Alex yawned and stretched, ignoring for a moment the shrill beeping that had torn him from his perverse dreams. Mental images lingered in his mind, a petite blonde girly figure with her arms tied behind her back writhing in pleasure on his bed, pinned under a voluptuous redheaded woman who was pushing her face-first into the mattress while pounding her hips into the prone moaning mess beneath her. The thought made his butt clench down on his plug and left his penis rock hard, creating a barely visible tent in the covers.

His room was still dark aside from the faint light coming in through the door, indicating that Jenna was already up. He idly wondered where she got the energy, considering that she had quite clearly been still awake when he had gone to bed. Finally wanting to get rid of the annoying noise, he grabbed his phone and shut off the alarm. As expected, he had new messages.

"Still haven't blocked me? Ur so pathetic," the text from Sandra read. Where his other exes had simply dumped him and cut off all contact once his mom had seduced them and made them feel things he never could, Sandra had shown a spiteful side. She continued to taunt him with photos and short videos while reminding him of his inferiority at every opportunity she got.

This time, she had sent a photo of her pussy, stretched out and filled to the brim with pure white. Alex felt his mouth water at the sight of the fresh thick cream leaking out of her ruined cunt, recalling its delicious rich saltiness. There was another photo, one she clearly hadn't taken herself as it showed her from the hips up, laying on her back, her arms sprawled out on either side of her head. The expression on her face seemed vacant but it was hard to make out with her face half-hidden behind her messed up black hair and her entire body from her head down to her navel covered in a thick layer of white. It looked like the result of a gangbang involving at least a dozen particularly virile men but Alex knew perfectly well that it was just one load from the humongous still-hard cock laying on her belly.

Alex figured that Jenna had known that this photo would find its way to him when she took it. She had to at least suspect Sandra would taunt him with it and she herself seemed to quite enjoy rubbing her superiority in his face. Just three days ago, he had come home late from swimming practice as usual and, as was expected at that point, heard the sounds of rough, hot sex the moment he opened the front door but unlike all the other times, they hadn't come from Jenna's bedroom.

Though he had realised it immediately, he hadn't quite believed what was happening until he had followed the slapping and moaning to his room, quietly pushed open the door and froze when he saw Jenna kneeling on his bed facing him. She returned his stare without skipping a beat, her eyes drilling into his while her fiery hair and luscious breasts swung in time with the thrusts of her hips into the tanned blonde splayed out on her back in front of her.

With one hand mauling her own tits, the other resting on the bulge in her belly and her legs hooked behind Jenna, the girl hadn't even noticed him walking in. The savage pounding the dominant woman kneeling between her legs unleashed on her left its mark on the blonde's mind as much as the redhead's massive cock ruined her hole.

"Yes, fuck my ass. Harder," the girl burst out. Jenna leant forward and clasped a hand over the presumptuous girl's mouth to hold her in place and remind her that she was in no position to make demands, but granted her wish all the same. Jenna's eyes never left Alex's as she hammered her hips down into the girl even more intensely, filling Alex's room with muffled delighted squeals.

Hearing her voice confirmed that it was his second girlfriend Janine whom Jenna was pounding into his bed as if she was trying to leave a permanent impression. For a while, he just stood there as if held in place by Jenna's gaze and watched the intense rutting right in front of him, shocked, humiliated, and unbearably aroused.

Heavy impassioned breaths came from Jenna's lips that spread into a smirk when spasms rocked Janine's body and she howled in orgasm while Jenna kept fucking her without ever slowing down or breaking eye contact with Alex.

Knowing better than to disturb them, he eventually just turned around quietly and snuck off to the bathroom. His attempt to calm himself down with a shower failed miserably because he couldn't stop picturing his mother's giant cock ravaging his ex in a way he wouldn't have dreamt of even asking about, especially because of his plug constantly reminding him that she would be doing the same to him eventually.

After hearing a set of heavy footsteps move through the house, still accompanied by moans and grunts, he had dared come out and crawled into his still-warm bed. Surrounded by the scent of mixed juices soaking his bed and the continued sounds of carnal conquest echoing from upstairs, he eventually drifted into lurid dreams.

