Mrs. A

The coronavirus had closed most of the studios around Tokyo, and Yui's agency was struggling to keep all of the girls occupied enough to make a living. In fact, Yui had only worked once in the last 6 months, and luckily it was a well-paid session that involved still photos and video, and it was just her posing in softcore scenarios.

Just when she was beginning to think about what she should do, Sana messaged with an offer. Yui called her and Sana excitedly told her about her latest project, which was bringing in a lot of money for her. Yui wanted to know more, and Sana explained slowly that she was doing webcam sessions for men, women and couples. What kind of sessions, Yui wondered innocently. Sana said one word, masturbation. Yui's ears flushed as she imagined the scenario.

Sana sent Yui links and instructions on how to set up her room for webcam sessions, as well as how to accept money from clients, and she even sent her one of her regular clients, an older, married woman called Mrs. A.

Half excited and half nervous, Yui set about arranging her bedroom so that she could relax on her bed, propped up by her big pillows, with the computer and webcam positioned at the foot of the bed. She also positioned her large TV, connected to the computer, directly behind the computer, so that she could see exactly what the client could see. And she was very keen to watch herself masturbating on screen.

The following night, Mrs. A messaged to schedule her 45 minute session for 9pm. Yui showered, pulled on her long socks that came to just above her knees, put on her long T-shirt pajama top that came down to the tops pf her thighs, and busied herself with some basic makeup and fluffing the pillows.

Nine o'clock clicked over on the bedside clock, and a ping sound announced that Mrs. A was online. Yui, reclining on the bed, checking herself in the large monitor behind the computer, accepted Mrs. A into the session, and they were soon introducing themselves politely.

Mrs. A was indeed married, to a high level businessman who was rarely home, and naturally she was lonely. Lonely for the company of women, rather than men, as she put it. Her regular online sessions with Sana had only recently become regular, and she was now gaining confidence in her own sexuality, and eager to play with Sana's 'cute friend'.

"Do you mind if I tell you what to do?" Mrs. A asked, her voice clear and intimate in Yui's earpiece.

"Of course not. This is my first time, so I'm really not sure what I should do," whispered Yui into her headset microphone.

"OK. Lay back so I can see all of you. Oh Yui chan, you are so beautiful, just like Sana told me."

Yui had laid back onto her big pillow, stretching her long-socked legs towards the camera, making sure to reveal her lovely thighs. She was beginning to fully understand the advantages of this kind of interaction, and she could see that she was going to enjoy it.

"Oh, it's cute. Pajamas?"

Yui nodded, and lazily ran her hands over her long T-shirt, making sure to fully outline her curvy nakedness underneath.

Mrs. A was clearly getting aroused, as her breathing became heavier in Yui's ears.

"Oh Yui chan. Lift up your top slowly, show me your sexy tummy."

Yui slowly lifted her T-shirt, revealing her pink panties, her hips, her belly button, up to just under her breasts when Mrs. A told her to stop. Knowing that her audience wanted to enjoy her stomach, Yui raised her arms above her head, stretching her tummy, arching her back, showing Mrs. A just how sexy her tummy is. She found herself thinking that this was such a turn on for her (as well as Mrs. A). Mrs. A's breathing was now filling Yui's ears. She opened her eyes to find her married acquaintance sitting on the edge of her chair, her legs spread, one hand down her panties, the other under her blouse.

"So sexy, Yui chan. Please caress your beautiful tummy for me. I want to watch you enjoy your body as much as I do."

Wow, it's like she's reading my mind, thought Yui, as she closed her eyes, lay her head back, and began caressing her warm, soft skin from her hips, all over her lovely stomach.

"My tummy is so soft... so warm... so smooth..." she whispered into the mic. She could hear Mrs. A respond. She continued caressing her tummy, and moving her caresses down to her thighs, she raised her legs slightly, partly to give her access to them and partly to show her audience more of her gorgeous body.

"My thighs feel so smooth, warm... I love the shape of my thighs... I love to touch and caress them when I'm alone...," she whispered, half to Mrs. A and half to herself.

