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Sydney closed her laptop as if in a daze and for the next hour she sat staring at the wall, her brain trying to make sense of everything. 'How could this happen?' she thought. 'Who does he think he is?' and 'Why the hell is my pussy so wet?'

She couldn't go through with what he wanted, there was no way, but what else could she do. She couldn't risk letting this information get out, her reputation would never recover. And her parents, oh God what would they think if they saw those pictures.

After a while she just couldn't sit any longer. Her roommate Kira would be home soon and she didn't want her to know that something was wrong. She quickly put her laptop in its protective case. She wanted nothing to do with it anymore, realizing it could be the complete downfall of her.

She made herself busy, wanting to put the shock of it out of her mind in any way she could. Sweeping, dusting, cleaning, she finally made her way to her closet and that was when she remembered the outfit that she had worn on Halloween 2019. The thigh high shiny black boots were hiding in the far corner and she knew that the rest of the outfit had been tucked away in a plastic tote on the overhead shelf.

Sighing loudly she reached up and grabbed the tote and pulled it down. Then she made her way to the back of the closet and grabbed the top of the boots. She tossed everything on her bed and opened the tote. Soon she had everything laid out on her bed. A shiny vinyl black corset with matching vinyl mini skirt, tall fishnet stockings, black thong, and her favorite piece, a collar. Add the boots with five inch spike heels and she had the ultimate slave outfit.

The outfit had been an impulse buy when she and some friends were shopping for sexy Halloween costumes for a party they were all attending. When she saw the outfit she just knew that she had to buy it and her friends giggled and just figured it was just quirky Sydney being Sydney. But for her it was more than a Halloween costume. She was so wet just thinking about putting it on that she worried her friends would smell her desire right in the store.

She glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost six thirty already. The message on her laptop had said to be there at ten o-clock. If she was going to go through with this, she needed to be getting ready. In the hours that she had spent after finding the demands on her laptop, she had come to terms with what was inevitable; she was going to have to do what he ordered. The risk of not going there was just too great.

She needed to shower, do her hair in a ponytail, get dressed in the outfit and call him to pick her up. She had also thought about where she wanted to be picked up. He didn't know where she lived yet and she wanted to keep that information from him. She had decided that she would walk from her place on West 37th street to South Vermont Ave. The public library was right there and she could wait for him in front of the sign. It was only a five minute walk.

Her problem was that she didn't have a long coat to cover up her outfit. Walking around outside in her costume may have been okay on Halloween, but she couldn't go out wearing it tonight. Even walking out the front door to a car in the driveway was too risky, so she would have to borrow Kira's long coat. Asking her roommate to borrow her long coat though would require answering questions that she couldn't answer, so she decided that she would borrow it without telling her. It wasn't like Kira would be wearing it any time soon.

Just then there was a knock at her door and the doorknob started to turn. Sydney raced to the door, catching it just as it opened a crack and blocking the view of the bed. It was Kira her roommate, and she looked startled.

"Geez girl you scared me. Is everything alright?" she asked with a concerned look.

Syd knew that she must look a sight, after all she had been stressing all day. "Oh I'm fine, what's up?"

Kira looked like she wanted to ask more questions but instead she nodded and said "I'm going to hang out with Sam, you want to come?"

Sydney wished she could, but she had to face her problems head on. "No, I've got to study, but I wish I could. Have fun." She closed the door and let out her breath. Now she would be able to get Kira's long coat.

For the next three hours she did everything that she needed to do to get ready. The closer it came to ten o-clock the more she tensed up. Her stomach was full of butterflies and her hands were shaking like a leaf by the time she finished getting ready. She had to admit though, she looked damn good in her outfit. Now she needed to turn on her laptop again because she needed his phone number.

Just turning on her laptop got her anger boiling back up inside her. Anger at the computer guy for blackmailing her, anger at her friend for recommending the computer guy, and anger at herself for being so careless with her fantasies. She read down through his demands again to make sure that she hadn't forgotten anything, then wrote down his number and closed her laptop, sliding it into its case.

She dialed his number and waited through three rings before he answered. "Hello?"

She didn't want to make small talk with him so she said, "I'll need you to pick me up at the public library. You know where the big cement sign is. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

There was silence on the other end. Was he writing it down she wondered. Was he even there?

"Hello... are you there?" She asked wondering if she dialed the right number.

"You need to remember who it is you are speaking to, slave."

Sydney's blood turned ice cold in her veins and her mind went blank. "Ahhh um..."

"You will call me Master or Sir, and you will ask for your Master's permission to speak. Anything less will earn you punishment. Am I making myself perfectly clear slave?"

"Y-yessir." It was very meek and scared, almost too low to hear.

"Have you dressed the way I instructed, slave?"

"Yes," again very quiet.

"Yes?" his voice sounded displeased.