Initially, he'd had to learn to recognise his ex-girlfriends' voices as the way his mother made them scream and squeal sounded nothing like the occasional heavy breaths and soft moans he'd gotten out of them but he'd had plenty of opportunities to learn over the weeks.

Last night, he'd had to listen to Sandra almost demand more of his mother's cock for hours on end, interrupted by periods of muffled choking when Jenna found a better use for the insolent girl's mouth. In truth, there had been nothing stopping him from putting on headphones while he waited for midnight to roll around so preorders for the upcoming collector's edition box set of his favourite director's movies would open up, but he had been just too turned on by the sounds and the images they conjured in his mind.

Having gone four weeks without an orgasm, he had been dimly aware that he was only making things worse for himself but he just couldn't stop listening and fantasising while grinding his plugged butt back and forth on his chair. Worst of all, it would be four days before he would at least get to feel the momentary sense of satisfaction he got whenever his mother made him get on his knees and service her. He didn't know if he'd manage to wait that long, maybe he'd have to ask her for a special Sunday breakfast to let him take the edge off, or maybe he could try to get himself punished.

At least, his self-torture hadn't been in vain as he had managed to get his order in within the few minutes before they were sold out. Finally, he had flopped into bed, still hearing rhythmic knocking, moaning and occasional screams from upstairs.

Alex swiped Sandra's messages off the screen and brought up his email to look at the order confirmation again. His heart skipped a beat when he also saw another mail with 'cancelled' in its subject line along with an automated mail from his credit card company. He got to his feet and frantically checked his account balance, utterly confused when he saw he had maxed out his credit card. Looking through his transactions, he noticed that his allowance hadn't come in for this month yet. With a pathetic whine of frustration at having lost his pre-order, he made his way to the kitchen to complain to his mother.

He found her leaning against the counter, seemingly having embraced casual Friday as her usual office jacket was absent, her lustrous red hair was flowing freely around her shoulders and her blouse even had the top two buttons undone. It offered a tempting hint of cleavage to anyone who dared let their eyes wander too low and linger too long, a trap Alex immediately fell into. He stood and stared at her chest while she put down her cup and walked towards him.

She grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him against herself for a slow, sensual kiss that tasted of coffee and freshly brushed teeth. It left him weak at the knees, his frustrations completely forgotten for a fleeting moment. "Morning, honey," Jenna smiled at Alex after she broke the kiss. Looking up at her while he got his thoughts back in order, Alex noticed that, very unusually, she even wore some light make-up that emphasized her plush lips and stormy grey eyes. "You look like something is bothering you," Jenna said, furrowing her brow.

"I uh, yes, I," Alex stammered, still struggling to form a coherent sentence, stuck as he was between her breasts pressing into his chest and her hands groping his butt with her sweet scent all around him. Jenna's lips curled into an amused smile.

"Come on, out with it," she said encouragingly.

"Uh, I just noticed that my allowance for this month hasn't come in yet," Alex said hesitantly. Even

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you, didn't I?" Jenna replied, laughing at Alex's confused expression. "You see, you've been such a good boy lately," she said, letting go of his butt to take a small step back. Smiling, she brought a hand up to trace a heart on his shirt with her finger and continued, "I figured you earned a reward, so I wanted to raise your allowance but I couldn't decide how much. I kept thinking about it and in the end, setting an arbitrary limit just felt silly."

"So I don't get anything?" Alex asked, baffled.

"Oh you can get anything you want, just tell me and I'll buy it for you," she beamed at him. "You may have to actually do some chores though," she added with a wink.

"But how am I supposed to pay off my card? And what about my," Alex protested but Jenna cut him off.

"I could help you find a job if you want," she offered. "Or I could take care of that if you ask nicely," she added with a smirk and a glint in her eyes that sent a shiver down Alex's spine at the thought of what she'd want in exchange. "Anyway, I need to get going. Don't be late for your classes," she concluded before placing another quick peck on his lips and walking past him.

Still processing the situation she had just dropped him into, Alex didn't react until Jenna was almost at the door. "Wait," he finally burst out, "I want to ask for something."

"I'm listening," Jenna answered, sounding quite intrigued.

