16: Tuesday, July 14, 1145 hours CST: Khushi's Final Insemination

The Mars Colony Mission One crew was due to spend a week in orbit starting the next day. They would stay on what was termed the "dry run vehicle", which was a partially built version of the interplanetary vehicle they would be rendezvousing with and traveling from Earth to Mars in. The dry run vehicle had a functioning living space that was virtually identical to the interplanetary vehicle, but the dry run vehicle had only thrusters to keep it in a good stable orbit. It lacked, among other things, the second fusion bottle and the ion engine the fully functioning vehicle had. The dry run vehicle was a backup vehicle that could be quickly completed and used if something bad happened to the one working interplanetary vehicle, but otherwise it stayed in orbit and was used for training purposes.

Of the women Zach was currently planning on seeing today, Charisse was probably busiest, having many flats of live seedlings to load onboard the excursion vehicle today. Next busiest were the engineers, Berte and Khushi, who were dealing with last minute items that needed to be transported into orbit to the dry run vehicle to keep it in good working order. The scientist, Michaela, and the geologist, Alexis, were as busy as he was today, so not very.

Zach had an easy workday today. Doctors from a nearby hospital had been called in to handle his patients from this morning through the end of the dry run a week from now. His medical supplies for the dry run had been gathered and packaged a couple of weeks ago. They were already stowed onboard the excursion vehicle, which, along with its booster stage, was already on the launch pad. All he had to do between now and launch was report to the astronaut area two hours before launch, which was noon tomorrow. All, that is, unless there was a medical emergency requiring his expertise before noon tomorrow.

As a result, he had been taking a nap since he arrived at his room on base at 9:30 AM. To his credit, he had texted Charisse and asked whether he could help before starting his nap, but she texted no, and furthermore, she would probably not be showing up for their foursome at noon, but would certainly see him that evening. This upset Zach more than it should have considering the agenda of women he was facing. So his alarm woke him at a quarter to noon, and he spent the fifteen minutes tidying the place before the arrival of the Breeding Bitches, or at least two of the three.

Sure enough, only Alexis and Michaela showed up at noon. The three of them had a glorious time as usual. While the two women sucked and licked each other's pussies, Zach first enjoyed and came in Michaela's ass and then enjoyed Alexis in the ass and came again. The whole time, Alexis was trying to pry out of him who he had slept with last night, but he would not spill the beans, saying that she should be patient, and that she would know soon enough. Alexis knew this meant it had to be Colleen, but he would not confirm or deny her suspicion. Michaela complained that Alexis had been using her mouth more to pry information from Zach and less to get her off, so as a punishment, they made Alexis climb underneath them and lick Michaela's clit while Zach screwed her pussy doggy style and came in her. Michaela had several loud, wet orgasms from this activity and was thereby satisfied. Order having been restored to the universe, the three of them showered and dressed, and the two women left. He slept for the remaining 90 minutes before Khushi was to arrive.

Khushi arrived right on time at 3 PM. As soon as he opened the door, she kissed him passionately and felt his crotch, tupperware container still grasped in her other hand. Zach fumbled to close the door while holding her and kissing her. She looked horny, and had obviously missed him, even though they'd met for sex only two days ago. She gave him her mom's special pastry intended to boost his virility, and while he was eating that, she unbuttoned his shirt and then rubbed his chest hungrily and sucked his pink nipples a bit. After finishing the pastry, he asked her, "Why have you been so hard to reach? I was barely able to arrange this time with you, and you didn't return any of my calls."

"I've wanted to stay in touch, Zachary," Khushi said with emotion. "Let's talk about it later." Then she fairly ripped open her blouse, popped her bra straps off her shoulders, and wrestled her big, beautiful bronze knockers out for him to contemplate. He knew she was trying to deflect and end the conversation. He was past caring, as he helplessly leaned in and gorged himself on her bountiful titties and especially their dark brown nipples. They ended up on the bed laying side by side, with him suckling her breasts, switching back and forth from time to time. She said, "Zachary, my breasts feel very sensitive right now. Maybe I'm pregnant."

"Khushi my darling, mmm... that would be so great!" managed Zach between urgent mouthfuls.

