Everyone having naughty fun is over eighteen.


"Pikachu, I choose you!"

"Go fuck it up Magikarp," Emmet said lazily, throwing a Poké Ball to the floor in front of him.

The ball rolled in the grass before splitting apart with a bright white light. Seconds later, a bright orange fish flopped out - its eyes darted around and looked pathetic compared to the energetic Pikachu.

"Is that all you got?" The youngster across the field laughed. "I'm going to wipe the floor with you!"

The older man didn't rise to the insult; instead, he inspected his fingernails.

"Really? You'll wipe the floor with me? Well then, why don't we make this fight a bit more interesting?"

"Yeah! That sounds like easy money to me, right Pikachu?" the kid called out and his Pokémon responded, excitedly screaming its own name.

"Okay, I can see you have a Charizard in your collection. If I win, then you trade it to me in exchange for this Magikarp."

"Wait, what? I'm not sure about that. It's not really a fair trade is it?" the trainer said, looking confused.

"Ahh, but you said you'd easily beat me! If you want to make this fight interesting, then you gamble! It's what adults do... or are you afraid?"

"But I've had Charizard since he was a Charmander. I rescued him myself and I don't want a rubbish Magikarp," the youngster moaned, cradling the Poké Ball that contained Charizard.

"Fair enough, I'll tell you what - I'll throw in something else. You've heard of a Master Ball, right? Well, I won the lottery a couple of weeks ago and got myself one. It can catch any Pokémon, no matter what!" Emmet said, as he pulled out the purple and pink ball.

Holding it up, he saw the youngster's eyes widen in awe and Emmet knew he had him.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? I haven't found a Pokémon good enough to use it on yet but as you're an awesome Pokémon trainer, I'm sure you would. Imagine if you found a legendary Pokémon, like...Mew! Well, this ball would capture it no problem!"

The Pikachu was looking up at its owner, wondering what he was thinking. The small mouse Pokémon just wanted to battle and then get some food. Hearing the feeble noises the Magikarp was making, Pikachu sighed and rolled it into the nearby water.

"What do you say, kid? Your Charizard for my Master Ball?" Emmet asked.

"Deal! This will be the easiest win ever. I'll even let you go first!" The youngster crowed as the Pikachu bounced around excitedly.

"Okay. Magikarp - use self-destruct..."

The fish jumped out of the water next to Pikachu's feet. It flopped about for a second, then exploded into a series of explosions that surrounded both Pokémon.

"Wha... Pikachu!" The boy screamed, jumping from foot to foot as he watched his Pokémon fly up in the air and land heavily. The eyes opened to reveal squiggles as it keeled over defeated.

"You cheated!" he shouted as he ran to his Pokémon and tried to pick it up, burning himself in the process. Spluttering curse words at Emmet, he dunked his cap in the water and poured it over the charred Pikachu.

"Well, it looks like I won!" Emmet said smoothly.

"No way, Pikachu may have fainted but Magikarp did too!"

"Actually, you're wrong there, little one. Magikarp is awake...if not exactly well," Emmet responded with a sly grin.

They both looked over to see that, though the fish appeared knocked out, it suddenly twitched. Gasping for air, it slowly rolled into the water and bobbed, happy its burnt scales were being cooled.

"But... but that's impossible! How could that thing survive? It's not fair, you cheated!" The boy had now given up with his fainted Pikachu and was having a temper tantrum on the grass.

"So immature," Emmet sighed. "My Magikarp was holding a Focus Sash, which means it has one health point left. You done fucked up, son. Now, you need to give me the Charizard as we agreed."

The youth was now in tears but, as he pulled out the Poké Ball, he steeled himself.

"No, you cheated. It wasn't a fair fight, so I'm keeping my Pokémon!"

Emmet just smiled - he was expecting that response. Though he hadn't cheated, it was an underhand trick and he knew what he had to do.

"Charizard, come to me."

Once again there was a blinding light and the open ball dropped from the boy's hands. Charizard roared as he appeared, a burst of flames erupting from his mouth, his wings flared.

Once the echo of his roar died down there was an eerie silence, only broken by Magikarp diving into the water, petrified.

"So boy, we'll see which trainer Charizard responds to. That'll prove once and for all who the rightful owner of the Pokémon is."

The boy stood in silence as he took in the older man's words. He was stunned by the sudden turn of events. Not knowing if it was true that a Pokémon could choose who they obeyed, he decided to appeal to the fire Pokémon.

