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Unfortunately, in laying much of the background I had to move towards modern norms. Literotica will not publish stories with underage characters and during Medieval times most marriages were accomplished during the woman's teenage years, between 11 and 16. For this story to be published Blanche had to be above 18, even though that would have made her an old maid back then. I hope you understand and forgive the changes.

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After their encounter with the three knights they stayed off the roads and travelled through the woods. They also rode from the middle of the night to around noon the next day. The idea was that search parties would be mobilizing during the morning hours and searching in the evening hours. Their riding schedule would, hopefully avoid most of the search parties.

During their rest periods Lady Blanche would snuggle up to Louis, saying that he was her pillow with a heartbeat. Most of the time she kept on her under things, but took off her riding dress, mail and corset. Even with her slightly covered Louis was distracted by her taut and succulent figure and usually walked around with a huge lump in his breeches.

Blanche loved seeing him in his sexually distressed state, but he was also grumpy and out of sorts. Both were getting tired with no real sleep and constantly on guard for more riders looking for them. Late on the sixth day, they rode into the outskirts of Liverpool and they rode silently down to the area around the port. The first thing they did was look for an inn or tavern that could accommodate them.

Several blocks from the port they found a large inn called the Golden Lion. They took two rooms and Blanche went to her room, while Louis tried to book passage to France. After a couple of hours, he found a ship that would be leaving for La Rochelle with the tide the following day. He hurried back but found Lady Blanche missing. He remembered her mentioning wanting a bath, so he asked the proprietor where the nearest public bath house was.

He found her relaxing in a pool of water along with twenty or so other women. After confirming that she was okay, he adjourned to the men's pool and relaxed while his clothes were washed. After a short period, he wore his wet clothes out of the bath house and went back to the inn. Lady Blanche met him for dinner, and both went back to their rooms for the evening.

There was no denying the deep feelings she had ignited in him. All he really knew was he wanted her heart to bond with his. However, he knew their love was not destined to be. She was a princess in the French court and was destined to be married to someone to expand the Empire or to secure a border or even enhance the king's riches. With Blanche's constant teasing and seductive activities, sleep was becoming more difficult every day.

Then an almost angelic apparition appeared in his door, it was a very naked Blanche. In the soft darkness of his room, she looked almost ethereal as she glided towards his bed cloaked in shadows; she was the most beautiful woman he ever seen. As Louis watched, she pulled down the covers on the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers towards him. Louis was still stricken and hadn't moved an inch as she slid all the way up his chest, with her hard nipples leaving a burning trail of lusty fire across his chest.

She gently laid her lips on his and nibbled softly whispering, "This is my seduction outfit and you are to be seduced."

Louis caught himself gazing into those soulful green eyes; he felt himself being captured and her eyes were pulling at him. He felt himself responding to the pleading and begging coming from those eyes. Without even knowing it, his mouth moved towards hers and captured her lips in a gentle loving kiss. As the kiss ended, Louis's lips didn't move away but stayed next to hers, almost touching. He could feel her rapid breathing bathing his face. Louis's tongue came out and began to gently caress her upper lip as he felt her breath catch. She shuddered in a soft moan, just before her lips closed on his tongue and sucked him into her mouth.

Louis accepted the invitation and within seconds he was plundering her mouth, trying to extract all the love he could find there. Then he replaced it with all the love he had in his heart. It was a kiss that both felt all the way to the curling of their toes and it only ended when they were both desperate for air. In the end, both were gasping for breath like marathon runners. However, Louis couldn't wait to catch his breath and began lavishing kisses on her cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead or anywhere else he could find that tasted of Blanche. Blanche eagerly offered up her face as a sacrifice to Louis's loving kisses as he began to devour her face with his lips.

Once Louis had caught his breath, he rushed to reacquire her mouth and once again begin to plant seeds of love and desire in her mouth, feeding them with his love and watching them bloom. Meanwhile Blanche's head and heart were spinning, the desire coursing through her veins was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Louis's uncontrolled passion was only matched by her frenzied desire for more of everything he offered.

Blanche's hands were clawing at his back in a plea for him to give her more, while his hands were exploring all of her feminine peaks and valleys. His large hand settled on her breast and they were perfectly filled with her soft, firm succulent breast with her tight thrusting nipple digging into his palm. Louis closed his hand circling her breast then with his thumb and forefinger began to twist and pull her nipple. Bursts of desire blossomed throughout her body.

Blanche bowed her back trying to push more of her breast into his grasping hands and her lips broke from his kiss as she threw her head back in a passionate moan. This exposed her delicate neck to Louis's voracious desire, and he began to kiss and nibble down the sensitive skin of her neck. He could feel her hammering pulse beating just below the skin and felt her life force rushing through her veins just below his sucking lips. As he continued to lick, suck and nibble on her sensitive neck she gave a shuttering moan and surrendered to him.

For only the second time in her life, with the first being their night in the stables, Blanche felt the out of control need consuming her. From her lips, to her neck and her thrusting nipples, her whole body was on fire. Blanche was having a hard time catching her breath as everything Louis did to her, forced her body to explode with new sensations. Just as she thought it couldn't get any better, Louis's mouth joined his fingers on her nipples, and she arched her back even further feeding him more of her succulent breast flesh.

