Ethan woke to the buzzing of his alarm clock, followed instantly by the excruciating, but inevitable headache that follows a night of 18th birthday binge drinking. He slammed his hand down on the loathsome device, ceasing the shrieking, but doing nothing for his headache. The morning sun streaming in through the windows, he managed to turn himself to the right and set his feet on the floor, before cursing himself for not drinking enough water. He quickly downed a couple of aspirin, and wandered into the bathroom.

Stopping for a moment to look at himself in the mirror, he smiled as his eyes ran down his body. The grin disappeared when his eyes dropped below his waistline. See, Ethan had always been a fairly good looking young man, average height, decent build, but he had one thing that had bothered him for a long time. His penis had not grown very much through middle and high school, measuring at roughly an inch soft, and not much more than four when hard. In the mirror, he tried for the thousandth time to thrust his hips out and make it seem bigger, but it never seemed to do much.

After a few moments, his phone let out a quiet jingle from its spot on the dresser. He rolled his eyes when he saw that it was Amber texting him. While Amber was a member of his group of friends, they had never gotten along. The short, curvy red head rubbed Ethan the wrong way from day one, and it hadn't gotten any better. She never hesitated to pick on him, and it always annoyed Ethan. He opened the text message and rolled his eyes even harder.

"Hey! You got any pictures of me from the party last night? I was looking hot AF and I need some new stuff for my insta."

Begrudgingly, Ethan quickly sent her a few pictures, and tossed his phone on the bed. He quickly stepped into the bathroom, and turned the water on. The shower wasn't long, but it was enough to wake him up, and chase away most of the hangover. He dried off quickly, and stepped back out into his room with a towel around his waist, to see that he had received another text message from Amber.

"OMG WTF Ethan?!?! Lmao! Think you're slick sending that last one, huh little guy?"

He stared at his phone in confusion for a moment, before seeing the pictures he had sent, and realizing what he had done. He had sent a number of pictures from the party, and one he had never meant to send anyone. It was a picture he had taken the night before in a drunken haze. A full body picture of him standing in his room with a shirt and no bottoms, his tiny dick even more shrunken than usual due to the alcohol. Ethan's heart dropped into his chest, as he frantically typed out a reply.

"OMG no! I didn't mean to send that! Seriously, please delete it!"

It wasn't long before he received a reply that only made things worse.

"LMAO! Nope! Too late, baby dick. This picture is mine, and so are you. See you at lunch. ;)"

Ethan took a deep breath, and tried to calm himself, but to no avail. He quickly texted her back, his blood pumping hard in his ears.

"Please Amber, I'm begging you! Just delete that picture, and we can pretend it never happened."

This time, there was no reply. Ethan's heart continued to race, as he slowly forced himself to get dressed. He trudged along on his walk to school, taking so much extra time that he was fifteen minutes late for his first class. As he walked into the class, he swore he could hear a number of girls begin whispering to each other, but he convinced himself it was only his imagination.

The day crept by, but not slow enough. Eventually, to Ethan's horror, he found himself walking mechanically toward the lunch room. He didn't see Amber right away, as he entered the large room full of high schoolers and their chatter. As he made his way through the lunch line, he heard her voice behind him. "Hey there, little guy." she said with an evil grin. Ethan spun around instantly to shush her.

"Alright, look." he said, "I'm sorry I sent you that picture. It was a total accident. Can you please just delete it?" His eyes were pleading, but she looked back at him with no mercy in hers.

"No... no I don't think I'm gonna do that. Instead what's going to happen is you're going to do everything I say for the rest of the year, or I'm gonna send this picture to every girl in school... including Jenny."

Ethan's heart stopped for half a moment. " did you..."

"Oh please." she spat back. "It's been obvious you've had a crush on her for years. I don't know why she hasn't caught on, but I'm curious what she'll think of you after seeing the picture you sent me..."

"Alright!" hissed Ethan from between clenched teeth. "Fine! What do you want?"

"First of all," she said with a smile, "you're going to start being nicer to me. Second...I think you're gonna buy me lunch today."

Ethan begrudgingly did as he was told, and followed Amber to the table where the rest of their group already sat. Taylor, a tall, thin brunette that Ethan had known since elementary school. Tom, a shorter, bearded man with auburn hair who recently moved to town from some southern state, Ethan could never remember. And then there was Jenny. Tall, blonde, busty. The cliche dream girl in every high school movie, except she existed! Ethan gave her a nervous smile, as the two late comers took their seats.