"We've been through so much Charizard, I've had since you were a Charmander, and I made sure you survived. You can't leave me now, I need you!" The kid begged, but the large Pokémon was unmoved.

Emmet didn't say anything. Instead, he opened his bag and pulled out a food bar and a Revive. Throwing the medicine at the Pikachu, he then chewed on the fruit bar before turning from the pleading boy and walking into Viridian Forest.

The Charizard didn't wait too long before flying after the older man, leaving behind the crying youngster.

"I thought you would come with me," Emmet said, as he recalled Magikarp and sprayed the fish with a Super Potion.

"I want our partnership to be as good for you as it is for me, so I'll let you decide if you want to walk, fly or travel in the Pokéball - it doesn't matter to me."

The huge dragon-like Pokémon landed on the floor and walked alongside the tall man.

"I like to win," Emmet said, stopping to look into Charizard's eyes. "I know what you want Charizard. You want to dominate and you want to be rewarded for it. With me, we will dominate these idiots who call themselves trainers and you will have all the riches you desire."

The fire Pokémon let out a rumble of agreement before launching into the air. Laughing with delight, Emmet followed, completely unaware that a man, woman and Meowth were looking on in awe.

"Hey, guys did you see that?" the cat-like Pokémon said to the dark pink-haired woman and purple-haired man.

"Of course we did! That guy has just stolen that little brats Pokémon. He's my hero!" James said, hearts filling his eyes.

"No, you idiot, he didn't steal it. He conned the kid out of it! He's far too clever to steal it. I reckon he'd fit right into Team Rocket!" the cat purred.

Leaping from the tree where they had been spying on the battle, he waited for the two adults to land next to him before they set off after the trainer and his fearsome Pokémon.

Oblivious to their stalkers, Emmet continued to amble through the woods until suddenly a loud fluttering of wings startled him. Stopping just in time to see a large group of Pidgeys fly from the leaves squawking loudly, he paused as he knew what was coming next.

Swooping from the trees came Charizard with hunger in his eyes. Stretching his wings, the dragon soared after the Pidgey's and, moments later, he opened his mouth and grabbed two in his jaws. Crunching down, he swallowed them whole.

"Enjoy yourself!" shouted Emmet as he heard the cracking of bones.

This is exactly what he wanted. He needed his Charizard to become more primeval. To become the monster it was meant to be if he wanted to win battle after battle. The large dragon had now finished eating the small birds and landed alongside his trainer, belching fire as he did.

"Well, that looked tasty!" Emmet quipped as Charizard looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "I mean to say that you need to assert the law of the wild sometimes. They're only food to you, not this nibble crap that some idiots make!"

The Pokémon belched his approval.

"I saw you battle in the Pokémon Championships, and I saw you fall asleep while the kid went mad trying to get you to fight. At that point, I knew that you were the one I needed," Emmet said, glancing at the dragon every couple of steps to see the effect his words were having.

"Obviously, the challenge wasn't good enough for you. That kid was wasting your abilities and when you finished off your opponent, you weren't even rewarded," Emmet explained, as Charizard grumbled next to him.

"Well, I'm not going to be like that. Now, I can't promise that your opponent will be a challenge to you every time. There are far too many crap trainers out there that we have to beat, but I can promise you a reward after each fight!"

He knew that his Pokémon was looking at him, wanting him to explain what he meant by reward but Emmet just continued walking.

"All will be revealed soon, my friend!" he smiled.

Suddenly, Charizard stopped in his tracks causing Emmet to pause, wondering what was going on as the Pokémon sniffed the air then let out a deep threatening growl.

"Hey, wait up!" Jessie shouted out, causing Charizard to bellow out a cloud of fire.

Immediately, the three members of Team Rocket cowered, with James bursting into tears before crawling behind Meowth, who had already hidden behind Jessie.

The dragon extended his neck towards the threesome and breathed out a small breath of fire that just reached Jessie's tight-fitting top. The heat immediately burnt away the large 'R' that was printed on it, revealing her push up bra and the vast orbs it barely contained.

"Oh my..." Jessie began before patting her chest trying to get the cinders of her shirt out. The motion managed to get Emmet to groan as he watched her large boobs wobble while she slapped them.

