(The final part of the story that continues from Weedy Panties, Dopey Hose. Pt. 03)

Suck don't snort.

I was terrified when I heard the sound of a key in the lock and beyond relief and belief when I saw that it was Eve that entered with Caprice both of them dressed in white nurses tunics with paper medical tiaras perched on their heads.

'Deary me, our patient really looks to be in need of his medication,' Caprice said standing by me with my shaft in a semi-stiff, sorry state.

Eve sat on the mattress on the floor, faced me and spread her perfect stockinged legs and adorable powerful thighs. I hadn't had a drop but I thought I was seeing double, it was so long since I had eaten anything and I was still stoned from the weedy shotgun Eve had administered to me earlier.

I strained my eyes and tried in vain to correct my vision and make the waistbands of two pairs of saucy panties and their gussets coerce into one.

'He's dehydrated, squinting, better give him some water,' Eve prescribed.

Caprice hooked a finger into the nylon tights binding my mouth and pulled the ligature upward, she snapped it back to leave me blindfolded and dragged the thoroughly chewed and soggy nylon toes from my mouth. The water bottle plugged into my mouth caused me to splutter as the water cascaded to the carpet.

'There's an oesophageal obstruction, matron.'

'Best to investigate, Nurse Caprice, you'll need gloves.'

Caprice upended Eve's duffel bag and the contents spilt onto the mattress that laid on the floor.

'Pink or blue, matron?'

'The pink ones for oral examinations, the blue ones for urological manipulations. A mnemonic, pink lips, blue balls.'

Despite Eve's knickers in my throat, my excited oration in response to her choice of sexually evocative words was intelligible,

'Oh, fuck me, Mistress Eve,' I gargled.

'Mr George, such treatment has been shown in clinical studies to do a patient a world of good, but first, we must check your condition before such a vigorous ordeal.

Caprice reached into my mouth and extracted Eve's humid pink G-string panties.

'I think I've got to the root of the problem, matron, the patient's throat was blocked with soiled women's undergarments,' Caprice said and displayed the offending languished rag by the waistband over her crooked pinky.

'That doesn't surprise me at all nurse, it's a common problem with male patients and even the occasional female. There is legislation in the pipeline that the labels of women's intimate apparel should carry a warning, that is: 'When snorting this garment keep the mouth closed as such perverse practise can lead to asphyxiation'.'

'Rather like the warning on plastic bags: 'Keep away from children'. The problem is it's quite a mouthful to print on such a small tag. but don't forget nurse, men are children, they never grow up. We often scold them for that but it's one reason that we care for them dearly.'

'My motto is: 'It's better to train them while you drain them'.'

'Oh, for fuck's sake, I've never heard dirty talk like it, the fucking filthy vixens,' I thought to myself as my cock began to recover.

Eve slipped off her right trainer and black heart anklet and passed them to Caprice.

'It's essential to safeguard the patient. Men particularly need to be taught to enjoy feminine stench safely. They concentrate better with the training if they are denied the opportunity, like our blindfolded patient here, to ogle a saucily dressed naughty nurse of the female gender.'

'Do not disclose the cock-stiffening, ball-draining array of fuck-me-bandy, sexy lingerie you are wearing beneath your tunic, it will not help at all. On the contrary, such disclosures are part of the sperm bank nurses routines but their conduct is the only exception to the rule.'

'His shaft is getting awfully fucking hard, matron.'

'Very good nurse, now to continue with his programme. Hold that fetid trainer tightly over his face to restrict his airways and instruct him to sniff and lick. The phrasing can be entirely your own but whatever you do avoid the 'snort' word.'

'Fetid, that's a brand I've never heard of matron are they new to the market.'

'No, you misunderstand, Nurse Caprice. Fetid means smelling extremely unpleasant, however each to their own. A female might refer to that smell as an odour but to a foot-freak, like Mr George here it is a fragrance, an aroma that leads them to seventh heaven.'

'Didn't know that. So sniff, Mr George, deep big sniffs now, I want to hear you sniffing, Mr George, louder. Repeat. And repeat again, stop. Lick the salty sweat from the humid insole of the fetid trainer, Mr George, push your tongue around all the recesses and gather all that sweaty goodness. Repeat, Mr George, all the sweaty goodness, Repeat one last time and stop.'

