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Chapter 2

Lady Blanche had been in love with Sir Louis after he arrived in her father's court shortly after her eighteenth birthday. He was a dashing Chevalier and something about him made her swoon when she saw him. She had never known love, but the minute she saw Sir Louis she knew what love felt like and in the passing months her love had only grown stronger. Neither of them had actually acted on their love and neither ever would, but that didn't stop their feelings for each other.

At eighteen, she was considered past her marrying age. Still she would be marriageable now, because she continued to be the only daughter of the king. She knew after this mission her father/her king had plans to marry her and secure some border to keep the country out of a war. There were several options, but none she actually wanted. No one married for love despite the songs and stories of those that would do anything for love. Marriage existed for alliances, security, power or riches and not for something as trivial as love. Besides, all her suitors were all old men, and she loved Sir Louis.

As she rode away from the stables, she felt her heart breaking. Because she loved Louis, she rode through the woods never waiting for him. If he followed her then he would be in as much danger as her and you protect those you love. She knew he was right in sending her away and even though the killing had been sanctioned by the king of England, she would still be labelled an assassin until she reached her homeland.

Her father and the king of England had explained to her that the Hermitage Castle was strategically important between Scotland and England. England needed to control that castle and therefore Sir William Douglas must die so that the king of England can obtain the castle. She had been chosen because she was after all a Chevalière. Yet as a woman, she could easily get to her prey and he would not realize her real motives until it was too late.

She was not the stylish body type that was in vogue. If you were beautiful in the king's court, you needed to be rounded, large bodied, large breasts that could be shown easily and stylishly dressed. Breasts were either overflowing in the opulent dresses or it wasn't out of line to have your breasts fully exposed. Lady Blanche loved her body, but she was slender, energetic, athletic but even so, she had beautiful breasts that she loved to show off and everyone loved her sense of style. Still, her taut figure was not what the king's court thought of as beautiful.

As she rode silently and carefully through the dark woods, her mind kept drifting towards her kisses with Sir Louis. Having her lips on his, with his hand fondling her pliant breast and eager nipple, left her heart hammering in her chest. This was the first time they had kissed passionately, the first time he had seen her naked and the first time he had held her like a lover. She wanted nothing more than to give herself to him and let him take her as his lover.

Anyone that saw her look at Sir Louis knew that she was in love with him and that included her father, the king. Likewise, Sir Louis looked at her with longing or lust and since she was not beautiful, she was not used to men looking at her like that. The way he looked at her sent shivers down her spine and only made her love him even more. However, Sir Louis was a man with a strong sense of right and wrong and King Philip IV trusted him implicitly, even with his daughter.

Lady Blanche knew her destiny included doing whatever her father wanted her to do and marrying for love was not in the cards. She loved listening to the troubadours from Italy sing of love and desire and it fired her imagination of someone being with her because they wanted to and not for power or fortune. Storytellers in court created visions of people that would do anything for love, and she dreamed that someday that could happen to her. Alas, she knew that would never happen.

Lady Blanche rode south towards Liverpool, knowing that it would be five or six days of hard riding before she reached there. As she rode her lips burned from Sir Louis's kisses and her breast ached from his caresses. She knew this was a dangerous ride and she had to keep her mind and wits about her, but Louis kept intruding in her thoughts.

As the sky began to lighten Lady Blanche stopped, stripped off her dance costume and dressed as a lady of royalty. She had attached two bags to her saddle, and they contained her royal clothing. She dressed like Italian women in silk breeches to make it easier to ride and added a modified leather band to contain her breasts. She had modified the band around her breasts with cups to hold and caress her breasts, much like the Italians did, rather than squash them to her chest.

Next came her corset and finally her riding dress. The riding dress had small weights sewed in the bottom to prevent the dress from flying up when she was riding. Since she was in enemy territory, she also added a mail shirt underneath her dress to protect her from attacks. Like her dancing mail the mail shirt was made of tiny steel rings and would add protection from arrows, spears or swords.

When she had changed her clothes, she ate some bread she had packed in her bags and once again Louis entered her thoughts. Her stomach flipped and her torso quivered as she felt his hand cupping her breast and rolling her nipple. No one had ever touched her like that, and she knew she desperately wanted him to touch her like that again. Next time she wouldn't let him get away.

She loved training with all the Chevaliers and the physical activity helped quell her rampant sex drive, but all her lustful thoughts came back whenever she saw Louis. She knew on her current ride, she needed to keep her wits about her and used her fingers to rid her body of the lustful thoughts Louis generated in her body.

After a satisfying dream, she mounted her horse and with the morning in its full glory she rode on, but faster now. Twice she ran into mounted teams of knights that were looking for a female assassin. They had described her as a saucy wench, but deadly with knives. Her royal clothes seemed to fool almost everyone because no one suspected that she was the assassin they were looking for.

In the first group of knights, one of the knights was not fooled by her royal clothing and asked, "Where are your escorts?"