"But then you'd stop trying to get me pregnant."

"It doesn't mean I'd to stop making love to you. I'll never stop making love to you unless you want me to stop. I'm available as often as you want."

Khushi didn't respond to this, and instead, kissed Zach fiercely. She unzipped his pants and reached into his boxer briefs to lovingly stroke his awakening penis. Slowly, though it had already seen much work that day, it uncoiled and sprung to life. He reached up her skirt and into her panties to find her slick with wet, not surprisingly. He made a move to slide down the bed so he could smell her and eat her out, but she stopped him, saying, "I want you close. I want to see your handsome face while you make love to me, my Zachary, my darling."

Zach tongue wrestled with Khushi and reached into her panties. When he felt his fingers were slick enough, he finger banged her with two fingers, making a come hither motion with the pads of his fingers on the roof of her vagina near the front, as he was inclined to do. She rolled over onto her back and spread and raised her knees slightly in response to this stimulation. He paused kissing her to kiss her neck gently and romantically and kiss and give a suckle to each of her yummy breasts, and he could feel her hips buck when she did this. Her nipples were sensitive.

Khushi gave off kissing Zach and panted and swore in Hindi as she neared orgasm from his coaxing fingers. He switched to suckling her right breast, opening his mouth wide as possible and almost inhaling it, as people have the primal instinct to do. Immediately, she stopped swearing in Hindi and huffed out in English, "Suck my milk!" and her hips and whimpers became especially urgent. And then a moment later, she emitted a high pitched squeal of orgasm. He could feel her slick vagina clip his fingers hard: pulse, pulse, pulse. They kissed passionately as she relaxed into her afterglow.

Khushi rolled Zach onto his back, pulled down his pants, and lustily and deliciously squished her knockers around his penis. "Do you want my specialty?" she teased.

"It's not a question of 'want'. I want all of you every time I see you. I want to give you the baby we want to raise together. After that, I want to spray your tits and face with my semen. I want to have you in the ass. I want to have you standing up with one of your legs on my shoulder. There's so many things I want," Zach enthused.

"You want to have my ass, as in put your cock my hole for shit?" Khushi teased with mock indignation, "This must be why they call you Big Dog; you're dirty like a dog."

"Haven't you ever had anal sex?" asked Zach.

"Men have asked me. I've always refused. Wouldn't you get a disease? Have you done this to women?" Khushi was full of questions.

"Disease, no. Unlikely. And yes, I have done it with several women, having generally positive results," admitted Zach. "I follow the rules of the anal snails: go slow and use lots of lube. Some women don't care for it. Others are neutral. Some women have orgasms from anal intercourse. Some women even prefer anal sex."

"You're a dirty dog," Khushi scolded him mildly. She stood up and pulled off her panties while Zach watched with interest. Then she walked over to Zach's bedside table, got the mineral lube, and stood over his face while she oiled up her bottom for him and especially between her cheeks. In the semidarkness, he could see her vulva open and wet as she spread the oil on her increasingly shiny backside. She certainly enjoyed teasing the hell out of her lovers. Then she stepped back and sat her butt down on his stiff penis, pinning it to his tummy, and slid her pucker up and down it, her ass cheeks pleasuring him slickly. "Does it excite you to rub against my virgin shit hole Zachary?"

"Yessss..." Zach whimpered, "You're going to make me cum soon." Khushi stood up. Popping unexpectedly out of his near orgasmic haze, he blurted helplessly, "Oh, you stopped!"

"First you need to inseminate me, then we'll play," insisted Khushi. Zach stripped the rest of the way and went and washed off his cock as a precaution. When he turned around, she was also fully nude. She was a siren of curvy bronze delight, laying on her side on the bed looking towards him, a Gauguin painting, colorful and exotic.

He joined Khushi on the bed. She rubbed lube on his penis and then mounted him cowgirl, as she liked best. She sighed with pleasure as she slid down onto his cock, and at the bottom, she muttered something to herself in Hindi. Then she rode him tantalizingly, mindful that he was already close. Zach made up his mind to flip her and finish as soon as she was close. Until then, he had to hold on while this magnificent beauty tortured him with pleasure while exciting herself. She didn't slide up and down, just rocked her hips slightly with him balls deep in her, stretching and rubbing her favorite places while denying him the terrible pleasure of pushing into her. "Say when you can cum," he whimpered.