'First class, Nurse Caprice, now untether his right hand. Mr George, take the trainer tightly in your hand and return it to your face and repeat the routine Nurse Caprice has conducted. We're on hand if anything untoward occurs.'

'You're fucking driving me bandy, I adore the precious aroma of your stinky feet.'

'Just as I said, nurse. Concentrate, Mr George, it's for your own safety, thousands of people choke every year. Now, with that trainer gripped firmly in your hand, close your mouth and snort, massive inhalation now, keep your lips sealed and snort and snort and snort and stop. Repeat. Good. A shoe will never wholly enter the mouth and is the ideal item to imbue the notion of safe practise when snorting attractive women's irresistible undergarments.'

'So far so good. Now we can move on to something stinky that is potentially much more dangerous because size-wise it can easily enter the mouth and throat. One of those little nylon anklets I think you approved of earlier in the week. I'm sure you remember them, the transparent nude ones with the black heart motifs, those that we stewed for you on our delicate, sweaty toes and our tender wrinkled soles.'

'Keep the sweaty garment moving between his nostrils and lips, Nurse Caprice. The 'sniff and lick routine' primarily, off you go, Mr George, there's no need to worry nurse Caprice has it firmly in her hand.'

I followed Eve's instructions and the smell and the taste of that nylon anklet boggled my mind and curdled my cum, and despite being unable to see, I knew my bell-end rotated like a school compass, and drew little circles in the air in front of my shaved pubis.

'Matron, he's leaking seminal fluid, there's a little drop glistening at the point where the urethra exits his bell-end.'

'Yes the glans, to give the bell-end its correct medical reference, important observation, Nurse Caprice but leave it alone for the moment. Take a tight hold of the anklet, Mr George you're going to snort our musky foot stench deep into your lungs. You must keep your lips tightly clamped together.'

'Our chemical messengers will dissolve instantly on the moist pulmonary surface with an intense and immediate effect almost the equivalent of the rush associated with an intravenous injection.'

'That's why snorting flimsy, delicate, feminine garments is so dangerous, it can make you instantly delirious, causing your jaw to drop and your mouth to open involuntarily. Air rushes in through the mouth and like a hoover you vacuum up the item instantly clogging your respiratory passages.'

'Imagine this scenario, Mr George. You have sneaked some soiled lingerie from the laundry basket of an attractive woman, a really horny woman with whom a real man would want to engage in sexual intercourse. Instead, laying on her bed for a wank with your shaft in one hand and holding some flimsy, sweaty garment to your face you sniff and lick and then you begin to snort.'

'I think I have explained the rest. The lady of the house returns home not to find you with a stiffy but actually a stiff, you're blue in the face because her crusty scanties are stuck halfway down your throat.'

'Hold on tightly to the garment with your hand whenever you cannot help yourself and feel compelled to have to snort a women's fragrance, that's particularly important with small items of hosiery such as aromatic anklets, pongy ped socks or stinky, skimpy knickers.'

'Stockings and tights at least offer you the possibility of grabbing the welt or the gusset and yanking the toe part from your air passage. If it's a pair of tiny, flimsy knickers you wish to savour, for example, slipping the entire garment over your head with the gusset over your mouth and nose is a safe alternative, Mr George.'

'Clearly, there are no such dangers if you are accompanied by a female and they are wearing the garment however tiny it might be.'

'Nurse Caprice, Mr George has been most attentive and obedient, a reward is in order, allow him to suck the remains of our musty toe sweat from the anklet you have there.'

Caprice pushed the toe of the anklet into my mouth and dictated the procedure.

'Suck and swallow, suck and swallow, that's right every last morsel of our stinky, sweaty toe-cheese.'

'Nurse Caprice, in your estimation, do you consider sucking feminine undergarments to be a safe practise?'

'Well, matron, as we can observe here with Mr George, the sweaty anklet is secured by lip, tooth and gum and the action does not involve the sudden inhalation of large volumes of air, merely salivation and the muscular action of tongue, cheek and throat. So I would say it was a far safer pursuit than bestial snorting.'

'Quite right, nurse, full marks. You can remove Mr George's blindfold now.'

Eve changed her tone.

'Cool, did you enjoy that, Mr George, you panty-perve? Well now we've done the health and safety we can proceed with your capitulation at the hands of your Mistress and your Goddess. Refreshment time, let's all take a break I'm sure we're ready for one.'