"You said I've been a good boy," Alex began, pausing to scrape together what courage he could muster, "and earned a reward." He turned around to look at her but then looked down, swallowed and asked, "Can I cum?" As if a dam had broken, words came flooding out of him as he started begging, "Please let me cum, it's been almost a month. I can't take another day of this, I'm so horny all the time and I can't stop thinking about-"

Jenna hushed him with a finger on his lips. Alex looked at her face and went beet red as he realized what he had been about to say. "Oh my poor baby," Jenna empathised. "I'd love to spend some quality time with you but I'm afraid I'm busy tonight," she explained ruefully. Alex barely had time to whine in protest before she added, "But if you really can't wait another day, I'll allow you to play with yourself today."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her, burying his face in her cleavage. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you," he babbled.

"But only after college, don't forget that some things will always be more important," she lectured him. Alex hummed his acknowledgement. The frustration of not being allowed to clear his head before classes paled next to the prospect of getting to do it at all. "And remember to keep your hands where they belong, " she reminded him.

Taken aback, Alex looked up into her eyes. "You mean?" he asked, incredulously.

"I told you what happens to naughty boys, didn't I?" Jenna teased.

Thinking back to the cages Jenna had shown him two weeks ago, Alex nodded hastily. "But then how am I supposed to, you know, do it?" Alex asked hesitantly.

"I'm sure you can make it work," Jenna smirked and reached behind him to give his butt a quick squeeze. "Speaking of, isn't there something you want to show me?" She grinned.

On cue, Alex took a step back and turned around. His heart started pounding with excitement as he bent over and pushed down his boxers, exposing his plugged butt. Just when he had begun to get used to exposing himself to her like this every day to show her that he really was wearing his plug to prepare his hole for her, Jenna had shaken things up with his new plug. It was not just another step up in size, as was to be expected, but it was also transparent, leaving him to try and imagine the view his mother had as he presented himself to her with his hole spread by three fingers' worth of transparent plastic.

"Good," Jenna commended, her voice dripping with satisfaction. "Just a couple more weeks and you'll be ready," she promised. Alex felt the tantalizingly light touch of her fingertips dancing on his cheeks. "Then you won't have to worry about being pent up ever again," she added with a chuckle. Alex heard clothes rustle behind him and yelped when Jenna pulled him backwards by the hip until he felt her warm skin against his. He made out a pair of large lumps pressing against his cheeks and a warm weight on his spine. "Here's some inspiration for later," Jenna whispered before she let go of him, fixed her clothes and walked out.

Jenna exhaled deeply, finally done with her monthly revision of The 45's books to make sure that she got her due and its less than entirely official earnings didn't leave a paper trail, especially not one that led to her. It should have been a quick routine affair that left her the rest of the evening to unwind, but today she hadn't been able to focus.

Her thoughts kept drifting back to a meeting that was still irritating her hours later. The lack of professionalism displayed by her outfit would have been downright insulting for anyone with half a functioning brain. Being a male, however, Victor Bailey had been far too busy staring at her cleavage to think about whether her attire reflected her position or the importance of the occasion.

Neither had he paid any attention to her presentation regarding the results of the adjustments to his portfolio she had personally made. It had been plain to see that he was mentally undressing her and barely even listening.

Meanwhile, she'd had to conceal her disdain for this drooling bloated troglodyte and pretend to respect him as a valued client. It had taken all of her self-control to keep up this pretence when he looked to be just about ready to liquidate his company if she so much as made an ambiguous mention of her appreciation.

While annoying, his behaviour usually wouldn't have enraged her as she had long-since learned not to expect better than this from males. It was a small detail that had her seething. The ring on his finger and the apparent hollowness of the promise it symbolized while he shamelessly ogled her had reminded her of her ex-husband.

The constant wet warmth on her cock didn't make her work any easier, doing as much to distract her as it did to soothe her anger. Matters weren't helped by a new revenue stream that had brought in quite a nice sum which needed to be creatively accounted for.