She quivered as her pussy pulsed with every tug, suck and nibble on her incredibly sensitive, turgid and over stimulated nipples. It was like her nipples and pussy were connected; she was finding it hard to breath with every new sensation sending shutters through body. Her nipples ached as he suckled and teased her, but she wanted more and fed him as much of her breasts as he could take.

Louis's hand abandoned her nipple and Blanche felt the disappointment as his hand travelled over her tight belly. That quickly turned into jubilation as his fingers caressed her clit, then slid through her swollen pussy lips and buried inside her. Once again Blanche had trouble catching her breath and her whole body shook when she felt Louis's thick finger push inside her.

Blanche let out a raspy moan telling Louis that she was loving everything that he was doing to her. "Oh Louis ... Oh my God Louis ... Oh Oh."

As Louis's mouth continued to move back and forth between her nipples nibbling, tugging and scraping her nipples against his teeth, his finger was slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. He would occasionally slide to the top of her pussy and caress her clit before dipping back between her swollen pussy lips.

Blanche felt sensations climbing higher, higher, and completely on their own as her hips were lifting off the bed reaching for more. Louis slid a second finger into her incredibly tight pussy and the stretch of her quim made her hips jump to a new level with the sensations.

With two of Louis's large fingers buried in her pussy, Blanche was stretched wider than she had ever been, and it felt so wickedly delicious. She wanted Louis to softly manhandle her and make her feel all his love and passion. He had already pushed her pass anything she had ever felt before and now her pussy was stretched, full of Louis.

More than anything Blanche wanted to be stuffed, stretched and full of Louis, and now he fulfilled her desire. His fingers were giving her pussy the most wonderful stretching workout and her whole body was shaking with unrequited passion. The desire he was building in her pussy was beyond anything she ever felt, and she let him know it.

"Louis ... Oh God Louis ... More Oh God More ... Take Me ... Stretch Me ... Fill Me ... Make me Yours."

Blanche felt the build increasing like she was going to explode, and she was finding it harder and harder to catch her breath. Her hips on were reaching higher, lifting further off the bed trying to get more of Louis inside her. With two of Louis's fingers firmly embedded in her pussy, he used his thumb to start caressing her clit and that was all it took.

Blanche's whole body bucked, arched off the bed and froze in a muscle clenching, body consuming orgasm. For a few seconds Blanche couldn't breathe as her whole existence revolved around the sensation centered in her pussy. She lost the ability to see with fireworks exploding behind her eyes and the euphoria she felt was unlike anything previously in her existence.

Blanche's breath came back in a shuttering gasp, but her orgasm wasn't over yet. Louis rapidly flicked her clit with his thumb as he rammed his fingers back deep inside Blanche's spasming cunt and orgasm blazed anew. Her body clinched again as she screamed her ecstasy for everyone to hear.


Louis couldn't believe how passionate and responsive Blanche was. He was just getting started and with her having already cum twice, he was determined to make up for all her lack of love by giving her a night of unbelievable pleasure. As he kissed his way down her flat, muscled, quivering and convulsing belly, he realized that Blanche captivated him, and he had already fallen under her spell. He paused to pay homage to her very sexy navel before his lips joined his fingers making love to the core of her sexuality.

Louis licked her clit, watching her quivering response. He smiled as he settled between her legs and began to take this breathtakingly beautiful woman to new heights of ecstasy. He pulled one of his fingers out of her to give room for his tongue and with his first taste of her nectar he was addicted.

Her taste reminded him of when he was a child and his dad would add salt to his melon. She was sweet, salty, with lots of other flavors, but the sum was a taste he never wanted to be without. He began to lick, suck and feast on her succulent nectar. Her body went wild with shakes, shutters and seizures; he had to hold her firmly with both hands to continue his feast. In Blanche's entire life nothing prepared her for the wild and uncontrollable ecstasy buffeting her mind and body.

In the first few minutes of Louis making love to her, the entire world was changed and for the first time in her life she knew what the fuss was about. She finally knew that making love was something she had never expected and now she knew that she wanted more and more of his sinfully delicious bliss.

After Louis brought her to her first orgasm, she lost the ability for rational thought and all she could do was feel. Her body had no experience on how to cope with these feelings and her formerly graceful body was out of control with spastic responses to the rapture stampeding through her sexual core. Her heart had grown two sizes because she knew what love could be like. She knew Louis cared deeply for her and she had already fallen deeply in love with him.

Louis was loving her taste but needed more and moved to suck her clit into his mouth, then caress and work it with his tongue. As he took her clit, Blanche exploded into her strongest climax yet with all her pussy, stomach and legs seizing in convulsive bliss. Her rapture pulled her whole body into a fetal ball with Louis's head in the . Her breath came out in an explosive stuttering scream.


With her whole body cramping and seizing in orgasmic bliss, Louis knew it was time to relent. He gave her succulent pussy a final kiss before reluctantly pulling back from her delicious juices.

