A few weeks went by and no calls from Byron. I was getting a little bummed about that. Every night I rubbed myself dreaming of placing my lips around that black dick again. I wished that I had his number so that I could ask him out. But, I didn't have his number. School started and on day one rumor was flying about the little rainbow party that turned into a gang bang. Apparently as it made its way through the grapevine all three of us girls were gang fucked all night long. Stupid high school, ugh! I can't wait until I get to college and out of this fucking school.

Weeks went on and no calls from Byron. I got with a guy or two during the first few weeks of school and did everything with them but fuck them. Each one of them got so pissed that I would let a group of guys fuck me but not them. I went through about five guys the first month and then finally a call from Byron. Talking with him I noticed a change in him. That night he dropped me off at my house, he was very polite and didn't put on an act. Now he was talking like a gangster in a movie. He told me that he wanted to take me to a party this coming weekend. And no matter how many little white dicks I sucked I could not get his cock off my mind, so I eagerly agreed. He told me before hanging up that I needed to dress sexily, that this was a college party, not some weak ass high school dance. Thankfully I had the perfect dress, it is a red one piece that crosses in the front and is low cut sitting on the top of my thighs. It offers a great look at my cleavage and is sexy and sophisticated...at least I think so. My mom says I look like a whore in it but what the hell daisy duke shorts are whorish to her.

Friday quickly came and I packed a little sleep over bag and went downstairs and told my folks I was staying over with a girlfriend. They told me to be careful and to stay at my friend's house and not go partying; I promised them I would do just that. I got in my car and drove straight to Byron's apartment. His folks are pretty well off so they let him move out of the house when he got his scholarship and rented him an apartment close to campus. I got out of the car and went to his apartment and knocked on the door. Someone that I didn't know answered so I asked for Byron. The man that answered the door was dressed in basketball warm ups and scanned me up and down with a grin and then let me in.

Byron was in the shower so the guy introduced himself as Tom. Tom got me a beer and then sat in the living room with me. We talked for a while as we waited for Byron. It turns out that Tom was a roommate and teammate with Byron. A third guy walked in, another of Byron's roommates, his name was Roberto but he insisted that I called him Rob. He grabbed a beer and joined Tom and I in the living room. As we sat and talked a strange sensation began flowing through my body. Here I was a little petite white girl all of eighteen sitting in a living room with two very big and muscly black men that I didn't know. Rob asked what I was doing there and Tom said that I was the girl Byron met at that party a few weeks back. Rob tried to act all coy but his grin caught me and I began to think that perhaps this was not a good idea, even though that sensation in my stomach was turning into a full-fledged wildfire.

We continued talking and finally Byron came out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist. He stopped and I got up and greeted him with a hug which he immediately pulled me in tight. I could feel his cock pressing into my stomach even limp as it was.

We broke the hug with him saying, "Hey Kelly how you doin' girl? About time you got here, we gonna get dressed and then hit that party."

"Oh I have been good, just school and stuff" I said distractedly, my mind still remembering the feeling of his cock pressing into me. "Um, do you have a place that I can change?" I asked, trying to clear my thoughts of his cock.

"Yeah sure use the bathroom and we'll get dressed and head out." Byron said, showing me to the bathroom.

I closed the door to the bathroom and after a few seconds I could hear the three men cheering and cat calling in the living room. I was getting nervous now after watching Tom and Roberto scanning me as we talked. I was getting nervous but I was also getting sexually stimulated and that fire in my belly was growing and growing. The way they looked at me made me feel so alive and so adult. It also made me feel something I couldn't put my finger on. I told myself, well, here you are, and you are in it now. These guys want to fuck you. I was still scared of intercourse because my first time was such a painful and traumatic event, with all the blood. I knew I would most likely spend the night with these three guys dicks in my mouth and that stimulated the fuck out of me, but I didn't want to fuck them. I mean I had sucked eleven guys off in one night so I could easily enjoy three black cocks, but eventually they would want to fuck me. Oh well, fuck it, I will just have to tell Byron no way and be insistent.