"Yes, Sir," she responded, gritting her teeth.

"Be there in ten minutes, not a second later," and he hung up.

Quickly she grabbed the laptop, jumped up and rushed to the front door. Ten minutes was possible...if she was wearing sneakers and regular clothes. But would she be able to make it in these five-inch spiked boots and the corset. That was doubtful if not impossible.

She rushed out the front door, slamming it shut and realizing as she started down the front steps that she didn't lock the door. "Shit!!" she exclaimed as she spun around and went back to lock it. This was taking time that she didn't have. Soon she was running down the street as fast as she could. She was glad that she had some experience walking around in high heels, even though these were the highest she had ever worn.

She was glad that there were no neighbors outside and her street being a dead end meant there was never much traffic. At the end of the street there was a short walking path that led out to South Vermont Avenue which was much busier with traffic, both vehicle and foot. She couldn't think about that though, she just needed to get there.

As she came to the end of her street she wondered how much time was left, if any. She could see cars going by on the street up ahead and as she made her way along the short walking path, she could see a vehicle sitting in front of the library sign, its lights and right blinker on. She tried to move quicker but was afraid that she would break a heel if she went faster.

Finally she reached the sidewalk and walked toward the parked car, looking through the window to see if it was him. It was him and she reached for the door handle and tried to open the door. It was locked.

She bent down and looked through the window, knocking lightly and waving. As much as she wanted to not get in the car, she was more afraid of being seen out here by someone she knew, even though she was covered by the long coat, she knew that the bottoms of her boots, which laced up on the back, were visible to anyone behind her.

The window slid down a couple inches and the man behind the wheel said, "You're late, I said ten minutes and it took you twelve minutes thirty five seconds."

"I'm sorry but it's hard to walk in these high heels."

"Where are the hoops?"

Hoops? What hoops? She had no idea what...'Oh my God' she realized 'the earrings, I forgot the earrings.'

"I was specific about what I wanted you to wear tonight. I told you to wear the biggest fuck-me hoops you could find. What else did you miss?"

Sydney couldn't believe that she forgot the earrings "I, uh, I don't have any hoops," she lied.

He nodded and turned his head to look out the windshield. "Show me," he said and turned back toward her.

"What?" He wasn't serious was he?

"You have ten seconds before I leave and you become the next internet sensation. I'm losing my patience."

Sydney looked around, her heart beating like a jackhammer. Cars were going by on both sides of the street which was separated by a four foot strip of grass. A group of four people was walking toward them on the sidewalk, too far away to see their faces yet, but gaining quickly. She had little time to think about it and that probably helped. The threat of being discovered was great, but she stepped back a half step, set her laptop on the sidewalk, fumbled with the buttons on the coat longer than was comfortable, and finally opened it fully.

She glanced back toward the group of people and was shocked to see that they were moving faster than she had originally thought. She could clearly make out their faces now and they would be walking past her in the next twenty seconds or so. What was worse was she recognized one of them, and he was her Sociology professor. He was walking with a woman who must be his wife, and another couple. They were talking so, for the moment Syd didn't think he had recognized her, but he would soon enough.

She looked back to the man in the car who was just leering at her and said "Please, let me in."


"Please, Sir, let me in," she begged.

He glanced down the street at the group of people approaching and nodded, then reached down and hit the button to unlock all doors. "Get in," he said and Sydney didn't hesitate. She quickly hid her face as the group of people walked by.

"You know those people?" the man asked as he shifted into drive and pulled out into traffic.

"Yes, one of them," Sydney answered. She was just starting to get herself calmed down.

They drove about a quarter mile before turning right on West 37th Place, then another right onto Halldale Ave before pulling into the driveway at the house. They were both quiet the whole way, although Sydney had many questions to ask the man.

She knew that her friend had told her the man's name, but she couldn't remember it. "Let's go," he said, getting out of the car and heading inside.

Sydney grabbed her laptop and followed the man on shaky legs. She couldn't believe that she was here, that she was going to go through with this. As she reached the threshold of the home she felt her eyes filling up with tears. Her stomach was in knots and she was as tense as she had ever been in her life. She paused in the doorway, her legs wouldn't move forward.

He stood just inside the house waiting for her, giving her one last chance to bail out and head for home. He waited patiently for nearly one minute before speaking, his calm words startling her from her trance. "I won't stop you if you want to leave, but this is what your fantasy is. This is what you have been waiting for and dreaming about for years. In fact, I'll be willing to bet that right at this moment, your pussy is soaking wet."

Syd flinched as she became aware of the fact that he was right, she was wet down there. But it couldn't be for the reason he said...could it? She didn't really want this. She was still a virgin after all, she was saving her virginity for the right one, and this man was not the right one.

"Ten seconds and I close the door for good," he said, looking down at his watch.

Sydney took a deep breath, let it out and swallowed hard before stepping forward into the house.