This story is something very different from anything I've done before. I saw a discussion about writing prompts and a tentacle symbiote was one of them, so I decided to give it a go. Prepare for tentacles, dickgirls, self felatio, mind control, pregnancy and more. If anyone of that offends you, stop reading now!

Tally lay in bed, breathing gently as she slept. She smiled as she dreamed, snuggling deeper into her covers. Suddenly her eyes shot open. Something was wrong. She threw off her covers, looking down at her bare legs. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and lifted her hips off the bed as she slid them off. Placing two fingers either side of her clitoris, she pulled the hood back as she leaned forward, looking over her smooth mound.

She saw it. Something, whatever it was, attached to her clitoris. It was like a small pink leech. She began to panic, fear rising inside her as her heart began to race. Almost as quickly as the fear came on, it receded. Instead she stared in fascination at it. It was tiny, about the same size as her clitoris, which was small itself compared to the ones she had seen in sex ed back in school.

"What are you?" She whispered to herself.

"I'm part of you now," a voice replied in her head. She jumped, not expecting a reply to her question.

"Who said that?" She asked, looking around.

"I did," the voice replied. She looked down, some how knowing it came from the creature that was now attached to her most sensitive area.

"What are you though?"

"I am a Wacili," the creature replied.

"What do you want?" Tally asked.

"You, your body, your help."

"My help?"

"Yes, my species rely on your kind to live. We live and reproduce in symbiosis with you. Do not worry, no harm will come to you. In fact, I can influence your body, as I did with your fear just now and I can give you perfect health for as long as we are together," the creature replied.

Tall thought about it for a moment. She knew in reality she should be freaking out. Some strange, alien looking creature had attached itself to her cunt and was communicating with her telepathically. That should freak her out, but it appeared the creature could indeed influence her as she felt no fear or panic. She wondered if the fact she was thinking of agreeing with the creature was also it's influence, but some how she knew it wasn't.

"So what do you need me to do?" She asked.

"Nothing, just give in to your desires as you have them, that is all. The rest will take care of itself," the creature replied.

"Do you at least have a name?" Tally asked.

"No, would it make it easier for you if I did? You may choose one if you wish," the creature replied.

"I'll call you Jim," Tally decided. The creature reminded her of an old cartoon she used to watch and a character from it.

"Then I am Jim, now rest. The attachment process can be stressful on the body, it's better if you sleep while we become properly melded," Jim soothed. Tally yawned and stretched before succumbing to a wave of tiredness.

She woke the next morning moaning loudly, within seconds her entire body trembled as she reached orgasm. She sleepily gripped at the sheets as her clitoris was stimulated by the creature. A second orgasm ripped through her body and she lay back panting hard.

"Wow..." She purred happily.

"I should probably explain. I survive from the hormones created by your body during sexual activity. The melding process takes quite a bit of energy, so I needed nourishment after it had finished. I hope you don't mind," Jim explained.

"Not at all, I wouldn't complain about waking up every morning like that," Tally smiled. Still basking in her post orgasm bliss, she slid from the bed and padded to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, expecting to see the same tired look she always did. Except today, she didn't.

Her skin was smooth, the small blemishes that always annoyed her were gone, replaced with soft, perfectly smooth skin. The tired bags under her eyes were gone and her bright green eyes seemed to sparkle like never before. Her long red hair shone, feeling thicker and healthier than usual.

She looked down, her breasts were bigger. They weren't huge, but they had always been small, now though there was enough to cause a healthy amount of cleavage which she had never had before. Her stomach too was flatter, the small bit of flab she had always had that never seemed to go despite the amount of exercise she did was no where to be seen. In fact, her whole body seemed slightly tighter and more toned.

"Is this your doing?" She asked, instinctively looking at her crotch.

"I told you you would receive benefits from being my host," Jim replied. "Although, you know I can hear your thoughts, you don't need to speak. It's probably best for us both if you don't go round talking and staring at your crotch all day."