"I don't remember giving you permission to start selling merchandise," Jenna concluded once she was satisfied with her work. She slowly pushed back the heavy leather armchair she was sitting in. The sound of its feet scraping against the floor drowned out the slurping that came from the lips of the tanned brunette kneeling motionless under the desk, being pulled out of her blissed-out state as Astarte pulled her divine cock out of her throat.

Kate needed a moment to recover her wits rather than her breath. "Please forgive me, my Goddess. At first, I only wanted it for myself," she confessed, staring longingly at the spit-shined meaty pillar pulsing between her Goddess's leather-clad legs, the decorative ring at its base and the leash running through a loop on it, "I just feel so empty when you're not here." Jenna's eyes fell on the imitation of her cock lying on Kate's desk. The traces of moisture clinging to it from recent use lent credence to her words. "But then I thought of all the people I have to turn down because they aren't worthy of your time, and all the money I was leaving on the table with nothing else to offer them," Kate continued. "And I've had a flood of requests coming in recently," she added, beaming with pride at having inducted new acolytes to Astarte.

"Well done," Jenna commended, deciding not to punish her devoted servant for a surprising show of initiative and business sense. "But how did you come up with the shape?" she wondered.

"I did it from memory," Kate admitted.

"That's actually impressive," Jenna burst out laughing. With a quick motion, she grabbed Kate's leash and yanked on it, pulling Kate forward by her collar until her face was rubbing against her cock. "Or it would be if you hadn't gotten it wrong, you stupid whore," Jenna snapped.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, my Goddess. Please punish me for failing you," Kate babbled frantically.

"Oh, I will. And I'll make sure you won't get it wrong again," Jenna announced as she shoved Kate to the floor and got up. She grabbed her mask from Kate's desk, put it on and walked out of the office, keeping Kate's leash short enough to force her to crawl beside her awkwardly on all fours.

The familiar wall of sound greeted her as she emerged into the 45's VIP area. The constant murmur of conversations died down faster than usual as eyes followed her and mouths gaped at the sight of not just the hermaphroditic sex Goddess everyone had been hoping to see but also the club's owner who was wearing nothing but a leash and collar. Only the clicking of Astarte's heeled boots was heard over the bass-heavy music filling the club. Astarte considered dragging Kate to the edge of the balcony, throwing her against the railing and fucking her in plain sight of everyone on the main dance floor below, but she figured it would be too much of a reward in Kate's mind.

Instead, she headed toward her throne and sat down on the cushioned marble, facing her audience. She saw the hunger in Kate's eyes as she spread her legs wide, leant back and slowly pulled on the leash. Her other hand reached out to grab a fistful of Kate's hair and firmly guide the submissive's head down to her sack. Dropping the leash, Astarte undid the buckles on her boots to wrap the straps around Kate's throat, holding her head in place. Kate mewled weakly in protest and strained her eyes to look at the cock she was so desperate for.

"Get a good look at every detail," Astarte said, amused by Kate's impotent struggle. After another few pathetic mewls, Kate gave up and settled for the next best thing. She sucked on Astarte's sack until she managed to get her lips around one of the huge orbs inside it.

Astarte allowed a smirk to creep onto her lips. Her audience was getting quite a show with Kate's upturned rear giving them a perfect view of her pussy, which Astarte knew had to be dripping wet, and the letters tattooed above her ass spelling out 'Owned by Astarte'. She reached out a hand and a waitress hurried over to place a glass of wine in it.

As she swirled her drink, Astarte let her eyes roam over the crowd watching her and played with the thought of allowing one of them to keep her cock warm. Every couch and booth in the VIP section was completely filled, which explained the expansion she had seen as a budget item in the 45's books. Astarte made a mental note to have Kate ensure the blaring music would no longer bleed into her personal playground, to be replaced with something more appropriate. There really were quite a few new faces there, some she even knew personally. One male in particular caught her eye.

She distinctly remembered the arrogance he had displayed and the way he had taunted her during their first encounter, a stark contrast to the way eyes widened in shock when they tore themselves from her cock and met her gaze. He froze like a deer in headlights when he seemed to realize that he had caught her attention. She beckoned him over with a finger, taking great satisfaction from seeing him carefully get up and approach her, his awkward movements a telltale sign that he was still recovering from their most recent encounter.