I got dressed and went back into the living room. Byron was the only one in there and so he beckoned me over. I walked over to him and was going to sit next to him but he grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of him.

"Damn Kelly you are fucking hot as shit. You look sexy as hell in that dress." Byron said as he scanned me up and down.

He then ordered me to turn in a circle and I did so. He cat called and whistled and then pulled me into his lap. He grabbed my face in his big hand and kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back and sucked on his thick hot tongue as it explored my mouth. Tom walked in and sat down in a chair close to us. Byron kept kissing me even though now I was not kissing him but trying to see what Tom was doing just sitting there watching Byron kiss me. He looked over once and smiled then just started watching TV. I got a really weird feeling as Byron continued to kiss me. I felt cheap but I liked the feeling. I felt, well, slutty, just sitting here making out with this guy that I really didn't know much about beyond the rumors at school, while his friend sat next to us watching TV.

Roberto walked in and said in a laugh, "God damn you two, save that shit for later let's get going."

Byron pulled his tongue from my mouth and he stood me up which drew a whistle from Tom. I grabbed my purse but Byron told me to leave it in his room, so I did. We left the apartment and went to Tom's SUV and we headed for the party. I felt so sexy riding in Tom's car with him and Byron and Rob. I felt alive and horny and seductive and grown up. I felt rebellious and something else that I didn't exactly understand. We got to the party on campus at the guys fraternity house. Byron and Roberto were pledges so we had to get to the party early to get things set up. Tom however was in his second year so he took me to the media room in the house and we sat and listened to some soft jazz as he fed me mixed drinks for about an hour. While we were talking I expected at any minute for Tom to make a comment about me sucking Byron's cock or something like that. He never did. He did say I looked so sexy in my dress and that he was sure I would get a lot of attention tonight. I thanked him and we just talked and drank the hour away.

After an hour or so people started showing up and Tom introduced me to each fraternity member that came in. A few I knew from high school. The rest were from all over the country and a few from outside the country. I must have met fifty guys and their girlfriends if they had them there. I felt so awkward being in a black fraternity house with so many black men, not because I was scared but because I was getting horny. I decided that I was simply attracted to the black male, his persona, his attitude and the way he carries himself made me want to ... please him in whatever way. I was beginning to understand the fire in my belly, that strong sexual urge growing inside me.

The music turned up throughout the house and the party started. I danced with Byron for about the first hour. Then tired and thirsty, Byron and I went and sat with Tom and Roberto and two other guys. They fed me more drinks and I caught every one of them scanning my body as I sat in Byron's lap. There were other white girls there and a few other girls of different ethnic heritage. But mostly white girls were at this party. One of the girls was absolutely gorgeous, she was a platinum blonde with a body to kill for with big breasts and a plump ass; I found out later that she was a senior and going to be a teacher, her name was Samantha.

One of the guys at the table stood up and asked me if I wanted to dance and I looked at Byron asking permission. He told me, 'hell yes go have fun.' I did and danced with the guy for about thirty minutes. Then a heavy beat song queued up and as I danced with this guy from our table, one of the other frat members pulled in behind me and sandwiched me between the guy to my front. I was so turned on by being in the middle of these two black men that my panties started getting wet as I felt them press their cocks against my body. The song ended and so I went back to the table where Byron was supposed to be but only Rob was there. He passed me a joint and so I took a hit and he got up and got me another drink. We sat for about twenty minutes talking and smoking.

My mind was going crazy, all I wanted to do was find Byron and suck on his cock. My pussy was flowing just thinking of it. Finally I decided to go look for him. I walked around the lower level, it took forever because guys kept stopping me and asking me to dance or telling me how hot I was. Byron was nowhere to be seen so I went up the stairs to the second level. There were numerous rooms up stairs some with closed doors and some with open doors. I made my way down a hall checking each room that didn't have a closed door. I got to the end of the hall where it looked like there was another small meeting room. I walked into the room but it was not very well lit so it was difficult to see if anyone was in there. As my eyes adjusted to the dim lit room, I saw two black guys sitting side by side on a couch with a girl kneeling in front of them. I could see her platinum blonde hair going up and down as she sucked both their cocks. I wanted to get closer to see her in action and to see who it was she was servicing but I decided I better just go back down stairs and wait for Byron.