"Right!" Tally said before realising she had just said that out loud. She picked up her toothbrush and brushed her teeth before heading back to her bedroom. She grabbed the clothes she had laid out the night before and got dressed. She struggled with her bra for a moment before realising it would no longer fit. She attempted two more before deciding to go without. She buttoned up her shirt, which was now also much tighter across the chest before buttoning up her jacket.

Applying a minimal amount of make up around her eyes, she checked herself in the mirror one last time and grinned before heading out to work. As she drove, she was only slightly aware of the creature between her legs, not enough to distract her. She arrived at work and went inside, greeting people as she made her way to her office, before starting with the days tasks.

It was lunch time before she even realised it. She was too busy working on a new clients accounts to realise what time it was, only stopping when her stomach rumbled loudly.

"You should eat," Jim told her.

"I will, soon," she replied in her mind.

"No, really. You should go now, the downside to our melding is your body will burn up more energy than usual so you need to eat more."

Tally looked up from her work for the first time in hours and realised she was famished. She hadn't been this hungry since a couple of years ago. A big emergency for the banks biggest client had meant she had worked from morning until late into the night without anything to eat. Even then, she hadn't been quite as hungry as she was now.

She stood up and went in search of food. There was a great Italian sandwich shop just down the street that she frequented. She went and ordered two of her favourite sandwiches before returning to her office. She ate them both in record time, before sitting back and realising what she had done. Normally a single sandwich would be more than enough, just the calories in the bread would have her worrying about how much she'd have to work out to burn it off and now she had devoured two of them. She hoped Jim was right about burning off more energy than usual.

She was about to return to work when she felt a tingle between her legs. It quickly grew into a constant flow of pleasure as she gripped the edge of her desk and panted hard. She squashed her thighs together and threw her head back, gritting her teeth as she suppressed a moan. Her legs began to shake and she couldn't help but cry out as her orgasm washed over her. It subsided as quickly as it came on, leaving her panting and flushed.

"Why?" She asked.

"You had your lunch, I needed mine," Jim replied casually.

"So every time I have a meal, I'm gonna cum afterwards?"

"Pretty much, unless you're in public then I'll wait."

"Good to know."

With all her appetites sated, she continued with work. Again losing herself in it until there was a knock at her door. She called for whoever it was to enter and looked up to see Mark standing in the doorway.

"We're going for drinks, want to come?" He asked. He asked this every Friday and Tally always said no.

"Sure, why not," she replied, surprising herself and by the look on his face, Mark as well.

"Oh, great! We're leaving now, want to come with us or meet us there when you're done?"

"Give me two minutes and I'll be ready?"

"No problem."

Mark and Tally quickly tidied her papers, locking them in her drawer. She stood up and made her way outside. She normally wouldn't go drinking with colleagues, but today she felt good and wanted to let off some steam. She met the group and they walked to the nearby bar.

They talked and drank and Tally found herself having a great time. She wondered why she didn't do this more often. Half way through the night, she felt herself getting horny. She was sat round the table with Mark to her left and Andy to her right. There were nine of them in total, so they were packed in tight shoulder to shoulder. Completely unaware of what she was doing, Tally dropped her hands under the table, each one landing on a leg of each guy. She slid her hands up the inside of their legs, not even hesitating as she reached their crotches.

To her surprise, both men were rock hard already. She felt her clit pulse with pleasure as she began to stroke them through their jeans. Neither guy seemed to complain, both sitting quietly and listening to the others talk as Tally stroked their cocks.

"I need to visit the ladies," Tally said, squeezing both of their cocks firmly hoping they'd get the message. She stood up and walked away from the table, looking back to see both men staring at her before looking at each other. She saw them mentally debating something as she pushed through the toilet door.

She stood and waited by the sinks. Luckily she was the only person in there as less than thirty seconds later both men came bursting through the door, neither seeming to care it was the women's bathroom. Tally grinned and grabbed them, pushing them into the largest stall. Locking the door, she dropped to her knees and both men unbuckled their belts. They had glassy looks in their eyes as they freed their erect cocks.

Tally's mouth watered as she took the head of Mark's cock into her mouth and began licking and kissing it while stroking Andy. Satisfied he was ready, she turned her attention to Andy, taking half his length into her mouth while hiking up her skirt. She pulled her panties aside, showing her wet pussy to Mark. He either didn't see or didn't care about Jim as he lined his cock up with her wet slit.