Lunch went by relatively smoothly. Occasionally Amber flashed her pinky at him, or put a subtle emphasis on words like "small" or "tiny". Just enough so he noticed, but nobody else did. Then, as he stepped out of the lunchroom, thinking he got off light, he heard her voice once more.

"Meet me at my place after school. We're gonna have some fun."

Before he could protest, she skipped off into the crowded hallway, leaving him to make his way to chemistry. The rest of the day was slow, but eventually Ethan found himself standing in front of a tall, red brick house. It took great strength, but he lifted his hand, and knocked on the pristine, white door. It was mere moments before Amber's mischievous grin greeted him.

"Hey there, baby carrot. I wasn't sure you'd have the balls to show up. I guess you really don't want Jenny seeing your little secret, huh?"

"I don't want anyone seeing it!" Ethan spat back, almost too determined. He instantly regretted it, as Amber's smile disappeared.

"Oh no." she said "You don't get to talk to me like that. Drop your pants." Ethan stared at her in confusion. "You heard me!" she said, almost shouting now. "Drop your pants, or you can turn around and go home and wait to see what happens when you get to school tomorrow, shrinky dink!"

Wanting nothing more than to keep her quiet, Ethan shushed her, and began unbuttoning his pants. He dropped them to the ground, revealing his baby blue boxer briefs, with a particularly unimpressive looking bulge in the front. She let him stand there for a bit, chuckling at his predicament.

"Can I come in now?!" he said, with a tone that stopped her laughter dead.

"No, because apparently you don't learn your lesson very well." she replied with an icy glare. "Drop the underwear."

"Come on!" Ethan begged. "That's way too far."

"Alright... your call I guess." Amber then took out her phone and began pantomiming like she was doing something. This simple gesture was more than enough to break Ethan. Without a word, he slid his thumbs into the sides of his underwear, and lowered them to his ankles. Amber immediately erupted in cruel laughter, bringing a bright blush to Ethan's cheeks.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked "It's not that cold out here, Ethan!"

"Can I come inside now?"

"Uh uh... magic words."

The humiliation of being naked outside caused Ethan to shudder, and hesitate. "May I please come inside now?"

She stalled for another moment or two, before stepping forward and placing her foot on his pants and underwear. "Go ahead. Leave these. They're mine now."

Ethan was just happy enough to get to go in, that he didn't question it. She picked the clothes up off the step, and tossed them inside, as she shut the door. Ethan covered himself, but quickly received a slap on the ass for it. "No covering while you're here. That's rule one. Rule two is that you do everything I say, when I say it, do you understand?" Ethan nodded. She continued. "Good. Now... give me your socks, shoes, and shirt. You won't have any need for clothes while you're here."

Ethan obeyed instantly, relinquishing what was left of his clothing. He stood, naked, hands at his sides, his face burning red, as Amber eyed him up and down, pausing to giggle at his diminutive member one more time.

"Alright little guy." She said, spinning on her heel, and leading Ethan down a long hallway. "Follow me."

They made their way past a few paintings, and several ornate vases, none of which Ethan had any interest in. His eyes stayed on the floor, as he followed obediently. She lead him into the living room, and what he saw when he looked up made his blood run cold. They weren't alone at all. Sitting on a small, black couch on the other side of the room was a tall, leggy redhead, grinning from ear to ear.

"What the hell?!" Ethan cried, instinctually covering himself once more, and once more getting a slap on the ass for it. He quickly lowered his hands, giving the woman a view of his tiny cock. She tried to hide her giggling, but not very hard.

"Ethan..." said Amber, circling around and taking a seat next to the other woman. "I'm sure you remember my sister, Emily."

"Of course I remember." Ethan thought to himself. Emily was a senior last year, and a girl Ethan had developed a bit of a crush on. Now he stood in front of her, his tiny shame on display, unable to even look her in the eye.

"Hi there little Ethan." she said, waving her pinky at him with a grin. He couldn't bring himself to answer.

"So here's the deal," said Amber "You are going to be our little bitch today. You're going to do every last humiliating thing we say, and if you do that... we MIGHT think about deleting the evidence and letting you go on pretending you don't have an extra belly button where you dick should be... sound good?"

Ethan stood in the middle of the room, the cruel women training their eyes on him. What else could he say but... "Alright."