She blithely answered, "They are about an hour behind. I promised them I would not get more than an hour ahead of them. I am a much better horseman than they are."

They seemed to buy that. She guessed that they have some wilful royal women that they must deal with. After they left, she took off at a full run to put as much distance between them as possible.

Lady Blanche would travel most of the day with only occasional stops to let her horse feed, water, and rest, at which time she did the same. She rode until it was pitch black and only then stopped for the night. The second day was the same as the first, except she didn't run into anymore knights and she bedded down long after dark.

She woke with a start, naked under her blanket and lay there listening to the night that surrounded her. Then she heard what had awakened her, a rustling behind her, then a twig snapped, and she grabbed her sword. She tried to bring her sword around and wield it towards the attacker, but an iron grip grabbed her wrist. Her heart was pounding in her chest with her hair standing on end.

Adrenalin pounded through her body knowing this was her end. Lady Blanche grabbed the knife from under her blanket with her other hand She was about to strike with the knife when a gruff voice whispered, "It is I princess, please don't make me defend myself."

Lady Blanche froze at the sound of Sir Louis's voice but eased her fighting stance. She settled back to her blanket and turned showing him her nakedness. She looked at the man she loved, and he looked worn out and tired but was looking at her with love and relief. He settled on his haunches and sighed, "Finally I found you! I can't believe how far you have gotten on your own, but from now on we travel together."

Lady Blanche stared into those eyes that somehow seemed to know her most intimate secrets. Those eyes that both made her heart pound in her chest, as well as her nipples harden and thighs steam. Those eyes promised the kind of love she always dreamed about, and those eyes promised to keep her safe.

She nestled into his arms and wrapped her arms around him, relieved that her guardian was now by her side and she wasn't alone. Her arms couldn't wrap around his massive chest and that was actually very comforting. She sighed, "Thank you for coming after me."

Sir Louis automatically wrapped his arms around Blanche as she snuggled into his arms with his hands feeling nothing but soft silky skin. All his angry thoughts about the assassination and putting herself in danger evaporated as he felt her deliciously naked form in his arms. He held her tenderly and when she looked up, he lowered his lips to hers and softly nibbled on her pliant lips.

They seemed to have automatically picked up where they left off at the stables. Blanche cuddled tighter against his massive chest feeling her engorged nipples press erotically against his armour. Louis's long arms wrapped all the way around her back and still managed to caress her breasts tenderly. Louis tried to admonish her, but he knew it came out weak, "Why have you murdered Sir Douglas and then escaped on your own without waiting for me?"

She knew that he was worried about her, but she ignored his question spending the next few minutes nestled in the arms of the man she loved. She always felt so tiny next to him, but with his arms surrounding her, she also sensed that she was loved, safe and secure. She laid her head against his armoured chest and answered his question.

"Over a month ago a courier from Edward I Longshanks arrived with a proposal for my father, Philip IV, requesting help in a delicate matter. He wanted Sir Douglas owner of Hermitage Castle assassinated, so he could grab the castle and have a base inside Scotland. In addition, he did not want the Scots to have a fortress on the border with England. The catch was he could not have any of this associated with England or any English royalty."

"That is why he contacted my father, and he was reluctant at first, but finally thought it could avert a war that he knew was coming. My father did not want to use any of his Chevaliers, and he wanted someone unknown to the knights of England. When I heard of this, I asked that he entrust me with the task because I am after all a Chevalière and unknown to the English. I also mentioned that a woman might have an easier time getting close to Sir Douglas. At first, my father was reluctant to send me, but then I suggested he send you to watch over me and he finally relented."

Louis's hands idly stroked Blanche's delectably soft skin as she talked and when she had finished many things made sense. He had wondered why he had been sent to Hermitage Castle for a celebration of the spring equinox. It had seemed like a terrible waste of resources, but it was his duty to do what the king ordered. Now he knew that his duty was to watch over his princess.

The only thing he didn't understand was why he had put his only daughter in danger like this. Even with him protecting her, there was a possibility that she could be injured or killed. As a matter of fact, it was very likely that this foray into England could end badly for both of them, but especially Lady Blanche. He gazed at the gorgeous creature in his arms and wondered how anyone could ever put her in danger when all he wanted to do was love and protect her.

He looked down into the loving eyes of the stunning woman in his arms and couldn't resist kissing her. But the kiss turned into a heated battle of lovers with their lips and tongues fighting for control of the other. Blanche grabbed his hand and pressed it against her breast with the meaning clear ... take me! Louis's hand automatically closed around her breast, rolling her turgid nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She arched her back, feeding him more of her sensitive breast flesh while moaning passionately into his deepening kiss.

Her moans broke through his lustful trance and he realized what he was doing. As much as he loved her and wanted her, he was her guardian and protector. It was his duty to keep her safe, not take advantage of her. He jerked his hand away from her breast, as if he were scalded and lifted her off his lap, although his whole body ached to make love to her. He gulped in breaths of air and he set her back on her blanket. She immediately bounded back into his arms with her eyes lost, but wild with needful desire.