He plunged his entire length inside Tally in one go and she moaned around Andy's cock. Mark wasted no time and began pounding her hard, desperate to cum. Each thrust pushed her onto Andy's cock, causing her to gag slightly as it hit the back of her throat. Mark suddenly picked up the pace, slamming into her hard which pushed Tally over the edge.

She moaned and gripped Andy tightly as an orgasm washed over her. Mark grunted and his cock swelled inside her before releasing it's load. Fireworks went off inside Tally's brain as she felt his seed fill her insides. Load after load fired into her and she came even harder than before. She had fucked guys bareback before, but she had never felt so much cum filling her, it felt like her womb was being flooded and she loved it.

Eventually Mark pulled out. He sagged back against the wall, panting hard before slowly sliding over and sitting on the toilet. Tally looked up at Andy and stood straight, kissing him and pulling her towards him. She slammed back against the wall and Andy followed as she wrapped a leg around him. Grabbing his cock, she guided him to her cunt and slid him into her. He began to fuck her, each thrust slamming her against the wall of the stall. If anyone came in, there'd be no doubt what they were doing.

Andy didn't last as long as Mark and he groaned loudly as he came. Again, another flood of cum filled Tally as she shuddered and moaned against him, another powerful orgasm threatening to cause her to lose her balance. Eventually it subsided and she grinned dopily at the two men. They both stood there, their limp cocks hanging free and glassy looks in their eyes. Tally unlocked the door as they zipped up their pants before leading them outside.

They left the bathroom and Tally stayed behind, looking in the mirror. She suddenly had a moment of clarity at what she had just done.

"What did I do?" She asked.

"You got thoroughly fucked," Jim answered.

"I know that, but why? That's so not like me!"

"I might have helped. I can release a pheromone that increases your arousal as well as anyone nearby. Don't worry, they won't remember a thing. They'll go back outside, think they just went to the toilet and go back to drinking," Jim explained.

"But I will remember?"

"Correct. You're my host, you get immunity to some of it's effects."

"So why did you make us do that?"

"I needed their genetic material,"

"Genetic material? You mean sperm?"

"Yep. It's how my kind reproduce. My pheromone overstimulates production, making sure they deliver enough for me to use."

It was only now that Tally realised she hadn't cleaned up, nor had she needed to. She quickly went into the stall and saw that Jim had grown. He was now large enough to cover the entrance of her sex.

"What the-"

"Don't worry, I'll make sure none of it gets wasted. Wouldn't want it escaping now would we?"

"Are you going to keep growing?"

"Yes, but don't worry, no-one will see me."

Tally seemed satisfied with his answer. She knew she should be more concerned, but frankly she felt amazing and didn't really care to question it too much. If she had been her old self, that would have concerned her, she was naturally a very curious person, but with Jim she felt safe.

She returned to the group and found the two men laughing and drinking. Neither paid her any special attention or gave any knowing looks as she took her seat. They ordered another round and spent the rest of the night drinking until Tally got a taxi home.

She arrived home and despite drinking more than she usually would on the occasions she did drink, she didn't feel too drunk. She had a happy buzz going on and felt incredibly horny once again. Normally she masturbated once, maybe twice a week at most, but today she was insatiable. She quickly went to her bedroom, stripping off as she went and lay down on the bed.

Reaching into her nightstand, she pulled out her favourite toy. It was a thin purple vibrator that hit alllll the right places. She brought the toy between her legs and felt Jim move, giving her access to her wet tunnel. She slid the toy in and pressed the button on the base, switching it on. She quickly toggled to the highest power and began fucking herself with it.

Jim joined in the fun, working her clitoris with extreme precision. It didn't take long before Tally was screaming in pleasure. She was certain the neighbours would hear, but she didn't care. She came over and over, one orgasm running into the next as she frantically fucked herself with the toy. It buzzed deep inside her, her entire tunnel sending sparks of pleasure to every nerve in her body while her clit felt like it was on fire.