"Alright..." said Amber with an evil grin, her eyes locked on Ethan's tiny penis. "The first thing you're going to do is dance for us."

"WHAT?!" shouted Ethan, his already blushing skin turning a deep crimson. "Please, Amber, no. I'm begging you."

"I said dance, acorn dick!" She shouted, pulling up the camera app on her phone, and hitting the record button. "Shake that tiny thing for us!" Amber and her sister threw back their heads, their laughter ringing in Ethan's ears, as he began awkwardly gyrating his hips back and forth. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel their stares and their cameras locked on his tiny, wiggling member. "Alright!" she said, barely able to contain her laughter. "Now do the windmill!"

Then gave her a pleading look of exasperation. "Please... no." His voice was already that of a broken man.

"What's the matter, baby dick? Can't you do it?"

"No." he whispered.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." she said, clearly mocking him.

"No. I can't." Ethan replied, louder, but no less beaten.

"And why is that?" Emily suddenly piped up from next to Amber on the couch. It caught Ethan off guard, causing him to stare at her, confused and flustered. "I asked you a question... why can't you do the windmill?"

Ethan hung his head and whispered his answer. "I'm...I'm too small."

"What was that?" said Amber with a chuckle in her voice. "I don't think my phone quite picked that up."

"Because my cock is too small." Ethan said, still not looking up.

The two sisters erupted in laughter. "I can't believe you called that little dicklet a cock!" Amber shrieked. Ethan stared at the ground, wishing he could just disappear into dust. To his horror, he suddenly felt a rush of blood, and watched as his tiny dick began to twitch. He tried to think of baseball, his elderly aunt, anything he could, but to no avail. Within seconds, his little guy was standing at full attention, all four inches of him. This only caused the laughter to get louder. Something about this was making him feel something other than horrific embarrassment. That was there too, but it was accompanied by a type of arousal Ethan had never experienced before.

"Oh my god!" laughed Emily. "Are you seriously hard right now? You get off to girls laughing at your little dick, pervert?"

"No... no I just..." Ethan tried to come up with some sort of explanation, but the humiliation of it all was too much for him.

"Oh my god!" shouted Amber. "Go grab that ruler!" Before Ethan could protest, Emily was out of the room, loudly rifling through a drawer in the kitchen. When she came back, there was a wide smile on her face, and a wooden ruler in her hand. Ethan barely tried to stop her, as she placed it on top of his erection, and laughed in his ear.

"Not even four inches! Oh my god, doesn't that make it technically make it a micro-dick?" chuckled Emily, as she sat back down, and continued recording Ethan's predicament.

"Not quite." answered Amber, "but it looks about as useful as one." the comment stung, but did nothing to assuage Ethan's arousal. "Let me ask you a question, little guy. Do you want to play with your tiny cock for us?"

Ethan paused, closing his eyes tight. "N-no..."

"Oh so now you're a lying little pervert, huh?" she replied "Tell me the truth. That pathetic thing is twitching! You want to stroke it right here in front of us... don't you, baby dick?"

Ethan couldn't help himself. "Yes. Oh god, yes."

"Then you better ask nicely." came Emily's reply.

"And it better be from your knees." added Amber.

Ethan couldn't believe himself, but he slowly lowered to his knees, his eyes locked on the ground in front of him. "P-please can I... can I...stroke it?"

"That's not even close to good enough." said Amber. "First of all, I want you to beg. Second of all, I want you to look into the camera while you do it!"

Without thinking, Ethan obeyed, looking up into the lens on her phone. "Please Amber, please let me stroke it. I'm begging you!"

"Stroke what?" chuckled Emily.

"My... my dick." He replied.

"Your what?!"

Ethan knew exactly what they wanted. "My... tiny little baby dick." This brought a wave of renewed laughter from the women. Once they regrouped, Amber gave him a devilish smile.

"Alright little guy." she said, "grab that little nub and stroke it for us."

Ethan immediately obeyed, and grabbed his rock hard erection with his thumb and forefinger. The women break out in another gale of laughter. Ethan couldn't bring himself to look up, but he couldn't block out their words. Part of him didn't want to.

"Oh my god!" Amber shrieked "He only uses two fingers!"

"What do you expect?" said Emily "If he used his whole hand, the little thing would get lost!"

Ethan's cheek burned bright red, and he let out a moan as their mockery brought him close to the edge already. "I'm gonna... oh god, I'm so close."