As I turned I heard Byron's voice called out, "Hey Kelly, get your sweet ass over here."

I was shocked at first but I turned around and slowly walked to the shapes on the couch. I got closer and Byron reached out for me and took my arm and pulled me onto the arm of the couch. I watched hungrily as Samantha sucked on Byron's cock as she stroked Tom's cock in her hand.

"This is Samantha, but you can call her Sammy if you want." Tom said looking at me.

"You don't mind if Sammy sucks on my cock do you?" Byron asked in a low moan.

"No, of course not." I replied sheepishly.

"What you doing up here, I figured you would be dancing still." Byron asked again in a grunt.

"Oh, I was but then I wanted to come find you." I said still watching Sammy pull her mouth up and down Byron's cock.

"Oh, what you need me for?" Byron said in a smile.

"Well, I got all hot and bothered dancing with some of your friends and ... well I wanted to give you head." I said as I looked at Byron who was sharing a joint with Tom.

"God damn girl! I like your style." Tom said as he took the joint from Byron.

Laughing Byron said through a cough out of smoke, "Hell yeah Kelly is on the right track."

Both men laughed at his remark but I was confused as to what he was talking about. So I asked him, "What do you mean Byron?

"Nah girl it's all good, just mean you know what's up." Byron said as he watched the blonde's lips pull up and down his black shaft.

Still not understanding I simply answered "Ohh yeah I am" trying not to look like an idiot.

I sat watching Sammy suck Byron's cock for a few minutes in silence. My mouth was watering to feel that big thick cock in my mouth again.

Byron interrupted the sounds of Sammy slobbering and sucking on his cock, "Sammy is busy on mine so why don't you get down there and suck on Tommy for a spell. Show that man how good you are at it."

I was stunned, not shocked or repulsed, just stunned. I mean Byron knows I don't mind sucking multiple cocks at a party, he has seen me do it. His remark though, got that fire in my belly super-hot and I felt so naughty and slutty just at the thought of the proposition. I mean here I am his date to this party and since his cock is in some other girl's mouth he expected me to suck his buddy off, that I had just met. The fire raging in me did not even allow me to think of just getting up and leaving, I didn't want to. I wanted to suck his friend's cock.

A few seconds went by with no response from me, finally I softly said, "Really? You want me too..."

Byron interrupted me, "I thought you knew what was up girl."

"Oh yeah I do, sure I would love to" I said sheepishly as I wiggled off of the arm of the couch.

I walked around Sammy and in front of Tom and slowly knelt in front of him. I leaned in and took a deep breath through my nose; his cock was even muskier than Byron's was. Sammy released his cock and it was laying against his stomach. I pulled my tongue up his shaft from his balls to his cock head. I took his head into my mouth and then leaned back pulling it straight up with my lips. I licked slowly on his head then began sucking his hood into my mouth. I sucked tight on his cock bobbing my mouth on his hood and sucking him tight.

"Ah hell yeah, damn right this girl knows what's up" Tom said as I sucked on the head of his thick black cock.

"What did I tell you, Kelly can suck a mean dick. And she'll take all that dick too." Byron said as he placed his hand on the back of my head.

Byron began pressing on my head and I knew he wanted me to take more of Tom's cock. The feel of his fingers in my hair and his pressure forcing me further down his cock stimulated me. I eagerly began pushing and pulling my mouth up and down his shaft. He was as thick as Byron but not as long so I felt confident that I could take him completely. I applied a tight suction each time I pulled up his cock and then would take him into my mouth again, until his head pressed against my throat. I quickened my pace up and down. My mouth was slobbering all over the top of his cock, coating it with my thick saliva.

I bobbed my head as fast as I could up and down his cock, Tom had replaced Byron's hand with his on on the back of my head. Tom pressed his hand forcefully but constantly on the back of my head so I opened my mouth as wide as possible and began taking his long black dick into my throat. I grabbed his hips in my hands and pushed inch by inch of his cock into my throat, no longer needing his encouragement. I took him all the way down my throat and held it as I gagged and choked. I forced myself to stay on his thick cock but finally I had to pull off of him. I coughed and choked loudly as I stroked his cock in my hand.