Suddenly the pleasure reached a new peak and Tally's hips bucked off the bed, reaching into the air as her legs shook. She collapsed back down onto the bed with a heavy thud as she passed out. At some point she woke back up and turned the toy off before falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning she woke up, opening one eye and expecting a hangover, but she felt as fresh as she ever had. Climbing out of bed she went to the bathroom and realised, she didn't need to pee. After drinking so much last night, she found this odd.

"Oh that's me," Jim chimed in.

"You're the reason I don't need to pee?"

"Yeah, I can process waste far more efficiently than you, turning it into energy instead of needing to expel it. Have you not noticed you've not needed the bathroom since yesterday?"

"I hadn't thought about it."

"Well, just another perk of having me around."

Tally looked down for the first time that day and her eyes went wide. Dangling between her legs was a large cock. She grabbed it and could feel her hands around it. It felt good, it felt incredibly good as she stroked it gently.

"What is this?" She asked Jim.

"That's me," Jim replied. Tally froze and looked down.


"Yes, I'm growing. Thanks to all the activity you've had recently."

"You look just like a cock! And I can feel it, I mean, you, as if it were my own."

"We're connected, what you feel I feel and vice versa. It basically is a cock, well as far as you are concerned. Take it for a spin," Jim suggested as Tally felt the cock growing harder. She grabbed it and stroked it tentatively, a wave of pleasure flowing along it's length and into her. She stroked faster, leaning forward and bracing herself against the wall in front of her as pleasure filled her senses.

Tally didn't know if it was normal, because it was Jim or whether it was because it was her first time having a cock, but she didn't last long. In moment she was groaning as her cock swelled and sprayed a white fluid onto the wall. She groaned as rope after rope coated the wall. It was an intense feeling, completely different from a normal female orgasm. All the pleasure was concentrated in her cock and it threatened to make her legs give out.

"Holy shit."

"Feels good doesn't it."

"Yeah... So, will I always have a cock now?"

"Yes, as I grow so will it, as well as other tentacles."


"That's what it is, a tentacle, but it looks like a human cock."

"Oh, well if they all feel that good, bring it on!"

Tally spent most of the morning cooking a huge breakfast, which she demolished and washed down with a carton of orange juice. She still felt horny, despite her morning masturbation and her new cock was constantly hard. She settled onto the sofa and began to stroke it, testing different techniques and finding which felt best. She found spitting onto her hand and stroking the head was extremely pleasurable and ended up blowing a load over her chest and stomach.

She reached down and scooped some of the stick white fluid off her breast with her finger and brought it to her mouth. It was sweet, incredibly sweet with a hint of peach. She quickly gathered up the rest and swallowed it down.

"Like it?" Jim asked.

"It's delicious!"

"Good, it's extremely good for you. All of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body usually wastes repurposed into an extremely tasty and healthy cum."

"It's the best tasting cum I've ever had."

"It should be, my bond with you means it should match your taste buds."

Tally smiled and began absentmindedly stroking her cock again. She spent the rest of the day masturbating and eating before collapsing into her bed. She slept soundly, having another pleasant dream before once again waking up moaning loudly. She grabbed her cock, stroking herself quickly as she felt something filling her pussy. It pumped in and out, fucking her hard and fast as she came hard. Her body trembled as her cock pulsed, emptying it's load over her as the thing inside her ceased moving.

"What was that?" She asked, panting hard.

"I was just testing my new growth."

Twisting awkwardly, Tally looked between her legs. From the base of her cock, another tentacle had grown that went directly into her pussy. As if sensing her disbelief, Jim moved, pushing the tentacle deeper into her. Tally gasped. Not only could she feel the tentacle filling her insides, she could feel what the tentacle could feel. She could feel both parts of it fucking her.

She moaned in pleasure, despite just cumming, her cock was rock hard and she stroked it quickly. In response, Jim pumped his new tentacle in and out of her slick tunnel. The combined sensation of both tentacles and her already sensitive cunt being pleasured all at once was overwhelming. Tally screamed as she emptied another sticky load over herself, her entire body vibrating as her muscles spasmed before she finally blacked out.