He forcefully placed her back on the blanket, holding her down as he tried to calm her out-of-control passion. She wrapped her arms around his head, arching her naked form against his chest and started raining kisses all over his face and whispering, "I can't believe how you affect me. I'm at your mercy and I command you to make love to me. If you are truly my knight protecting me from harm, you can't leave me like this. God, how I love you and I crave your passion. I know you love me too, so please don't leave me unfulfilled."

Louis held her tight as she kissed his face all over and he desperately wanted to kiss her back. Hell, he wanted to make love to her, make her his wife and make mad passionate love to her every night. But she was the daughter of his king and he couldn't do any of those things because he was sworn to protect her. Despite his love and desire for her, she was forbidden and moments like this holding her in his arms were banned.

In addition to betraying his king, he would also be forsaking the church. Sex without being married was a sin and according to some priests, sex for pleasure was also a sin. Sex was for procreation with your wife and anything else was a sin. Louis did not believe in the church's hard-core stance on sex and he was a very physical man. He needed and craved sex, bedded many women, but Blanche drove him crazy with her delicious body and loving passion.

Sir Louis idly caressed her still exposed breast with his lips suckling her nipple futilely as he whispered back, "You are very special to me Lady Blanche, and I will cherish you always. I will take care of you, never forget from this moment I am your protector, and I always will be yours to command. However, I cannot follow your commands to make love to you."

Holding her naked body in his arms was more than he could stand. His hands caressed all of her beautiful hills and valleys, feeling her silky soft skin against his rough callused hands. His mind kept telling him to let go, but his heart never wanted to let her go. As much as his arms ached to hold her, he finally covered her with her blanket and watched her as she eventually fell back asleep.

He set his blanket next to hers and was soon asleep. Knowing she was next to him was so satisfying, because he knew he could protect her and maddening because he wanted her for his own. He did not sleep well, but in the dawn hours he finally went to sleep. He woke as the sun started to rise only to find lady Blanche asleep on his chest. She had made her nest in his chest hair with her nakedness wrapped around his body.

Having the woman, he loved naked in his arms had his cock harder than it had ever been. He was embarrassed that she could feel his iron hard cock pressing against her belly. She only made it worse as she squirmed against his hard, male truncheon. His hands caressed her softly muscled back and buttocks as he fought the urge to take her and fulfil the love that he had for this woman. Finally, he softly disengaged her body from his and sat next to a tree as he watched her sleep.

Lady Blanche woke after having the most lustful erotic dreams of her life. She dreamed that she was sleeping with the man she loved. Sir Louis's hands were constantly caressing her skin, keeping her aroused at the same time desperate for his attention. She dreamt his massive cock was pressed against her belly reaching way past her navel. The thought of his massive cock inside her left her deliriously excited but also scared.

As she woke, her eyes fell on Louis sitting against a tree and she saw him staring at her with longing and a huge lump in his breeches. There was so much love in his eyes as he looked at her, that she knew he loved her as much as she loved him. There was also a passionate hunger in his eyes and a craving that made her nipples ache, her pussy weep, and her stomach flip-flop with needy desire. But his duty and resolve were plainly written in his tense body.

There would come a time when she knew he could not resist her and, on that day, she would make him hers forever. She threw the blanket off her and cat stretched in front of him. She watched his eyes roaming over her tautly stretched form and saw him lick his lips in hunger. Her devious smile split her face and her stretch became even more erotic.

Louis watched her lithe body stretch showing off her tiny waist, succulent breasts, and delectable bottom. She was a delectable little doll with a waist so tiny he could span it with both hands. Her breasts filled his hands perfectly and he still remembered her full passionate nipples scorching his palm. The heavy full-bodied women of the king's court did nothing for him. Lady Blanche was the kind of warrior woman he desired. She was fiery, full of passion and spunk while he imagined she was wild, crazy, ferocious, and untamed in bed.

Her smile told him she knew exactly what she was doing, and the point was to tempt him into doing what he almost did last night. He wanted her so bad it hurt, but his duty came first. In a gruff voice he said, "When you're finished, I have some English bread for breakfast."

She knew her chance was gone and dressed for the day. After a spartan meal of bread they continued, but early in the morning they ran into another roaming group of three knights looking for an assassin. Sir Louis did not recognize any of these knights as ones he met at Hermitage Castle, so he played it straight.

As they approached they pulled their swords and shouted, "Halt and be recognized!"

Lady Blanche and Sir Louis stopped trying to act civil as they continued, "Who are you and what are you doing on the king's land?"

Sir Louis spoke aware that his French accent would give him away, "We are from the court of King Philip IV and have just come from Hermitage Castle. We were representatives of the French court during the recent festival. We assume that you are looking for Sir Douglas's assassin?"