Louis cradled her spasming body into his arms, cuddling her until her spasms turned to full body shivers then to quivers. Her unseeing eyes were glazed over, her teeth were chattering along with her body shivers. She tried to wrap her arms around him. It took her two tries to keep them there. Through her chattering teeth, she tried to tell him what she was feeling but all she got out was.

"Louis ... Oh God Louis ... Oh Oh Louis ... I never ... felt ... Oh Louis."

Tears of joy, ecstasy and probably a hundred other feeling were streaming down her face as she buried her face into Louis's chest. He held her tightly against his chest with his heart aching with the feelings that were blooming in his chest. She looked so beautiful wrapped in his arms and as he gazed upon her delicate beauty, he saw some of the scars from her training marring an otherwise flawless body. He pulled her tighter to his chest to keep his feelings in the background.

Blanche was euphoric with all the passion coursing through her body. Louis had just shown her his heart and his feeling for her in addition to the kind of ecstasy she thought was only in romance stories told in court. She opened her eyes and saw Louis's massive erection jutting towards her. She had never seen anything so massive and so beautiful in her entire life. Blanche released her hold on Louis and brought her hands to his cock. He had taken her to heaven without any thought of himself. It was obvious to her that he would not spoil her purity and if she was going to have him, it would be up to her. She looked into his eyes and she could tell he desperately wanted her, but his duty forbids what they were doing.

Her loving eyes caressed his magnificent manhood as her hands held him tenderly. His cock was just like the rest of him, ruggedly towering with veins on top of muscles. Her eyes travelled up to his torso, over his tight muscular stomach and massively broad chest. The scars on his torso showed the rough life he had led, but he was still devilishly handsome and dominatingly imposing. She looked into his eyes and they revealed his depth of love for her, but also his conflict with his obligations.

Her eyes returned to his massive manhood and she knew it was her turn to show her love for him. As a princess, she had been required to take lessons in the sexual arts, but they had been given by priests, so they were lacking in some things she wanted to do. She had always excelled in the knightly arts; the sexual arts had never been her forte. Still, at this moment, many of the things they had taught were sins and right now she wanted to practice all her sins on Louis.

Her tiny hands would not fit around his cock and even holding it in both hands it still stuck way out the top and bottom. She brought her face to his cock, rubbed it against her cheek, whispering, "Oh Louis this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Blanche started kissing his cock, feathering it with slow loving kisses, her lips wrapped around his shaft and her tongue caressing it as she went.

Louis had never seen or felt anything as sensual as the loving kisses and caresses Blanche was lavishing on his cock. Her lips would kiss, then wrap around the shaft of his cock as far as they could go then her tongue would stroke it softy. Afterward, her lips would cuddle the shaft sensuously as it concluded the kiss then she would move to another part of his cock. It was as if she was French kissing his cock and it was beautiful and very arousing.

"Oh, Louis it's daunting and beautiful and I want you to stuff me full of your beautiful penis. I don't know if I can take all of it, but I want all of you inside of me," she whispered.

With that, Blanche licked up to the head of his cock and popped it into her mouth. She began to take as much as she could in, bobbing her mouth up and down the shaft with her tongue caressing everything as she went. She started choking, pulled back, tried again, choked and each time she tried, she got a little further until finally she was taking a little more than half his cock down her throat. For Louis, the loving passion she was devoting to his cock was truly erotic and her incredible throat fucking was exploding passion behind his eyes.

The next time she went down on his cock he saw her delicate neck bulge as she kept going and took three quarters of his cock down her throat. She held it for a second then came back up, took a breath and did it again. This time Louis couldn't stop as the unbelievable eroticism joined with the tightness of her throat set him off, and he shot long ropes of cum down her throat. Louis lightly held her head in his hands and kept pumping his cum down her throat. In a guttural groaning voice said, "Oh my God Blanche ... oh shit that is good ... Oh my God Princess!"

Louis pulled her up to cuddle and hold her as she wrapped her arms around him, giving him a coquettish smile, proud that she had taken most of him and made him cum. He leaned over to give her a kiss and she turned her head away. He followed her face and captured her lips. She looked at him surprised that he would kiss her with his cum in her mouth.

Louis kissed her with renewed passion and began kissing her face and neck with hundreds of little kisses. Then he rolled over so that she was underneath him and he was between her legs with his still hard cock nudging the swollen lips of her pussy.

"Oh Louis, I need you inside me. I want you to make me yours and stuff me full of your penis. Oh God Louis, I've never wanted anything more than to have you buried completely inside me. Take me my love and make me as yours," Blanche whispered passionately in his ear.

Louis knew that this is his last chance to back away. This was his last chance to save her from the life of a fallen princess. There would be gossip and she would be an outcast, no longer part of the royal family. If he made love to this woman he madly loved, he would be condemning her to life without the privilege that she had grown up with. As much as he wanted her and as much as he loved her, he could not do that.

He chokingly said, "Princess, we can't keep doing this. I love you and if I continue, I won't be able to stop until I have taken your purity. If you don't stop, I will take you as mine and never let you go." He looked down at her anxious gorgeous face and kissed her gently.