"We're... we're so sorry to bother you. We just want to talk!" Jessie whimpered, pulling her shirt to try and cover her exposed chest.

"Speak quickly, I don't have time to waste on cowards and sneaks," growled Emmet, his sight of her tits blocked by Jessie's folded arms.

"Umm, well we're just wondering if you'd like to join Team Rocket?"

"Who's Team Rocket?!" Emmet asked.

Instantly the purple-haired man jumped to his feet and, along with Jessie, they turned away from Emmet. He noticed Meowth playing a stereo as ominous music blared out.

"Prepare for trouble!" Jessie declared, her hands on her hips, allowing Emmet to once more feast his eyes on her chest.

"Make it double!" James called.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!" the cat Pokémon screeched as he jumped out in front, scaring Charizard into letting out a roar which, in turn, caused Team Rocket to panic and hide behind a tree.

"Right... well, as brilliant as that sounds, I don't really play well with others. And, if I'm going to be really honest, you look a bit shit!" Emmet bluntly said, waiting for the threesome to recover from their fright.

"How about we show you how weak we are!" James angrily retorted, throwing a Pokéball on the floor. "Koffing, smog attack!"

A flash of light erupted from the ball and soon, the air turned thick and foggy making it hard for Emmet to breathe let alone see. Through the fog, he heard a female voice scream.

"Bite it bloody, Ekans!"

"Meowth is going to scratch your eyes out!"

The three Pokémon jumped out from the smoke towards Charizard and Emmet. The two looked at each other with pity in their eyes. The weakest attack from the dragon would be more than enough to deal with these fools.

"Charizard, give them a little bit of heat... use Ember!"

The dragon blew out a gust of fire, clearing the fog immediately and toasting the three attacking Pokémon. Immediately, the two humans let out gasps of anguish as their Pokémon collapsed to the grass unconscious.

Walking up to Charizard, Emmet whispered in his ear and got a questioning look in response.

"Just do it for me, please."

The Pokémon shrugged his shoulders and then stretched his head towards the pathetic team. With a roar, he blasted the three Pokémon and purpled haired man into the sky, leaving Jessie curled up on the ground.

"Team Rocket blasting..." she cried, then abruptly stopped when she realised she hadn't moved. "Hey? Why aren't I flying through the air?!"

"Do you want to be?" Emmet asked.

"Well no, but usually we all go together," she replied, confused, as she got to her feet.

"To be honest, I really didn't think that your boyfriend would be blasted through the air! He must weigh fucking nothing!" Emmet laughed. "Enjoy finding your loser teammates!"

"He's not my boyfriend," Jessie spat out, then ran in front of the trainer to stop him from leaving. "Hold on, wait! You've got to let me know how you got that twerp's Pokémon!"

Emmet stopped and sighed. He could have walked around the woman, but she still hadn't covered up her burnt shirt and he was treated to a close-up view of her massive tits.

"What's in it for me?" He asked. "I've already beaten you with one move, so why should I tell you anything?"

"Because... I'll give you anything you want if you tell me. Please!" Jessie begged. Getting down on her knees, she put her hands together in front of her, making her cleavage even more pronounced.

"Anything?" Emmet replied with a smirk.

"Yes, anything! I need to know the secret."

"Well, there is one thing you can help me with...you see, after a Pokémon battle, I need to fuck," Emmet said as nonchalantly as possible.

"You want to fuck me?!" Jessie exclaimed, her hands covering her chest as she suddenly realised she was giving him an eyeful.

"If you want to know how I did it, then you'll have to fuck me."

"But... but I'm ugly... manly... a loser, unfuckable..." Jessie finished with a whimper.

She had been told these things all her life: first, by the kids at her school, and then by the other members of Team Rocket. Everyone had said the same thing - except for James and Meowth.

"Bullshit! You're fucking gorgeous. As soon as I first saw you, I was looking for a way to get inside your pants!" Emmet laughed as Charizard nodded behind him in agreement. "You think he burnt your shirt accidentally?!"

"Look, I'll tell you what not only will I tell you my secret, I'll even give you an idea of how to get what you want from that twerp," he finished and held out his hand.

"Okay, but you have to promise to tell me how to get that Pikachu," Jessie said, shaking his hand.

She desperately wanted to believe him - after all, she had been chasing the Pikachu for years with no luck and, in the course of only an hour, this man had taken his Charizard.