"Already?!" came Emily's reply "Jesus, tiny and premature. Every girl's fantasy!"

"Don't you dare cum right now!" barked Amber with a grin. "You stop playing with that little thing right now!"

"Oh god, please no! Please let me cum!" begged Ethan, unable to believe the words coming out of his mouth.

"No! If you don't take your hand off it right now, I'll toss you outside, and you can finish out there!"

Not wanting to call her bluff, Ethan summoned all of his willpower, and stopped. He sat there on his knees for a second, breathing heavy, his tiny cock throbbing, begging for release as Amber put away her phone.

"You're really obedient when you're worried people are gonna see your little dicklet." Amber said, standing and walking toward Ethan. His heart pounded in his ears, making it difficult to hear. "I think maybe you'd like it a little more if it had a pretty costume." As she circled him, she drew a long, pink ribbon from her pocket. With a few quick motions, she wrapped it around the base of his twitching penis, the act of which sent shivers through him, almost causing him to go off. "There you go!" She said with a wide smile "That looks much better!"

Emily stood to join her, both of them taking a moment to get a few more pictures, as they admired the humiliating display. "It's perfect!" proclaimed Emily, "It's almost like it was made for his dainty little dicklet." The word rang in Ethan's ears, as Amber grabbed him by the hair, and forced him to stand.

"Alright baby carrot. What should we do with you next?" she asked, circling him, savoring every moment of his embarrassment. "I know! It's such a nice day, we should go for a walk!"

The words caused Ethan's eyes to go wide. "N-no! You can't!"

After a moment of consideration, Amber seemed to relent. "You're right. We don't want you getting arrested... hold on." Amber bounded out of the room, leaving Ethan alone with a smiling Emily, who stepped incredibly close to him, running her finger down the length of his tiny boner.

"You know..." she said "I always thought you were kinda cute. Of course, I didn't know you were packing a little vienna sausage." She laughed, as Ethan's cock twitched, and he struggled to not let it climax. To his relief, she stepped back, but only as Amber re-entered the room. Ethan looked, and to his horror, saw her holding a small pair of pink and white panties with the word "Princess" scrawled across the butt.

"Here we go!" shouted Amber. "I think these will be perfect!"

"No! Come on, Amber. That's too much!" said Ethan, causing Amber's smile to disappear.

"Maybe you're right." she said. "Maybe it is too much. Tell you what, I'll let you choose. You can either put on the panties and go for a walk with us, or we can toss you out the door like you are, and you can run home naked."

It didn't take Ethan long to decide. He grabbed the panties, and slid them over his legs. His erection stretched the fabric in the front, but not by very much. This sight brought more laughter from the women.

"Oh my god!" gasped Emily, "He's rock hard, and it still fits!"

"Almost like he should've been a girl in the first place!" replied Amber, doubled over with laughter, as Ethan's face burned crimson. The women each grabbed one of his arms, and guided him toward the front door. His heart thumped in his chest, almost as if it was trying to escape, and avoid the unbelievable humiliation that was to come.

"Alright baby boner," smiled Emily. "Ready?"

Without waiting for his answer, the two sisters shoved Ethan out in front of them. The cold air hit his skin, causing his erection to shrink immediately. This didn't bring him any relief, as looking down, he suddenly saw almost no bulge whatsoever. This brought another wave of laughter from Emily and Amber. The sisters stepped up next to him, each hooking an elbow so he was unable to cover himself. He felt his legs move, but only as fast as the sisters guided him along. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the usually busy street was empty at the moment.

"Yeah, don't get too excited." chuckled Amber. "We're going for a long walk." Ethan let out a whimper, but did nothing to fight the women as they approached the sidewalk, and turned him to the left. This is when the real nightmare began. Ethan immediately heard a car engine approaching. It started as a small blue dot, but quickly grew closer and larger. Each second that went by brought more of a blush to Ethan's cheeks.

When the car got within a few hundred feet, Ethan heard the honking begin. His heart dropped to his chest when he saw the car full of young women crawl to a stop right next to them. He tried to keep walking, but Amber and Emily grabbed him, stopping him cold. When he managed to lift his gaze to see that he recognized one of the grinning girls in the back seat. A gorgeous brunette who sat next to him in chemistry. Her eyes were locked on the front of his humiliating panties, a permanent grin plastered across her face.