"You like the woman's pleasure, don't you Zach? You like it very much. You're so sweet that way."

"Also... hrrrrr... yes! But also good for getting pregnant."

"I'm getting closer, Zachary... a little more... a little more... I think... I think I'm almost..."

Zach flipped Khushi over desperately and pounded her. Eight strokes in, she came with a deafening scream. Two strokes later, he followed her with a tiger's roar. They cuddled close in the following silence, panting. "That was intense," he wheezed. She made to pull off of him, but he pinned her and pounded her, at first slowly, churning and slopping his semen in her.

Zach grabbed Khushi by the rump with both hands, both legs already pinned up above her head. As he moved in her now with a clearer mind, he played with her oily anus, and then inserted a finger in it. This finger hold allowed him the grip to fuck her harder, which felt good. His finger could feel his penis sliding in and out of her vagina. She wanted to ride, so they flipped over so that she was on top. This time, she got a good long ride on him. The better part of an hour later, glowing, having had countless deep orgasms from surrendering to the pressure, stretching, and slick stimulation of his cock as she rode him, she was glowing. She welcomed him rolling her over to sprint to his finish and inject another dollop of semen deep into her pulsing insides.

Zach rolled himself and Khushi onto their sides and asked her, "Did you like it when I touched your other hole?"

"It was interesting. It wasn't bad. I felt like I was going to release something into the bed from there, which was an embarrassing feeling, but then I thought, wait, your finger is blocking it."

"That's how it feels, because you only associate your anus opening with having a BM," explained Zach, "As you get used to using it for other purposes, you'll get used to that feeling and you'll know you aren't going to leak."

"I've had men finish in my bottom crack before. This when I was on my period or some other reason why I didn't want to lay with them in the normal way, and they wanted to lay me down and push somewhere and feel like they were really having me in some way, I suppose. Sometimes you men can't be satisfied without laying down and pushing somewhere."

"True that," concurred Zach. "So, when will I see you again? You'll be on the night shift on the dry run, correct? I'm awake and can meet with you during your 2 PM to 6 PM recreation period, or you can come and wake me up at the end of your day between 2 AM and 6 AM."

Khushi pulled off Zach's softening dick, caught the overflow of semen with a towel, and sat apart from him on the bed. "I have some things to work out with Ayana," she admitted. "She wants us to be exclusive except for the insemination part. No recreational sex with you."

"How do you feel about that?"

"I feel like I want to keep seeing you, but she believes that I only go with men because I was taught that sex with women was wrong and so I sort of settled into my societal role without knowing my true self. She doesn't want me to associate with you because she says I need to stop entirely with men for a while to be clear-headed and see the truth for myself."

"What do you think?"

"I don't know what to think. I love her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, raise children with her. She knows more about being a lesbian than I do. I figure I should probably at least try out what she says, give it a chance. This is why I didn't call you back. I'm so sorry I snubbed you, Zachary. You see my predicament."

"Isn't it a little bit early in your relationship to be laying down such consequential rules? You've only known each other a few days, less than a week."

"I know that I love her with all my heart, Zach. We're serious about each other, and Ayana makes the point that this is what serious couples do. We'll still be friends," Khushi assured him, "If I'm not pregnant yet, we'll be together anyway in four weeks, three weeks now. I'll also be there when you impregnate Ayana, to help her. After only a few months, the experiment will be over. Either I'll still definitely want men or I won't. At this point, I feel certain it's the former, but Ayana assures me that she has seen plenty of women like me who spend years of suffering going between men and women before they realize the truth about themselves. I believe her. She gave me a book by one of them. Either way, I'll know more about myself, and we can renew our close friendship either as platonic friends or romantic ones. So you see Zachary, this isn't about excluding you. It's about finding my place in the world so that I don't ever have to suffer from that ignorance."

"I understand now, and the last thing I want is for you to suffer," said Zach. "I'll support you for as long as you need. If you want to get romantic again or just stay friends after that, I want what's best for you because you're living your best life." He would not mention that he was falling in love with her. He wasn't a baby. He didn't need to put his stuff over on this precious, struggling woman.