"Ah hell, I know what's going on in here." A voice announced, it was Roberto.

Roberto pulled a chair close to the couch and sat and watched me take Tom's cock back into my mouth. I immediately took his cock down my throat. I held him in my throat as long as I could. I then started sucking him from all the way into my throat back to his cock head. Long deep plunges into my throat as it quivered from the choking this black dick was giving me. Tom was leaking precum and I knew he was about to fill my mouth with his load.

Roberto, sitting and watching Sammy and I give his friend's head, announced, "Damn, looks like Kelly is as good a cock sucker as Sammy there."

Tom and Byron grunted out agreements and then Tom grabbed the sides of my head with both hands and began fucking my throat and mouth, long deep strokes at first then slamming into my face. In a few minutes he began tensing up and I felt his cock begin to pulsate in my mouth and throat. With no warning he let out a deep loud growl and simultaneously blasted his thick hot cum into my throat. I choked immediately on the thick wad of cum but I quickly gulped his cum down. Tom continued to fuck my mouth and throat as a second squirt of thick heavy cum blasted into my throat. I hungrily ate this second load and quickly a third load of cum filled my throat. Tom pulled my mouth off his cock and then began rubbing his cock head on my lips. I finished swallowing his load of cum and then licked his head clean.

Sammy was still sucking on Byron's cock but I could tell from his breathing and facial expressions that he was about to cum. I sat watching Samantha driving her mouth up and down Byron's long black dick as I slowly stroked Tom in my hand.

In a loud growl Byron ordered Samantha, "Yeah slut! take that shit down your throat!" as he grabbed the back of her head with both hands and slammed his cock into her throat.

Just hearing him talk to her like that got the passion in me stirring. I liked it and hoped he would do it to me as well. Samantha cleaned Byron's cock and he and Tom began sharing Roberto's joint. I sat and watched Sammy clean Byron's cock off with her long red tongue; it put me in a trance. I hadn't even noticed that Roberto was now out of his trousers and slowly stroking his long thick and light chocolate dick to life.

Without asking or any pleasantries Byron announced to the room, "Damn you girls suck good dick. Now both you sluts get on Roberto there and get some of that Milano shit."

Being ordered by my boyfriend, hell not even that, just the guy that was my date at this party and him calling me a slut affected me so powerfully. Just knowing he was calling me a slut and ordering me to suck another man's dick set the fire in my stomach and my pussy into overdrive. Sammy and I shifted our places to each side of Roberto's legs and eagerly began licking his cock on each side. Our tongues met a few times and even though that was the first time I had touched another girls tongue with mine I did not hesitate or pause. I started licking my way up to Rob's head and took it into my mouth as Samantha worked her way down to his balls. As I bobbed up and down on the top part of his cock Sammy began licking and sucking on his balls.

"Oh mother fucker, two fine ass white sluts on my dick!" Rob growled as he exhaled a drag of koosh.

I eagerly sucked tight on Rob's cock as Sammy finished with his balls and licked her way back up his shaft. When Sammy worked her way up to my mouth, I felt her tongue licking on my face and around my pouted lips that were folding in and out as I bobbed up and down on Rob's cock. I took that as my cue to share so I pulled off his cock and leaned back a bit. As I watched his cock head disappear into Samantha's mouth I watched for a few seconds and then worked my way down his shaft to his balls. I licked and sucked on them as Samantha had done before me. Samantha and I took turns deep throating Roberto as Byron and Tom made comments about how hot Samantha and I looked sucking black cock. I was so sexually stimulated by what I was doing, sharing a big black dick with another beautiful white girl as two other black men watched on. My pussy was flowing and my heart was racing.

Each time I had Roberto's cock in my mouth I deep throated him and held him in my throat. I held him as long as I could then I would come up to his cock head and draw a breath into my lungs through the sides of my mouth. Then I would hungrily push and pull my mouth up and down that beautiful black dick sucking tight and taking him deep into my throat and back to his head.