I watched as Caprice grasped my turgid balls and the root of my shaft in the palm of one hand to steady my ranging dick and scooped the drop of semen from my bell-end with a fingertip of her other hand. She made a meal of it as she licked and slurped her digit while she looked me in the eyes and said,


'I was going to have that.'

'You lost at Badminton,' Caprice reminded Eve.

Eve stood and freed my second arm, untying her white nylon knee-hi sock and handed me a couple of sandwiches.

'Roast beef, a fave of yours I believe, foot-slut, enjoy. Keep your strength up, you'll need it.'

Eve boiled the mini guest kettle and made a couple of cups of tea and she and Caprice munched on dunked choccy bikkies and afterwards the women returned the mattress to my bed.

She attended to her phone and reminded me,

'When I left you with my stinky stuff to abuse last week I asked you to text me and let me know just how you wanted your sissy humiliation to proceed, so we have dressed according to your particular perverse and curious whims.'

'Pop open your tunic and take it off, nurse, your shoes too,' Eve told her friend while she dropped her own tunic around her ankles.

'Oh my God, so fucking horny, never in my wildest dreams, spare me,' I said seeing the two women in all their kinky, fetishistic, nylon splendour.

I stared at the two sexily clad young woman and gazed at Eve's layered nylons that halted my roaming gaze when I realised that my eyes had deceived me earlier, behind tan tights and above her stocking welts, she wore, in fact, two pairs of flimsy white knickers.

Eve identified my interest which registered in her expression and she said,

'Sparing you is not part of the game plan, Loser. Look familiar to you do they, seen them before have you?' And without waiting for a response informed me,

'Our tennis knickers, correct, fresh with the tang of exertion, two refreshing fanny flavours,' and continued,

'I thought a great deal about your text and I ended up with a list of verbs, actually their past participles to describe how I intended to oblige you. I'm going to list them and define them for the sake of you and Caprice so that we will all be up to speed. It's a kind of sexual shorthand which should allow fewer words and more action. Something that will benefit us all. As follows,'

'Tethered. Refers to securing a subject to an extraneous object.'

'Divided. Tying a subject up. So for example, binding the genitals of a male subject to separate the testicles is a simple form of divided action.'

'Pantied or alternatively, Knickered. Essentially, fitting a subject into a pair of knickers worn in the usual manner around the loins.'

'Gusseted. Refers to a subject's head hooded in panties such that the subject's airways are located behind the gusset. In contrast to simply wearing a pair of knickers on the scalp like a girly, floral bathing cap.'

'Smothered. Usual usage, the application of some form of obstruction to a subject's airways. Kinky bitches usually do it with their top and bottom sets and often involves odoriferous lingerie.'

'Soled. The application of a soft wrinkled sole to a part of a subject's body. It's possible to be soled with a soiled stocking sole, for example.'

'Hosed. Any encapsulation, with elastic nylon hosiery of any type, of any part of a subject's body.'

'Gloved. A specific form of hosed. Refers to sleeving a male subject's shaft and/or the balls with hose of any type. Could be a little cotton ankle sock or the foot part of a pair of tights or even both of the feet of such a garment in which case we could say the male subject was double gloved.'

'Bagged. A procedure that makes use of tights, the panty part stuffed with items of soiled feminine underwear and so named because the assemblage is tied by the legs around the subject's neck and arranged to hang beneath the chin like a horse's nose bag. Often involves a male subject carrying a female person on his back for a limited distance whilst having a good sniff of her stinky stuff.'

'Twitched. A thoroughly fucked, drained or diddled subject that has been pleasured such that the climax is debilitating and is agony in its ecstasy.'

'Racked. Distinct from bagged, the adornment of a subject by hanging lingerie from some bodily part. A human clothes drying rack is a good example. Mr George's shaft was racked with a bra and coiled panties during our lezzie sesh, for example.'

'Bridged. Refers to the stimulation of the perineum, that is the flesh between the anal orifice and the genitals.'

'Crotched. Refers to the action of rubbing any part of a subject's body with the vaginal petals clad in some or other undergarment.'

'Dosed. The intimate application of soiled lingerie fabrics to the subject's tongue, either on top or beneath it. Has the principal function of forcing the subject, usually a male to imbibe the secretions of the administrating agent, usually a female.'

'Caprice, according to those definitions how would you describe our submissive sissy-slut, Mr George here?'