"Excellent, I promise to tell you everything," Emmet agreed before gripping the gorgeous Team Rocket members shirt and ripping it in two.

Jessie shrieked but didn't make a move to stop him tugging down the push-up bra, letting her mountainous tits spring free.

"Fucking perfect!" Emmet breathed.

Her breasts defied gravity, jutting out proudly and topped off with puffy brown nipples that begged for attention, which he was only too happy to give.

Taking the left nub in his mouth, he sucked gently, rolling his tongue around and savouring how it hardened under his ministrations. Lifting his hand to her other breast, he squeezed, enjoying how firm and heavy it felt in his fingers.

Jessie let out a moan as he continued to manhandle her chest - his tongue felt soothing yet skilled and, coupled with his rough hands, it was a satisfying contrast.

Being used in this way, she could feel her pussy get moist. Her groan caught in her throat when she heard a great rush of air as Charizard took off to the sky.

Emmet, oblivious to what his Pokémon was doing, instead pulled her down to join him on the grass, his hands not leaving her wonderful tits.

Lying on her back, Jessie watched the young man frantically hurry to get out of his clothes, flinging off his coat, ripping his shirt off and dancing around trying to kick his trousers off.

Though it could have been funny, seeing his eagerness to have her turned Jessie on even more. She had never known anyone lust over her so much that they were literally tearing their clothes off and she found it incredibly sexy.

Lifting her hips, Jessie pulled off her black panties and rolled up her mini skirt, allowing her to spread her legs wide and expose her damp pussy. She knew how she looked but she didn't care; instead, she shuddered, desperate for his prick inside her.

"Fuck, you look so fucking good!" Emmet groaned as he took in the sight below him.

Her dark pink hair was splayed out over the grass and her eyes were brimming with lust. Those huge tits were just waiting to be bounced around and her thigh-high boots screamed, "Come fuck me".

Kneeling on the ground between her legs, he crawled forward, taking his time to kiss both nipples before kissing her full lips. He could feel his cock bump and slide against her soaking wet pussy lips.

"Ohh, please fuck me. I need to feel that thick cock stretching out my tight pussy!"

The lust dripped from each word as Jessie felt his spongy head rub her clit. Dropping her hand to her pussy, she spread her fat lips apart, inviting him to fuck her.

Emmet lifted her long toned legs and pushed them towards her chest, making her hips lift up until his prick was prodding against her molten hot entrance.

Looking down at the beautiful woman with her pussy lips enveloping his cock, Emmet thanked the heavens for his good fortune and, taking a tighter grip of his shaft, he carefully aimed it at her wet hole and pushed forward.

"Holy fuck, your pussy feels amazing," Emmet groaned loudly, as her entrance gave way and let his prick inside.

The warmth of her pussy was incredible, but it was the tightness that nearly made him cum immediately. Pushing until he felt her soft legs press against his chest, he paused and just enjoyed the feeling of having a stunning woman totally submit to him.

"So fucking good..." he sighed as he pulled out of her, luxuriating in the grip her pussy had on his prick.

Seeing her begin to rub her clit, Emmet lifted his hips in the air and dropped his full weight on top of her, trapping her hand on her clit. With excitement in her eyes, she looked at him and moaned as he began to grind against her.

"That feels so good! I can feel your cock so deep inside of me... ahh, fuck!" Jessie squealed as she felt him start to fuck her.

The way he used his body to power into her made her scream out for more. She tried to wrap her legs around him, wanting to keep his cock deep inside her, but he was too powerful.

Hearing the moaning and whimpering of Jessie beneath him turned Emmet on even more, encouraging him to fuck her harder. He wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her closer to him, curling her up as he pushed all of his hard shaft inside her.

In this position, his cock felt huge and deeper than ever before inside her, making Jessie quiver. Her pussy was on fire and she was desperate to cum, but Emmet had stopped moving.

"This is how you tame a wild animal - you make them powerless. Desperate to want something you have," Emmet whispered in Jessie's ear, feeling her squirm underneath him.

"Don't you feel powerless right now? And I know you're desperate for my cock!" he said, flexing his prick inside her hot soaking wet pussy and causing Jessie to moan submissively.

"Tell me what you want!"

Jessie looked in his eyes and all she saw was pure animalistic lust.

"I need to cum, please let me cum!" she groaned in his ear, her hips grinding against his, desperate for him to continue fucking her.