"Mmmm, that's what I like Yui chan, a girl who loves her sexy body. Touch yourself all over darling, love your beautiful body for me".

Yui didn't need to asked twice. She slowly slipped her long socks off, lovingly caressing her perfectly shaped legs as she did. She even kissed her knees as she pulled them off her feet. Then she began to watch herself in the monitor. It was a little different to the mirrors she had previously enjoyed. She again lay back, stretching her beautiful body as she pulled the long T-shirt off over her head. Her long, straight black hair fell over her face and shoulders, and she put her headset back on again. She wanted to talk to this horny married woman about how good she feels.

Now naked except for her pink panties, bathed in the soft light of her bedside lamp, Yui began to thoroughly enjoy herself, caressing her beautiful skin from her neck all the way to her feet. She kissed and licked her sexy shoulders, her arms, occasionally opening her eyes to catch her sexy form in the monitor. All the while, Mrs. A was furiously masturbating, having already brought herself to an orgasm that surprised Yui, now fast approaching her second.

Yui was arching her back, thrusting her nipples high and flicking and pinching them when Mrs. A reached her second orgasm. Quickly after that a little alarm sounded, indicating the end of the session.

"Would you like to schedule another session?" asked a breathless Mrs. A. Yui said that any time was fine with her and that she really enjoyed it.

After signing out, Yui spent the next hour bringing herself to three bed shaking orgasms as the events of the previous hour played in her sexy little mind.

After Mrs. A had left, a satisfied customer, and Yui had now gained all the confidence she needed for her new hobby, she quickly gathered a handful of regular clients. On Mondays and Tuesdays, she would 'perform' for 3 clients each day, the first starting mid morning, and then with an hour between the rest, she would often find herself faking an orgasm on the rare occasion that she could not bring herself to a real one. Of course, touching, caressing, loving herself was real; there was never a moment she didn't feel like admiring her sexy body one way or another.

Mrs. B was also married, but her husband knew that she would occasionally 'meet' women online. Her sessions were often full of watching her fuck herself with a dildo while she inserted a slim vibrator into her anus.

Ms C was a single young woman, possibly around Yui's age, who had a successful business, and very little time to meet other women in person. She had been enjoying the services of online girls, both Japanese and foreign, for a couple of years now, and now with the virus dictating social activities, she had completely embraced her remote relationships. Yui thought that Ms C was very attractive, and would sometimes ask to watch her love her body in the same way Yui loved her own. Ms C was fast becoming a favorite.

Ms D and E were a lesbian couple, who lived together and occasionally played with other girls, reminding Yui of her numerous adventures with the gorgeous Emi. Ms D was the 'masculine' member of this couple, and it fascinated Yui to watch her fucking Ms E with a strap-on dildo like a man. While Yui had no wish to be treated to this kind of love, she thoroughly enjoyed that both these women got very horny knowing that Yui was watching them at their most intimate.

Finally, Mrs F was an older lady, perhaps in her late 50s. Divorced about 20 years ago, with a daughter now in a university in another town, she was exploring a side of herself that she had repressed for many years. Like Yui, she had had a crush on a high school friend that was never fully realised except for one time they kissed. Unlike Yui, she had become a wife while in her early twenties, but now she was enjoying her alone time with not only Yui, but a seemingly daily host of online girls. She had never actually been with a girl, only masturbated together online. And like Mrs. A, she certainly enjoyed controlling the situation, knowing exactly what she wanted Yui to do. Of course, Yui loved everything she was asked to do for Mrs. F.

So, Yui's weeks were now filled with hours of self love, exploring her naked body, touching her beautiful skin, kissing and licking her shoulders, arms, knees, caressing her gorgeous body, loving her aching nipples, tasting her wetness, whispering her most intimate desires, watching herself in her large monitor and mirrors around her bed, watching other women pleasure themselves, and all the time she was making money from this.

Her bedroom had become the centre of her universe, her bed a place of little sleep and a lot of self love. The lighting in her bedroom had become permanently low, with a couple of small lights focussed on the centre where she loved herself to orgasm after orgasm day after night. It was an ideal situation for her for the coming year, she thought, and started to think about ways to expand her client base.