Caprice looked up and down at Mr George and after consideration said, 'Hosed and dosed. He's hosed with your tights and socks and we dosed him with one of the black heart anklets with our combined musky foot fragrance, well the sweaty secretions at least.'

'Almost, Nurse Caprice let's not forget he was previously dosed with my stinky pink panties that were inevitably sitting above his tongue despite being shoved to the back of his mouth. Now, nurse I want the sissy tethered to the bed and divided, so let's get on with that, shall we. Tethered is your duty and then we'll divide him together as part of your training.'

'Matron, I was just wondering before we continue with Mr George, you said in your description in relation to being dosed that the principal function was to intoxicate the subject. I was wondering what other functions could sticking a salty sock in his mouth possibly have?'

'A very astute question, Nurse Caprice. The principal function is intoxication by which I mean pheromones in our secretions pass into the subject's bloodstream and by that manner affects the brain in an autonomous or involuntary way. The subject shows signs of sexual arousal.'

'However, sticking a sock in his mouth, for example, will perform several functions some of which the subject will consciously experience. You will know from experience that even immediately after showering if you stand in front of a guy and thrust out your tongue and use it to imitate lapping at his genitals or even just use your fist in a jerking gesture it causes his cock to stand on end.'

'This suggests that the subject responds to a visual stimulus above the effect of trace amounts of your musk contaminating his bloodstream from a distance. So if he watches you putting your discarded knickers in his mouth or poking the toe of your dirty sock between his lips you influence his cognitive process in that way.'

'If he is a submissive little panty-puppy, like Mr George here, he will enjoy witnessing in a conscious way the liberty that you are taking with him. I'd suggest it's a secondary function just because I suspect it is a less potent stimulus than that of feminine pheromones that enter the bloodstream.'

'I see, but how do you separate the effect that witnessing the spectacle has and the fact that you are simultaneously touching his nerve ending with a pair of panties, even clean ones after all the mouth is identified as an erogenous zone and he may be responding to the tactile stimulation?'

'Nurse Caprice, direct your eyes towards Mr George's shaft for me would you please?'

My cock was already well on prod as I listened to the salacious conversation between the two sexily clad role-play nurses who were essentially discussing having their way with me.

Eve looked at me and told me to close my eyes after which she began to speak slowly and deliberately,

'Now, Mr George I want you to know that in the last week I have regularly thought of holding those stinky little nylon anklets, the ones with the black heart motifs against your nostrils so that you could sniff the combined musky toe sweat of Nurse Caprice and myself. Furthermore, I dreamt of poking the stinky garment into your mouth and demanding you suck on our mixed toe cheese simply because I long to humiliate sissy, sock-sniffers like yourself.'

'Wow, matron, I could see his shaft elongating and bobbing about with greater abandon with almost every single word you spoke,' Caprice reported.

'So you see, Nurse Caprice, the human response is multi-dimensional, vision and audition, as well as tactile, gustatory and olfactory senses, are all available to be stimulated with any kind of sexual tease we wish to perform. That's why I said, 'principal function' in my description.'

'Sure, I understand now. In fact, regarding the auditory sense, you don't even need to say a word. Many a time I've made Johnny stiff as anything just by the sound created when I rub my stockinged feet together, nylon sliding against nylon drives him crazy and it won't be long before he's eager to thrust his shaft between my clamped stocking soles and make his mess on them.'

'Good observation, Nurse Caprice, it's this complex of stimulation and effect that makes guys utterly vulnerable to any naughty whim we wish to lay upon them. Now let's get back to Mr George here, it seems his shaft is good and ready.'

'You're not kidding,' Caprice affirmed.

'Get on the bed, on your back, Barbie-boy,' Eve ordered me.

'Yes you, Barbie-boy, or would you prefer Sindy-slut, you like girls to dress you up like dolly, don't you?' Eve reproached.

Caprice took several suitable items of hosiery that they had been thoughtful to supply and secured my limbs to the four posts of the bed.

'Okay, Nurse Caprice, look and learn.'

Eve took a white stocking from the stash of hose they had brought with them, stretched it and placed it mid-length at the root and on top of my shaft. She wrapped the ends around and below my balls, tied a single knot, plaited the two remaining parts with four twists and pulled this 'rope' up between my sacs. Each end, free of the plait was pulled over the top of each ball and back down beneath them again after which she handed the two cords, the welt and reinforced toe, to Caprice.