles as she rides him, and he climaxes shortly afterwards.