"You have all these other women to woo in the meantime anyway, eh? If I do decide to come back, I just hope there's anything left of you by then to come back to."

"True, but they're not you," said Zach. "I want you to know you're special to me."

"I know you care deeply about all of us Zachary, as you will doubly for all our children. That's one quality that makes you such a wonderful, worthy man." As he was standing there trying to take in this wonderful compliment, Y chromosome thoughts burned unbidden in his brain, I won't have those glorious, bountiful, beautiful titties to suck anymore. Hopefully this would all be resolved in nine months so that he could take her up on her offer to suckle milk out of them. Damn you, Y chromosome.

"Oh, Zachary, you look so unhappy, like someone just stole your favorite toy and you're trying not to cry," said Khushi. "I know what you're going to miss," she teased, hefting one bountiful knocker in each hand and moving them up and down as if she were weighing them. God damn women, he thought. They are mind readers. It simply wasn't fair.

"Well, they're not quite out of your grasp yet, are they?" Khushi taunted with a naughty smile. "I'm feeling plenty warm with your semen down below. Would you like to feel bliss between my breasts and ejaculate on them as well?"

Moments later, Khushi sat on the edge of the bed holding her slick, oiled up titties together firmly as Zach stood between her legs and plowed his penis blissfully in long strokes between them. It felt so wonderful. So wonderful. Tears sprung up in his eyes and rolled out, and immediately She cooed and hugged him to her by his ass, and he stopped pumping, let go of her hair, and cuddled her head to him instead. And he just cried there for a while. He wasn't sure if he was crying because she would be out of his life for the time being or because the prospect of never again having these gorgeous firm bronze gazongas around his dick was unbearable. It was probably a good amount of both. "Oh Zachary, I hate to see you in such pain. Surely it couldn't hurt for me to let you satisfy your cock in my bosom any time you need. It's pure giving."

Zach groaned internally that to retain his self-respect, he just had to be decent. "You can't do that, Khushi. You can't keep a toe in the water if you want to really find out. Otherwise, you'll always wonder, which would be worse than never having done the experiment."

"Zach, you're so noble," said Khushi, and squished her breasts together and rubbed his penis slickly between them. He was immediately compelled to grab her hair and start pumping like crazy between her salacious knockers. He mused that she truly believed her compliment, and the truth of it gave her a bigger thrill from her ability to seduce him anyway. That was the last coherent thought he had before bursting into tears and being overcome by the pleasure of thrusting his cock between her tits, right towards her goddess face.

He was helplessly raging towards orgasm, his strokes quickening and shortening, and then, "AAAHUGH!" His first strand laid almost straight up her face. It started at her chin, crossed her succulent mouth, went partly into and up the left side of her nose, right between her eyes, with the remainder splashed into her hair and beyond. The other strand hit and coated the bottom of her chin and was dribbling in streaks down onto her breasts.

"Let me get that," Zach offered, grabbing a towel.

"You were wonderful!" Khushi enthused. "You covered me in semen! And after so many times! You're such a powerful stallion," she groaned longingly. She was starting to tear up.

"Don't you start crying too," said a teary Zach, trying to pick the sticky cum out of her hair with the towel. She would have to shower here before going home to Ayana. But she would have had to shower the stink of him off herself anyway before going home to Ayana.

"I know what we should do," said Khushi mischievously, "This is my last chance to lose my anal virginity. I want to feel how it feels, Zach. I want you to take my bottom for your pleasure."

Again, Zach felt the shitty weight of being a good guy. "Your first anal intercourse shouldn't be a quick thing, Khushi. Ideally, it's a slow progression. For example, I've already moved you along today by putting my finger into your anus while having you, and you were intrigued by that, which is a great result, and plenty for today. Even if it's done very carefully, attempting the whole thing hastily is a recipe for a painful experience that leaves you never wanting to try anal sex again. I would never do that to you."

"The way you talk about it, I'm glad I never tried it before now. Those other men were ready to just spit on it and forge ahead. I'm so glad I didn't let them."